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Dangan ronpa scenario

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Shuichi Saihara

He hold his new born son! Yes you gave birth to a boy and give him a name you and Saihara agreed on now this is his first time ever holding a baby a baby that is his own baby

He was nervous but soon he put his finger on his son cheek, he can see his little hand grabbing his finger and smile

He got life time with his son ahead of him

Rantaro Amami

Suprise! Amami was holding his two newborn twin babies, His daughter and his son but he hold his son then daughter, he was kinda scared that he might drop one of them but he didnt, they smile as soon you put your finger on their cheek

Rantaro kissed their little forehead and smile at them

Ouma Kokichi

You had to shush him, dont wanna wake his new daughter up, Ouma was dying to meet his new daughter, soon you ask if he could hold her
He immediately said yes

But he was nervous to hold her, he look at her and he was amaze how she was born with all of that purple hair like his

Now he wants to spoil her forever in his life

Kiibo Idabashi

Kiibo heard the door open and see you holding your adopted baby, you cover the baby with a blanket to surprise him

you remove the blanket and see his new daughter sleeping so peacefully

Aw he was so happy about this!

He wants to hold her but he think she might reject him so quickly, you let him hold her

He is gentle about holding her and she didnt cry but hear some whimpers

she rub her little cheek on Kiibo warm chest since he heat his chest up for his new baby

He felt proud that she accepted him for now
We gotta see how she thinks when she grows up

Gonta Gokuhara

He see his new daughter(OH GOD TOO MANY GIRLS) sleeping on your chest

You smile at Gonta because you wanna have a family with him

Soon you look at your new baby, she open her eyes, Gonta felt butterflies just flying around, the baby eyes look like Gonta's

Kaito Momota

Soon he heard you done given birth to his new baby he couldn't help but cry and you cheer him up
He wants to see his new baby now

Soon he see his new son, sleeping on your chest, you ask if he could hold him, Kaito said Yes

He was careful not to drop the baby, he look at his newborn son, Put his finger on his cheek and felt like the world has stop and he kiss his son forehead

Korekiyo Shinguji

He was there but was completely shocked you had twins, Twin boys to be exact!

He thought you were going to have one baby but no, the way your pregnancy work, You had a big belly

He thought the baby was fat but no its just twins

He discover something more beautiful than humans....His new beautiful sons

Ryoma Hoshi

he was struck by this, You gave birth to a boy
you smile and ask him if he wanted to hold him
He said yes

Handning him his new son, he hids his face because his son look so cute, he was the cutest thing he ever hold

He wanted him to stay cute but he's just a new born, new borns will be....Cute sometime but he couldnt help hides his face and his son grab his finger

A new bond