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The Greatest Years Of Our Lives

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Barry walked down the halls of school. He could feel peoples eyes on him. He was hardly popular. He walked into class late only to have the teacher allocate him a new seat next to the one and only Oliver Queen. Oliver was the most popular person in school and Barry feared him. Oliver himself had never picked on or made fun of Barry, but all of his friends did.
People called them The Rouges. They thought they were above the rules. There was Oliver Queen, the leader of the group and his best friend Tommy Merlin, they were both rich and had powerful families. They were the play boy types, both jocks. Then there was Laurel and Sara Lance, sisters and both dated Tommy and Oliver at some point and so they were popular by assosiation. Then there was Lennard Snart and Mick Rory, Mick was the muscle and Lennard was the brains. Thats why they got on so well. There was also Ronnie Raymond. Ronnie is a genuine nice guy but he got roped into a lot of the bulling because of his friends. His girlfriend Caitlin Snow used to be Barry's friend until she got with him and became one of the Rouges. A few others were Bruce, Jax, Kendra, Tony, Jay and Eobard. There was also Iris West, Barry's foster sister. They used to be best friends but not really anymore. They get on and she'd always be there for him if he needed her but they weren't close in school at all. They were a very tight knitted group. If one of them hated you, they all hated you. It was okay though becuase Barry had his own group. He had Cisco Ramone, Ray Palmer, Kara Danvers, Nate Heywood, Winn Schott and there was also his best friend. Then there was Rip Hunter, but he didn't really have a group. He just drifted between people and groups. Barry sat by Rip in History and they get on really well, but in maths they never talk. There was also John Constantine. They sat together in science. John was nice, he was like Rip. He spent a lot of time alone. There were other groups in the school as well. There were a group of hospital inpatients who decided to attend school, there was Emma Chota, Jordi Palacios, Leo Roth and Kara Souders. They liked to hang out together and keep them selves to them selves, other wise Emma and Jordi would definitely be part of the rouges, and Emma would be with Oliver. Barry had no doubt about it. The other group was the Glee club. Barry didn't know many of them. He knew Kurt, Blaine, Artie and Rachel but he didn't know the others.

Barry carefully took his seat next to Oliver and got out a pen, his note book and his text book. The teacher listed the pages they were to turn to and the tasks they were to complete. Barry got straight into the work. After about 10 minutes the teacher left saying he had some important buisness to attend to and that he would be back in an hour and he expected the work done. Barry stopped paying attention after the teacher left. He just went on with his work until he felt someone lay a hand on his arm. He quickly looked up to see Oliver looking at him.
"Not much of a talker I see" Oliver said amused before writing something down.
"No. I just like to do my work," responded Barry,
"You can talk and work at the same time. It's called multi-tasking," replied Oliver,
"Actually... it's scientifically proven that multi-tasking is impossible. If you want to complete work to the best of your ability then you can only concentrate on that and that alone. Talking takes up part of your brain and therefore lowers the level of focus you have on your work," Barry responded matter-of-factly before continuing his work,
"Alright, sorry I asked" Said Oliver.
Another 10 minutes past before Barry felt a hand on his arm again.
"What now!?" Barry snapped, he was rather annoyed that he couldn't work out an equasion. Barry was about to look up but he felt himself ripped out of his seat.
"What did you say to me, Allen!" Asked Tony,
"I... I... nothing." Replied Barry trying to shy away,
"It didn't sound like nothing?" Replied Tony before shoving Barry against the wall behind them. He quickly punched Barry in the gut before holding him up in a choke hold.
"I said what did you say to me!?" Asked Tony again,
Barry just breathed in through the pain. He couldn't form words with the lack of oxygen.
"This'll teach you" Said Tony before slamming Barry's head against the wall and punching him repeatedly. By this point Oliver was up.
Barry slid down the wall so Tony started kicking him in the ribs and stomach, anywhere he could really.
"Hey! Woodward!" Yelled Oliver,
"What Queen?" Tony said, continuing to kick the crap out of Barry,
"Lay of Allen!" Replied Oliver,
"Or what?"
Oliver grabbed Tony's wrist, squeezing it until it cracked, "I said lay of Allen". Tony quickly stopped and turned to Barry, "This isn't over" he said before he walked back to his seat.
Oliver watched Tony as he sat back down, then he turned his attention to Barry,
"Are you okay?" He asked, but Barry just hauled himself up and ran out of the class room. Oliver was about to follow him when a girl got up and gently grabbed his arm to stop him.
"What are you d...." He asked but she cut him off,
"I'll go and check on him." She said gently,
"And what makes you think you have any right to do that?" Asked Oliver amused that this girl thought she knew anything about Barry, I mean, not that he did, but he knew enough about what happened to go and see if he was okay. "Who even are you anyway?"
"I'm Felicity, Felicity Smoak. I'm Barry's best friend. Thats why I have the right" She said sternly before turning and walking out to find Barry.


