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Heroes Can Be Cute

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Inko placed the last plate into the drying rack and turned off the faucet. She sighed, tonight had been odd. Hisashi had come home with a young boy, she didn’t mind the surprise guest but she could just feel it. The alpha boy was related to his ‘job’, grey-blue hair and red eyes similar to young Bakugou’s. But what caused her concern was the many small wounds on his body and face. What made her apprehensive was the way he stood pretty much silently in the living room watching while Izuku pattered about playing with his action figures trying to get the older boy to join him.

“Come on Tomachan! You can even play as a hero if you want!” Izuku said running up to the other boy and offering an All Might figurine to him with a smile. The offer seemed to snap the boy out of his constant bored look. Instead he began to get a twisted smile on his face. Inko’s heart dropped at the sight of it while an oblivious Izuku smiled right back in a genuine fashion.

Tomura reached out and took the colorful plastic from Izuku in a four fingered hold. Izuku practically jumped for joy and went to grab another figure and play the villain for the boy. But when he turned back around Tomura no longer had the All Might figure. Instead dust fell from his hand and landed in a little cloud on the ground.

“Oh no!” Izuku squeaked in concern running back over to see there was nothing left of the figure. While he was pretty sad about it he was more worried about Tomura. “It’s okay Tomachan, accidents happen that’s what mom always says.”

His open forgiveness made the older boy frown. Mean while Inko reached under the sink and grabbed a dust pan and hand brush and rushed over to the mess her guest had made.

“Sorry mom!” Izuku said reaching to try and help her but she shooed him away. Izuku turned to Tomura, “You should say sorry too Tomachan.”

“Why? I wasn’t the one stupid enough to give a guest something important. It’s your fault for trusting a stranger.” Tomura muttered in a childish tone. It surprised Inko that he was less mature than her son but Izuku had always been a little more aware of people.

“That’s mean to call me stupid Tomachan. You almost sound like Kacchan…” Izuku murmured off and then shook his head setting determined eyes on the other boy. “But I trust you Tomachan, your my friend!”

Tomura snorted at the small boy and walked over to sit on the couch waiting for Hisashi to return and take him back to head quarters. He was really annoyed that Hisashi had taken him here, claiming he needed some good food and not the shit he tended to have. What really riled him up was the fact that these two betas were so clueless. At least Hisashi’s son was. Normally he would have tried to disintegrate such an irritating child but the thought of backlash from Hisashi made him pause at any action against the boy.

Inko finished cleaning up and looked back at Tomura fear in her eyes clearly. It made Tomura tingle a little, to see such an expression on an adult. It made him feel powerful. Except the feeling was quickly ruined as he felt a small dip in the couch next to him. Izuku had climbed up next to him sitting so close Tomura needed to simply move his hand an inch to turn the boy’s knee to dust.

“Do you wanna watch the news? I bet All Might is out there right now saving the day!” Izuku said stars in his eyes as he bounced slightly on the cushions. Tomura rolled his eyes and scratched at his neck in barely held in want to reach over and silence the annoying boy.

“What’s with your obsession with hero’s huh? Got a thing for watching strong alphas?” Tomura asked looking at the black screen on the TV. Inko made a sound of indignation from behind him somewhere making him smirk. Izuku was confused about the statement but answered him anyways, too young to read the context of Tomura’s question.

“I do like watching strong people. I want to be like them one day! I’ll be a hero too Tomachan!” Izuku said merrily oblivious to the look Tomura was giving him. Tomura had stopped scratching his neck. He had one hand hovering over the boy’s leg and it was only when he looked back at the TV that he stopped.

In the reflection he could see Hisashi in the entry way to the home watching him with empty eyes. A clear threat should he try anything. It took everything Tomura had to curl his hand into a fist and place it back in his lap. So instead he would try to hurt Izuku verbally.

“Like a quirkless beta has a chance to be a hero.” Tomura said still watching the reflection to see if Hisashi had any objections to verbal assaults. Hisashi broke eye contact with him and moved to go whisper with Inko, this gave him silent permission. “Hero’s are useless anyway Midoriya.”

He used the formal last name to signal that he didn’t share Izuku’s friendly attitude. When he looked down at the boy next to him Izuku’s eyes were watery and his lip was quivering. To his surprise he actually felt the smallest pang in his chest. What was that feeling? He scrunched his nose confused at the sensation.

“Hero’s do what they can for people. I am going to help people the best that I can Tomachan. Even people who hurt me.” Izuku said through tears. He seemed to choke on the words and he slowly got off the couch disappearing into the kitchen. Tomura watched as he left, he felt relieved to finally be rid of the boy.

Izuku walked into the kitchen in tears, Inko immediately came to him hushing him and comforting him. But he shrugged her off and headed to a cabinet that he could reach. Hisashi leaned against the wall watching his son silently. Izuku apparently found what he was looking for and slowly staggered back to the living room. Upon hearing the small footsteps approaching again Tomura let off a growl.

He leaned his head against his hand, arm bent on the arm of the chair supporting his head. He looked down as Izuku rounded the corner to face him. In his small hands was a red and white box, Tomura continued to glare at him while Izuku worked on opening it. Izuku pulled out a band aid and stripped it of its back covering. Despite the warning growl and the glare Izuku came forward pushing between Tomura’s legs and climbed up startling Tomura. He quickly placed the band aid onto his neck before retreating off the couch out of Tomura’s range.

Tomura was baffled and reached up to feel the new bandage. He pulled his hand away to see a bit of crimson on it. Apparently in his agitation he had dug too deep into his own neck. Tomura didn’t really feel the pain anymore he hadn’t even noticed the wound. He looked back up to Izuku who was standing there still crying. How annoying.


Inko watched the display as her son cared for the brat on her couch. She turned an angry gaze onto Hisashi, mad that the man didn’t speak up and tell the boy to be nicer to their son. He met her gaze uncaring at her obvious anger.

“With the way you treat this family your lucky I don’t tell the cops every time you walk through this door.” Inko said letting it slip because of her motherly fury at seeing her sweet son upset in their own home. She immediately bit her tongue realizing just what she had said. Hisashi’s eyes turned darker and he stepped forward leaning in to whisper to her. His breath smelled like smoke, whether it was his cigarettes or quirk Inko didn’t know.

“Say a word to the cops or heros about me and I’ll spill it about Izuku. Do you want to be separated from him? Hmm?” Hisashi said cutting to the core of her fears quicker than anyone ever could. She shook biting her bottom lip and feeling tears prick the corner of her eyes while the alpha pheromones made her want to submit.

“You would never do that.” Inko said despite the cold look in Hisashi’s eyes that said he would.

“How fast do you think they’d seize him? A quirkless omega. Oh how the Omega Protection Agency would jump at the chance. They’d put him in the omegan housing facility for the rest of his life until some alpha claimed him. And you? For hiding it from the registries? We would basically be cell mates my love.” Hisashi said watching as the tears finally broke from her eyes sliding down her cheeks. Why did she look beautiful even when upset? He gave her a quick peck on the lips before standing up straight again and looking to the living room.

“Tomura, lets go. Kurogiri should be here by now.” Hisashi said turning around and walking to the door leaving a shaking Inko in the kitchen. Tomura immediately jumped to his feet happy to be leaving this mess of a place. He glanced back a final time to see Izuku looking at him through tears. That stupid pang hit him again and travelled to his tongue before he could control it.

“Cya later Izu-chan.” Tomura said nonchalantly and walked out of the apartment with Hisashi, quickly being enveloped by a waiting purple mist. Izuku’s crying paused at that and he watched Tomura retreat dumbfounded. Then a small shaky smile came back to his face. Maybe they really were friends.

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“Stay still Izuku, I still need to get the back of your neck.” Inko said trying to keep her son from squirming away from the cold scent blocking spray. It was applied every morning before he went to school and it always left Izuku feeling uncomfortable. But he was a good boy and he paused to let her get the last bit of his skin covered.

“Stop being a baby Izu-chan.” Tomura said from the couch while he watched the news. After that initial dinner he had become a regular in the Midoriya household. He spent a lot of time hanging around the apartment and only left when Hisashi made him leave or when Izuku went to school. Inko was a little alarmed that the strange boy was becoming attached to Izuku.

“I’m not a baby…” Izuku muttered looking over to the couch with puffed up cheeks. Their bond had become something almost brotherly, constant teasing and Tomura sometimes making him cry. Yet Izuku seemed happy that the boy hung around him. Inko was not oblivious to the fact that kids at school had begun to bully him for being quirkless. It was likely that Tomura was his only friend at the moment, quite a scary thought to the mother.

Inko and Izuku headed out the door ready to go to school and drop him off. Izuku called a friendly good bye to Tomura who just grunted in return, eyes never leaving the TV screen. When Inko came back he would be gone like he always was. She wondered if he stayed in the mornings for the food or for the interaction with Izuku.

Inko dropped Izuku off at the classroom giving him kisses and whispering her usual warnings to always be mindful of his scent and to keep his dad a secret. Izuku gave her kisses and hugs in return, always serious about keeping the secrets his mother seemed to place so much weight on. Just as she was about to leave a teacher cleared their throat from behind her and said they needed to speak to her. Inko was shook by this scared they had figured Izuku out.

“All the other kids have been showing signs of quirk awakening and yet Izuku still has nothing. I’m getting worried that something is wrong. Has anything been showing at home Mrs. Midoriya?” the teacher said voicing their concerns. Inko licked her lips and prepared.

“Oh I’m sure he is just a late bloomer.” She said putting on a fake air of relaxation.

“Hmm, I think you should take him to a doctor. I fear this might be something serious.” The teacher said still concerned as they both watched Izuku enter the classroom and sit in his seat fidgeting with his hands.

“I don’t think that’s necessary. Patience is key when dealing with children I’m sure you know that from your profession.” Inko said. Inside her head she felt fear ripping her apart. If she took him to the doctor they would find out for sure he was an omega. She needed to avoid them at all costs.

“Well its your decision. I do urge you to take him though. Have a nice day Mrs. Midoriya, I must go class starts soon.” The teacher said with a look that told her they weren’t satisfied by her lack of concern. She smiled and thanked him for his concern while her heart pounded against the walls of her body. She looked over at Izuku one more time. He was watching her and waved sheepishly. She waved back smiling and turned away leaving the school.


It was recess and Izuku stood under the shade of a tree enjoying the nice weather while others ran about playing with each other. It had started out slowly but soon enough Izuku had found himself ostracized by his peers. Murmurs about him being a quirkless freak coming cruelly from their lips. Izuku wasn’t as bothered by it as he had been. Tomura called him quirkless all the time and yet he was still friends with him.

Izuku frowned in thought. The other kids also talked about his lack of scent. His mom sprayed him every morning with blockers. He was sure that this put off the other kids more than his quirklessness and he hated having to do it every morning. At one point Izuku had refused to put it on and his mother had ended up crying and begging for him to do it. He was thoroughly scared after that, he didn’t want to upset her. But he also wanted to have friends again.

“What are you doing over here Deku? Get out of here, only alphas get to sit in this spot.” A familiar voice came from right in front of him. He had begun to reminisce and hadn’t caught the approaching little alpha. Bakugou had been his best friend up until recently, now he was Izuku’s worst bully.

“Kacchan what are you talking about? I always sit over here.” Izuku said confused. He shouldn’t have been, Bakugou always looked for a reason to bully him. But a small part of him still believed the boy was his friend.

“Shut it you quirkless beta! Now go find somewhere else to sit your scentless ass.” Bakugou said pushing him aside to settle with his back against the tree. Izuku’s eyes widened at the language use and quickly looked side to side to see if a teacher had heard.

“Kacchan you can’t say words like that or you’ll get in trouble. Besides hero’s don’t talk like that.” Izuku said hushed like he thought a teacher might catch them. The thought that Izuku was going to lecture Bakugou on how to be a hero set off the explosive little blonde.

“You think you know what heros do? Don’t make me laugh!” Bakugou said sparking a little pop in his palms threateningly as Izuku tried to shrink away from him. Annoyed, Bakugou reached out and grabbed the retreating beta by the back of his neck intending to teach him a lesson. Except the moment his hand closed over the nape of the other boy’s neck Izuku felt his legs buckle and he went limp to the ground. His eyes were wide in confusion and a hint of fear as he turned his head to look back at the baffled blonde.

Izuku couldn’t move his limbs, from the moment Bakugou had squeezed the back of his neck it was like a spark had gone through his body turning it off. When Izuku had fallen Bakugou had let go and he now stood dumbfounded at Izuku laying on the ground.

“Deku…What’s wrong?” Bakugou asked letting go of his anger and trading it for fear. Izuku wasn’t moving from the ground.

“I-I don’t know.” Izuku said from the ground licking his lips nervously. Slowly he could feel his limbs come under his control again. It took a whole minute before he could push himself up into a sitting position and turned just as scared back to Bakugou.

“Are you okay?” the blonde asked feeling his fear fade and relief wash over him at the sight of Izuku getting up.

“Yeah I think so.” Izuku said rubbing the back of his neck where Bakugou had grabbed him. It didn’t hurt but Izuku was suddenly very uncomfortable at the feeling of helplessness. Luckily no one had noticed the strange occurrence and Bakugou spun around wordlessly leaving Izuku, he felt awkward at the situation and wanted to leave it.

When Izuku went home that night he asked his mom about it. She was horrified that Bakugou had done that to him. His hand had simulated the feel of a mouth on the back of her omega son’s neck causing the instinctive submission. She nearly had a panic attack in front of her son from the news. Her mind raced with questions before landing on the most crucial one. What if Bakugou told someone?

She felt her face pale at the thought. Izuku was looking up at her worriedly from the hug she had pulled him into. He was uncertain about what to do to comfort her. Tomura stood a little ways down the hall listening to the situation. Of course Tomura had noticed Izuku was an omega, it was quite telling in his scent when he didn’t wear the blocker at home. Inko seemed to have forgotten about his presence in her panic but now she remembered his presence. She turned to him with fear in her eyes.

“Don’t tell Hisashi.” She said, it was more of a plea. If Hisashi found out that someone knew about Izuku’s situation he might do something. In Hisashi’s line of work she had no doubt he would not mind getting rid of a kid.

Tomura watched her impassively before turning and walking to his usual spot on the couch. He flipped on the TV as if he hadn’t heard a thing. Inko fretted, Tomura was just too unpredictable. She had no idea if he would follow her request or not and she worried for Bakugou’s safety. Desperation pulled her to do something she wouldn’t have otherwise done. She pulled a questioning Izuku to the door and prepared to leave.

“Where are you going?” Tomura asked in a dead tone. It was eerily similar to Hisashi’s and it made Inko turn to meet the boy’s red eyes. He was watching her from over the back to the couch, specifically he was looking at her hand clasped tightly around Izuku’s.

“I’ll be back in a little while. I’m just going to visit a friend.” Inko said trying to reassure the boy. It was odd for an adult to feel fear when looking at a child. Tomura watched blankly for another moment before saying something.

“Be back by eight.” Tomura said leaving the unsaid threat hanging in the air. Be back by eight or he would tell Hisashi. Inko realized she had just given the boy information for him to manipulate her with. It scared her that such a young child thought this way. She nodded anyway and rushed out the door pulling Izuku with her.

