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The Camping Trip™

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Izuku sat idly by the window, lost in his thoughts, as he watched trees speed past. He couldn’t help but be nervous heading out into the wilderness again… considering the last time he took such an adventure the experience didn’t turn out so well. A few of his classmates (Mina, Tsuyu, Tenya, Ochaco, Denki, Eijiro, Kyoka, Shoto, Toru, Kacchan, Momo, and himself) agreed that they needed to redeem the idea of camping as a group together, so there he was. This didn’t have anything to do with a school activity, just a few teenagers gathered together to spend a night in the woods.

That shouldn’t be too bad, right?


Feeling shuffling beside him, Izuku turned to his head towards the disturbance. There he saw Ochaco spun around in her seat to speak to Tsuyu sitting behind them. Her words were suddenly interrupted and lost on her lips when she noticed him. Those chocolate jewel irises blinked at him in surprise. “You okay, Deku? I didn’t mean to bother you.”

He shook his head quickly. “N-No. You’re fine. I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Glancing back at Tsuyu for confirmation, Ochaco gave a slight shrug. “It’s okay. We were just finishing up our conversation, right Tsuyu?”

The frog girl gave a nod and a ribbit before sliding back into her seat. Izuku shifted as he noticed that Ochaco’s gaze still hadn’t left him. Smiling at him, she placed a hand on his shoulder. “There’s nothing to worry about, ya know? This is just for fun. No training. No baddies. We’ll make it. It’s just one night for us to spend time together.”

“Yeah, you’re right, Uraraka. I’m sure it’ll be nice to spend time with everyone.”




Or that’s what he originally thought.

Maybe, he shouldn’t be surprised that his friends would gather around the campfire to play a game of Truth or Dare at the late hours of the night. But now, he was stuck in the mix as everyone stared at him like he’d grown a second head while Katsuki cackled loudly across from him.

“Are you serious, Midoriya? You’ve never kissed a girl?” Denki asked, eyebrows shooting up in shock.

Fiddling his thumbs, Izuku gave a curt bob of his head. “No, I haven’t.”

Shoto spoke up for a moment. “Don’t feel bad, Midoriya, neither have I.”

“Well, of course you haven’t! You’ve done nothing but train to be a hero your entire life,” Eijiro remarked. “Since Iida’s done the same, I’m guessing he hasn’t kissed a girl either.”

Tenya held his head with pride. “No, I don’t have time for such matters. Relationships can be pursued after graduation.”

Denki turned his attention back to Izuku. “Yeah, but Midoriya said his quirk manifested really late. So, that means you couldn’t have started hero training until right before you got to U.A. so what’s your excuse? You never even kissed a little girl on the playground?”

Izuku gulped, glancing away. “I never really even talked to girls until I got to U.A.”

Ochaco, who was sitting beside him, gaped. “Wait, really? Was I the first girl you ever spoke to, Deku?”

Izuku opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. How embarrassing! Way to let everyone know that he’d never interacted with females until he was fourteen.

“You’re damn skippy you were. The only girl that loser has kissed is his mama,” Katsuki barked in with a snort.

Ochaco glared at the blond for a moment before giving Izuku a pitiful gaze. Oh, nonono. Don’t look at me like that. He thought in a panic. The last thing he wanted was for Ochaco to think so little of him. But instead, she gave him a small smile. “It’s okay. There are plenty of girls at U.A. that want to kiss you,” she giggled.

Izuku.exe has stopped working.

What!? Since when would girls want to kiss him of all people!? He wasn’t anything special. He couldn’t live up to his abilities or his predecessor. Also, who were all of these girls that wanted to kiss him? Where!? What!? When!?

Cheeks flushing, he glanced down at his lap. “W-What!?”

“Girls wanting to kiss that fucking nerd? Whatever,” Katsuki scoffed.

Mina rolled her eyes, nudging the blond with her elbow. “Let’s leave Midoriya alone and move on, shall we? Iida, truth or dare?”

Izuku glanced to his right to see Tenya as everyone turned their attention to his friend. Tenya cleared his throat, giving the obvious answer. “Truth.”

She hummed in thought before snapping her fingers with an idea. “Okay, what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?”

Tenya stared at the fire intensely before him. “Oh, I remember that day so clearly. One day when I was young, I was eating my lunch with a few of my friends when suddenly my lunch slipped out of my hands and the food made a huge mess all over my uniform. I had to go through the entire rest of the school day with a large stain on my clothing. Not wanting my parents to see how I had forsaken my uniform, as soon as I arrived home with my brother I washed it until it was spotless. I have never told my parents of this incident because I was too ashamed.”

A hush fell over the classmates. Mouths were open, eyes were wide. Izuku couldn’t believe that that was his friend’s most embarrassing story. He could think of so many things that were a million times more mortifying than spilling food on a shirt. He was often humiliated in front of his previous classmates before he attended U.A. (At the hands of Katsuki, but he didn’t really like to think about that.)  

