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Red Handed

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Ema blamed the books, honestly. In the room set out for new prosecutors, which was an ever revolving door, there was a whole wall of law tomes and cases. Ema was never one for candles, silk sheets and typical 'sexy' music involving a whole lot of saxophones.

But a room full of books? Now that got her hot. And with a sexy atmosphere like that, in the way his hands lingered a little too long as she brought him the file, and the intensity of his gaze, the kiss just happened. She couldn't even remember who had started it. Just like it'd happened the night he'd asked her to come to Khura'in the first time. And the night before the second case, during that so called 'eight hour sermon.' And when they landed back in L.A., behind the back of a burger joint.

It kept happening. And each time, the kisses got more intense. Until she could barely keep up this facade of just being just coworkers. One which was falling apart, as the entire law section of L.A. had something to say about them these days.

But before she could fall into this bliss of books, the low light, and the intoxicating scent of him, something broke the spell. Papers scattered. Lipstick was smeared across his face, and even some had gotten on his white collar. Ema pulled away and glanced quickly back towards the door. Were those footsteps, or just the beating of her heart?

Nahyuta slowly began to pick up the papers. His expression was unreadable, just as usual. One of these days she was going to have to figure out how to make her own translation app for him. Not Khura'inese, but one to tell what the hell he was thinking most of the time.

As she listened, the only sound she heard was the rustling of papers. A false alarm, maybe.

Her favorite Pink Cherry Spring lipstick was all over his lips and down his chin. And he pulled it off pretty well, too. If she had her way, she would've put a lot more marks on him. In places where no one else would ever find them. But, there'd be hell to pay if she came out with sex hair (even if in her case it was almost sex hair) and him covered in her lipstick.

She pulled out a wet wipe from her purse--she always kept them around with a job like hers--and began to erase the evidence of their tryst.

It was only then, the pressure of her palm against his lips, that she saw something in his green eyes. Something like regret. She tossed the evidence in the trash. If anyone asked, she'd just say it her Snackoos had ruined her lipstick. It wouldn't be the first time.

"I apologize; did I misread the situation?"

"No, I just thought I heard something in the hall."

Nahyuta inclined his head, and closed his eyes. For a few moments, he said nothing. Finally, he opened his brilliant green eyes and looked back towards her. "I hear nothing."

"But, we could be on camera. Everything's filmed in here. Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth really had to ramp up the surveillance with all the corruption," Ema said.

She hadn't expected it to explode like this. No one had a right to look that good while pulling a late night study session on a case. And nobody else could make explaining different ramen flours that sexy.

Nahyuta glanced above her, and scanned the room. "You're correct; perhaps we should continue this elsewhere."

A hotel was out of the question. They were knee deep in a case. Besides, if she fell asleep, they'd come in together wearing yesterday's clothes. She glanced up at the walls for any hint that they could be the evening entertainment for some weird security person. She didn't see any cameras, like the prisons had been in. But perhaps Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth had taken her idea of implementing nanny-cams or other more discreet ways of filming the staff and rooting out the corruption.

"We're in the middle of a case. We can't just rush off to some seedy motel," Ema said.

Nahyuta tilted his head. His silvery braid slipped from his shoulder. "Seedy? You have motels which have indoor gardens? I would very much like to see these 'seedy' hotels," he said.

"Yeah, but that's not what 'seedy' means. Seedy would be...bad."

"Indoor gardens are bad? Are they poorly kept?" Nahyuta said.

"No, Seedy means's hard to explain. Let's just let Webster do the talking," she said.

She pulled up a dictionary app and clicked it on. A Monotone voice read off the definition.

sordid and disreputable.
"his seedy affair with a soft-porn starlet"

synonyms: sordid, disreputable, seamy, sleazy, squalid, unwholesome, unsavory
"the seedy world of prostitution"

"It'd be like the kind of motel which rented by the hour," she said.

"Ah," Nahyuta said.

Had that ruined the mood? Ema definitely had boyfriends which would've gone home when she brought out the dictionary app and started correcting their grammar, but she hoped Nahyuta was different. After all, Nahyuta was entirely willing to pull all nighters on research. Honestly, it was really sexy. More alluring than anyone--especially her boss--had any right to be. Him with the book balanced on the desk, and a small thermos of Chai tea.

Ema had, on more than one occasion, made excuses just to come in and watch him read. And in fact, she may have had thoughts--even before they were dating--of how she'd love to be spread out on his lap, or the desk like that.

He could read her all night long.

But Nahyuta leaned in, and stroked her cheek. The warmth of his skin against hers almost made her moan at the contact. She was that far gone. "This 'seedy motel' would be no good; I would need much more than an hour with you. I'm not even sure a night would be enough."

She was flushed cheeked, and all she wanted was his lips back on her, and that white brocade jacket off on the floor so she could put on some more lipstick to leave all over him.