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Inko wiped the last of her tears from her face and tried to make herself look presentable before ringing the doorbell. She clutched Izuku’s hand in a tighter grip than she had meant to Izuku squeezed back but also shifted uncomfortably. He didn’t know why they were here of all places. He hadn’t wanted to get Bakugou in trouble. A shout could be heard from inside the home before the door opened and a blonde woman stood there, the resemblance to Bakugou was striking.

Mitsuki’s eyes widened in surprise at the sight of Inko before shifting her eyes down to where Izuku stood fidgeting. She seemed to come to a conclusion even before Inko opened her mouth to say what she wanted.

“Katsuki get your butt over here!” Mitsuki yelled into the house with no volume control. She knew an upset mother when she saw it and unfortunately for Mitsuki it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for mothers to end up on her door step. Her alpha son truly was a little shit constantly picking fights with other children. She assumed that this is what had brought Inko to her door too. Bakugou appeared at his mother’s side already glaring at Izuku who sheepishly tried to hide behind his mom.

“I don’t know what he did this time but I assure you he will get what’s coming to him.” Mitsuki growled looking down at her son. The smaller alpha growled right back at her challenging her alpha authority. She really needed to put him in his place.

“Ah! Mrs. Bakugou I’ve actually come to talk about something… sensitive.” Inko said uncertainly looking all around like she expected for someone to sneak up on them. Mitsuki was confused by this but opened her door anyway and waved for Inko to come inside. They settled comfortably in the small kitchen while Mitsuki fetched some refreshments for her guests.

Bakugou continued to glare at Izuku the entire time making the small boy even more nervous about the situation. He seemed to be trying to communicate an apology with his eyes only. Bakugou’s eyes seemed to cuss at him as his mouth merely growled.

“So what did he do?” Mitsuki asked giving a sharp look to the little alpha who scoffed and looked away. She had met Inko before briefly at the school when they both dropped off and picked up their children. She was also aware that Bakugou had been friends with the little beta for a while but knowing his temper he ruined that friendship for sure. Inko opened and shut her mouth a few times before taking a deep breath seemingly coming to a decision in her head.

“C-Can you keep a secret? Please!” Inko already seemed on the verge of tears again despite trying to keep her composure in the situation. She was practically sobbing when the other alpha female watched stunned. She reached over and patted Inko’s shoulder in an attempt to offer comfort.

Izuku was sitting next to his mom, his eyes wide and his mouth open in shock. Was she going to tell them one of their secrets? Wasn’t that something they were never supposed to do? Izuku felt tears welling up too, he wanted to cry when he saw his mom crying.

“Of course I can.” Mitsuki said sensing that this situation reached past her idiotic son to something much more serious. Seeing the woman breaking down in her kitchen was really off putting.

“Today little K-Katsuki did something to Izuku. Did he tell you by chance?” Inko asked through her tightening throat. Mitsuki frowned looking back over to Bakugou who was frowning too, he avoided her gaze confirming that something had happened.

“No, he didn’t.” she ground out. Whatever had happened must have been pretty bad and she was going to flay her son alive when she found out what exactly took place.

“Well…Your son I’m sure didn’t mean to do it. H-He grabbed Izuku by the neck and it… it made him go limp.” Inko said leaving Mitsuki to piece together what it meant. It took a moment, the blonde woman’s face changing from one of friendly comfort to one of slow understanding and shock. Things clicked into place in Mitsuki’s mind, the smaller size of Inko’s boy, the scentless aura around him, even the seemingly never ending cuteness from the fuzzy green haired child. The boy was an omega.

“Your saying Izuku is an omega?” Mitsuki said bluntly pulling out the secret Inko had desperately been trying to hid all this time. Hearing it said by someone else made Inko feel like her world was crashing down around her. She couldn’t speak, so she just nodded letting Mitsuki feel the weight of the secret in its entirety. Mitsuki looked over to the small tearful omega sitting at their table, now that she knew she was a little surprised other people hadn’t guessed it just by looking at the child.

“What about the OPA?” Mitsuki asked cautiously. Izuku shouldn’t even be out in the public if it was true. He should be tucked away in some facility until he had a mate. It was law as such and Inko would be breaking it by keeping him out of there. Inko seemed to freeze at the mention of it. Slowly the beta stood up from the table, Izuku watched her with teary concerned eyes. She got on her knees and put her head against the back of her hands bowing as she pleaded.

“Please! Keep this secret for me! Please! I don’t want to lose my son!” Inko cried into her hands keeping her position. She felt Izuku by her side trying to get her to sit up.

“Mom what are you talking about? I’m not going anywhere. Mom sit up.” Izuku said crying because his mother was so upset and pulling on her shoulder trying to get her up. He didn’t understand why she would say such a thing all he wanted was to hug her until the tears stopped and they went home to curl up and watch All Might on TV.  

Mitsuki watched this and felt tears begin to grace her own eyes. She bit down on her lip turning to look at her own son. He was watching the exchange with a pale face, all cocky rebel gone from his features and scared t the situation. Inko was still crying pleas to her, a mothers desperation in her voice it tugged at all of Mitsuki’s heart strings.

“Alright!” Mitsuki said louder than she had meant to and winced at the sound of her own voice. The pleas finally stopped but Inko remained on the ground waiting for her to say more. Mitsuki took a deep breath, “I’ll keep your son’s secret.”

Inko looked up from the ground eyes full of hope and they exchanged a look of understanding. A look that communicated between mothers. Inko cried again but this time it was in relief and she reached over grabbing Izuku into a hug so tight he struggled to breath. Mitsuki watched the display and wiped tears from her eyes before they could fall. By agreeing to this secret Mitsuki knew she was breaking the law but she didn’t care, she had always been a rule breaker.

Inko finally seemed to calm down but glanced at the clock and her face went pale again. She jumped up startling everyone in the room. The talk had gone on longer than she thought it was getting closer to eight and she needed to hurry home.

“I-I have to go Mrs. Bakugou! Thank you so much for understanding.” Inko said fighting back tears as she gathered up Izuku fumbling as she did so.

“Call me Mitsuki and come by anytime you need to Inko.” Mitsuki said in a voice softer and more understanding than anyone would think the loud woman would be able to produce. Inko bowed to her again before hurrying out their door in a rushed good bye disappearing into the night as quickly as she had appeared.

Mitsuki closed the door behind her and then turned to her own child who was standing in the entryway unsure for once in his life about what to do. During that night Mitsuki had a long talk with him telling him it was important to keep Izuku’s stupid secret. She also told him not to grab Izuku by the neck again in public or it would tell others about Izuku’s secret. He grumbled at her but seemed to comply, still Mitsuki knew she needed to get the point across to her stubborn son.

“You’re an alpha aren’t you? Buck up little mister, its an alpha’s job to protect an omega. Want to be a hero? Hero’s protect people weaker than them and beat down the villains that try to hurt others.” Mitsuki said appealing to her sons motivation his eyes focused on hers at this. She could see understanding fall into place and he nodded. Satisfied she hoisted herself up from her squatting position and went to prepare dinner.

She didn’t let her son see but she was shaking. She couldn’t imagine how Ink oust be feeling at this moment. The fate of her son being placed with others. Mitsuki snuck a glance behind to where her son was. Truly horrifying for a mother to think their child could be taken from them at any moment.


Inko was panting as she ran to the door to their apartment, she should have made it on time. She shakily unlocked the apartment door and paused turning to Izuku. She needed to make sure her son didn’t tell Hisashi or Tomura about this.

“Izuku, you can’t tell your father or Tomura about that visit. Don’t tell them that the Bakugou’s know about your secret ok?” Inko said trying to sound reassuring. Izuku’s eyes were still puffy as he peered up at her.

“We have to keep secrets from family now?” he said sadly. He didn’t like how many secrets were piling up around him but he knew his mother was telling this to him for a reason. He remembered her mention of losing him and his heart squeezed in his chest at the thought. She smiled sadly back at him and nodded. He didn’t want to make her cry again, she cried too much. So he nodded too trying to give her a big smile like he thought All Might would give in this situation.

Inko was happy with his response and opened the door to the apartment letting Izuku scamper in and wait for her as she closed the door and relocked it. When she turned around Tomura was standing at the end of the entry way observing her silently. The clock behind him read 7:59, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Tomachan want to watch some clips of All Might with me?” Izuku said bouncing up to the cold boy. Tomura turned his gaze to take in the details of Izuku’s face. It was obvious the boy had been crying. He made eye contact with Inko again before turning around and simply falling onto the couch. Izuku followed him into the living room taking his silence as agreement.

“Mom hurry up! I want to watch the one where he saves all those people from the fire again before bed time!” Izuku called quickly taking up his spot next to Tomura. It was now a regular ritual they had, watching hero’s before bedtime. Izuku watched with awe while Tomura allowed the viewing to renew his simmering hate all over again. He was glad Izuku insisted on watching these things, it would ensure he never forgot his purpose.

Inko came over and started up the clip before making her way to the kitchen. Setting hands on either side of the sink and looking out the window trying to work on breathing properly. She needed to have complete control of her appearance before seeing Hisashi tonight. He would notice if anything was off.

Chapter Text

One and a half years later.

Hisashi sat in his arm chair in the living room taking in his home. He would be leaving on a mission to another city soon. He wasn’t really sure how long it would take and he wanted to memorize the feeling of home before he left. His eyes landed on a family photo from an amusement park they had gone to. Both Inko and Izuku had huge smiles on their faces in it, Hisashi himself had a small smile just barely visible. That had been a fun day for all of them, one without the usual tension between Inko and himself. He secretly wished they could have another day like that before he left.

He was interrupted from these thoughts when Izuku came running in and hopped up into his lap. A smile just like the one in the photo he had been staring out over taking the boys features. Hisashi gave a small smile back, the gesture felt strange on his face. He reached down and ruffled Izuku’s bouncy soft curls making the little boy giggle. He took after Inko pretty much completely, Izuku was kind and honest. Nothing like his father.

“Do you and Tomachan really have to go?” Izuku asked suddenly looking up at the man with sad eyes. Inko had lied to the boy telling him Hiashi was going to work overseas and Tomura would be staying with relatives. Hisashi didn’t mind the lies, they were easy to tell to the little omega than the truth would have been.

“Yeah squirt, but as long as the job goes well I’ll be back before you know it.” Hisashi said ruffling the boy’s hair again. He couldn’t help but indulge in it, it was just so soft and Izuku made the most adorable faces when his hair was messed up.

“Oh okay…” Izuku said unhappily. “But Tomachan will come back with you right?”

Hisashi stopped messing with the green hair and thought for a little while. In truth Tomura would be put in Kurogiri’s custody while Hisashi was gone. He would continue training and working for their boss. In truth Tomura would be out of his hands after today, so he couldn’t say for sure if the boy would return with him.

“As long as Tomura wants to come back.” Hisashi said glancing over to where the moody boy was sitting on the couch. He was preoccupied by the Gameboy Izuku and Inko had gotten him for his birthday. That had been nearly two months ago and the boy had yet to separate from the thing. Izuku climbed out of Hisashi’s lap and ran over to the boy.

“Tomachan you’ll come back won’t you?” Izuku asked in a tone almost sickeningly sweet. Tomura’s eyes flicked up to Izuku’s and he paused in his game play. The was just a moment of silence between them, one Hisashi could tell the older boy enjoyed. Izuku was shifting in anxiety and looking at him with hopeful eyes. Tomura appeared to be very happy with the torturous state Izuku was in but eventually he answered the question.

“Of course Izu-chan. When I come back you’ll have to welcome me home.”


Izuku gulped at the sight of the high fence, it had a clear sign on it warning people to stay out. Six year old Izuku definitely didn’t want to go in there, he didn’t want to get in trouble. But he also didn’t want to disappoint Bakugou. The boy had slowly become his friend again after that incident two years ago and now he hung around Izuku constantly. He wasn’t what you would call “nice” to Izuku, he merely kept Izuku close to him letting him follow Bakugou around like a shadow. Most of the time it felt like he was ignoring Izuku but the moment Izuku started to wonder off on his own Bakugou would reel him back over and tell him off for thinking about leaving.

At first it had confused Izuku, Bakugou continued teasing him with mean words but now he hardly ever really tried to hurt Izuku like he had started doing before. Izuku wasn’t the only one weirded out by the sudden shift in the little alphas attitude. The kids who followed Bakugou around had tried to get in on the teasing which Bakugou didn’t seem to mind until someone pushed Izuku a little to hard. Then he made it clear to every kid around that they weren’t allowed to hurt him, mostly shown through shouting and sparking palms.

His followers tested their limits seeing what was acceptable to do against Izuku and what wasn’t. After the two years things had settled down and the pecking order was established. Now a days Izuku simply followed the group around, his presence was only ever acknowledged when the group grew bored and decided to tease him.

“Forward march!” Bakugou called his friends to order and led the way past the fence and into the wooded area. Izuku followed reluctantly behind them glancing around nervously and mumbling about his fears of getting caught. Bakugou ignored the sound of the mumble and continued with his little troop.

They laughed and played while Izuku dug into the dirt with his foot watching from the shade of his tree. In the cover of the woods the kids freely released their quirks as they played. Izuku felt jealous at their abilities, even the most mundane quirk was still a quirk and all had their uses. He watched as Bakugou let off explosions, they were growing in strength as the boy himself grew. The bark of nearby trees blackened as the group continued to play.  

Once they grew tired of the area they were in Bakugou ordered them to follow in a single file march deeper into the woods. He led the way looking for a new area for new adventures. His search led them to a creek with a big log laying across in as a makeshift bridge. A few of his followers were uncertain about crossing it but Bakugou scoffed at them calling them cowards.

Upon seeing his confidence his followers quickly rallied behind him and they began marching across the log. Izuku stood uncertain at the end of the line eyeing the way the bark was slightly wet and knowing it would be a little slippery. Sure enough Bakugou’s foot slipped from under him and he tumbled to the side off the log much to Izuku’s horror. The other friends laughed and shrugged it off but Izuku hurried down to Bakugou worried he might have gotten hurt on the sharp rocks in the creek.

“Are you alright? Are you hurt? I thought you might have hit your head down here!” Izuku said reaching his hand out to help Bakugou up. Bakugou was rubbing the back of his head where a bruise was likely going to form but he ignored it. How dare Izuku think he needed help! He grit his teeth ready to tell the omega off for coming down into the stream bed except something in the air changed.

Izuku was still looking down at him worried at his lack of response. Bakugou could feel the pain fading away, not only that but he started to feel good. Like he had had the best nap of his life and had woken up with the energy of a million All Mights. He continued staring at Izuku as he pieced it together in his mind, connecting the strange feeling to Izuku.

“You must have really hit your head!” Izuku said reaching down to try and get a better look at the back of Bakugou’s head. The boy was staring blankly at him and his mouth was hanging open, obviously he had been hurt.

“Deku.” Bakugou finally spoke up smacking his hand away and standing up. The kids above them had gone silent, they could feel it too from where they stood. Izuku withdrew his hand looking at him with those stupid confused big eyes.

“What Kacchan?” Izuku said taking a step back suddenly all to aware of the looks he was receiving from the others. Bakugou stood there watching him dumbfoundedly for another minute before speaking up.

“You have a quirk.” Bakugou said simply. Izuku’s eyes went so wide Bakugou was sure they might fall out of his head.

“R-Really?” Izuku asked voice and eyes full of hope. Bakugou took a step forward and smirked. Izuku wasn’t so useless now.


