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Persona Crack

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The team was at Junes talking about how bored they were. It was dead in the department store. All of a sudden they heard a familiar voice.

“Sup thots” said the familiar voice. The voice began coming closer. It turned out to be their solemn leader Yu Narukami. But he looked a little off. A backwards hat was adorned on his head.

“Woah” they all exclaimed.
“Senpai! Are you okay?”
“You don’t look so good partner”
Yosgay and Rise voiced their concerns while the rest stayed quiet. What had happened to their stone faced leader.

“Hey fuckers, how you been.” Now that they had a good look at him they noticed his attire. A hoodie with the pleasured face of girls. Some tanish boots. Most importantly a backpack. Speaking of his backpack he was pulling something out. A pen maybe. Yu put the pen in his mouth and inhaled. He took the pen out a blew out some smoke. The group was bewildered. 

“Hey senpai. Are you smoking?” asked Kanji.
“And what are you wearing” Chie voiced her concern.

“Nahh fam, it’s magic.”
“You mean my timbs and the ahegao sweater” Yu exclaimed surprised.

“Ahegao? What’s that?” Yukiko asked.
“It’s basically the faces of pleasured girls” Yu answered.

“Oh” and that was the end of this conversation.
“So senpai what happened to you” Naoto inquired.
“I’ve been reborn bois” Yu said “and y’all look fine as fuuuuuck.”
“Hey Rise can I slide into your dm’s. Maybe get some action on the side from the other.” Yu asked.

“What is wrong with you partner.” Yosuke asked.
“Nothing. You guys are the one wildin out.” Narukami muttered. “I see y’all hoes don’t want me here so I’ll dip.”

The last thing they heard from Yu Narukami was “Bitchin” As he swagged away, the team could only thing they could think about is what had happened to their one and only leader.