The place didn't matter. Any Desk, chair, floor--hell, she'd go against the book case if he was down for it. Except, a nagging thought kept going through the back of her mind. Was this being broadcast? Would she walk in tomorrow with a disapproving glare from Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth and a pink slip?

"Only if you are willing. If this is going too swiftly, then forgive my impertinence," Nahyuta said.

"Oh, trust me. I'm so willing, I'm about one step away from throwing my panties your way. It's just--I worked really hard for this job. I mean really hard. There aren't enough reallys in the English language to describe what I had to do to pass those tests. I don't want to get a pay cut or get thrown off the force for indecent behavior."

"Then perhaps it would be best to save this for another time--"

She cut him off. "Look, I'm sure there's somewhere we can go to be alone."

Then, it came to her. The coat closet. There had just been talk around the coffee pot just yesterday to be careful about leaving anything there, as it wasn't on the security feed.

"I know a place. It's got fluffy coats; you'll feel right at home," she said.

He smiled enigmatically as he closed and locked the door behind them.

She wanted to reach out for his hand, but didn't dare. With a couple books under her arm and her bag, she almost looked like she was hard at work.

They weren't just props; Ema would totally make him read her this textbook on forensic science as foreplay. Hell, she wasn't picky. With a voice like his, she'd get hot over him reading the phone book.

"Here, let's take a shortcut," she said.

In white font, the sign on the door read leisure area. Usually, this place was packed with stressed lawyers who always seemed a lot better after a turn in the room. However, after hours, it had to be more empty. Right beyond this room was the coat room, and a small hallway leading to the lunch area.

After some fiddling, the door gave way, except the room wasn't empty. Far be from it, she realized with sudden clarity whose magenta coat that was on the floor. And that gave a big damn clue to whose naked and come-soaked ass she was staring at.

She gripped the door more tightly. "Oh! C-C-Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth!?"

He glanced back with annoyance as he did up the zipper of someone else's fly. Her cheeks turning red, Ema realized just whose blue pants those were.

"--And Phoenix!"

Phoenix grinned sheepishly.

Like watching a car crash unfold, Ema couldn't bring herself to look away. All this time, the defense and the prosecutor had been getting together, in public no less?

In retrospect, it was less surprising the more it sunk in.

Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth didn't meet her gaze, and instead started to compose himself. He pulled on his coat first. Ema couldn't look away. All this time she'd thought Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth would never do something this risque in a semi-public place, and that he'd disapprove of her, when it turns out he was out here having one hell of marathon sex with Phoenix. Because that much come wouldn't come from one round, Ema was sure of that.

She glanced to see how Nahyuta was taking this. His eyes were closed, and she was pretty sure he'd astral projected out of his body.

(Of course, such things were unscientific, but she kind of wished she could time travel to the point where she hadn't seen the come-stained ass of her boss. Now she'd never be able to keep her thoughts clean during work ever again. Especially if he was pitted against Phoenix in a case.)

"Um, you have something right here," she said. She pointed to around his lips, where little white drops had fallen, "And there--right on your collar, on and I think some on your cravat."

"Yes, well," Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth said. He wiped it away with his thumb.

Ema was pretty sure that wasn't yogurt.

He looked at her sternly, in this way which had filled many nightmares and unpleasant worries in the back of her mind, always cockblocking her time with Nahyuta.

"Detective Skye, I'm disappointed in you."

Ema puffed out her cheeks. It was one thing to disapprove of her dating the prosecutor she worked with, but not when he was still dripping come from fucking the defense senseless.

"Excuse me? You're the one driving to hickey city here, you've got no room to judge. B-besides, we were just looking for a quiet place on the case. And I was cold, so I was going back for my coat. Nahyu---Prosecutor Sahdmadhi, he needed an extra book on US law. So I-I was helping him. Right after I got my coat. Because I'm cold."

"Cutting in line is rude," Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth said.

The other door opened, and at the far door, someone cleared their throat. Ema gasped. They'd come in another hallway. She had no clue so many other lawyers and staff were still working. The whole place had seemed largely empty.

She'd only heard about Prosecutor Blackquill in passing, and had never worked a case with him. He smirked as he stepped inside the room. She had to crane her neck to even meet his eyes. The familiar redhead, more shy than perky this time, was right by his side.

She glanced over his Samurai-wannabe meets goth ensemble. Man, you really cleaned out the last Hot Topic sale, didn't you? she thought.

"You didn't know about the leisure area, Skye-dono? I thought you were supposed to be the one with all the answers," Prosecutor Blackquill said.

Ema puffed out her cheeks. "W-well, I missed this memo!"

"Go to the back of the queue, Detective Skye. Ms. Fright will give you your ticket," Edgeworth said.

Now that she actually stepped out into the hallway, she realized just how packed it was. That's what she got for looking with lust on the brain. Just outside the open door, she could see the line.