Izuku rushed home he couldn’t really feel it but Bakugou had insisted that he had a quirk. All the other kids had looked at him with much friendlier expressions, he couldn’t wait to show his mom. He came running into the kitchen where she sat browsing a few ads in a magazine. She looked up upon his entrance and smiled about to greet him but it stopped in her throat when he reached about three feet from her.

She could feel it radiating from him. She dropped her booklet and stood mouth gaping at the feeling. Any tiredness she had had during the day was suddenly washed away, she felt like she was as young as Izuku himself. Her eyes filled with tears and Izuku’s eyes teared up too before they embraced into a tight hug.

“I did it mom! I got a quirk! Now I really can be a hero!” Izuku said making Inko wince at the memory of her moment of weakness when all she had done was apologize to her son for his quirklessness. She hugged him tighter, the joy she felt for him made her practically burst.

“I can’t wait to tell dad and Tomachan!” Izuku said happily into his mother’s waist dampening her happiness. She didn’t want Izuku to tell Hisashi, it was clear that whatever quirk this was it might be considered useful to him. It would give him an excuse to drag Izuku into the wrong kind of life, make him into a broken person like Tomura was.

“Well… Maybe we should keep it a secret for now?” Inko said hoping her son would follow along. Since Hisashi had left the only contact he had with them was the occasional phone call to keep in touch. The ‘job’ was lasting much longer than he thought it would and Inko was thankful for it. She had not seen or heard from Tomura, that was a relief.

Izuku frowned up at her recognizing the tone she had used when she had suggested to make it another secret. He nodded slowly and couldn’t help his smile coming back to him. He was just so excited to finally be like all the other kids!

That night he and Inko tested his quirk some more, with Izuku standing next to her Inko was able to move the couch with her quirk and didn’t even feel tired from moving such a big object. His quirk enhanced the physical abilities of people, including speeding up healing and recharging stamina. His quirk gave a huge boost to quirks around him.

Inko was happy for him but also worried as she constantly did. He didn’t seem to be able to turn off his quirk or really control it. It was only when he fell asleep that night that Inko felt the air return to normal. She immediately missed the sensation but let her son sleep peacefully. With this quirk there was no doubt he could reach his dream, Inko just hoped all his other secrets didn’t get in the way.

Chapter Text

Izuku sat at his desk mumbling and writing into his note book. He had really been observing hero’s over the years, now that he had a quirk it sealed his ambitions to be a hero. He didn’t want to admit it but when he had been a young child his quirklessness had bothered him, he had often doubted his own dreams. But that was in the past, now he needed to focus on his goals. Since his quirk was noncombative it meant he would need to play more of a supportive role to other heros. He didn’t mind, he was always the type to help in anyway he could. Besides he would have a partner when he became a hero that would be his weapon.

“Deku quit your word vomiting.” Bakugou said from the seat in front of him. Izuku’s mouth clicked shut automatically and he gave the blonde an apologetic glance before quickly going back to his notes. Along with his messy writing he could see the harsh lines of Bakugou’s. He often helped Izuku with his observations adding to specific fighting moves or flaws from the many hero fights they had watched together.

Bakugou watched him over his shoulder scoffing when he heard Izuku begin his mumbling again unconsciously but at a much smaller volume. It was a habit Izuku had developed during his time spent at the edge of his pack of friends. Once Izuku’s quirk had manifested Izuku had thought the other kids would accept him whole heartedly now. But Bakugou it seemed had other plans.

If Izuku had thought he felt isolated when he was quirkless it was even worse when he had his quirk. Little Bakugou seemed to like to hog his presence to the point where he chased off people who tried to get close to Izuku. With the constant boost to Bakugou’s quirk from Izuku’s presence he had quickly become a fearsome presence in the school. Izuku also didn’t mind having Bakugou as his only friend, he was used to having only one. His thoughts roamed to images of the boy on his couch from long ago. He wondered what ever happened to Tomura.

Izuku was lost in his thoughts again as the teacher entered the room doing announcements. The people around him seemed to get rowdy as he finished the entry in his notebook and closed it finally looking up to try and figure out what they were talking about.

“Like any of you extras stand a chance! Me and Deku are going to be the first kids from this shitty school to make it into UA!” Bakugou said leaning back in his chair pompously and flashing Izuku a smirk which he gingerly answered with a smile of his own. The other kids around them roared with objections which were silenced by a powerful but small explosion from Bakugou. He was also letting off his alpha scent dominating the room that was mostly filled with betas. People immediately settled down and looked away making Bakugou’s smirk grow wider at their submission.

The teacher cleared their throat and brought the class back to order. Izuku gratefully felt Bakugou fall back into his seat and his dominance display fade from the air. It always made him uncomfortable when Bakugou reminded him he was an alpha. But it was just another obstacle to overcome, pretty much all heros were alphas so he needed to learn to not be influenced by them.

It wasn’t long before the bell rang and classes ended for the day. Before Izuku could really gather himself together Bakugou was already at his desk pulling him up and stuffing his books into his bag. The alpha had little patience especially on days like this where they were planning on doing some training.

“Kacchan be careful with those notes! They’re already hanging together by a thread…” Izuku protested when Bakugou stuffed his note book into the bag roughly before zipping it up and throwing it into Izuku’s arms.

“Quit your whining and save your breath for training. We won’t pass the entrance exam if we don’t get your skinny ass to be better at dodging.” Bakugou said slinging his own bag over his shoulder and heading for the door. Izuku stayed right on his heels as they exited the room and then the building. He wasn’t particularly looking forward to training but he knew he needed it if they were going to get into UA.

Bakugou’s idea of training for Izuku was basically a game of dodge ball, or dodge the miscellaneous object or trash Bakugou had found and used his quirk to launch at him. Bakugou was working on getting up Izuku’s reaction time but most of the time it ended with Izuku getting the wind knocked out of him. Before this Bakugou had wanted to get some muscles of Izuku, and they had tried for months. Izuku had a pretty lean form but was no where near the trained muscles Bakugou had. It was hard for Izuku to gain muscles, or fat at all. They both concluded that it took a lot of energy for Izuku to produce his quirk and it resulted in him being much smaller than most kids in their class.

“Be ready Deku, today were doing hand to hand combat. If you can dodge my fist you’ll lean to dodge the missiles I can throw at you.” Bakugou said grinning at the thought of training. Izuku gulped at the thought. Bakugou was his protection at school mot of the time but he had no qualms about unleashing his abilities on him. Izuku’s quirk also meant that they both healed quickly from damage allowing Bakugou to be much more rough in training.

“Okay. But we should also work on the circle too.” Izuku said. The circle was a painted radius of Izuku’s quirk. Izuku stood in the middle and worked on controlling the range of his radiance. While he still couldn’t turn it off when he was awake he was gaining more control over it, being able to focus it in a certain direction to reach past his usual boundary. If he was going to be Bakugou’s support in the field he needed to be able to aim it at the alpha while he was moving and fighting while avoiding giving it to enemies.

Bakugou grunted in agreement and walked together on the usual route, they had a practice lot near Izuku’s house with the painted circle and plenty of scorch marks from previous sessions. Bakugou walked in front of Izuku making a path through any crowded areas they had to pass through. Izuku’s quirk naturally drew people to him and Bakugou got annoyed when people were constantly invading his personally space. So he chased people away with a glare or a warning growl.

For that reason they tried to stick to backstreets and less populated areas. They were just entering an area under a bridge when Izuku started to space out thinking about how he could deal with the hand to hand combat Bakugou had planned. He failed to notice the slimy mess rising up behind him. Lucky for him Bakugou had chosen that moment to look back to check on him.

Bakugou widened in surprise at the sudden appearance of the villain but his feet moved quickly in response to the danger. He shoved Izuku to the side and let off an unrestrained explosion. If he had been on his own it may not have done much to the fluid body before him. However he was with Izuku and his explosion went off with nearly ten times more force than his usual max alone. Whatever had kept the slime body together stood no chance in the face of it.

Chunks of sludge flew apart and splattered across the pavement behind them. Izuku’s ears were ringing from the close proximity of the explosion and its reverberation in the tunnel. He sometimes thought Bakugou was a loud person because he was partially deaf from his own explosions, of course that wasn’t true, far from it in fact. Bakugou had senses so well tuned he could probably hear Izuku’s heart racing at the moment.

“Fucking bastard thought he could sneak up on us!” Bakugou spat with venom stomping down on a piece of the villain that had landed near him. Izuku picked himself off the ground and looked around at the mess Bakugou had made.

“Where did he come from?” Izuku said trotting back up to Bakugou’s side. As if in answer the man hole cover flew off them. Bakugou turned to it in a flash and readied his hands to shoot off another explosions. His expression looked greedy for more action.

Except what emerged from the sewers had both him and Izuku looking shocked. The muscular figure slowly stood up and the hero Izuku had admired for so long flashed a brilliant smile.

“Have no fear, for I am-“ All Might said in his usual deep and inspiring voice but cut himself off as he surveyed the area. The evil doer he had been tracking was trying to piece itself back together unsuccessfully since he was pretty much spread over the length of the street as if taken down by one of All Might’s very own blows. Two kids stood in front of him, one small with messy green hair and stars in his eyes and the blonde in front of the other staring him down like he wanted a fight.

“Well it looks like you beat me to it boys!” All Might said laughing it off and rubbing the back of his head awkwardly but never losing his smile. This was more of a blessing in disguise sine he was reaching his time limit.

“I-Its really him! All Might!” Izuku said reverently making Bakugou scoff, he knew that tone, Izuku was going to go all fan boy on him in front of such a powerful figure. Izuku was just staring and shaking in awe, Bakugou was at least smart enough to pull Izuku’s backpack off him and search for the stupid note book to get an autograph for the omega.

“Now wait a minute my boy, first we need to confine this villain before I can stop to chat!” All Might said holding up a hand and reading Bakugou’s intentions. Izuku snapped out of his daze and nodded agreement still light headed in the presence of the alpha hero. Faster than either could really perceive, All Might gathered the sludge into two bottles effectively ending what had been a pretty long chase. He really needed to memorize the city’s lower networks.

When the hero had finished Bakugou fished out their hero note book and shoved it into Izuku’s chest reminding the boy that now was his chance. Izuku took a deep breath and stepped forward as All Might screwed the last cap onto the bottles.

“Ah, All Might sir! You have been a big inspiration to both of us and we would be honored if you would sign this!” Izuku said flustered as he held out the note book on a clean page.

“I’m glad to hear the youth of today are still looking to me that way. I’ll be glad to sign anything you have!” All Might said smiling again and flashing what he perceived to be a beta another blinding smile. When he stepped forward to take the book though he felt it. The sudden regain of stamina and power, like his injury was nonexistent. The lack of pain was startling after having bore it for so long.

“What is that quirk my boy? I feel like a million bucks just being near you!” All Might said and Izuku felt like he might faint from the compliment. All Might signed the book while Izuku gathered his wit. He started pouring out about his quirk explaining its amplification and healing capabilities, all the while Bakugou crept closer glaring at the older alpha.

“…And I hope to use it with Kacchan to become a great hero like you one day!” Izuku finished breathlessly.

“Ha ha ha, a hero duo eh? If today was any indication I bet you’ll make it.” All Might said encouragingly making Izuku blush and smile back nodding with vigor. Bakugou was growing more and more impatient. They had practice to get to.

“Come on Deku your hogging up all of his time with your googly eyes.” Bakugou said grabbing the back of Izuku’s shirt and pulling slightly to signal it was time to go.

“Your totally right Kacchan. Sorry for taking up so much of your time All Might!” Izuku said bowing deeply several times in apologies and thank yous. He was blushing deeply at the thought of inconveniencing his hero.

“Don’t worry about it! I’m always happy to talk with fans and citizens alike! I look forward to seeing your debut…?” All Might said searching for a name. It took a minute for Izuku to realize what he was asking and quickly stuttered it out.

“M-Midoriya Izuku! My name’s Midoriya!” Izuku said excitedly and Bakugou finally started to drag him away. He waved sheepishly good bye to the hero who returned it. As soon as Izuku left his presence All Might felt the pain return but his time limit had reset. He was glad he had caught the boy’s name, he would need it when he went to UA for that job.

“All right lets get you to the police!” All Might said patting the bottles in his pockets and turned launching himself into the air and across the city.

Chapter Text

Training with Bakugou was brutal but necessary. Izuku was even a little happy that the alpha held nothing back against him, it made him prepared for anything because nothing could be worse than a violence hungry Kacchan. It was after one of these training sessions that he was walking back from. A bruise slowly fading from his jaw and would disappear by the time he opened the apartment door. At times like these his quirk was a blessing, he didn’t know if his mom would be okay with the rough treatment by the alpha.

“I’m home mom!” Izuku called as he kicked off his shoes and walked into the kitchen. Inko was sitting at the kitchen table and practically jumped up when Izuku came into the room.

“Welcome home honey!” She said while fidgeting. Izuku stopped and tried to assess her state of mind, she was clearly anxious about something. In the past that had never been a good thing.

“Is everything okay?” Izuku asked concerned and then he spotted an unopened piece of mail laying on the table in front of his mother. She blanched at the worry in his voice and quickly brightened up into a genuine smile.

“Everything is fine Izuku. A letter came for you today.” Inko said with barely contained excitement that Izuku had mistaken for nerves. She quickly handed him the letter and watched with baited breath as Izuku’s confused eyes went down to read the front of it. His face went from confusion to shock to the pure excitement his mother was feeling.

“T-This is from UA.” Izuku said in disbelief. He and Bakugou hadn’t even applied yet. He tried to stem the flow of hope that came rushing into him, realizing this might just be some promotion or recruitment ad. He couldn’t leave his mother and himself in suspense anymore and ripped open the envelope.

Inside was a simple white letter, not some brochure like he had expected. His eyes started moving along the painted letters and Inko felt like she was going to faint from anticipation as she waited for her son to say something. Izuku reached the bottom of the page and landed on the two signatures at the bottom. One was an elegant scrawl of the principal of UA himself, Nedzu, and the other was the familiar hand writing of All Might.

Izuku looked up at his mother letting the hand holding the letter fall to his side. His eyes grew watery and his mouth opened and closed a couple of times. This reaction scared Inko and for the briefest of moments she feared it was some kind of letter saying he wasn’t allowed into UA.

“I’m going to UA.” Izuku said quietly with a barely held in cry. Inko jumped for joy and hugged her son tightly. He was going to reach his dreams, dreams she had thought would never come to pass when he was born. Dreams that had been threatened at every turn in his life. She couldn’t be prouder of him.

“Izuku I’m so happy for you!” Inko cried pulling back from the hug and wiping a few tears from her eyes. “But don’t you have to take the entrance exam?” she asked confused.

“I’m being let in on recommendation, b-by All Might.” Izuku said light headedly. Inko looked at him in shock, he had recounted the short encounter with the hero nearly every day to her at dinner for weeks now. Not only was he getting into the school of his dreams but his hero had acknowledged him? It was like the universe had finally aligned for him and Inko could do nothing more than cry for the blessings that were being granted on him.

After many more hugs and tears of joy, because both of them were so overwhelmed with emotion, Izuku handed the letter over to his mother and explained the rest of what it said. Apparently, All Might had been impressed by his and Bakugou’s take down of the villain and upon hearing that he was a healer talked to Recovery Girl. It was no secret that the Youthful Heroine was getting closer to retirement, that school wanted to train him as her apprentice and even offer him a hero position at the school when he completed training. It took a few hours for them to calm down from the news.