Finally, Eijiro burst into laughter, others following suit. Izuku couldn’t help but chuckle at the admission as well. As the chorus of laughter faded, Eijiro spoke. “Man,” he said, wiping a tear from his eye. “I wish that was my most embarrassing moment. You’re lucky.”

“Lucky!? How is defacing a uniform lucky ?” Tenya asked, obviously flabbergasted at the lackluster response from his classmates.

“Because some of us have way worse moments,” Eijiro responded flatly. “I know I have.”

Mina snickered. “Right, I’m sure you’ve peed your pants in public on multiple occasions?”

“That was one time!” he retorted. Pausing, he realized his confession and his face flushed the same color as his hair. When the chorus of laughter returned at his expense, Eijiro crossed his arms with a pout. “Yeah, whatever. Someone else go.”

Kyoka snickered and nudged the embarrassed boy. “Really? You don’t want to go into detail about that experience?”

Shaking his head stubbornly, Eijiro refused. “Nope. Who hasn’t taken a turn?”

Tenya hummed. “Ochaco, you haven’t taken a turn yet, have you?”

Ochaco’s mouth popped into a small ‘oh’ shape at the realization. “Oh! You’re right! I haven’t!”

Tsuyu smiled at her. “Okay then. What will it be? Truth or dare?”

Making a show of her decision, Ochaco tapped her chin. Izuku tried to ignore the action of her drawing attention to her lips. He couldn’t stop thinking about what she had said earlier about girls wanting to kiss him. “Dare,” she said proudly, chin held high.

“Oooh, a brave one,” Mina chimed.

Toru bounced up and down excitedly from her place in the sand. “I know! I know! I dare you steal Midoriya’s first kiss!”

That was it. He was going to die.

Gaping, he spun to face the girl beside him. Ochaco’s face flushed at the dare. She quickly shook her head. “I-I can’t do that! That’s not fair to Deku!”

“You have to! No take-backs!” Mina insisted.

Momo smiled in reassurance at the pair. “It’s okay. Just a little peck should count, right?”

Toru hummed in agreement. “Yeah! You don’t have to make-out or anything.”

He heard himself swallow audibly at the thought of making-out with Ochaco. Would he deny he had feelings for his best friend? No. He liked her a lot. Maybe, even more than that. But this wasn’t like anything he had in mind.

Sighing, Ochaco turned to him. “Are you okay with this?”

Y es,” his voice cracked. Clearing his throat, he gathered his wits. “Yes. It’s fine, Uraraka. It’s all in good fun, right?”

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to kiss her. It was just that she wasn’t getting to kiss him at her own free will. What if she didn’t like him it all? He could very well gross her out or something.

“Okay…” she breathed.

Ochaco leaned in, eyes scrunched as she braced herself for contact. Izuku, on the other hand, had his eyes blown wide as Ochaco slowly entered into his personal bubble. He’d never been within this proximity of a girl. Heart rate speeding up, Izuku felt himself snap his eyes closed in anticipation. Suddenly, her hands cupped his cheeks and drew him hurriedly, smashing their lips together in a quick smack !

The action happened so fast. Like a quick blimp and it was gone. He had barely registered how soft her lips were. He mostly just felt his top lip mushing against his teeth for three seconds. Her pink cheeks her flooded with cherry red when he blinked his eyes back open.

“Ugh! No!” Toru cried.

Izuku and Ochaco both shot to face the invisible girl.

Groaning in frustration, the pair could see her wave her arms with her sleeves. “Okay, yes I said it could be a quick peck, but you at least have to kiss him somewhat. That wasn’t even a kiss.” Toru elaborated.

“C’mon, Hagakure. Take a little bit of pity on them,” Tsuyu tried to reason.

“It’s not a big deal. Just a quick kiss. But a real kiss.”

Izuku was pretty sure he couldn’t breathe at this point. Blood was roaring in his ears as his heart pounded at a rate he’s not sure he’s ever felt before. He honestly just wanted to throw up and run away, but he was sure Ochaco wouldn’t appreciate being left to the wolves.

Slowly, he took a timid breath, turning to face her. “Hey, it’s okay. If I’d want my first kiss to be with anyone, I’d want it to be you.” Ochaco’s flushed spread down her neck, eyes blown wide, as their friends all gawked at his sentimental words. Izuku realized the implications of his statement and quickly attempted to retract the meaning of his words. “I-I mean! Because you’re my best friend, a-and I trust you! Th-That’s what I meant!”

Waving her hands frantically, Ochaco nodded swiftly. “Y-Yes! I understand! That makes sense! I’m glad you trust me so much, Deku!” she practically shouted.

