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life is strangely now

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hi !!

welcome to my first story (i guess lmAO) here on ao3 :)
i'm deadass so terrified but also super excited to be writing this!!

now, this story will be oneshots with the beloved characters of the wondrous game life is strange, and i will write whatever is requested,,, from caulscott fluff to pricefield angst - as well as 'x reader's (expect lots of those)!!

the first two fics are transferred from my tumblr (which is also allucinoctis) and i wrote both of them over a year ago but i'm still super pleased with them <3

so, really, all you gotta do, my cute-ass reader, is read on and enjoy!! (and also request aaaaahh i'd love to write whatever is asked for)

- allucinoctis