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Anonymous asked:

Where You Lead!Neal: How did you meet Robin?

I had been working at Granny’s for a little over 4 years and was introduced to the new line cook, Robin. Didn’t think much of it, we’ve had people come and go for years. Then, I noticed he kept sneaking off to make phone calls and eventually heard him on the phone with a daycare center. I got him talking and soon figured out that he was a single dad, just like me. (His wife died in childbirth.) It was his first day leaving Roland with strangers and I could relate to how hard that was.


We’ve been best friends ever since.. He’s now the head bartender and I manage the front desk. We’ve come a long way, for sure.


Anonymous asked:

Where You Lead! Belle: How are you feeling about the dynamic between the Gold Men? Is it what you expected?

I didn’t know what to expect. Wren told me that he and his son were estranged, but I didn’t think it’d be this bad. The truth is, I see both sides. Wren admitted to me that he wasn’t always the best father and as someone who didn’t follow her own father’s version of success, I can get how hard that is. 


Yet, Wren is a good man. He loves his son so much and to lose him (along with Henry) was one of the hardest things he’s been through. He’s too stubborn to just tell Neal that he hurt him, he doesn’t think he’d care. I don’t know, though. I don’t think that Neal realizes what leaving in the middle of the night with no word did to him. Not that I blame him, I just think he needs to look at it from his perspective. If Henry took off one night and refused to speak to him for months…how would he feel? No matter how justified it was?


queen-of-the-merry-men asked:

Where you Lead! Emma: How are you feeling about coming back to town?

I feel…weird. I never lived in Stars Hollow, I just visited after Neal and Henry moved there. The people are nice enough and I’m reconnecting with an old foster sister of mine, the Nolans too. (God, they are way too forgiving.)


I know I hurt a lot of people and I won’t pretend that some of the suspicion/hostility isn’t warranted. I just hope I can prove that I do belong here. I love Henry, so much. Neal too.


queen-of-the-merry-men asked:

Where you Lead! Neal: So on a scale of 1-10 how are stressed are you about all the recent developments?



I keep wondering why I quit smoking and then remember that Granny will probably chase me around with a broom if she catches me again. (Though that’d probably hurt less than this fucking dinner is going to.)


Anonymous asked:

Where You Lead!Gold: Why didn't you just set up a payment plan with your son? Don't you think it's odd to force him to have dinner with you every week?

Dearie, please come back to me when you have a son who refuses to talk to you and only sees you around the holidays. (Or at least the ones he’s not spending with the deadbeat.)


Or perhaps, how do you think it makes me feel that he wants nothing to do with me for 9 years and then only comes to me because he needs money?


Then again, maybe you’re in Stars Hollow. I know everyone there thinks of me as some kind of monster. I’m sure that’s how my son portrays me.


Anonymous asked:

Where You Lead! Henry: Are you excited to get to know your grandfather?

Yeah, I always thought it was weird that we only saw him a few times a year. I get that Dad and him have trouble, but he’s really nice to me. I just wish they could get along and we could be a family. I love my dad, don’t get me wrong. I just…sometimes wish it wasn’t just the two of us, ya know?


Anonymous asked:

Where You Lead! Belle: How does it feel to be a grandma?

Excuse me, grey face, I am only 30 years old, not a grandmother. I am simply married to a grandfather.


That doesn’t sound much better, does it?


queen-of-the-merry-men asked:

Where You Lead! Neal: What do you think of your new stepmother?

It’s weird to call a woman that’s 4 years older than me, my stepmother. But she’s really nice, she seems to have mellowed Pop out…a little bit. I mean, she gives him this look and he stopped being a jerk. I didn’t think she’d be his type but hey, someone for everyone I suppose. I took Henry to her bookshop and she gave him way too many books for free.


bookwormchocaholic asked:

Where You Lead Neal: What are your thoughts on coffee? (I only ask because in GG, Lorelai was such a coffee addict.) Any food or drink that you are addicted to? ;)

Coffee is my literal lifeline. I need at least 3 cups a day to get going or I am a literal zombie.


As for other things, I’m a big hot chocolate junkie. Emma gave Henry her hot cooca addiction, so we’re always making that. I love bagels too. I think my favorite food ever would have to be chicken wings. They’re pretty cheap to make so when I was 17 and trying to support myself and Henry on food stamps, I’d get a bunch of chicken, freeze it and then test out different sauces. Plus, there’s so much you can do with chicken: soup, fry it, etc.


You get pretty crafty on a budget, is I guess the point of all this.


bookwormchocaholic asked:

Where You Lead Henry: Are you looking forward to going to your new school?

I’m excited! The school is huge, like a castle. There’s lots of fun classes, especially English and History. The only thing that sucks is the uniform, which my dad thinks is cute. If someone could tell him to stop taking pictures of me in it, that’d be great. I’m not a little kid anymore.


roxymoron101 asked:

Where you lead prompt/question Was Neal invited to his fathers wedding?

Okay, so it all boils down to miscommunication that I will write at some point.

Wren invited Neal over for dinner (this is before the obligatory Friday night ones) without any context. Neal declined, making some excuse about a town festival.

That was the night that Rumbelle eloped, so no, Neal wasn’t there. But he was invited…kinda.