“Okay, so we’ll try again?”


“Good!” Denki quipped.

This time, Izuku decided to swallow all pride and take the actions upon himself. Gently, he cupped her cheek and smoothly tugged her towards him. Instead of flinching, Ochaco relaxed against him, eyes closed softly instead of wrinkled. Izuku lightly pressed his lips to hers in a chaste kiss.

Finally, he could feel just how soft she was. It was quick, like a heartbeat. But as he went to pull away, she chased after his mouth, kissing him once more, lips dancing against his. Izuku felt as if someone had just punched him in the gut and knocked the breath of out him. Logically, he knew that he needed to end this. They were right in front of everyone, this was only a dare, and he could definitely feel Tenya’s judging stare. But then, he really didn’t want to end this. Her hands found his face as she deepened this, slanting her mouth against his own.

“Okay! Gross! Stop it!” barked Katsuki’s voice.

Izuku rocketed away from the girl, placing a hand over his quick-beating heart. While he had been startled by Kacchan, he was pretty sure his heart wasn’t beating so fast for that reason.

“Jeez, Uraraka, when I said kiss him for real, I didn’t mean eat him,” Toru said with a giggle, earning a chorus of snickers from the rest of their friends.

“I…” Ochaco stiffened and didn’t seem to know what to say. She was looking down at the sand near her tones, brows furrowed. There was so much confusion on her face. Was that his fault…?

Momo seemed to analyze the situation and instantly changed the subject. “So!” she clasped her hands together, “Whose turn is it now?”

Glancing at Momo, Tsuyu apparently picked up on what was happening. She raised a hand quickly. “I’ll go!” she ribbited.

When the attention went to Tsuyu for her own truth or dare, Izuku couldn’t help but still be worried about Ochaco. She was hunched in her spot on the sand and not making eye contact with anyone.

Izuku tried to get a better look at her face, so he craned his neck down to see her, his green hair  poofing to the side. She noticed his gaze, giving him a sideways look. “I’m sorry…” she murmured.

He was stunned at the apology. “Don’t be sorry,” he whispered back. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I shouldn’t have kissed you like that.”

Snorting, his eyes darted for a moment as he gathered courage for his next words. “I didn’t say I didn’t like it.”

Ochaco let out a squeak, sitting up, going ram-rod straight. “What!?”

Oops. Maybe he shouldn’t have said that.

All of the attention was turned back to the two of them. Izuku laughed nervously, running a hand through the back of his hair. “S-Sorry. What were you saying?”

Tsuyu gave the pair a knowing look before continuing the story she was in the middle of. “Anyway, when I grabbed the top of the monkey bars it had gotten so hot in the sun that it burned my hand, so it made me let go, and I fell. That’s how I broke my arm.”

“Do you have any scars from your injuries?” Tenya asked.

“No. They healed up fine,” Tsuyu said with a shake of her head.

Katsuki turned to gesture to Shoto. “What about you Icy Hot? How’d you get your scar?”

Wincing, Shoto glanced away quickly. “Not my turn, so I’m going to pass.”

“Fine. Be that way,” he snorted.

“Hey, Bakugou, isn’t it your turn?” Eijiro asked with a smirk.

Groaning, Katsuki caved. “Yeah, whatever.”

“Truth or dare?”

“Dare. I’m not a wussy,” he stated, blatantly looking at Izuku as he did so.

Well, obviously, these dares were too crazy! Izuku wasn’t going to risk that! Well… maybe he could. Just to prove a point.

“But, hey!” Katsuki shoved a finger into his friend’s face. “Don’t make me do something fucking stupid like eating sand again. My mouth has been dry since!”

The grin that etched onto Eijiro’s features was downright sinister. He’s obviously been around Katsuki far too long. “You know what? I dare you to streak across the beach.”

“What the fuck!? I’m not doing that!” Katsuki retorted, face heating slightly.

Denki laughed loudly. “Wow! I never thought I’d see the day Bakugou was scared to do something.”

Katsuki growled, standing up quickly and shoving off his shirt and throwing it onto Denki’s head. “Fuck you! I’m not a chicken!” He stripped off his shorts and underwear in one go, throwing the clothes at Eijiro. Izuku saw Ochaco’s hands whip straight to her face in order to cover her sight. Momo and Kyoka followed suit. Izuku couldn’t find it in himself to look either, so he kept his gaze downcast at the sand. The rest of the girls cat called and whistled at the bare blond. He quickly kicked off his shoes and frowned.

Katsuki covered his crotch with his hands. “I’m holding my junk though. I’m not running around with my dick flying around.”

Eijiro burst out a laugh with an amused nod. “Fair enough.”

Katsuki took off quickly down the beach, feet kicking sand behind him in his haste. Izuku was a little worried now. He wanted to prove that he wasn’t afraid of what his friends could come up with, but this wasn’t something he could do. He would absolutely die of embarrassment.

