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My own cheerleaders

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Yoongi honestly doesn't know what he did to deserve this. Maybe saved a country in a former life or something like that. But still here he was, on the stage of their first sold out concert as Agust D and his loves were in the front row, screaming their throats raw for him as he finished the last song, sweat dripping down his face.

“Thank you all so much for coming tonight and cheering so loudly. I think they heard you at least three blocks from here!”, he received even more screams at that and chuckled. “Thanks again and have a good rest of the night!” With that the rapper turned around and left the stage. Backstage he was greeted by Namjoon, his best friend and fellow rapper who had dried off by now.

“You rocked that crowd, hyung. It was awesome!”, was Namjoons enthusiastic greeting while he handed Yoongi a towel to dry off with. The smaller man chuckled and exchanged a fist bump with the other. “Thanks, you were pretty good yourself!”, he answered with a big grin stretching his face and Namjoon laughed. Yoongi was just taking a drink from his water bottle when he heard a commotion at the backstage entrance. He turned around and as soon as he made eye contact with the younger, Hoseok started screaming again and actually jumped up and down.

“YOOOONGIII HYUUUNG, you were awesome!! Tell this guy you know us before Jimin tries to crawl under his legs.”, the red haired man screamed at him and now Yoongi could see the smaller male beside him, shooting daggers at the security guard that looked beyond unimpressed with them, probably thinking they were groupies. Yoongi chuckled again before making his way over to his two boyfriends, grin still on his face and his white shirt sticking to his skin.

“You can let them through, I know them Mr. Kim.”, he said to the security guard who only nodded and stepped aside. When the way was finally free Hoseok rushed towards him and scooped him up in a hug, while Jimin followed with a satisfied smile on his face and a smug look that he shot towards Mr. Kim who wasn't even looking at him any more.

“You were awesome, hyung!! Oh my god. I loved every second of it and you looked so damn hot!”, Hoseok began praising him while ignoring Yoongis complains about being sweaty and to please let him go. They all knew that Yoongi complained just to complain and not because he actually wanted the red haired man to let go of him. Jimin was at their side now and joined the hug, squeezing both of his boyfriends together and continued with the praises where Hoseok had stopped. “You really were amazing, hyung. You looked soo sexy up there all covered in sweat and rapping so fast. Hobi-hyung popped a boner at like the second song.”

That finally made Hoseok stop hugging him to death and instead turn on Jimin to try and crush the others ribs while hugging him. “I don't know what you're talking about, Minnie. Don't lie to yours elders like that.” The blond haired man laughed while watching his boyfriends act silly and they both turned to him at hearing the sound, shooting twin love sick expressions and making his stomach do funny things.

“How can you be so sexy and badass one minute and then so cute the next?”, Jimin asked him. Yoongi shook his head and couldn't help but laugh again. “That's what we ask ourselves every time you get up on stage and dance, Minnie. You have this cute smile and are just an angel off stage and as soon as you start dancing you turn into this magnificent hip thrusting, body rolling demon from the hottest pits of hell just gracing us mere mortals.”
By the end of his little monologue Jimin was blushing and Hobi whistled. “Wow, showering the little one in compliments. You must still be on the stage high, hyung. You normally only wax poetics like that when we're in bed.”

Yoongi just turned away awkwardly and walked over to Namjoon, who was texting someone on his phone with a big smile on his face. The other two followed him after they finished giggling about how cute he was. The tallest of the four looked up when everyone surrounded him: “Tae is finished at his photography exhibit and just said we should meet him and the others at the restaurant.” Yoongi nodded and made his way over to the extra clothes he had brought with him to change into after the show. He couldn't help but smile again when he heard his boyfriends showering Namjoon in praises and hugs, too. They really were the kindest, cutest and most beautiful people on earth and he was so lucky to have them in his life. He really didn't deserve them and their endless support.