“I-I have to tell Kacchan!” Izuku suddenly realized and dug into his pocket in excitement. He pulled out his phone and was about to click the contact labelled Kacchan but he paused. He was going to get in on recommendations… But what about Bakugou? They were partners. He couldn’t just leave the other boy to face the exams on his own. He bit his bottom lip and lowered the phone. His inner conflict tearing him apart.

“What’s wrong honey?” Inko asked coming over and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I can’t… I can’t leave Kacchan behind.” Izuku said wanting to cry again but this time from his upset state. Inko sucked in a breath, her son was so close to his dream but his big heart refused to leave his friend. She was about to say something, she didn’t know exactly what but she needed to speak up, when Izuku’s phone buzzed in his hand causing both of them to jump.

Kacchan: Hey nerd did you get a letter too?

Izuku felt the weight he had placed on his own shoulders be lifted from him. He immediately dropped the concerns he had held and quickly texted his friend back.

Deku: Yeah! I can’t believe it Kacchan! We’re getting into UA :D

Kacchan: Of course idiot. Did you think we wouldn’t?

Deku: Nah you would have creamed that exam >:D

Kacchan: Fuckin creepy that they found me without knowing my name

Deku: Oh yeah :o Well… I guess you are pretty easy to pick out from a crowd. They probs just looked through my classmates and found you in the files.

Kacchan: Still fucking creepy…

There was a pause in the conversation, Izuku was vibrating with happiness. Inko had looked at the texts with relief and went back to the kitchen to begin pulling together a meal. She wanted to do something good tonight to celebrate.

Kacchan: Im not taking the rec

Izuku blinked at that.

Deku: WHAT?! Why? ;-;

Kacchan: I don’t need some stalker alpha to get me into UA. Im getting in with my own strength. Besides I want to take the # one spot.

Izuku felt his heart swell at Bakugou’s declaration and noble pursuit. He suddenly felt like a cheater to get in on recommendation. He felt determination fall into place and puffing up his chest he texted back.

Deku: Then I’ll take it too!

Kacchan: Wtf Deku no. U got a straight shot into the hero course. Like hell ur going to risk it.

Deku: But I want to prove myself too :I

Kacchan: Going to throw away All Might’s shitty rec? I think not. Just take the rec Deku and watch me kick ass in the exam.

Deku: But don’t you want my help during the practical?


Deku: No!!!! I just thought…We would show them our team. :(

Kacchan: The exam is scored individually. If you helped me during it you wouldn’t be able to score for ur self idiot.

Izuku nodded knowing Bakugou was probably right. He had heard in the past that the entrance practical was combat based, something he very much lacked.

Deku: …Are u sure about this?

Kacchan: Doubting ur alpha now? Yeah Deku Im sure. Take the rec. I gtg. Cya tomorrow.

Bakugou threw his phone onto his bed and felt relief wash over him. To be honest he had truly feared for Izuku in the upcoming entrance exam. He still sucked during their training but had made considerable improvements with his dodging. Izuku couldn’t really attack, and it had been weighing on him for a while now. He felt a little grateful to the number one hero for getting Izuku through to the class, and still felt weirded out by the alpha too.

Whatever he thought as he flopped down onto his covers. He raised a hand sparking off mini explosions, a sadistic grin over taking his features. He couldn’t wait for that exam.


Izuku sat ridgedly in the passenger seat of the car nerves making him feel a little sick. It was a Saturday about two weeks after receiving his later. His mother had written back giving out a formal acceptance of the recommendation sealing his fate in UA. Bakugou had berated him for thinking of rejecting the letter and they still continued training. Bakugou focused a lot more on his own quirk trying to avoid relying on Izuku’s for a power boost. Their training now consisted of Izuku trying to keep his radiance out of Bakugou’s range while Bakugou tried to land hits on him.

Izuku was actually proud that he was doing well in their fights. Maybe it was the stress of the entrance exam that was weighing him down but now he could dodge Bakugou’s fist practically in his sleep. Which was good because Bakugou had stepped up his game in excitement for the exam. Izuku smiled at the thought and felt the nerves dissipate a little bit.

Right now he and his mother were on the way to UA itself. She had gotten a call a few nights ago inviting them to a meeting with the principal to discuss the recommendation in greater detail along with Izuku’s future. He didn’t know what to expect and he soon began fidgeting again in his seat.

“Izuku you might want to put on a little more blocker, you’re leaking.” Inko said helpfully pointing to the glove box where they kept a spare can. Izuku blushed an nodded, he was probably exuding distress far too much that it was breaking through the scent blockers. She smiled at him trying to calm him.

Izuku couldn’t feel calm though as they pulled up in front of the main campus building. He felt like hyperventilating at the sight of it and steadied his breathing as the reapplied the spray. His mother reached over grooming his hair and fixing his outfit some more before hopping out of the car. He followed suit and did breathing exercises as they entered the building.

Since it wasn’t a school day there weren’t many students. In fact they only saw a few pro hero faculty when walking with their guide to the principals office. Izuku watched them with admiration wanting to ask for autographs but he lacked any pen or paper. They quickly found themselves being let into a very nice office where Izuku set his sights on the principal of UA.

“Ah! Good morning Midoriya.” A small white animal looking person said up to him. He had a tell tale scar across his eye that made him recognizable even if his furry demeanor didn’t. Izuku paled as he realized how disheveled he looked compared to the neatly dressed principal of UA.

“Good morning s-sir!” Izuku squeaked out and immediately bowed in respect. Nedzu waved off the formality.

“I’m glad you and your mother could make it. I felt like this discussion would need to happen before you take your place in the hero course. Congratulations on the recommendation by the way!” Nedzu said cheerily. Izuku went red and stammered out a thank you as he and his mother took their seats on the comfy guest couches. Nedzu climbed up on the opposing couch and offered them some tea.

 “Now I must say I can feel your quirk from here, you must be very proud to have such an ability.” Nedzu said. “Since your quirk allows you to heal yourself and others around you it makes the perfect power for a recue hero or even, as we said in our letter, a member of our faculty.”

Izuku nodded energetically happy to hear the principal’s assessment of his quirk. He felt so blessed to have developed it.

“I want to ask you if being a hero is the course you truly want to take. This school stands to support young upcoming heros but it also supports other students seeking other fields. I did not want to pressure you onto a path you do not wish for.” Nedzu said seriously to which Izuku immediately jumped in.

“Of course I want to be a hero sir! Its what I’ve always wanted to be!” Izuku spilled out, his honest answer and excited eyes told the principal as much.

“That’s good to hear then!” the principal said taking a sip of tea and then placing the cup back down smiling at Izuku and his mother. “Now this may be a bit forward but would you like to start training with Recovery Girl soon? There’s a lot of knowledge one must gain when dealing with wounded people who are in the need of help the most.”

Izuku sat back shocked by what the principal was asking. They wanted to start training him even before the first day of classes. The biggest smile wormed its way onto his lips.

“I would be honored to start studying as soon as possible. The sooner I begin training the sooner I can start helping people.” Izuku said green eyes meeting the principal’s black ones with a fortitude that stood strong. Nedzu nodded at this, in his head he could see the resolve the young boy had, he had no doubts Midoriya would become a great hero.

“Well then I believe your mother brought some papers for the school registries?” Nedzu said clapping his paws together to break the heart warming moment. Inko nodded shuffling in her bag to bring them out. “If you would follow my secretary Mrs. Midoriya, she will file those for you and likely need to ask a few follow up questions and consent forms.”

Inko got up bowing to the beta principal and Izuku shifted to follow her assuming this was their dismissal.

“If you would Midoriya, stay here while your mother deals with the paper work. I’d like to explain about your duties while training with Recovery Girl.” Nedzu said stopping Izuku’s progress. Izuku nodded eagerly and sat back down. Inko gave him an uncertain glance before walking out with the waiting secretary. When the door clicked shut Nedzu elaborated a bit more.

“Recovery Girl has many duties in the school and as a hero. However, there is something we believe you would be able to help with.” He said. “Tell me, are you good at keeping secrets Midoriya?”

Izuku was at a loss for words. Secrets? Like doctor patient confidentiality? He suddenly felt like he was a toddler again and his mother was asking him to keep things hidden again making his gut twist. His smile faded a bit and he was about to ask what he meant by that when a knock came at the door.

“Ah sorry I’m late! Had a bit of an incident on the way over.” A blonde skeleton man said coming into the room.

Chapter Text

Izuku watched uncertainly as the strange man settled in next to the principal. He had no idea who the newcomer was, he didn’t recognize him as a hero. The alpha’s scent wafted over to him and it rang a bell in the back of his head but the scent was faint, almost as if worn thin, too hard to really pin point. He looked to the principal to see if they were safe to continue the conversation.

“Well you couldn’t have had better timing actually. It seems a hero really does arrive just in time.” Nedzu commented making the skeletal man tense up. Izuku looked back and forth between still unable to connect the dots. “Tell me do you recognize this man?”

“I can’t say he looks all that familiar.” Izuku said wondering if he had somehow missed this hero’s debut. He racked his brain for information, he was sure he was up to date on all the active ones. Maybe this guy was in retirement? He did look a bit weak.

“Hmm.” Nedzu said in thought trying to figure out the best way to break the news. “Please allow my associate to use your quirk for a moment. I’m willing to bet you will realize his identity after that.”

Izuku hesitantly nodded permission and scooted a bit more towards the blonde man to get him in range. The usual look of empowerment washed into the mans blue eyes, as it did with most people who felt his quirk. Suddenly his body and feature blew up increasing his size and taking the form of someone Izuku had watched since childhood. All Might sat a bit hunched over on the small couch and flashed a smile giving off a bit of an awkward sounding laugh at Izuku’s blank expression.

“Its nice to see you again young Midoriya.” He said in his usual voice. Izuku rubbed his eyes, maybe he had just hallucinated the first part?

“A-All Might! I don’t understand, what just happened? Why did you look like that before? You are All Might aren’t you?” Izuku started spewing questions shock never leaving his face. All Might held up a hand to silence the remaining questions that threatened to fall from Izuku’s lips, his aura suddenly dampening as he prepared to spill his secret to the boy.

“As you know in a hero’s line of work we risk our lives daily for the good of the people.” He began. “The form you saw earlier is my true form, this one is kind like flexing and puffing up my chest. Only it has become increasing harder to maintain this form and the power I wield when in it. Thanks to this.”

All Might pulled up his shirt showing a grisly scar making Izuku gasp. Even if it appeared to have healed by now the patterns of carnage still echoed across his skin and muscles. Izuku felt a little sick just imagining what kind of wound could leave such an imprint and what could have caused it.

“I got this about five years ago fighting an opponent you likely never heard of and hopefully will never hear of.” All Might explained sullenly.

“But we think with your help you might be able to provide All Might with extra time and energy that the wound tends to destroy.” Nedzu interjected trying to lighten the atmosphere. Izuku broke out of his shock finally and looked down to the ground biting his lip.

“So, for the past five years, you’ve been hurt and have been doing hero despite this weakness?...” Izuku asked.

“Yes.” All Might said a slight downward tug on the corners of his smile. Izuku was looking at the ground hair covering his expression from the two observers. After a moment he looked back up at them, eyes slightly watery but a tentative smile on his lips.

“Helping people even when your putting yourself in danger…That’s what a hero does right? All Might. You really are the coolest hero.” Izuku said admiring his commitment to his hero service. All Might sucked in a breath at that, this boy knew exactly what to say to pull at his heart. Though the tears were a bit over kill.

“I must ask that you keep this secret Midoriya, for my sake as well as the sake of the citizens.” All Might said.

“Of course! I won’t tell a soul! After all doctors don’t tell on their patients.” Izuku said wiping his eyes and sitting up straight again.

“Don’t get a head of yourself, you have lots of training to go through before you bare a title like doctor or hero.” Nedzu said chuckling. “But it will be a pleasure working with you, Midoriya.”


After that meeting where Izuku added a new secret to the pile he met with Recovery Girl who greeted him and introduced him to the school’s infirmary. He started shadowing her the next week after his middle school classes ended. He mostly stuck close to the beta woman while she worked with students who were already attending UA. It surprised and disturbed Izuku at the amount and magnitude of injuries that filtered in. Anything from common stomach aches to broken and twisted limbs.

He was slightly queasy at the sight of the injuries but the look of pain of peoples faces made him push past it. Soon he didn’t even mind the wounds and loved to see peoples faces relax as the pain faded away. He was lucky, as a medical personnel he was required to wear scent blockers so that they wouldn’t disturb patients. So now at least he had an excuse to apply it when in another person’s presence.

The first time a student had come in with a cut from a training session Izuku thought he would just stand near them and heal it up. He got whacked on his head by Recovery Girl’s cane for that. She thoroughly told him off for trying to heal without first cleaning and disinfecting the wound. She explained that even if it closed up containments might get stuck under the skin making their condition even worse. Izuku paled at the thought of all the times he had healed himself and Bakugou. He could have caused a lot of damage in the past.

But he was a quick learner and soon Recovery Girl was letting him take care of minor wounds and complaints. Izuku met with All Might everyday to simply sit and talk letting the hero soak in his quirk’s power. He voiced his concerns about his friend Bakugou during those times. With all the hours spent with Recovery Girl Izuku had no time to train with the other boy let alone hang out. The most they did with each other was text at night and talk during school hours.

Bakugou was thoroughly displeased at Izuku’s absence. He constantly complained about Izuku hanging around “that fucking stalker” referring to All Might. If he was sticking closer to Izuku than before or finding excuses to have physical contact Izuku made no comment of it. He was actually, and a little guiltily, happy with the alpha’s attempts to keep him closer.


Day of the entrance exam.

Deku: Good luck Kacchan! <3

Kacchan: Luck is 4 losers Deku. I have skill its wat separates the pros from the trash. And quit with that heart shit.

Deku: Ha. Nervous?

Kacchan: Fucker I have nerves of steel. The only thing to b scared of in this exam is txting u rn.

Deku: Lol. I’ll remember that next time u try to turn down a horror film. ;D

Kacchan: Stfu. Im headed in rn. Ttyl when I demolish these extras.

Deku: Do ur best! <3

Kacchan: Tf did I just say Deku?!

Deku: </3

Unsurprisingly, Bakugou placed first in the entrance exam keeping him as an alpha of his word. Thus started their careers as students in the hero course. The night after the exam they hung out together at Izuku’s home.

He made them watch a horror movie.

Mysteriously when Izuku left to get some more popcorn the TV spontaneously combusted.

Chapter Text

Izuku sprayed on the scent blocker for good measure before setting it back in its cabinet. He was in the infirmary of UA preparing to leave for his first day of class. Recovery Girl liked for him to check in with her before he went to class so she would know he was there if she needed assistance. She had also given him a pager to place on his pants so that she could signal if she wanted him to come to the infirmary.

He wanted to get going as soon as possible so he could get a seat next to Bakugou. With luck he and Bakugou ended up in the same hero class. Izuku was grateful for that, he was a little nervous to be sitting in a room literally filled with alphas for hours. But if Bakugou was there then there was nothing to worry about. He smiled at the thought of the alpha and slid out of the infirmary and down the hall.

He stopped in front of the big door to class 1-A. This was it, he was really here at UA with Bakugou, they were both going to become hero. His mother had waved him off with happy tears, he couldn’t wait for the day when he could tell his father that he had made it. A familiar raised voice came from inside snapping him from his thoughts and making him grin. Of course Bakugou had already beaten him here, he was too good of a student to not arrive early.

