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Dinotrux - The crystal.

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It was a sunny day in the crater.

All dinotrux and reptools had normal days. Just like any other. But it have been better since one special Dinotrux have arrived months ago. His name was Ty and had made remarkable succes. Working with other Dinotruxes and even the Reptools! But there was only one thing preventing them to create a perfect crater was another Dinotrux, simillar to Ty. His name was D-structs. They all know that there can be only one Tyrannosaurus Trux in one crater. But D-structs and Ty are both stubborn to give up. No one know how long this conflict will hold.

That takes today when it will change.

The sun rose in the sky in the dessert like crater. In a cave not far woke Ty. He blinked his mechanical eyes to the bright light. He was in bright red paint with mighty crushing jaws, enough to break stones, he had very short arms, his legs were powerful tank wheels and the tail at the end were a wrecking ball. As he woke up he looked to his right, saw Revvit sleeping. Revvit is a Reptool, with a shape of a electric screwdriver with bendable legs unlike the Dinotruxes. His head were round and had multiple screw tools on his back to be able to repair the truxes. His color were light green to yellow.

Ty decided to leave Revvit to rest longer as he slowly droove outside the cave. As the crater were dessert like, there were buildings sorrunding him, as he and the others have made. No one has ever seen this or ever thought this was possible. But they proved them wrong. Some liked it, some dont. Like D-structs who hated it most.

There was a building which resemble a feeding station made of stone. Who served ores to them. There was also a garage made of big rocks and stones who they could get in and get repairs. There was a wash which held a geyser inside who had supporting strong rocks sorunding it. And at last a race track to drive and jump on.

Ty went to the tower were the ores lies. When he got closer he took his tank wheel on the platform below. Then a opening came from the tower as ores came out. Ty quickly eat with his metal jaws. He then later heard an engine behind. Ty looked back and saw a tall Dinotrux. It was Skya. Skya was a Craneosaur. She was in orange paint and had a long metallic neck. She had four small tank wheels. She had also a treadmill who came from the neck to the tail. When she came closer she also pressed the platform and ores came to her height.

"So, how are things going?" Skya asked.

"Well, its the same old." Ty simply said while eating.

"Mmhm." Said Skya while eating.

Then came more engines behind them. It was Dozer and Ton-Ton. Dozer was a Dozeratops with yellow paint. He had great metall plates around his face with great horns close to his eyes. He had a beak liked mouth and a small metall thorn on it. His body were mascular which its need to doze great stones from the ground. He had also four small tank wheels. His tail were a great drill who he could burrow the ground with. Ton-Ton were a Anklyodump. He had blue paint and had a big carriage to carry and drive rocks and materials. He also had a hard wrecking ball bit split in two and stuck to his tail for damage.

They both came to the tower and also pressed the platform. Ton-Ton were quickly taking his before Dozer. Dozer grunted at Ton-tons act.

Later on came Revvit with 3 other Reptools. One was simillar with Revvit but was called Click-Clack and had orange paint. The other two were more basic tools like a wrench. One was called Ace with mostly grey with a simple blue stripe. The other one was called Waldo. But with a red stripe.

They all came also to the tower and went on their side. They also pressed their platforms and small ores came for their sizes.

Since Ty came first he was done eating. With ore inside him he had more energy. He started to think of what they should do.

"So, anyone got any ideas of what we should do today?" Ty said.

"Maybe build a new ramp?!" Ton-Ton said quickly.

"We dont need to build a ramp..." Dozer said with annoying voice.

"But i want to create my own! Wouldnt that be amazing to create your own one?" Ton-Ton said.

"It could be interesting." Revvit said in agreement.

Then Ton-Ton quickly drove to Ty and couldnt stand still from all the excitment.

"Please! Please, please,please,please,please.."

"Allright, allright. We build a ramp." Ty said with a calming gesture.

Ton-Ton flew up as he jumped and cheered. Dozer were irritared but otherwise not disturp. Skya looked down as she was done eating.

"So, what do we need?" Skya said and then looked at the Reptools.

Revvit quickly jumped down and went to a random rock and took forward a screw and he started to draw a blueprint on the rock.

"We will need rocks to hold the weight. Then maybe some wood and metall to bend it a good angle. Then maybe create a landing zone if the jump becomes to high..." Revvit said.

"I take the rocks, Skya you take the wood, and Ton-Ton and the others helps with the metal." Ty said quickly.

"You got it!" Skya said as she drove to the closets forest.

"Lets go!" Ton-Ton said as he drove to the Reptools and they jumped to his carriage. Dozer drove slowly behind Ton-Ton.


Later on Ty found a rock wall which was suprisingly easy to break. Later Ty prepared his wrecking ball and hit the wall hard. The stone breaked in peices and fell. But that when Ty stopped and saw something shine in a crack. The shine were in a blue Green auora. Ty got curious by that. He decied to hit the wall so he did but with more force. More stones then fell down to the ground. By that Ty could see it was a crystal who shined like that.

Ty slowly droove closer to it. somehow felt it was pulsating with massive energy. He then carefully took his small arm to try to reach it.

When Ty touched the crystal, a great reaction erupted! An explosion of blue and green came out as Ty fell heavily on the ground. The hit from that was so strong he almost passed out. He then felt something itchy on his finger. He looked and saw that it was were he touched the crystal. His fingers had the same glow from that crystal. But to Tys fears, he saw how the glow began to cimb on his arm and then spread to his whole body. He felt great pain and as the pain started to increase, he coudlnt handle it anymore.

He passed out and the darkness came.