After he finished changing he walked back to the three and pressed a kiss to first Jimins and then Hoseoks cheek. They both looked a bit perplexed at first but then broke out into smiles, too. “You must be in an amazing mood. You aren't normally this affectionate and then there was the small speech earlier, too.”, Jimin observed before tilting his head while his expression morphed into a mischievous one. “Or have you done something bad and just haven't told us yet?”, he continued to tease. Now it was the blonds turn to blush and he mumbled something about “Just really loving you two idiots.” and power walked his way out of the embarrassing situation to loud laugher from the three younger men.

They followed him to the car while chatting about the show and then squeezed into his little red, five seater. It was relaxing to drive through the almost empty streets, listening to his two boyfriends and best friend talking and making jokes while the radio played some upbeat new song. Yoongi joined after a while and exchanged thoughts about the show, sound quality, the crowd and about his and Namjoons performance in general.

“I really want to dance to your songs on stage, hyung.”, Hoseok butted in and Jimin nodded excitedly. Yoongi just playfully shook his head and whined: “You both can't dance on stage when Joonie and I perform. You're going to pull all the attention to yourselves and nobody will even look at us poor rappers. And then they will find out that you rap on the side and that Jimin can sing and our careers will be over before they have even really started.”

Jimin was full on laughing now and throwing his body to the side, flinging his head on Hoseoks shoulder and Yoongi watched fondly through the rear view mirror. Namjoon was laughing too and mumbling “Cute” under his breath while observing Jimin and Hoseok actually blushed bright enough to almost match his hair. “Yoongi hyung. You can't just say stuff like that!”

“What, so you can make me blush and gush about how cute and awesome I am but as soon as I do it, it's a problem?”, he joked and watched the red haired man stutter and shake his head before looking out of the window. Yoongi just chuckled and pulled into the parking lot of their favourite Korean BBQ place. They could see and impatient Jungkook and Seokjin standing at the entrance to the restaurant while Taehyung typed furiously on his phone.

“Finally!”, was their greeting from the oldest man who stood there dramatically tapping his food and glaring and them. “Yeah, finally.”, Jungkook followed “Jin hyung almost died from old age waiting for you.” The youngest quickly moved out of Seokjins range and opened the door to the restaurant. Yoongi only rolled his eyes while the rest giggled at the twos antics. They really fit together perfectly, both being childish but still serious and very driven. They could also be annoying as fuck, but he had to admit that his boyfriends and him could be just as annoying with how cute and loud they sometimes acted. All lovey dovey and Hoseok could be very loud, Jimin threw himself around when he laughed and Yoongi could talk for hours if he was in the right group.

Taehyung had put his phone away and greeted Namjoon with a kiss. “Sorry I couldn't be at your show, hyung.”, Tae whispered, his lips still pressed against Namjoons and the taller man smiled. “Sorry I couldn't be at your photography exhibit.”, the taller man replied and hugged his boyfriend who broke out into a wide smile and giggled.

While Yoongi was distracted watching his friends be in love his own boyfriends had sneaked up on him and now each one of them took one of his hands and squeezed it while shooting him big grins. He could feel his heart flutter and a shy smile grazed his face. He heard Hoseok coo but pointedly ignored him and pulled them into the restaurant that the other four had already disappeared into.

They were lucky enough to get their usual table and ordered their meat, side dishes and drinks. Yoongi sat in front of the grill and turned it on, the others teasing Namjoon about the fire accident that happened a few months ago. How the other man is still alive was sometimes a mystery to him. Especially since Taehyung is also completely useless in the kitchen, they must go out a lot. The meat arrived and he quickly started on their food before Jungkook tried to eat the meat raw. He was eyeing it in a rather unsettling way.

“How was the photography exhibit?”, Jimin asked after sipping on his drink. Yoongi was sandwidched between his two boyfriends. Sekjin sat at the head of the table, Jungkook beside him. Namjoon sat in front of Yoongi and looked to his left to at his own boyfriend.

“It went pretty well. I have a few offers for some of my pictures and got some compliments.”, Tae answered with a shrug and Jin gasped as if offended. “Why are you lying? They absolutely loved you! All the people wanted to know you and you sold almost every damn picture and the art dealer already asked you if you want to do another exhibit. It's the wrong time to be humble.”