“…And respect the property the school has so graciously provided to the students!” a stern voice said as Izuku entered the room. Immediately he was engulfed by the overwhelming alpha presence but he picked out one scent happily and followed its direction with his head to where he spotted the blonde alpha with his feet kicked up on a desk. The was an odd firm alpha that appeared to be lecturing him, the poor blue haired boy didn’t realize Bakugou didn’t care.

“Kacchan!” Izuku said cheerily making many in the room turn to see him. They had barely registered he had entered from his lack of scent. Izuku quickly bounced over to his friend who appeared to be even more agitated than usual at the stiff boy who refused to back down from his position.

To the horror of everyone in the room, the small green haired bouncy boy went straight to the monstrous alpha. Many had witnessed Bakugou’s rampage during the exam, the thought of such a scary alpha being near the oblivious beta boy scared them. But Izuku didn’t notice their looks or the fact that they had all gone silent to watch the exchange with baited breath.

“Shut it and sit there Deku.” Bakugou said pointing with his thumb over his shoulder to the seat behind him. Izuku’s smile grew wider and he happily complied slipping past the shocked glasses boy and taking his seat. Bakugou had saved him a seat, what a good friend. It also just happened to be close to a window so Izuku could get fresh air if the scents in the room started to bother him. Whether Bakugou had planned that or not Izuku wasn’t sure.

Curiously the other seats closest to the blonde were empty like people were weary of approaching Bakugou’s area. Izuku had a rough idea of why, Bakugou had told him about the exam and he had thought the details had been exaggerated. From their classmates unease though perhaps Bakugou had told it more accurately than he had assumed.

 “Kacchan put your feet down. Don’t want to get in trouble on the first day right?” Izuku said leaning forward over the desk towards Bakugou.

“I thought I told you to shut it.” Bakugou growled at him without turning around. Although he did slowly shift and take his legs off the desk while Izuku sat back happy with the situation. “What the fuck are you staring at Four Eyes?!”

Iida stood still in shock at the way the beta had just waltz into the alpha’s territory and even seemed to be able to influence the explosive blonde. The entire class had given him a wide berth and a few students were milling about not wanting to take the remaining seats near him. That combined with the sudden feeling he had gotten as the boy brushed past him was a huge mystery. Iida quickly assessed the situation and ignored Bakugou in favor of going up to Izuku’s desk. It was clear if he was going to make headway with the alpha it would be through this beta.

“Hello! I am Iida Tenya and I look forward to working with you as students pursuing the same goals!” Iida said boisterously. Izuku’s eyes lit up as he realized the boy was introducing himself in an attempt to become friends. Iida seemed a to be a rule follower from what Izuku could tell, an air of authority in him that wasn’t just the alpha aura.

“Hi I’m-“ Izuku began only to jump as a hand slammed down on his desk.

“Hey Four Eyes what the fuck did I just say about leaving? Your ears as bad as your eyes or something?” Bakugou snarled suddenly letting off dominating pheromones.

“Bakugou that language is inappropriate for a student aiming to be a hero.” Iida said. “Watch your profanity.” He was letting off his alpha scent as well, chest puffing up again as the two alphas began a staring contest. Izuku was getting light headed as the air filled around him, looking down at his desk instinctively at the display.

The moment was broken when the door to the room slid open again and a disturbing sleeping bag wormed its way across the floor. All eyes snapped to it and watched as it slunk its way to the middle of the front of the room. Iida quickly retreated from the silent battle to his own seat on the other side of the room. He took his seat as the bag rose up and unzipped revealing their homeroom teacher.

“Quiet down and listen up. I’m your teacher Aizawa. Now for our first day we will be doing a physical assessment.” He clicked a button on the remote in his hand and shelves came out of the wall. “Hurry up and grab your gym clothes. Meet me out on the practice field in ten minutes.”

Everyone blinked at the shortest introduction they had ever heard as they watched Aizawa walk out of the room. Then there was a flurry of movement as everyone scrambled to grab their clothes and go change. Bakugou was one of the quickest retrieving his and Izuku’s gym clothes before it became too crowded.

“Thanks.” Izuku said thankful the alpha had thought to get his so he wouldn’t have to delve into the group of alphas. Bakugou grunted in return and together they made their way to the locker rooms. Bakugou was all too aware of Izuku’s scentless presence as they shuffled towards the locker room doors. He stopped short of the door and instead veered off course to a nearby restroom. Izuku continued to the locker room door intending to go in and assuming Bakugou had to relieve himself.

“Deku.” Bakugou growled grabbing his attention as he rested his hand on the door. Bakugou was giving him a glare but Izuku had learned long ago to interpret the small details of his glares to find out the real emotion behind them. The slightly more furrowed brow indicated he was annoyed and concerned. “Go change in one of the stalls in here.”

Izuku tilted his head a bit confused at the command before he linked it all together. The alpha was concerned about an omega changing in front of all those other alphas. His face went tomato red and he averted his eyes in embarrassment nodding to Bakugou’s suggestion. During gym in middle school Bakugou would hide him behind lockers and guard him from sight of the mostly beta class. Here, there were many alphas and if Iida was any indication from earlier Bakugou’s posturing wouldn’t scare them off. He shuffled past Bakugou into the restroom and locked the stall behind him quickly changing.

“This teacher seems like he’s going to be a pain in the ass. What the fuck was with that shitty greeting?” Bakugou said as he loomed at the entrance of the restroom ready to chase off anyone that might enter.

“From the few times I’ve met him he’s been blunt and apathetic. He doesn’t exactly give off a friendly vibe.” Izuku said from his stall as he zipped up his suit. Thinking of the hero during the times he had come to recover girl with minor injuries from working missions. He certainly hadn’t been talkative at the time so he didn’t really know what to expect from their homeroom teacher.

“Whatever. At least he’s getting straight to it. None of the usual bullshit schools waste time doing on first days. I can get behind him on that at least.” Bakugou said smirking and getting himself hyped as Izuku left the stall dressed and ready to go. They left the restroom and Bakugou entered the locker room giving a gruff demand for Izuku to wait outside the door. Izuku rolled his eyes and leaned against the wall already sure that Bakugou wanted to scope out the competition before the assessment.

The door opened next to him and a strange dual haired boy came walking out. He paused in his exit though, and Izuku realized he was in range of his quirk and politely scooted away to not leave the other boy under its influence. He knew people felt better when they felt his quirk but he didn’t want to use it on someone who hadn’t asked. The other boy turned to look at him with a stoic glance. Izuku gave a tentative smile at the alpha and averted his eyes feeling awkward at prolonged eye contact. The other boy simply stared back at him expressionless and then promptly left without a word.

Izuku let out a breath he didn’t realize he had been holding. For some reason that alpha had seemed really intimidating. Izuku was also put off at the fact that it was a little rude to say nothing. Then again he hadn’t exactly spoken up either. He was trying to figure out the social etiquette of that moment in his mumbling when Bakugou emerged to find him in that state.

“Deku you’re muttering again.” Bakugou growled before leading the way out of the hall. Izuku immediately closed his mouth and followed behind the blonde alpha, the same way he had done for years. They made it out onto the field on time, Bakugou stood off to the side a little away from the class with Izuku at his side. He planned to keep Izuku’s boost out of their range.


Izuku heaved another breath as he finally was allowed to sit back and rest after finishing the last test. He was shaking but it was more from worry about the results of the test. Aizawa had seemed completely serious when he had said the last place student would be dropped from the course. It had been a bomb shell dropped on the unsuspecting students and now everyone had given tooth and nail to place anywhere but last. When he had announced it he also made Izuku go stand alone away from the other students so that his quirk didn’t interfere with the results of others.

Izuku stood up putting his hands on his hips, he could feel his energy replenishing from his quirk already. At least with it he had ore stamina than most of his classmates and combined with the strength he had gained when training with Bakugou he had done pretty decently on the tests. Even with the little edge his quirk had given him many of the students had gotten at least one crazy score during a test, he just held an above average physical fitness for each. That made him worry.

“Alright let’s see how things have turned out.” Aizawa called and students went to surround him. Bakugou came up beside Izuku, he had been steaming since Aizawa made him leave Izuku’s side.

“I’m worried Kacchan.” Izuku said feeling his eyes go a little watery as he thought that he might fail and ruin his and Bakugou’s dream.

“Why? You did better than most of these dipshits.” Bakugou said looking forward and waiting for the teacher as he clicked for a hologram to turn on. With every name Izuku scanned his heart beat faster, slowly going down the list before resting on his own name. “See what did I tell you?” Bakugou said.

Izuku felt like he just dropped a ten million pound weight off his chest. He had place 16th, far from the final place. A wail came from their left and both looked over to see a short kid with strange purple balls on his head crying and instantly complaining that this was unfair or rigged. The kid was immediately wrapped in Aizawa’s strange scarf so that he would shut up.

“Good work today, class dismissed. Let today be a lesson to you that being a hero means giving it your all at everything you do. You should also remember that this occupation is brutal and making it big will mean that you have to out do your colleagues. Ambition, competition, and standing your ground will be what defines your success. See most of you in class tomorrow.” Aizawa said releasing the still crying boy and immediately left the students on the field.

“Damn that’s just cold.” A red haired boy said rubbing the back of his head and going over to offer the grape headed some help while everyone else slowly dispersed. Bakugou growled and walked up to the hologram to inspect the listing closer and probably memorize the placement of people. Izuku was about to join him but a hand fell onto his shoulder stopping him.

“We were interrupted earlier so allow me to reintroduce myself properly.” Iida said as Izuku turned around. Izuku brightened at that, he had felt left out for having been isolated during most of their first day of class. The alpha before him might seem a little strict but he was making an effort to be his friend. Izuku couldn’t be happier. “I’m Iida Tenya, a pleasure to make your acquaintance…?”

“Midoriya Izuku, and the pleasure is all mine!” Izuku said turning and shaking the broad chested alpha’s hand energetically, the fatigue he had a moment ago already long forgotten. He could see his new friend also regaining energy just by standing near him and he smiled at being able to help.

“Ah, hello there!” a small voice called out and a girl’s head popped into view from behind Iida. Pretty brown hair and eyes and a bubbly disposition, she also had a beta scent. Izuku hadn’t noticed there was a beta in the class, she sat on the other side of the classroom and her scent was drowned out by the many alphas between them.

“Hi.” Izuku said smiling sheepishly at her and giving a friendly wave towards her. She seemed encouraged by this and bounced up to introduce herself too.

“I’m Uraraka Ochako. You have no idea how relieved I was that there was another beta in the class.” Uraraka said joining their triad.

“Ha, is it that obvious?” Izuku said awkwardly shifting his eyes away. Even if he had to keep secrets, he didn’t like lying to people.

“You can tell just by the way you hold yourself. You have the beta butt walk.” Uraraka said winking at him making his face heat up. “What’s with your scent though?”

“Oh! I have to wear scent blockers when I’m helping Recovery Girl. My quirk heals people so I’m training under her for that kind of knowledge.” Izuku explained blushing a bit more by their surprise.

“Wow! Your quirk is really cool, I can feel its effects already!” Uraraka said stretching and sighing in comfort at the feeling of the day melting away from her tired limbs.

“I must profess I’m jealous at you initiative. You are already in serious training with a well respected hero. Truly a promising beginning that I need to catch up to.” Iida said complimenting Izuku. Izuku shuffled, he wasn’t used to talking to people and receiving compliments so genuine. He gave a big embarrassed smile at the comment. These guys seemed to be nice and he happily chatted with them some more before eventually being dragged away by Bakugou.

They walked home together that day, Bakugou was ranting about the fact that he hadn’t placed first. Izuku hummed and listened to the angry snarls, they had become a comforting background noise to him over the years. Their first day at UA had come to an end, it had gone well though Izuku worried for them with such a crazy homeroom teacher. He would have to make sure Bakugou didn’t do anything too bad to get himself kicked out.

Chapter Text

Izuku sat on the couch in the living room watching an interview of Best Jeanist while vaguely and mindlessly writing a history paper due in a few days. So far his time in the class had been great, he even managed to become friendly with many people despite Bakugou’s constant effort to repel people. A lot of that was do to Iida’s dedication to become closer to his peers and Kirishima’s laid back attitude that diffused any situation Bakugou got them into. After a few days they seemed to reach a balance and Bakugou now grudgingly accepted the two other alpha presences around Izuku.

Uraraka was a lot of fun to hang out with for Izuku. he occasionally made it out of the alpha’s hearing range and the two of them would let off some steam and rant about the constant alpha pressure in the class. Having her around calmed his nerves. Izuku finished the last paragraph about omegan ‘pet’ keeping hundreds of years ago just as the phone rang. He immediately jumped to his feet and ran to grab it already knowing who it was.

“Hey Dad.” Izuku said his smile very much translated in his voice.

“Hey squirt, how have you been doing? High school should have started for you by now right?” Hisashi asked wiping a bit of blood from his hand. He never missed his weekly call to his family, and he wasn’t going to let his job get in the way. Besides he could handle it with one hand.

“Been doing good. Kacchan started to loosen up and I’ve made a lot of friends. You wouldn’t believe how much homework they can assign to us on the first week. Then again I think I have the scariest homeroom teacher ever..” Izuku continued to ramble on about life at home. Hisashi pressed the phone against his chest to muffle the sound of his fire being used. A scream sounded in front of him and an alarm started to go off. He pressed the phone back to his ear.

“…and its still probably the best school ever especially the food. Hey is everything ok on your end? I think I can hear an alarm or something.” Izuku said with concern. His Dad was working in a plant overseas right now, he didn’t want to distract him if it was dangerous.

“Ah that’s just a signal dismissing us for lunch.” Hisashi said shrugging it off and then pressing the phone again while he aimed a blast of fire from his throat at the offending thing. Its cries slowly died as the machine melted. He brought the phone back up, “Your school sounds great. Is your mom doing ok on money? It sounds a little expensive, tell her I can send you guys more if you need it.”

“Don’t worry about it! I kind of got in on a scholarship…” Izuku said sheepishly, UA had suspended tuition payments for him because of his recommendation. He wondered when he could tell his dad about his quirk and what school he was going to. His mother still insisted on keeping it a secret. Maybe he could save it as a surprise for when his dad came home.

“That’s great Izuku, I always knew you were going to be a sharp one.” Hisashi said. He was enjoying hearing his son’s voice full of happiness, it was one of the reasons he had this job. The other reason was the satisfactory feeling he got when he felt the crunch of a guys nose under his kick while the man had been shaking on the ground from his burns. “So how is your mom doing?”

“You know mom, always a worry wart. She’s been making me apply double layers of the blockers in the mornings now since there’s a lot of alphas in my class. She’s over at Kacchan’s place right now hanging out with Mrs. Bakugou. Sorry Dad I should have reminded her today was your call in day.” Izuku said awkwardly. His mom had avoided the last call too, Izuku knew there was rocky relationship between them. He just hoped it would be fixed when his dad came home. It must just be the stress of having her husband far away.

“Don’t worry about it kiddo, just give her a kiss for me when she comes home.” Hisashi said while he raided a computer for the files he was looking for. Plugging in a USB he searched for the right documents smiling when it popped up on the screen. He quickly downloaded it and then uploaded a horrid virus to the computer effectively trashing the database.

“Dad?” Izuku asked hesitantly on the other end of the phone. Hisashi paused in his work listening carefully. His son rarely asked for things but from the tone he was about to. “When are you coming home? It’ll be soon right?”