Next period was science. Oliver knew Barry was in his science. He hadn't seen Barry all break and so he wanted to know how he was doing. He walked in to see Felicity. He walked over to her.
Felicity was sat with Cisco, Nate, Ray, Winn and Kara. Cisco saw Oliver apporaching.
"Ohh, look out. One of us is about to have there ass kicked." He said,
"What?" Asked Kara,
"Queen's approaching," Said Cisco plainly.
Felicity was about to say something but was cut off.
"Hey, Felicity. How's Barry doing?" Asked Oliver,
"I don't know" She said simply,
"What do you mean you don't know? You went to find him!" Responded Oliver letting way too much anger creep into his voice. Suddenly Ray was up and stood inbetween Oliver and Felicity.
"Hey! Don't talk to her like that! Barry is none of your concern and none of us appriciate you disturbing our conversation" He said, feeling a rush of anger.
"Well what are you going to do about it?" Asked Mick, who was now standing behind Oliver.
"Mick sit down" Said Oliver,
"Let me rip into him. Teach him for talking to you like that," Said Mick,
"Sit down. I've got this handled," Said Oliver. Mick just grunted in response before turning and heading to where Snart, Tommy, Ronnie and Caitlin were sat.
"Look Oliver, we all looked for Barry through break. We messaged him and he hasn't answered. But because he's in this lesson we knew we'd see him here." Said Felicity,
"You said he hasn't replied?" Said Oliver and Felicity just nodded, "Give me his number." Oliver said,
"What? So you can cyber bully him again?" Asked Kara, having vivid flashbacks of the last time they'd gotten hold of Barry's number. He'd spend days literally locked away in his room crying and her, Felicity, Cisco, Ray, Nate and Winn would take it in turns sat out side of his room talking to him and trying to get them to let him in. Even Rip and Iris were there most of the time.
"No. So I can find him." Said Oliver annoyed, "Just because Woodward, Garrick and Thorne sent him some bad texts doesn't mean I did."
"Well we're not giving it to you." Said Kara asertively.
Oliver was about to say something else but the teacher walked in. Oliver went to an empty seat to sit down.
"Hey. You know Allen sits here right?" Said an anoying Brittish accent,
"Yeah, but he's not here is he Constantine" Said Oliver annoyed that his friends couldn't have kept him as seat.
"Well I'm just saying" Replied John,
"You're friends with Allen right?" Asked Oliver suddenly realising something,
"If by Allen you mean Barry, then yeah. We're alright," Replied John,
"Can you give me his number?" Asked Oliver
"I saw what happened last time one of you got his number. How do I know you're not going to do it again?" Asked John skeptically,
"It wasn't me last time it was Woodward, Garrick and Thorne. Look Barry ran out of English and he sure as hell isn't here. Just give me his number so I can see if he's okay." Said Oliver getting annoyed at the Brit.
"Quite a compelling case. Too bad I don't have it but your friend over there, Wayne. He does." Replied John,
"Why would Wayne have Allen's number?" Asked Oliver, not believing for one second that Bruce Wayne had Barry's number.
"Turns out Mr Wayne has quite a thing for nerdy little science guys. He's been trying to get Allen on a date for months now but the most he's only ever gotten is a number," Replied John.
Oliver looked at John, shocked at the new found information.
"Nah I'm kidding. Him and Allen studdy together now and again. Them along with Ramone have quite a nack for inventing weird electronics and gadgets."
"Oh ok."
Oliver got up and walked over to Bruce.
"Hey Bruce, give me Allen's number?" Asked Oliver. He didn't have time for niceties right now.
"Sure, but how do you know I have it?" Replied Bruce whilst going through his phone to text Oliver the number.
"Constantine," Replied Oliver. Bruce and Oliver looked over to him to see John waving with a fake over the top smile for dramatics.
"Of course" Replied Bruce, "He like's to practise his mumbo jumbo dark arts in the gym and sometimes Allen, Ramone and I test out our gadgets in there." Replied Bruce, hitting send on the text.
"Thanks." Replied Oliver. After he got the number he realised Tony hadn't turned up to science.
"Hey have you seen Woodward?" Oliver asked the rest of the group,
"Haven't seen him since he followed that Allen kid to the bathroom at break." Said Snart,
"Shit." Said Oliver before running out of the room and hitting call on Barry's number. He ran passed Tony on the way to lesson but he didn't care about Tony right now. He needed to find Barry.