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The Collector strikes fear in Paris

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Gabriel Agreste is in home in Paris France with his assistant Nathalie Sancoeur and Adrien's bodyguard as he is one bad mood. Gabriel barks at his two close members of his home "Where is blazes is the book that I have hidden behind the portrait of my wife?"

Nathalie says to Gabriel "Beats me sir. The only other person besides myself and the bodyguard that has any knowledge of this room would be your son Adrien. But neither myself and the bodyguard have any proof that he might have taken the book that you value so much."

Gabriel tells Nathalie "Find my soon as soon as possible. I need to speak to him. It is a matter of life and death. Namely his and mine."

Nathalie then says to Gabriel "I am on it sir." Then Nathalie goes upstairs to Adrien's room where he is in the company of identical twins Donna and Debi Moreno who are secretly The Isthmus Sisters, Gabrielle "D D" Squirrel who is secretly Isthmus "Panama" Squirrel and their close friend Becky Bostford who is secretly Wordgirl who is in the company of her pet monkey Bob.

Donna is singing lead vocals to the Doobie Brothers song "Listen To The Music" while her younger sibling Debi is playing her trumpet Louisa, Gabrielle is playing the drums and Becky is singing backup vocals while Adrien is playing the piano when Nathalie barges in and she is shocked to see Adrien with strangers in his bedroom doing a jam session.

Nathalie says to the group in a voice of concern and shock "I did not know that you kids like the Doobie Brothers. I hate to break your jam session but Gabriel wants to see Adrien as soon as possible, Gabriel says 'It is a matter of live or death. If you know what I mean."

Adrien tells the females "Sorry I have to divide but my dad wants to see me for one urgent matter."

Gabrielle then tells Adrien "Homes. I think you meant split. Not divide unless your pop wants to break up this band. Over our manager Jacqueline Moreno's alien dead body. Ha! ha! ha!"

Adrien tells Gabrielle "Thank you for correcting me uh..."

Gabrielle tells Adrien "Just call me Dee Dee or Gabrielle. Just never address me as Gabby. I may look like Gabby Douglas but we are as different as night and day. Take care Adrien."

Then as Adrien goes with Nathalie to see his dad while Becky who is fuming mad scolds Gabrielle by saying to her "Gabrielle. How many times do I have to tell you never say alien to Adrien? He and his pop might suspect that we are not Earthlings."

Gabrielle tells Becky "Come on Becky. Lighten up. We are aliens from Lexicon who are in a foreign exchange student program in France having a good time doing a special show for these people. Remember that due to our musical powers, any secrets that they know about us can be erased through our songs. As far as these plebeians are concerned what I told Adrien is like water off of a duck. Quack quack." What Gabrielle meant to say is that Adrien will think she is off her rocker. Becky and her close friends share a great laugh. More to come. I do not own the characters of Miraculous Ladybug and Wordgirl.