Hisashi stood up straight, Izuku had stopped asking that question a few years ago. To hear it again warmed Hisashi’s heart knowing his son was missing him. However it also poked at the more cold and analytical part of his mind. Something had to have changed for Izuku to be asking this all of a sudden, that and the fact that Inko was avoiding him. But he put the thoughts to the side for now. He vaguely heard sirens in the distance, he needed to wrap things up.

“As long as things go well here, I’ll be home in a few months.” Hisashi said a faint smile gracing his lips. Just a few more and he would be home to taste Inko’s cooking again. Izuku’s breath rhythm changed on the phone telling Hisashi that Izuku wore a smile mirroring his own.

“Good. There are a few things I want to tell you more about Dad. I think you’ll be proud of how I’ve grown.” Izuku said. Again the foreboding feeling tugged at Hisashi’s mind but he kept it in check listening to Izuku’s genuine desire to have him home.

“Well I hope your not still a cry baby, even omega’s grow out of that I hope.” Hisashi said chuckling as he pictured Izuku’s nearly always watery eyes when he had been a toddler. Izuku felt his face heat up, he was still a pretty emotional person. “Alright I got to go, the guys are headed out to eat right now. Be safe Izuku.”

“You too Dad. Talk to you next week.” Izuku said and all too soon Hisashi was left without that loving voice again. He sighed, cracked his neck, and then stow away the USB turning to the doors of the building he was in. Blue and red lights flashed outside, he even spotted a few hero costumes making an appearance. He had lingered too long here, things were going to get messy.

Izuku hung up the phone feeling giddy. His father had said he’d be home in a few months. He couldn’t wait, it would be the perfect time to reveal to his dad about his quirk and school. This left him plenty of time to get better at quirk control and to really develop into a hero, or at least the beginning of the hero he wanted to be. He couldn’t wait to tell his mom the good news.

Chapter Text

Inko came home humming to herself. Mitsuki was a friend that could make the world melt away and make her stop worrying. She had been going over to her friend every time she expected Hisashi to call for weeks now. Inko didn’t want to hear his voice or be reminded of the man that her son still talked about in a loving way. She really needed to tell him the truth, she just didn’t want to do that to him yet.

“I’m home Izuku!” Inko called as she closed the apartment door behind herself. She heard her son scramble a little, no doubt having been enthralled in some video of a hero or studying some medical book Recovery Girl was making him read.

“Welcome back mom! How were the Bakugou’s?” Izuku asked poking his head into the hall while she kicked off her shoes coming inside.

“They were doing good. Actually they invited us over for dinner tonight.” Inko stated absentmindedly as she looked for the book she had been reading earlier that day.

“Sweet! I need Kacchan’s help with this math problem anyway.” Izuku said. The alpha was pretty good at math, he had to be when calculating trajectory with his explosions. He hadn’t hung out at Bakugou’s place in a while, it would be fun. Izuku paused in the doorway to the living room watching as his mother found her book. “Dad called today.”

“Ah sorry I forgot! Did you give him lots of love for me?” Inko said facing away from Izuku so that he couldn’t see the slight wince when she said these words. Both she and Izuku wore their emotions of their sleeves, it made it all the harder to hide things from him.

“Uh, yeah. He said he loves you too. But mom guess what?” Izuku said getting a little excited. Inko felt herself pale, her son was excited after talking to his father. They couldn’t be good news for Inko.

“What is it Izuku?” She said trying to keep the fright from her voice.

“He said he’ll be coming home soon. Like in a few months.” Izuku said smiling happily while Inko felt dread consume her.


“That was delicious Mrs. Bakugou!” Izuku said as he gathered up his plate to take to the kitchen. They had come for dinner and Izuku would never say aloud that her cooking wasn’t the best. In fact a few things seemed to have been burnt but he had eaten it all anyway.

“What have I said about this ‘Mrs.’ Crap? Call me Aunt Mitsuki or something.” Mitsuki said giving a light smack on Izuku’s head. Ever since he was a kid he insisted on calling her in a more formal matter until she corrected him during that conversation. He always went back to the formal way their next meeting.

“Sorry Aunty.” Izuku said rubbing the back of his head in feigned pain. Mitsuki huffed approval while Bakugou came walking back into the kitchen in a black tank and grey sweats. Everyone was dressed pretty lazily in the house, even Izuku who was wearing a green hoody with black basketball shorts.

“Hey Kacchan…Want to play some games?” Izuku said as he dropped off his dishes and turned to the alpha. Bakugou growled in annoyance, fake annoyance but he wasn’t going to show that to the omega. He read the context of the question, what Izuku was really asking for was permission to go to his room and nest for a little while.

“Sure.” Bakugou said watching Izuku brighten as he quickly made his way past the alpha and disappearing upstairs. Mitsuki chuckled when she saw Bakugou’s eyes lingering after Izuku. Bakugou’s attention snapped to the sound of mockery and he growled at her. She just chuckled again before turning to the dishes. “What are you laughing at Hag?”

“Oh nothing. Why don’t you go make sure Izuku doesn’t mess up your room?” Mitsuki said pointing out the obvious encroachment on his territory that he didn’t seem bothered by. Bakugou growled again before turning to leave as Inko made her way into the kitchen. When Inko heard Bakugou’s steps fade away upstairs she came up next to Mitsuki and began to help with the dishes.

“Go ahead and spill it.” Mitsuki said with impatience. She had just relaxed the beta this morning but when Inko had come back she seemed even more wound up than usual. Inko tensed a bit before resigning to the idea of getting it off her chest.

“Hisashi called today and told Izuku he would be coming home.” Inko said getting straight to the point like Mitsuki often told her to. Mitsuki studied Inko’s face at this, during their time together Inko had divulged more and more to Mitsuki. Inko was just really lonely and having someone to lean on was the best thing ever. However, it didn’t mean she told Mitsuki the whole truth.

“So are you worried about what he will do when he gets out of jail?” Mitsuki asked. Inko had told her the man was in jail for robbery and called weekly to check in with the family. Mitsuki had also observed Inko closely over the years, she was a terrible liar.

“Yes. He’s been gone for so long, I guess I started to hope he would just remain a voice on the other side of the phone.” Inko said keeping her eyes down at the soap bubbles. Mitsuki didn’t know the details or why Inko lied to her but she did know Inko was never worried without reason.

“If you don’t want him in your home then just tell him. I’m sure you could get police protection if you really do feel worried.” Mitsuki said encouraging her friend to seek help. Whatever Inko was fearing the law could help her but Inko automatically shook her head no seemingly horrified at the idea. “Well then maybe you should just cut off contact with him. Though if you do that it would only make an alpha mad…”

“You’re right. It would make him mad…” Inko said fear in her voice but some kind of determination filtering into her eyes. Mitsuki hadn’t seen this strength in a while. “If I do I’ll need to move too. Maybe we can just avoid him.”

Mitsuki watched as the gears turned in Inko’s head. She didn’t understand what her friend was going through but she knew something needed to change. Maybe a move would be for the better. She just wondered what Inko would tell Izuku.


Bakugou stomped up to his room and slammed the door shut for good measure. Who did the Old Hag think she was giving him those stupid ‘knowing’ looks? His palmed sparked a little in his agitation as he turned to look at his room. As expected Izuku’s head start was enough to ruin his bed. Already Izuku had arranged pillows, the blanket, and a few discarded clothing items into a roughly circular shape on his bed. A smaller All Might blanket was wrapped around the little omega as he adjusted one of the pillows into a pointless and perfect position.

Bakugou couldn’t remember when Izuku had started nesting when he came to his house. But he felt his chest swell a little at the sight of the contented omega on his bed. Fluffy green hair bouncing as Izuku turned those stupidly big forest green eyes to him. The smile on the omega’s face making the freckles shine just a bit more in Bakugou’s vision. Fuck why was he so cute…

“What game do you want to play today Kacchan?” Izuku asked. He said it so innocently while sitting on Bakugou’s bed. The idiot didn’t realize how that sounded to the alpha. Bakugou turned to grab his laptop and willed the blush that had certainly crept onto his face to go away. He sat on the edge of the bed outside of the nest and Izuku crawled forward to be next to him while still being inside the nest.

“I dunno, I’ll play some battle royale or something to blow the heads off some noobs.” Bakugou said involuntarily trying to catch the scent of the omega as Izuku leaned over to see the screen. He felt disappointed at the lack of scent, it was one of the reasons he insisted they hand out at Izuku’s place more than his. Izuku’s apartment had his omegan scent lingering everywhere, it was the one place Bakugou got to enjoy it since Izuku wore blockers everywhere else.

“Woah you’re on a good kill streak tonight.” Izuku said in awe as Bakugou killed his seventh opponent in a row. He felt pride rush through his veins at the omega’s compliment and soon the game spouted a victory sequence letting Bakugou know he had beaten the entire server. He turned a cocky smirk to the omega and Izuku returned it, impressed by Bakugou’s skill in the game. “Kacchan that was awesome.”


The class was just let off from history class by Aizawa when the door slide open and a booming voice resonated through the room. Izuku smiled at the sound, his recharge session with All Might that morning had worked him up quite a bit, the hero seemed more pumped up than usual. Everyone in the room was excited about having the number one hero as their teacher and they started chattering to each other. Aizawa stood looking as dead as usual and simply left the class to All Might’s animated teaching.

“Today were doing mock battles!” All Might announced making Bakugou sit up and his palms start smoking. Bakugou had started to lose hope in this school from the lack of battle training. His hopes were now raised again and he grinned sadistically. “And if you’re going to fight you better look cool doing it!”

A click had their clothing lockers coming out of the wall. When students opened them they found their hero costumes ready to go. Izuku blushed at his own, he had originally designed a costume after All Might but forgot to submit it. Now he was left with what Recovery Girl had decided for him. It was the same kind of body suit but it lacked the hood and was colored red and white. On the back there was a medical Rod of Asclepius in red with the wings of the symbol sticking out from the costume. He also had a medic satchel packed with plenty of supplies he would need out in the field.

He changed in the restroom again with Bakugou blocking the door. It was now a routine, one he hoped his classmates wouldn’t ask about. He emerged from his stall and he could have sworn he saw Bakugou’s cheeks grow red before the alpha quickly turned away from him. Izuku looked in the mirror to see the little red wings of his costume poking out from behind his shoulders. This was overly cute, not as cool as he had hoped he would be when he donned a hero costume.

“Kacchan this feels silly.” Izuku said blushing at himself in the mirror. Bakugou grunted agreement, looking at Izuku over his shoulder. He turned even redder unsure of what to do with the costume.

“You look fine.” Bakugou grumbled under his breath almost too quiet for Izuku to catch. Izuku perked up a little at that, happy that the alpha was trying to make him feel better.

They left the bathroom and Izuku waited outside of the locker room for Bakugou to change. When Bakugou came out next Izuku couldn’t help but stare at the alpha’s look. The costume truly expressed the boy accenting in orange like his explosions and he had grenade like gauntlets on his arms. He looked bad ass and Izuku couldn’t help but be envious. Bakugou basked in Izuku’s attention, smirking as Izuku’s eyes roamed over him obviously enthralled in the alpha’s new look.

“Kacchan you look so cool!” Izuku said finally snapping out of his reverence and coming up to the alpha.

“Yeah he does! Though all the black kind of gives off a villainy vibe dude.” Kirishima coming out of the locker room and adjusting the straps that were on his shoulders. Izuku’s face heated a little at the bare-chested alpha’s entrance to the conversation while Bakugou turned to tell him off.

“Shut it Shitty Hair.” Bakugou said immediately annoyed that the moment with Izuku was ruined by the other alpha’s entrance. Kirishima chuckled and made his way down the hall in the direction where the mock battles would take place. Bakugou growled at Kirishima’s back and he and Izuku followed him.

They made it out onto the artificially built street and city. Bakugou recognized the area as the same from the entrance exam while Izuku looked around curiously.

“Deku you look adorable in that costume!” Uraraka came up to the group with Iida close on her heels. Izuku took in Uraraka’s costume as well, it was little tight fitting to say the least and he averted his eyes before thoughts could form in his head.

“You look cute too Uraraka.” Izuku stuttered out and Bakugou became agitated next to him. He didn’t like this beta girl one bit. She constantly ogled Izuku with her eyes, even stole Bakugou’s nick name for Izuku. He itched to put her in her place but every time he tried both Izuku and Iida would snap at him about manners.

“I think they made my costume too tight its embarrassing.” Uraraka said blushing and pulling a little at the material. Before they could continue the conversation All Might called for their attention and explained the exercise. Everyone would be split into teams of hero and villain duos, they had capture tape to take out the other team and they needed to get the bomb before the timer ran out. When he asked for questions a tall girl with dark hair and a rather revealing shirt rose her hand.

“Sir how will you divide teams up? Also with Mr. Aizawa’s expulsion of a student we are at an odd number, will there be a team of three and how would you propose to balance that situation?” She questioned quick and to the point. All Might paused at that observation having forgotten that the class was down by one thanks to his colleagues cold assessment.

“Ah right you are young lady! Let’s see…” He hummed trying to figure out what the best fix for this would be. His eyes roamed over the promising hero’s before settling on a mass of green hair. “How about this class, I’ll have young Midoriya be a third member of a hero team. His quirk will boost the hero’s quirks but I’ll also halve the time for his team.”

People mumbled unsure about the set up. Izuku wasn’t so sure about it either. His quirk would give a hero duo quite a boost, even with the time halved would it be enough to deal with a three on two fight?

“Just keep in mind that if a villain gets close enough they can benefit from his quirk too!” All Might said trying to ease the seemingly negative response to his suggestion. Some people looked a little more enthusiastic about it and grumbles of agreement came from the crowd. “Its settled then. Midoriya I’ll send you with the first hero team that comes up. Now lets do a random draw for teams!”

Chapter Text

 “This is bullshit!” Bakugou seethed while standing next to Iida. He should have been paired up with Izuku, now he had to play the villain with Goody Two-Shoes. He glared over at the hero team he would be facing. Izuku was standing with that annoying beta who was bouncing around happily holding Izuku’s hands. Seeing the contact between the two only made him angrier.

“Calm down Bakugou. We need to come up with a plan.” Iida said trying to get Bakugou to compose himself. Bakugou felt his eye twitch, did the alpha next to him just tell him to calm down?

“Shut the fuck up Four Eyes. I already have a plan, you think we have to guard a weapon? Yeah right, the best weapon is standing over there.” Bakugou growled eyes still pinned on the hand holding that was going on too long between the omega and beta. Izuku had a light blush on his face and was obviously becoming uncomfortable with the prolonged contact.

“Alright villains! Go ahead and prepare your lair. The hero’s will be upon you in five minutes!” All Might said through their communicators. Bakugou gave one last look at the triad he would be up against, his omega, a too touchy beta, and an annoying bare alpha that had made Izuku blush back at the locker room. Bakugou hadn’t missed that, no he had taken note of it. So far Kirishima hadn’t touched Izuku and was just standing by smiling but Bakugou guessed he would want to. Who wouldn’t want to?

“We had better get going.” Iida said trying not to sound demanding. Bakugou tsked and turned around marching into the building with Iida on his heels. They had their bomb placed on one of the upper floors and when the reached it Bakugou stayed in the door way looking out at the hallway.