Suddenly, Katsuki was coming back in a white blur. “Okay! I’m done! I hope you fucking die for making me do this.” He jumped behind Eijiro, who was laughing hysterically, to redress himself. “I hate you so goddamn much,” he snarled.

After twenty more minutes of very personal truths (apparently some of his classmates weren’t virgins like he thought) and some very ridiculous dares, Izuku felt himself inwardly panic. It was supposed to be his turn again. Pleasedon’tnoticepleasedon’tnotice…

“Okay, Midoriya, we’re back to you,” Tsuyu sang.


Nooo! He wanted to cry. Izuku knew his pride was on the line here. He had to be brave. Running around naked wouldn’t be so bad, right? (Yes, it would be because the girl he had a crush on was sitting right next to him.) He’d already had to kiss Ochaco, which was embarrassing enough as it is, surely nothing could be worse than that?

“Truth or dare?” Denki asked.

Gulping, he gave himself a small mental pep-talk before speaking. “Dare.”

“Oooh! He’s gotten brave, this one,” Eijiro sang.

“I hope you know what you’ve gotten into, Midoriya,” Shoto commented looking at his friend with a knowing glance.

Denki pipped up, hands raising in the air. “Oh! I’ve got one! I dare you to go skinny dipping in the lake!”

“What!?” he screeched. Izuku wasn’t sure if he paled or blushed, but it was certainly somewhere in between. He definitely wanted to cry now. Really? He had to go swim naked?!

Ochaco came to his defense, the first words she had spoken since the whole kissing ordeal. “Why would you make him do that?!”

“Because it’s funny?” Denki snickered.

“That’s not funny at all!” she countered.

Mina leaned back on the sand, a smirk etching across her face. “Whyy~? You want to do it with him~?” she teased.

If there was a God, he really could just smite him right now. Please, take his life. This was far too much. Izuku’s cheeks pinked for certain now as he looked at Ochaco beside him whose face was flushed as well.

“N-No! That’s not it!”

“I’ll cut you a deal, Uraraka,” Mina began, leaning forward onto her knees. “If you do this dare with Midoriya, then neither of you have to do anymore dares for the rest of the night. And you won’t be shamed for it.”

Denki nodded. “If that’s the case then we need to add some stipulations to it. You guys have to hold hands the entire time, and you have to be out there for… ten minutes, sound good?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow at Mina.

She agreed. “Yeah, ten minutes. And we won’t even look at you guys while you’re in the water, okay? Your modesty can stay intact. We’ll just watch you guys get into the water.”

Momo shook her head. “I can’t believe you’re doing this to them.”

“Hey! They’ve already kissed. Might as well be naked together too,” Denki laughed.

Izuku turned to the girl beside him. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” he said. There was so much guilt bubbling within him. If he’d just said truth like he wanted to instead of giving into peer pressure then none of this would have happened. Ochaco wouldn’t have gotten dragged into this mess with him.

Ochaco gaze at him, as if contemplating her options. She shook her head, a look of determination taking over her features. “No! We can do this, Deku!”

“O-Okay,” he sputtered. Obviously, he was surprised she wanted to do this with him. It was awfully mortifying.

The two of them walked down the beach to the edge of the lake water. Their friends shouted encouragements behind them. Somehow, it didn’t make him feel any better. Izuku stripped off his shirt, only to see Ochaco staring at him with wide eyes. Furrowing his brow, he gave her a pitiful stare. “You really don’t have to do this.”

“N-No! It’s just that… I didn’t know you were so muscular.”

Flushing, he nodded. “Y-Yeah! I train a-all of the time.”

Ochaco smacked her forehead. “Duh! ‘Course I knew that. Silly me.”

Izuku’s hands went to his shorts. Scrunching his nose up painfully, he couldn’t help but think how he’d rather be anywhere but here. He couldn’t deny that seeing Ochaco naked wasn’t something he’d never thought about, but like this? Never in a million years. Izuku counted down in his mind.

Three… two… one!

He yanked down his shorts, boxers almost going down with them. Yelping, he readjusted his underwear to keep his modesty intact for a little longer. Looking beside him, he saw Ochaco was already in her underwear as well.

This was officially the end of his life.

She was beautiful. He’d never seen a girl in such a state and for it to be the girl he harbored such strong feelings for, it almost made him spontaneously combust right on the spot. Breathe. Breathe.

The pair rid themselves of the rest of their clothes, Izuku keeping his eyes forward towards the water, so he wouldn’t look at Ochaco. He did the best he could to ignore the wolf whistles and caterwauling coming from his friends at the campfire. He reached towards her, fishing for her hand. Her fingers wrapped around his, squeezing them with reassurance.