Many of her fellow co-workers sat, each holding a red ticket with numbers in white.

"Next," said the very tired looking secretary.

Prosecutor Blackquill stepped past with a smirk. "Welcome to the sin bin, Skye-dono. I'm afraid you won't be seeing much of its contents for a while, however."

"Sin bin?" Prosecutor Sahdmadhi said. Apparently talking of 'sin' was all it took to pull him from his--whatever the hell that had been.

"Make no mind of him. He' a strange sense of humor. It is to be called the leisure area in all official occasions," Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth said.

Had she seriously stumbled upon the lawyer equivalent of makeout point? Not only that, one mandated by Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth, and that he apparently used frequently?

Today was really revealing a whole dirty side of Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth that she never would've dreamed existed.

Phoenix must've ran out the other door, because she didn't see him. He probably didn't want to face Athena while smelling of Chief Prosecutor's Edgeworth's cologne--and other parts of him.

Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth brushed off his suit. "In the future, you should make use of the official pamphlets."

"I read every pamphlet! I read Lab Safety And You. I read How To Effectively Work With Your Prosecutor. I never saw anything about a leisure area."

"It has been sent to all staff members, right down to the lowest assistants and detectives. Perhaps it was lost in the chaos of your desk," Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth said.

Ema flushed bright pink. It was one thing to accidentally walk in on her hero and off again on again crush since she was child in flagrante delicto while looking for a place to make out with her prosecutor boyfriend. It was another thing entirely for him to bring up her history of having an utterly filthy desk as a fuck you to her status and previous boss in front of her very neat and orderly prosecutor boyfriend.

Just as she was about to say something she'd probably regret, Nahyuta touched her arm. With a glance, all the rage subsided. In his quiet, honey-sweet voice, he soothed the situation.

"My apologies for cutting in line," Nahyuta said. He was all remarkably composed, considering what he'd just walked in on.

"No, no. You were not aware of some aspects of how we do things in L.A."

Hell, Ema had worked here for years and she wasn't aware this was a thing.

Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth handed over a little tract entitled The Leisure Area And You: How The Law Deals With Stress. "Please take the pamphlet and read all regulations carefully to prevent further mistakes."

At least he hadn't docked her pay. Apparently being with Phoenix cheered him up that much.

Prosecutor Sahdmadhi walked quietly up to the exhausted secretary.

"Ms. Fright, if you please, I request to be placed into the queue for this 'leisure room,'" Nahyuta said.

Number five. Just above them was Detective Gumshoe, and a tiny girl she didn't know, who was surprisingly unaffected by the awkward atmosphere. She saw several prosecutors she knew, and some she didn't. Some were paired with other prosecutors, while others were paired with defense attorneys or their assistants.

Far be it from being deserted, it seemed a practically all the staff was working late tonight.

She'd passed by this hallway dozens of times, and never even given it a second thought. And all this time, right next to her, people were fucking their brains out.

So much for their clandestine meetings. On the other hand, a lot about Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth made sense. And they'd been caught and hadn't gotten in trouble either.

She flipped through the pamphlet as she waited.

Law is a stressful work. Thus, the leisure area was created to help relieve tension and make cases go more smoothly. Prior to this, many lawyers, prosecutors and staff would spend untold amounts of time in dangerous and risky areas. Much time was wasted with this unregulated leisure time. Remember the rules. Dispose of all protective gear in the provided trash bin. Thirty minutes are allotted for each leisure session. This may be lengthened if there are no others waiting. The room will be cleaned by Ms. Fright between scheduled leisure times. Although you may be suffering from stress and eagerness, please keep your passions in check until you are within the confines of the leisure area. These rules may be updated at any point. Be sure to keep informed to

No wonder she looked so tired.

"I hope he gives you a raise," Ema said.

"I'm putting in a request this year," Ms. Fright said.

"I hope you get it. You definitely deserve it."

Ms. Fright smiled grimly.

Ema sat down on one of the provided benches. Here was hoping the rest of the Prosecutors in this joint were two-pump chumps.

Despite all that happened, Nahyuta looked as serene and otherworldly as ever.

"You're taking this well," she said.

""My parents were...separated for a long period. That was the day I learned about true meditation. A form to shut out the sound of the bed breaking, the screams, the moans. Since then I have been able to achieve that state whenever needed. Such as that movie on the last flight to Khura'in."

Nahyuta was most emphatically, not a Michael Bay fan.

"Geez," Ema said. This wasn't the first time she'd wanted to figure out how to invent time travel just to give his younger self a hug, and from what she'd seen of his country, it probably wouldn't be the last.

"What I learned from that time was a way to calm the mind to keep even the most persistent and loud intimate noises are present."

"Handy. So how do they relieve stress in Khura'in? Make out in a snowbank?"

"I have only worked with family members before. The only kind of stress relief suggested was praying," Nahyuta said dryly.

"Well, you'll be on your knees either way," Ema said.