“When this starts you stay here Four Eyes. I’ll head out and get Deku then take out those two extras tagging with him.” Bakugou said smirk stretched across his face and palms popping eagerly at having an excuse to put the beta and alpha in their place.

“I strongly disagree Bakugou! That makes little sense, you should stay here since your quirk would be able to keep anyone at bay. I will go out with the capture tape and make quick work of them. You would deal with anyone who I miss.” Iida stated logically but Bakugou had him tuned out. Bakugou had shown a lot of these extras how powerful he is from the entrance exam. Now he wanted them to see what Izuku could do with him.

“The timer starts now!” All Might called through the ear buds of both the hero’s and villain’s.


“Do you think Iida will be waiting on the first floor for us?” Uraraka asked quietly as the trio made their way into the building keeping their footsteps quiet and quick.

“I don’t think so, with our reduced time it wouldn’t make sense to try and engage us immediately. They’ll let us wonder and map the area as long as their bomb isn’t on the first floor.” Izuku whispered back to her as Kirishima poked his head around the corner scanning for any sign of the ‘villains’.

“I guess that’s true.” Uraraka said nervously. Neither her quirk nor Izuku’s were particularly offensive. Even Kirishima’s was more of a defensive type unless it was hand to hand. Izuku gulped thinking about the looks they received from Bakugou before he had disappeared into the building. The alpha would definitely be waiting to blow them up, he could attack long and short range, making him a formidable enemy. Izuku knew Iida was a speed quirk so it would make sense for him to engage them first.

“All clear.” Kirishima said and they proceeded down the hall. Izuku was running options through his head. His quirk boosted his teammates but he wasn’t sure exactly how that would effect the outcome of battles. He was stuck in his own thoughts, trusting Kirishima and Uraraka to be on alert when he heard the familiar sound of an explosion. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Bakugou rocketing towards them down a branching hall way.

Immediately Izuku pushed his teammates and they all dodged to the side as Bakugou came flying into their hall barely missing Uraraka in an explosion. Izuku was lucky he had the trained with Bakugou so often, it was now instinct to dodge when he heard the popping.

“Deku.” Bakugou said standing up from where he had crouched, Izuku shivered at the almost sadistic grin Bakugou had on his face.

“R-Run.” Izuku said to his teammates recognizing the look in Bakugou’s eyes. The blonde was planning on holding nothing back and their best option would be to get out of range before Bakugou could get close to his quirks range. No one argued with Izuku’s command and everyone turned and ran down the hall.

“This isn’t very manly, but Bakubro totally switched the situation on us. Got any advice for a fight with him?” Kirishima asked between breaths looking to Izuku. Izuku opened his mouth to suggest something but explosions sounded off behind them indicating Bakugou was giving chase. They came to the end of the hall and it spilt into opposing directions. Bakugou came barreling up behind them making them jump in different directions to avoid the human missile. Uraraka separated from them into the opposing hall looking back a little frightened and looking like she wanted to get past Bakugou to rejoin the other two.

“Just go!” Izuku shouted at her making her hesitate then nod and turn to explore the other half of the building while Bakugou reeled on Kirishima and him.

“Get your ass over here Deku!” Bakugou growled stepping forward with heated hands. Izuku shook his head no making Bakugou boil. So Bakugou was coming after him instead of focusing on the defense of the bomb? He wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing. Good because it meant the villain forces were split, bad because now Bakugou was going to be relentless.

Bakugou blew forward again reaching toward Izuku who moved to dodge and then Kirishima jumped in front of him hardening his arms as he blocked Bakugou’s ways. Izuku tried to reel in his quirk and focus it on the small space between him and Kirishima granting the red head the quirks effects while pulling it out of Bakugou’s reach.

“Out of the way Shitty Hair!” Bakugou yelled pounding against Kirishima, explosion after explosion. Yet Kirishima held his ground he was actually smiling a toothy grin right in Bakugou’s face. Izuku’s quirk was doing wonders for him. He barely felt the explosions and he felt no drain on his stamina, he even felt energized.

“Jeez you’re really riled up Bakugou.” Kirishima commented as he countered another blow. When Kirishima had his attention on that attack Bakugou swept a leg out from under the red head making him fall over with a surprised gasp.

Immediately Bakugou’s hands reached out and grabbed the front of Izuku’s costume dragging him forward, the light of triumph was in the alpha’s eyes. Except Izuku wasn’t going to let himself be used against his team. He pulled his quirk in until it was just about a millimeter in range from his skin. He hated doing that, it felt like his whole body had been stuffed into a too small box that it shouldn’t be able to fit in. He could barely breathe at the feeling and quickly moved to get rid of Bakugou so he could get rid of the feeling.

Izuku hopped into the air and for a brief moment he was suspended only by Bakugou’s fists and then he brought both his feet down hard into the alpha’s stomach effectively knocking the wind out of the blonde. The attack was hard enough to get Bakugou to loosen his grip on Izuku’s shirt and Izuku took the nanosecond he had to scramble away and out of his grasp. Kirishima was already up again ready to fight.

“Deku I found the weapon!” came Uraraka’s quiet voice in his ear surprising him as he dodged behind Kirishima when Bakugou lunged at him again.

“Good work Uraraka.” Izuku grunted while Kirishima went back to defense, this time far more focused on the fight and not distracted by the high feeling he got from Izuku. “Where is it?”

Uraraka described the route she took and the room and Izuku mentally narrowed in on the spot. He nodded to himself as a plan formed in his head.

“Crap I’ve been spotted!” Uraraka said over the communicator and Izuku could hear Iida talking in an oddly villainous voice like some kind of bad drama on TV.

“Try not to get captured for now. Keep Iida distracted. I have a plan.” Izuku said and felt Kirishima stumble next to him. They needed to get away from the blonde and go to the spot he needed to be at.

“Kirishima, we need to get a move on. This might be awkward, but this is the best we can do!” Izuku shouted over the constant explosions. Kirishima glanced questioningly over his shoulder at Izuku who blushed a little. Bakugou felt rage fill him when he saw that look on Izuku’s face and he threw a right hook at Kirishima. Kirishima dodged quickly and used the moment to harden his fist and punch Bakugou into the gut making the alpha cough. Izuku took the lull in the fight as his opportunity, he jumped onto a surprised Kirishima’s back wrapping his arms around his neck and legs around his torso.

“Run down the hall and take a right!” Izuku commanded and Kirishima followed his instructions laughing at the silliness of the situation.

“Dang you’re light. You have a plan right?” Kirishima asked as he ran. Bakugou recovered from his now very bruised gut and regained air in his lungs enough to snarl at the retreat. If it was Izuku’s plan to press all of his buttons it was working. Izuku was using their strategy against him. They had practiced with Izuku piggy backing Bakugou when he had had little control over his quirk.

“DEKU!” Bakugou roared as he shot after them. The sound of the absolute fury made Izuku’s blood run cold. He wanted to submit to the alpha right then and there. Izuku was pressed up against Kirishima’s back and his had was close to the alpha’s scent gland. Inhaling Kirishima’s scent made him able to resist the urge to submit. Izuku directed them for a few more turns before they came skidding into the room he wanted them to be in.

“You sure this is the spot?” Kirishima said turning his head slightly to look at Izuku. Izuku nodded and grimaced at the next phase of his plan. Bakugou came pounding into the room just as Izuku finished explaining the plan to his two teammates. Kirishima whipped around still holding Izuku on his back.

“Think you can handle it Kirishima?” Izuku whispered into Kirishima’s ear making the red head smile again.

“You bet!” he said confidently and crouched a little in preparation for the attack that was sure to come.

Seeing Izuku so comfortably fit on another alpha and even making another alpha smile made Bakugou lose all sense of control. Not that he had much in the beginning anyway. He launched himself forward aiming to explode Kirishima’s face. Kirishima reached out and grabbed the outstretched arm twisting it. At the same time Izuku released his quirk to its maximum capacity and range while Bakugou’s explosion released upward.

Izuku hid his face against the back of Kirishima’s neck as the huge explosion went off blasting through the floors of the building. The power behind it sent off a shockwave that the students in the observation room felt. Izuku was lucky Kirishima had such a defensive quirk otherwise they might not have survived that. On the upper floor with the weapon Uraraka used the rubble as weapons and jumped for the bomb.

“Time’s up!” All Might said through their ear buds.

Uraraka fell flat on her face back to the floor at the news. While Izuku and Kirishima felt their triumphant looks fall. Kirishima let Izuku slide off his back and when he turned around Izuku forgot about the heart-breaking defeat and instead tried to hold in a laugh. Kirishima’s quirk meant he wouldn’t get hurt from the explosions but it did nothing against the soot from the huge explosion they just experienced. Kirishima’s whole face was black from ash and dirt from the rubble. Kirishima frowned at Izuku’s reaction making Izuku unable to contain his laughter.  

“Why are you laughing?” Kirishima questioned still not noticing the state he was in.

“Your face!” Izuku laughed and panted eyes beginning to water from his own laughter. Except it was cut off when Bakugou pushed Kirishima to the side and grabbed Izuku by his shirt again instantly making Izuku sober up. He still held rage in his crimson eyes making Izuku alarmed.

“What the fuck was that Deku?!” Bakugou shouted in his face making the omega want to curl in on himself as the raging aura devoured him.

“Woah chill out Bakugou, your team won.” Kirishima said putting a hand on the blonde’s shoulder but Bakugou shrugged him off.

“K-Kacchan!” Izuku said realizing just how angry the blonde was. The fist that held the front of his shirt was shaking and he was seething, red eyes burning into him like brands.

“Don’t you fucking dare say a word.” Bakugou said his grip turning his knuckles white. Izuku’s mouth clicked shut like it always did. He simply hung there staring into angry red pools that threatened to burn him. Kirishima looked like he wanted to intervene but Izuku discretely waved him off. Instead he maintained eye contact with the alpha for another full minute before trying to talk again.

“Kacchan, lets go watch the others okay?” Izuku said quietly and calmly. Bakugou stared a moment longer before letting go of Izuku and turning away. When he did so he caught a familiar sweet scent and he turned back around so quick it might have given him whiplash if he wasn’t in Izuku’s quirk range.

“Deku.” Bakugou said lowly and Izuku looked at him alarmed. “Flowers are blooming.”

Izuku’s face paled as he recognized the phrase. They had come up with it long ago for when his scent was leaking through. He had sweated pretty hard through the exercise and Bakugou’s explosion had heated the area up. He had also unconsciously been trying to release his scent to calm the alpha making it stronger against what little of the blocker was left on him. He reached into his bag and felt the canister of blocker but didn’t want to bring it out because he knew they might still be on a screen display for the class.

“Is everything alright now?” Kirishima asked hesitantly from the doorway.

“We’re good now! I-I just need to go to the bathroom!” Izuku called not moving to the door. He didn’t want to get near the others least they pick up on his scent. Kirishima gave a concerned look between the two but saw that Bakugou had calmed down so he shrugged and left. Bakugou walked in front of Izuku as they exited the room too, he tried to pump out his musk to mask the slight scent coming off Izuku. Izuku ran into the bathroom before they met up with the others doing a quick reapply.

Kirishima was down the hall and ready to join his team mates when he noticed a strange scent that seemed to cling to him. It smelled sweet and he instinctively tried to find the source to no avail. However his search was suspended when Uraraka and Iida met up with him, both started laughing at his face like Izuku had. The smell was forgotten by the alpha.

Chapter Text

A much smaller Izuku sat in the corner of his little classroom doodling on paper to pass the time in his lonesome manner. His eyes tentatively looked over into Bakugou’s direction were he was playing with his usual followers. Izuku bit his lip wondering if it would be alright to invite the other boy over to see his drawings of the blond beating up some bad guys. He mumbled to himself over it.

Even though Bakugou no longer bullied him since the neck incident the blond still wasn’t what one would consider friendly. Yet the young alpha would even sometimes defend Izuku from others and would get pissy if Izuku left his line of sight for too long. Izuku’s child mind was very confused by these actions but he comforted himself with the thought that maybe this was a step towards friendship. Debating about friendships made him think of the only friend he had at the time. It had only been two weeks since his father disappeared to his job and had whisked Tomura away with him. Two weeks and Izuku was already getting lonely again.

Tomura hadn’t exactly been a very playful person except when it came to the small game boy he had been gifted. Most of the time Izuku simply played in front of him occasionally asking for the older boy’s input and getting a grunt in reply. They had watched video’s of all of Izuku’s favorite hero’s, especially All Might. Tomura always seemed so immersed in them, it was something of a shared interest between them. Those were the most fun times, sitting on the couch together with Tomura.

But now his friend was gone and he sat alone on the couch a lot. Sometimes his mom would join him and while he liked spending time with her it just wasn’t the same as having a friend. The cold attitude of Tomura was different from Bakugou’s constant boasting and commanding. But Izuku sensed a bond none the less with the other boy.

“What’s that smell?” a little beta girl near him asked to her companion who also lifted his head sniffing at the air. Izuku curiously sampled the air too but couldn’t really detect anything and his brow furrowed in confusion.

“Smells like…candy?” another kid piped up near him although it seemed to be posed as a question like they couldn’t quite place the scent. Izuku tried again to figure out what they were smelling but failed to pick out anything unnatural in the classroom. Yet a few students wondered around noses twitching and a bit of eagerness in their step to solve the mystery.

“Mmm, it smells good! Who is hiding the candy?” an excited girl said skipping closer to were Izuku sat in the corner. Suddenly Izuku stopped his observance of the others as the gradually neared his location. His mother’s warnings rang in his ears as he pieced together what was happening. It was the first time it had happened in the school. The air conditioning system had repairs being made to it leaving all the children a bit hotter than usual. The teacher had opened up all the windows in the classroom to attempt cooling the room. His sweat must be degrading the scent blocker.

His eyes snapped to the other side of the room where his small cubby held his backpack and at the very bottom of it was a portable can of scent blocker his mom said to use in emergencies. There was only one problem, there was a room full of sniffing alpha’s and beta’s between him and it. Izuku sat rigid under the window trying to make himself as small as possible and panic beginning to envelop him. His mind immediately brought up the image of his mother crying on the Bakugou’s floor again, if they found out his secret would his mom cry again?

His eyes became watery just at the thought of upsetting his mother. He desperately looked around trying to devise a plan in his head as slowly but surely kids gravitated towards him.

“What are you talking about?” Bakugou barked as the first girl wondered closer to his group. Izuku was just on the other side of them watching horrified.

“Don’t you smell that?” the girl asked taking a step back from Bakugou’s vicinity. At her question Bakugou tilted his head and scented the air his expression turned to confusion as he took in the scent. His followers were doing the same as Bakugou’s head turned to where Izuku sat, he had a good nose so tracking a scent was easy for him.

Crimson eyes locked onto watery green ones and understanding was quick to snap into his eyes but he kept his expression unchanged. His eyes lingered on Izuku’s for a moment longer watching him silently plead for help before turning back to the girl.

“Well duh, the flowers are blooming.” Bakugou said dismissively like the girl was stupid for not knowing. He turned and pointed at the window where sure enough the flower gardens lined up along the wall just beneath the windows. “Get your nose checked moron.”

The girl frowned at him and looked indignant but the growl he gave off at her ensured her quick retreat. The other kids had watched the exchange and quickly went back to their original distractions, all of them wanting to avoid looking like idiots for not being able to identify the scent. No one wanted to be an object of mockery, especially not with Bakugou.