Taking in a large breath, Izuku relaxed his stiff shoulders. “Okay. On three?”

“Yeah,” she sighed.

“One… two… three!”

Hands interlocked, the two sprinted towards the water. Izuku held a hand over his manhood to keep some of his humility unharmed. Despite trying not to look at her, he did notice that Ochaco had her free arm wrapped across her breast to keep them in place. The water was bone chilling when they dived in. A loud roar of cheering came from the beach. Izuku felt the cold seep into his pores as the lake soaked him. He emerged from the water, hair sopping, and glanced over at Ochaco who was in a similar state. Thankfully, he couldn’t see much in the dark water. He fixated on the fact that her hand was still interlaced with his.

Ochaco shivered beside him as she dipped under the water so her chest was covered. “This water is s-so c-cold,” she stuttered, teeth chattering.

Reaching for her shoulder, Izuku spoke. “I can…” Wait. They were naked… No, he couldn’t. Quickly retracting his hand, he awkwardly looked away, hunching inward. “N-Never mind.”

“W-Wait. What were you going to say?” Ochaco asked with wide, curious eyes.

“I was going to offer you a hug… b-but I realize that would be really inappropriate given the situation we’re in.”

“O-Oh!” she squeaked, cheeks pinking. “I-It’s the thought that counts, right?” She gazed up him from behind her long lashes. “Thanks, Deku.”

She was so pretty. He could only see her shoulders and up, but that’s all he really needed. The shadows of her breast beneath the water would be the death of him. Don’t get a boner. Don’t get a boner. He repeated the chant in his mind over and over. Scrunching his eyes, he tried to keep his focus away from her.

The two stood in silence, the air awkward and stiff from the situation the pair was in. Izuku focused on the sounds of the water washing him and his friends laughing from the sand. Hopefully, they weren’t paying too much mind to he and Ochaco wading in the dirty lake. He unconsciously swayed from foot to foot nervously, hoping that it wouldn’t bring Ochaco’s attention to him too much. Honestly, Izuku would be lying if he said he wasn’t worried about a fish or something coming to inspect his private bits.

“H-Hey, Deku…?”

Ochaco’s voice shocked him out of his fuzzy stupor. His eyes darted to look at her, but it took all of his will-power to keep his gaze at her face. “Y-Yes?”

“You said earlier that you trust me, right?”

Blinking in confusion, Izuku nodded quickly. “Of course, Uraraka!” Where had a question such as that even come from?

She gave a sigh of relief. “Good. It’s just that… I’ve never been like this with a boy…”

“Me neither,” Izuku mumbled looking away from her. Catching his words, he fumbled to recover. “I-I mean! With a girl! Well—er—not with a boy either! N-No one! I’ve never been with anyone like this… b-before…”

“I guess we’re both clueless on this, aren’t we?” Ochaco chimed, a shy smile etching across her face.

He hadn’t meant to, really, but he squeezed her fingers that were connected with his. The intimacy of his own gesture almost sent him into a whirlwind. She might not like him doing something like that at a time like this! Those thoughts were immediately dashed when she returned the action and the soft pads of her fingers brushed against his skin.

“Y-Yeah…” he finally replied.

“Can I…?”

Izuku’s attention was turned back to the girl beside him. “Hah?”

“Can I touch you?” she blurted quietly, in a quick but harsh whisper. Her cheeks were redder than usual, brows pinched up as she nervously gazed at him.

What? ” he squeaked.

“S-Sorry!” she waved her free hand in front of her. “That was so weird of me to ask that. I shouldn’t have said anything! I’m so sorry!”

Izuku shook his head, tongue weighing too much in his mouth to speak. His cheeks were so warm as he looked at her. What on earth had made her ask him such a thing? Ochaco continued her frazzled words of apology until Izuku finally found some type of audacity within himself to place his free hand on her shoulder. “I don’t mind…” he mumbled.  

Ochaco’s worried stare suddenly morphed into one of surprise.

Oh, God. Why did he say that? Why did he say that!?


Unable to look her in the eye, Izuku bit his bottom lip, gnawing on it anxiously. He nodded slowly, giving her a sideways glance.

Her tense shoulders drooped. “Okay…” she sighed.

Izuku looked to his classmates on the beach, keeping to their word, they were paying no mind to the two naked teens in the water. Instead, Katsuki was toppled over in laughter as Eijiro plopped an entire handful of sand into his mouth.

Ochaco instantly regained his attention when her free hand brushed across the rough skin of his stomach beneath the water. The idle touch sent shivers up Izuku’s spine, making him shudder in response. Those chocolate eyes searched his for further permission. Izuku wasn’t quite sure how he confirmed that he was okay, maybe she just knew him well enough. But when her fingertips brushed his hipbone, he absolutely wanted to melt into the water.

