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Long time till the end of eternity

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It had been decades since the appearance of the beast (he refused to think of it as the death of Merlin) and he had began to deteriorate slowly, but surely. With the over protective beast he could do very little. Sparing with the knights lead to..... disappearances, if he went to go hunting the beast would catch the food for him, even the chores he tried to do to have some physical activity were already done, though he didn't know how as the beast never left his side.

Perhaps the lack of muscle use would have ended his life sooner if it weren't for the fact that it kept his body from wearing down. That was not the point however, the point was that Arthur could finally feel himself dying, and he was happy for it. He would finally get his freedom and his peace.

The last thing he saw before it went dark was a pair of large, golden eyes.


When he woke up, the first thing he noticed was that he did, in fact, wake up.

The second thing was a large weight on his chest, a cat with blue eyes and black fur that never left his side.

And so, he did the only thing he could think of, he drank to forget what it reminded him of. He was never superstitious but he knew that cats were a symbol of magic. That paired with the fact it had black fur, blue eyes, and he was somehow still alive, in a different body and a different time, it drove him mad. He grabbed the cat and held it down as he removed its eye out of pure spite for bringing him back.

Of course he felt guilty, but the cat avoiding him only turned his guilt into anger. He had spent the majority of his last life feeling terrible, he refused to feel it again. So one time, late at night, he took a rope and the cat and waited for it to stop breathing. His house caught fire shortly after, and on his wall was the silhouette of a hanging cat.

He tried to get over the guilt, but a new cat started following him. One that was identical to the last one, missing eye and all, except for a small white patch that slowly morphed into sigils and a noose.

Arthur couldn't take it, but in his attempt to kill the cat, he missed and killed his wife. It was still the stupid thing that got him caught for the crime though, and he was put on death row.

Once, there was a women named Joan of Arc controlled by the voices in her head that saved her country only to be burned at stake 

Once, there was a man named Galileo who was driven mad by science.

Then there was a man who played the piano named Mozart who was driven mad by the music.

Then a man named Hamilton who was driven mad by the pen.

Then there was Tesla, who simply wanted to make the world better.

Then Hitchcock, with horrors, and on and on it went until one day it changed.

Once there was a king and a beast, a beast who knew the only way to keep him from saving the king was if he was killed by magic, so slowly as the years passed by, he started killing the magic instead.

Finally, there was a planet, and a raven haired boy watching it.

The boy had always watched over his king, Jupiter, the king of the solar system. The boy had not always been a boy. He supposed with the magic in the world disappearing, that meant the magic that took him from himself faded away as well.

Jupiter watched the boy back, unable to talk or make any outward appearance of joy or misery. The beast was cruel, for the last time it could bring him back, and had somehow brought him his merlin, he was millions of miles away and they could only watch each other.

The universe ran on magic, it was necessary for life and gravity and chemical reactions, and so the boy and the planet watched each other in their last moments as the universe faded away.