“Really, babe?”, Namjoon questioned with a big grin and Taehyung nodded shyly hiding his face in his big cola glass. “This really is a time to brag, Tae.” Yoongi threw in “I mean look at Jin hyung: he has nothing to brag about but still manages to do it every day.” That made the table laugh again while Seokjin threw out an offended “Hey!”

Taehyung turned to look at both Namjoon and Yoongi and asked: ”But how did the show go?” Now it was the rappers turn to look away and act like it was no big deal. Before he could open his mouth to speak Hoseok was already singing his praises again: “It was fucking awesome Tae. Namjoon started and he went off. The crowd got so hyped and didn't want to see him leave but then Yoongi came on stage and then they fell in love with him and both their sets where so epic and had so much energy.” Jimin was nodding along like crazy and Yoongi was a bit scared that his head would fall off from the quick motion.

Yoongi wanted to speak up again but Jimin beat him to it: “They both looked so hot, Tae! Lik really really hot. I made videos and took soo many pictures: Look!” He quickly pulled his phone out and selected the first video before pressing it into Taehyungs hands. “I want to watch, too.”, Jungkook and Seokjin said at the same time and hurridly stood up to sit down behind the photographer so that they could enjoy snippets of the performance.

Yoongi let them be and exchanged a small grin with Namjoon. The group ooh'd and aaaah'd at all the videos and pictures and only stopped when the first round of meat was finished. “I'm sad that I missed the show but Taes art was awesome, too”, Jungkook whined while stuffing his face with meat. Seokjin nodded enthusiastically at that. “It was a really bad coincidence that we had both these huge events on the same day at the same time.”, Namjoon commented with a frown on his face. Yoongi remembered what a struggle it was for both of them, but especially Namjoon, hat they wouldn't be able to go to Taehyungs first exhibit, but they couldn't just cancel the whole show without a good reason and wanting to go to a boyfriends photography exhibit wasn't good enough of an excuse.

Tae only shrugged and offhandedly said: “I know you will come to the next one. Yeah it sucked but I also missed your concert and the group had to choose where to go, too. Next time we will have more luck!” That turned the frown on the other rappers face into a smile again and he pressed a quick kiss to his boyfriends cheek.

Jimin meanwhile was starting to get tipsy and snuggled into Yoongis side, sometimes talking in his cute voice and demanding more meat for “Diminie”. Which always did weird things to Yoongis heart, making it all fluttery and skip a beat or two. His boyfriends were both just too cute and good to be true.

They talked some more, but Yoongi and Namjoon could feel themselves enter the phase after the stage high where they began to crash, so their dinner ended quicker than it normally would. They said their goodbyes in front of the BBQ place and Namjoon joined the others in Seokjins car. Hoseok and Yoongi had to help a now drunk Jimin into the backseat where he promptly fell asleep as soon as they started to drive. Music filled the car again and the remaining two sat in comfortable silence until the younger broke it: “We really are proud of you. And of course Namjoon. We know how hard you worked for this and how many jobs you took that you absolutely hated. You worked so hard and you deserve this.”

Yoongi smiled and reached over to grab Hoseoks hand in his own, rasing it to his lips and pressing a quick kiss to the back of it. “I love you both, so much. You don't know how grateful I am that you two put up with me and my antics and weird sleeping habits.” He could see the red haired mans soft smile in the corner of his eyes and it stayed there all the way home. They woke Jimin up and the now almost sober man walked with them up the stairs to their shared apartment. Jimin and Hoseok brushed their teeth while Yoongi hopped into the shower. When he finished that the other two were already in bed, quietly whispering to themselves while waiting for him. He quickly brushed his teeth and did his skin care routine before joining them and pressing himself in the space between his two lovers. They adjusted for him and then wrapped him up in their arms.

Despite being so tired Yoongi was the last one to fall asleep, listening to his boyfriends breathing and having a fluttering heart again. He really didn't deserve them, and he would spend every day in the future making that up to them.