Any self-control Izuku had maintained at this point was far gone. He was way too aroused to keep himself in check, especially with Ochaco’s soft digits strolling casually along his hips and torso like it was an everyday event. Gulping, he just hoped she didn’t notice his problem down south. Would she be disgusted with his inability to keep his manhood under control?

When her fingers ghosted just below his bellybutton Izuku thought he was going to spontaneously combust right at that moment. As Ochaco’s hand traveled away from the previous location, her fingers brushed across the sensitive flesh of his shaft. Izuku let out a girlish squawk.

Ochaco gasped, retreating her hand back to her own body. “Oh no, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to—“

Shaking his head quickly, Izuku just wanted the embarrassing moment to be over. “No—No! It’s fine. I-I swear, I’m okay.”

Ochaco stared at him, seemingly contemplating. He heard her swallow audibly before she snatched his free hand from beside his body.


Before he could finish his sentence, she placed his hand right underneath her breast. His breath hitched in his throat and all he managed out was a squeak of her name.

“I-It’s only fair, right? It’s okay, I promise.”

Izuku’s brain was malfunctioning: stuck somewhere between softsoftsoft and holy shit . Wiggling his thumb slightly, he brushed the underside of her boob, admiring how tender her skin was. This was all he had wanted. To be with her like this. But this wasn’t right. He couldn’t do this. Pulling his hand away reluctantly, he stared down at the water. “I-I can’t. Not like this…” he murmured.


“You deserve better…”

The shrieking sound of a phone alarm broke the tension in his words. Mina waved her phone around from the sand. “Hey! Time’s up!”

Releasing her hand, Izuku backed away sadly. “You can go first, I won’t look.”


After the pair had redressed and joined their friends, Izuku excused himself to use the camp-ground bathrooms. He couldn’t just sit there with his classmates while his raging hard-on greeted everyone. Hopefully no one noticed it before he took his leave.

As he sat in the bathrooms stall, taking his time to calm down, Izuku couldn’t help but think about how utterly disappointed Ochaco had looked at his reluctance. He cared for her too much to just feel her up with their friends in plain sight. Yes, he did let her do that to him, but the intention hadn’t been sexual. It was only an accident. But she had tried to repay him with her body and that just didn’t sit well with him.

When he and his classmates finally left the beach, Izuku couldn’t believe the condition of their campsite among their return. His tent was completely destroyed much to his obvious dismay as well as a few others.

Denki whimpered at the remains of his tent. “How’d this even happen!?” he cried gawking at the disastrous scene before them.

Tenya hummed at his own damaged tent. “There must have been a wind gust that caught these tents at a certain angle, or an animal rainsacked them. Both are possible explanations.”

Mina tapped her chin in thought. “Well, I guess Iida and Kaminari can take my tent, and I’ll just share with Toru. Does that sound good?”

“Yeah, but where does that leave Midoriya?” Tenya asked, looking at him with concern.

Toru let out a giggle. “He could always just stay in Uraraka’s tent.”

Izuku felt his cheeks flush instantly, the red color kissing the flesh beneath his freckles. Shaking his head, he stared downward at the ground. “I-I don’t think that is the best idea. I’m sure Uraraka isn’t comfortable with that.”

Waving her hands, Ochaco shook her head, her own cheeks pinker than usual. “N-No! I’m okay with it, but if you don’t want to then you don’t have to.”

“I-I guess it would be alright,” Izuku murmured, scratching at his cheek. He was surprised she agreed to allow him to share a tent with her after what just happened. Izuku was so sure that Ochaco was probably angry with him for turning her down. But he couldn’t help it.

“You really don’t have to,” she insisted.

“I’m fine with it. Honest.”





Izuku couldn’t deny lying in his sleeping bag next to Ochaco was entirely more awkward than he had anticipated it would be. He kept his back to her, trying to remain calm and not think about how she touched him earlier that evening.


Shit. Izuku rolled over to face the girl beside him, tilting his head curiously. “Yes?”

Ochaco’s eyes were downcast, a look of shame etched across her features. “I’m sorry… about earlier. Please don’t hate me.”

Gaping, Izuku’s brows shot up past his hairline. What!? “Huh!?”

“I shouldn’t have forced myself onto you like that,” she continued. “I didn’t even take into consideration how you may feel about me. I only focused on myself and that was wrong of me.”

Izuku couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “No! No! That’s not at all why… I did what I did… I care about you, Uraraka, a lot.”

“You do…?” she asked, brown eyes widening.

“Y-Yes…” his cheeks heated back up. “I only pushed you away because I thought you deserved better. Plus, I thought that a moment like that should be with someone you loved, not with your friend from class.”

