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L'Arc En Ciel Drabbles

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            Tetsu was horny and when he was horny he always went straight to his favourite fruit; bananas. Soft and yellow, they were the perfect masturbation toy and so eagerly he headed to his kitchen and picked up two. He peeled one, removing the banana inside for later and took the skin with him until he had found some lube.

            Spreading his legs, he carefully slid a lubed finger inside and began to prepare himself eagerly, already moaning in pleasure as his fingers brushed against his prostrate. He was so sensitive down there but it was all good and he continued until he felt loose and ready.

            Full banana in hand, he carefully slid it inside whilst throwing the peel in the microwave for just a few seconds to warm it up. The second the microwave pinged, he grabbed the warm banana peel and slid his erection where the banana had once been. With banana in each hand he thrust between the two, moaning in pleasure the whole time. There was nothing like banana sex to get him off and he came fast and hard, filling the peel with his cum. Oh yes, there was nothing like bananas for getting off, except possibly a lover.