Snorting out a laugh, Ochaco shook her head. “You’re really dense sometimes, Deku. You’re not just a friend from class. You’re my best friend and if there’s anyone I trust most in this world, it’s definitely you,” she scooted closer, cupping his warm cheek with a smile growing across her face. “And… you’re so much more than that. You said I should do something like with someone I love, right? Well, I… I do love you, Deku.”

Izuku couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Heart pounding in his chest, he tried to comprehend the sentences that Ochaco spoke. Loved him…? Ochaco loved him?

“I l-love you, too,” he sputtered, surprised at his own bravery.

Ochaco’s face lit up. “Really!?”

Caressing her hand still on his cheek, he smiled at her. “Yes. I do.”

Ochaco almost bounced out of her sleeping bag as she slung her arms around his shoulders, squeezing him tightly to her. She buried her nose into his nape, a grin kissing her cheeks. Izuku’s own arms wound around the small of her back as he nuzzled into her shoulder.

“I can’t believe you actually feel the same way,” she cooed.

“I… I think I’ve loved you since you saved me during the entrance exam, Uraraka.”

Leaning away to face him, she beamed. “Me too,” she paused, brown eyes searching his face. “And it’s Ochaco.”


“It’s my name, silly. You can call me ‘Ochaco.’”

Izuku could barely wrap his mind around the events occurring. He had never been so rattled in his entire life. “O-Okay, Ochaco.”

She hummed in approval, cuddling up against his chest. Izuku felt so comfortable like this with her curled up in his arms. He just wanted to stay this way forever. If this was a dream, please never wake him up.

After a few moments of comfortable silence, Ochaco spoke up. “Hey, Deku..?”


“Could I kiss you?”

Yes. Please. It wasn’t like they hadn’t already tried to eat each other’s faces earlier. “Y-Yeah, of course.”

Ochaco scooted upward, aligning her face with his. Izuku felt like he was about to explode. It was amazing that his heart hadn’t actually stopped at this point. There were far too many emotions swarming around inside him. But, he was entirely willing to give Ochaco everything he felt for her.

Her lips were warm as they pressed against his, plush and soft. Izuku melted against her, bones turning to goop. She tilted her head, slanting her mouth with his to deepen their kiss. He squeezed her waist as he tried his best to recropciate the motions. Ochaco is eager against his lips, chasing him anytime he takes a breath. When she takes his bottom lip between his teeth, he lets out an embarrassing groan causing him to flush and rear back.

She’s simply smiling at him when his vision cleared, her lips were kiss swollen with rosy cheeks. How can someone be so cute!?

“You alright?” she asked, brows furrowing with concern.

“Y-Yeah,” he nodded. “You just surprised me.”

She smiled shyly. “Can we keep going?”

“Yes…” he breathed.

Izuku lost himself in her lips. The sweet taste of sugar and vanilla from the sweets they’d shared at the campfire were fresh on her tongue. He held her like a lifeline, the only thing he needed in the world was her. She devoured his soul, taking him for her own. God, he loved her.

Ochaco broke away from his lips, peppering kisses down his chin to his neck. Every peck of her lips left his sceen scorching. He was completely absorbed in the feeling of her. “Is it okay if we continue from where we left off earlier?” she asked.

Unable to trust his voice, Izuku simply released a squeak and a nod. Anticipating swirled in his gut at the thought of her touching his bare skin again. Ochaco snaked a hand beneath his shirt, his skin jolting under her touch. His breath caught in his throat with every small graze of her fingertips. Ochaco was suddenly tugging the fabric of his shirt upward, Izuku got the message easily, pulling the night shirt over his head.

Gawking at him, Ochaco looked him up and down. He couldn’t help but notice her lick her lips at the sight of him. Jesus. He’s never had a girl actually check him out before. She leaned down, pecking at the tight muscles of his abdomen. She giggled when he let out an embarrassing squawk.

Following her lead, he reached for the hem of her own shirt this time. Ochaco smiled and tugged the shirt over her head, discarding in elsewhere in the tent. Izuku drank the sight of her, running his hand across every curve of her body. This girl was no simple hero, she was surely a goddess. Ochaco took his hand, smoothing it up her skin before placing it just below her breast as she did before. This time, he had no merits as he cupped the fleshy mound. He freed his other hand from underneath her and caressed her other breast as well. He massaged at her skin, rolling the swollen nub beneath his palm. Ochaco sighed, leaning her forehead against his own as he continued his ministrations.

Her hot breath fanned across his face, increasing his own arousal as well. He shifted, feeling suddenly uncomfortable in his sleep pants. Ochaco pressed closer, squeaking when she felt the stiff bulge rub against her thigh.

Izuku knew his cheeks were entirely red, but he wasn’t sure if it was from embarrassment, arousal, or a mixture of the two. Most likely the last option.

Glancing down at his, now quite obvious, hard-on, Ochaco then gave him a pitful look. “Are you alright?”

“Y-Yeah…” he forced out. This was an awkward conversation to have when you have your crush’s boobs in your hands…

“Can I… touch it--er--you?”

The thought of her hands on him sent every last drop of blood within him headed down south. If there was any brain power left in his mind, well it was certainly gone now. He like out a squeaky “mmhmm!” in response.

Ochaco dipped her hand beneath the waistband of his pajamas, gently caressing the hot skin there. She brushed her thumb along his shaft, making him twitch in response.

Izuku knew he was going to die any moment now.

He almost whined when her hand retreated-- almost --but recovered quickly when Ochaco hooked her thumbs in his sleep pants, yanking down his underwear and pants in one fell swoop. His erection bobbed embarrassingly after being freed from it’s confinement.

Someone smite him at this instant before he dies of humiliation.

Instead of his death wish coming true, Ochaco giggled at his expense before softly taking his length in her hands. Gently, she pumped him up and down, gauding his reactions to learn the best movements.  Tightening her grip on him, she gave a gentle tug. Izuku groaned in response, panting heavily and leaning his forehead against her shoulder. She smiled, kissing him on the cheek in an intimate gesture.

Her grip on him grew tighter as her hand moved faster and faster. Izuku could feel the pleasure building up and pooling within his gut. Ochaco captured his mouth in a kiss, tongue dancing with his. The pounding of his heart roared in his ears, throbbing throughout his body. His fingertips dug into her hips, gripping her as the pressure of her hands slowly overtook him. The pleasure became overbearing as Izuku desperately needed breathe and released her mouth from his own. Panting against her shoulder, Izuku couldn’t stop himself from thrusting forward into her hand.

In response, she held his bare hip with her free hand, gently keep him in place. She twisted her wrist, speeding up her actions. Running her thumb across the swollen tip, Ochaco lightly squeezed him. She kissed behind his ear, making him squirm.

Finally, it was all too much as Izuku spilled in her hand. Stars exploded before his eyes as his entire body tightened in response to the pleasure. His breath hitched as he came, heart sputtering at the sensation. Ochaco kissed him lightly as he slowly gathered his senses. Blinking his eyes open groggily, Izuku idly noticed Ochaco wiping her hand on her sleeping bag beneath her.

“Sorry,” he croaked as he realized the mess he had made.

Ochaco laughed, shaking her head. “Nothing to apologize for. I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t know what would happen.”

Izuku smiled at her, reaching forward and running a finger across the waistband of her sleep shorts. This couldn’t just be a one-way street. He wanted to make her feel good too. Gingerly, he hooked his fingers beneath the fabric and tugged. Ochaco squeaked as he pulled her shorts down her creamy legs. He gazed in awe at the new exposed flesh. She was gorgeous. Running a palm along her thick thighs, Izuku leaned forward placing a chaste peck to her lips. “You’re wonderful,” he cooed.

His brain was absolute mush. Post-orgasm bliss was an entirely new thing for him, but he wasn’t going to complain. However, he needed to gather his wits and focus on the beautiful young woman before him. Cautiously, he slid his hand upward across her thigh, ghosting his hand across Ochaco’s clothed clit.

She gasped against him, the sound only spurring him on. He slipped his fingers beneath the band, running a finger along her slit. Gathering his courage, he slipped a finger inside of her. She gasped, her head lolling and her forehead falling down on his bare shoulder.  He curled the digit inside her, feeling the velty walls inside her. Slowly, he thrusts his finger upward, making her moan in response. Her pleasurable sighs encouraging his motions as he gently added another finger into her heat. His motions grew faster, fingers rutting against her skin.

Ochaco whimpered, nipping at the skin of his shoulder to control herself. Her thighs tightened around his wrist, signalling her incoming orgasm. Fingers curling and moving in and out, he sped up. He could feel her growing tighter, throbbing against his digits.

She gripped his biceps, holding onto him tightly as her body twitched beside him. Ochaco let out a sigh, pressing a kiss to his lips. Izuku followed her lead as before, wiping his hand on the sleeping bag beneath him. Ochaco regained his attention, pressing soft kisses to his lips again and again. Izuku sighed against her mouth.

“I’m happy you chose me to do this with,” she said with a soft smile.

Izuku shook his head, grinning back at her. “No, I’m honored.”

She sputtered a laugh at his choice of words. “You’re so dorky.” Seeing his face fall slightly, she cupped his cheek. “In a good way, silly.”

Giving her another kiss, Izuku nuzzled her cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Ochaco curled into his arms as Izuku snuggled himself closer, nosing into her hair and taking in her scent. Exhaustion took hold of him as his eyes fluttered closed. The feeling of Ochaco’s heart beating against his chest lulled him into a peaceful sense of satisfaction.

Even when they got caught by their classmates in the morning, he still wouldn’t regret a single thing.