Bakugou continued standing there glaring at any kid who wondered close to their corner of the classroom before turning back to his friends which were still looking around like they wanted to track the scent too. He was telling something to them inaudible from where Izuku sat hugging his knees and trying his best to remain unnoticed, not like it was very hard for him to do. With another barking command the young alpha seemed to have dispersed his group.

Once they were out of the area he turned again glaring down at Izuku as he marched over. For a second Izuku thought he was about to be kicked and squeezed tighter into himself. But Bakugou merely brushed up next to him standing to see out the window and seemingly ignoring Izuku, or at least that’s what it would look like to any kid watching them.

“Deku.” Bakugou growled lowly making Izuku gulp and glance fervently up at him. “This scent…its yours isn’t it?”

Izuku nodded silently and brushed away the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes. He was distracted by his own distress that he didn’t notice how much Bakugou was breathing in his scent, like it was oxygen he had been deprived of.

“I-I need to get my b-backpack Kacchan.” He pleaded with a strained voice. He was too scared to move, the slightest movement could spread the scent further into the classroom and get the attention of the teacher. Bakugou said nothing but simply breathed in some more before eventually nodding. He quickly pushed off the wall looking like he was bored of the window and made his way to the cubbies. Izuku watched him walk away suddenly thinking that he had just been left to fend for himself. Except to his surprise Bakugou trotted back with his bag in his hand. Izuku almost started crying again in relief but Bakugou held it up higher when Izuku went to reach for it. “Kacchan?”

“I’m not giving it to you for free stupid Deku.” Bakugou said smirking and looking down at him before his eyes slid to the paper Izuku had been drawing on. “Hand over your picture and I’ll let you have it.”

Izuku, frightened that the blond might actually with hold the blocker, immediately held out the paper for him while desperately eyeing the backpack. He had working on the picture all day but he knew this was by far more important. Bakugou dropped the backpack next to the smaller boy and snatched the paper out of his trembling hands.

Hidden behind Bakugou’s form he dug into the bag pulling out the small canister and spraying it on his neck where his mom had showed him to do it. He also sprayed over the scent glands along his wrists and gave a light spray to his clothes trying to get rid of as much as possible. He was so focused he didn’t notice the way Bakugou observed his picture with a smirk clearly liking his depiction as a hero.

The young alpha lifted the paper to his nose taking in the faint lingering scent of the omega. It was the first time he had ever actually smelled what Izuku was like. Calling it candy sweet seemed wrong this wasn’t sickening like some candies were, this was more like flowers and some weird mix of…spice? Whatever it was it was addicting.

“Thanks Kacchan.” Izuku said voice flooded with genuine gratitude as he smiled up at the alpha. He discretely placed the can back into its hide away and zipped his bag back up letting his head fall back against the wall in relief. Bakugou watched him for a little while longer, forgetting that he had been trying to look like he was ignoring the smaller boy.

“That’s what alpha’s do Deku. They have to deal with your stupidity stupid.” Bakugou growled turning to face the window again. It was more of a repeat of what his mother had been drilling him with since the meeting at their house.

“This is like what hero’s do Kacchan! You came to my rescue!” Izuku said beaming up at him finally shaking off the since of doom he had been in. Bakugou glanced at the expression from the corner of his eyes and felt a bit of heat on his cheeks which he firmly dismissed as the sun glaring on him from the window. His heart picked up its pace at the sight of that freckled face smiling at him. Weird.


Bakugou still felt his blood boiling while he stood listening to All Might’s and Ponytail’s explanation of the fight and why Iida was considered the best person in the exercise. Izuku had slipped back into the room during it and got scolded by All Might for the lack of control of the situation he had when dealing with the recovery of a dangerous weapon. Izuku muttered nervous apologies and then the creepy blonde alpha actually had the nerve to talk down to Bakugou about his lack of restraint within his own lair. Bakugou didn’t say anything and merely bared his teeth as they wrapped up the analysis for the first round.

Izuku came over to stand next to Bakugou who turned his head away ignoring the smaller boy’s presence. Or at least he tried to, it was hard to with Izuku’s quirk making him all too aware of the omega standing next to him. When he did finally glance over greens eyes stared right back at him and a small smile formed on Izuku’s face.

“Don’t worry Kacchan, I’ll be more aware next time.” Izuku said. Is that what Deku thought he was upset about? True he was a little concerned at the leaking of his scent but it wasn’t what was making him want to rip someone’s head off.  No, Bakugou was angry, angry that his own quirk had been used against him and his team. He was mad that Izuku had thought of the same plan that he had. He was furious that the omega had gone against him. Ironically they both couldn’t foresee winning without the other.

“Deku, never do that again.” Bakugou muttered quietly in a threatening voice so that only Izuku heard him in the semi crowded room. Izuku nodded and leaned into his side smiling at him with that punch-able cute face while being ignorant of what Bakugou was really saying.

Izuku turned his attention to the screen in front of the class and watched as matches ensued with his classmates. Bakugou paid attention too, watching for strengths and weaknesses. As he pinned them in his mind he heard them echoed at the same time from Izuku’s mutterings making him smile against his will. The alpha’s in this class were strong, but Bakugou was still confident he was leagues above them.

He glanced over at the fuzzy green omega next to him, Izuku was so enraptured in watching the fights. He always got excited when watching quirks at work. After Izuku had gotten his quirk and Bakugou had started to hang out with him in a more genuine manner the boy had insisted on watching recorded fights on the TV at his apartment. He vaguely remembered Izuku saying something about a friend that would watch it with him before that friend moved. Either way younger Bakugou had been forced as a kind of replacement to watch the clips with Izuku.

“Alright the last hero team up is young Todoroki and Shouji!” All Might called and then rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. Aizawa had to make his job harder by cruelly kicking out that kid on the first day of class. “And their opponents will be determined on a volunteer basis! This is the redemption round, anyone care to go again?”

A few hands shot up immediately, mostly those from the losing teams wanting a second chance to prove themselves after being defeated. Bakugou’s hand was up too, he had reached over and grabbed Izuku’s arm raising it with his own to Izuku’s surprise. But surprise turned to glee at the thought of finally being able to team up with his best friend. All Might glanced over the crowd of eager students once again feeling his eyes drift to the odd beta alpha pair standing off to the side. He remembered the day he first met them, how the aftermath looked like one of his own attacks. He was very curious to see what the pair could do together. But fairness came first before his curiosity.

“Midoriya and Kaminari! Ready up villains!” All Might said earning an enthusiastic shout from Kaminari while Bakugou immediately voiced protest to the situation.

“What the hell? Put me on Deku’s team!” Bakugou shouted residual anger already bubbling back to the surface as he was once again denied the chance to show off.

“I’m picking only those on losing teams, I did call it the redemption round.” All Might said reasonably. Bakugou practically snarled at him but Izuku placed a placating hand on his shoulder. Bakugou turned his furious gaze on him.

“We’ll show them next time ok Kacchan?” Izuku said smiling nervously at him with a slightly pleading look. He was begging Bakugou to let this go, and begrudgingly he did. He might be incredibly angry at the outcome but he knew when they entered this course that they couldn’t work together all the time. Besides he trusted Izuku’s judgement, if he was confident about the match then so was he.

All Might breathed a sigh of relief seeing Bakugou go from zero to a hundred and then seemingly back down to zero in the span of about a minute. The boy was as explosive as his quirk and he really didn’t want to deal with an aggressive alpha. It was clear the pair had a bond, All Might just wasn’t sure what kind of bond it was and if it was a mate bond he certainly didn’t want to have to deal with overprotective mates.

“Alright then! Let’s begin!” All Might boomed to the class. Izuku hurried away to the designated villain lair and looked around for his new partner. The goofy blond came bounding over to him beaming, he took no hesitance to come into Izuku’s quirk range and sparks already emanated from him.

“This is going to be awesome! You can heal right? That means I won’t have to hold back.” Kaminari said eagerly as they walked into the building to become acquainted with the hide out. Izuku had already catalogued Kaminari’s weakness from the previous fight. His outburst of electricity fried his brain and made him an easy target to get with the capture tape. But he was right, Izuku’s quirk should make recovery a lot faster after an electricity burst.

“Y-Yeah, but it might still take a minute for you to recover fully so try not to do too much damage.” Izuku said rubbing the back of his head as they made it into the room with the bomb. It was pretty big, an open target that was impossible to hide from sight it seemed. Kaminari frowned at Izuku’s warning but nodded in agreement.

“So what’s the plan?” Kaminari asked, he wasn’t really sure of how to go about this.

“Um, well I guess we just need to play defense. It would be bad to try and get into a fight with Shouji’s physical strength. I’m worried about Todoroki’s ice but I think with the boost to your power you would be able to ward off any of it. I’m not certain about how much Shouji’s quirk can do. It’s best to wait and let them come to us.” Izuku said. It wasn’t much of a strategy. “I can provide you back up from about this distance but you are going to be the hard hitter for the team. Think you can handle it?” Izuku asked walking a short distance away to show his range. When he turned back Kaminari was once again sparking.

“You can count on it!” Kaminari said smiling and hyped to try out the power buzzing around him from Izuku’s boost. That confidence spread to Izuku and felt it wouldn’t be that bad after all.

“Hero’s start!” All Might called through the microphone and Izuku turned to the doorway readying himself to dodge any attack that might come his way. They still may have a few minutes before the hero’s are able to locate them. Perhaps they could scoot the bomb along to shield behind a pillar or-

Suddenly ice coated everything including Izuku’s feet and gluing him to the spot. His eyes widened and he looked over at his partner who was in the same predicament. His teeth chattered on instinct and his breath came out in a cloud. Faintly, he could hear foot steps approaching.

Chapter Text

“Hurry up!” Izuku said a little frantically while Kaminari broke out of the ice with small burst of electricity. He had not expected this, such a powerful and useful attack. Izuku gulped at the thought of what Todoroki could do. Even without Izuku’s boost he had this kind of power.

“Here.” Kaminari said quickly coming over to him to release him as well. Along the way the blond had trouble moving along the ice, slipping every few steps. Izuku turned back to the door while Kaminari worked at his shoes. He could hear the approach of someone, he bet it was Todoroki. He briefly wondered where Shouji was at the moment but his thoughts were drawn away from the mystery as a figure appeared in the doorway.

Todoroki stood there with his left half frozen over making him look like some kind of half ice golem or something. It was frightening to see and made a thousand questions pop up into Izuku’s mind as to why the other boy would do that to himself. But he pushed it aside, right now they needed to focus on keeping the intruder away from the bomb.

“Kaminari!” Izuku said making the other boy look up to see they weren’t alone.

“What? How did he find us so fast?” Kaminari said straightening back up and readying himself to defend. Izuku wiggled his feet and finally dislodged himself taking a step back to let Kaminari radiate his electric field without worry of him getting caught in it.

Todoroki said nothing but a large wave of ice rose up coming towards the duo. Kaminari bent his knees and threw out an arm shooting off one of his medium level voltage attacks. Except that Izuku was concentrating his boosting field on him and the attack was made ten fold more powerful. Light flashed in the room followed by a loud rumble and the rooms temperature went up. Kaminari blinked at that looking at his own hand in shock and back at the completely negated wave of ice. He had literally just let off a bolt of lightning.

Izuku rubbed his eyes from the sudden flash blinding him for a moment. The loud sound hadn’t startled him, not after years with an explosive alpha at his side. He forced his eyes back open to keep his eyes locked on Kaminari’s back and the field focused. Todoroki hadn’t faired much better from the attack squinting and grimacing at the sound.

“Alright! Bring it Todoroki!” Kaminari said busting out of his shock and looking completely smug. Izuku hoped the blond could back up the challenge because Todoroki’s eyes narrowed at him. Izuku placed hands over his ears as the two started to go back and forth, Kaminari shooting off blinding and loud lightning and Todoroki constantly offering up ice. It was a stale mate, the dual colored boy was stuck in the doorway unable to move further in. If he tried to move lightning would lash out, obviously too fast for him to dodge.

While Todoroki’s expression remained as cold as his ice impatience crawled beneath his skin. This was getting ridiculous, he should have been able to finish this match within thirty seconds. His next course of action was decided. Shooting off another wave at Kaminari who laughed at it Todoroki discretely launched another attack aiming at Izuku standing behind and slightly to the side of Kaminari.

Izuku’s eyes were again assaulted by light from Kaminari’s quirk but before he closed his eyes he caught the sight of ice coming towards him slipping past Kaminari. He flung himself to the side to avoid the attack and unfortunately landed about an inch out of range to keep Kaminari under his quirks influence. Once Izuku left the range, Kaminari felt the full effects of using his electricity that he had been dolling out with reckless abandon. Todoroki didn’t give him a chance to pause and get back to his partner though. Another wave of ice shot towards him and effectively cut the two onto separate sides of the room. Todoroki was using the classic ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. Another relentless wave went flying towards Kaminari forcing him to release a concentrated full power attack at it barely stopping it.

Without Izuku’s back up Kaminari’s brain fried and a goofy look came on to his face. In his stupidity he took a step forward and immediately fell on his butt from the slippery ice. Horrified at the state of his partner Izuku got up and went towards him but was stopped in his tracks. A tall wall of ice reaching from floor to ceiling cut him off leaving him to stare at his reflection of fear in the glassy surface of the ice. Now he would have to fend for himself on that side with the bomb. He turned and faced Todoroki as the alpha began his advancement towards the bomb.

“Just stay out of the way.” Todoroki said the words coming out in clouds as the room temperature froze over again without Kaminari’s constant lightning. Izuku felt his own blood boil at the thought of sitting aside and admitting defeat. Being defeated was not an option since Kacchan was watching. Izuku steadied his stance and braced himself in front of the bomb. If he could get close to Todoroki he might be able to get him in a hold and restrain him.

During his time training with Bakugou the alpha had showed him a few ways with strange leverage that could keep an opponent of greater strength restrained. Izuku’s quirk hadn’t allowed him to really muscle up so it was very useful knowledge for him. Sharp green eyes surveyed the enemy approaching him, the other boys outfit didn’t really display his physical strength so Izuku would simply assume the worst and think Todoroki on the level of Bakugou’s strength. He almost wished he changed in the locker room, so he would have the opportunity to take in things like this.

“I can’t do that Todoroki.” Izuku said standing firmly despite the scent of alpha washing around him. Todoroki narrowed his eyes again stopping just out of Izuku’s quirk range. Realizing he had forgotten to reel it in he dragged the aura back to his body and again felt the uncomfortable suffocation of restraint. The alpha was frowning at him clearly uncomfortable with the idea of fighting with the obvious difference in strength. Izuku wondered why Todoroki was pausing, he should be fighting him right now. Unless…

Izuku shook the thought away. There was no way Todoroki sensed his omega nature, not with the recent coating of scent blocker he had applied. Still it was puzzling as to why the alpha was hesitant to fight him. Pushing any fear aside Izuku knew this would likely be his only time to take advantage of the situation.

Without warning he took the initiative and went forward making to throw a punch at Todoroki. The startled alpha instinctively reached an arm to block his attack and Izuku’s heart picked up its pace a little. It was going just as Bakugou had always told his it would go. Izuku’s arm veered off course and instead latched onto the blocking arm and used the rigid blocking arm to swing himself around the side of Todoroki. Todoroki jerked at the arm being held in an attempt to pull back away from him except the swing had brought Izuku behind the taller boy in a flash.

Izuku’s other arm wrapped easily around the alpha’s neck and he let go of the arm he had used as a pivot point to lock Todoroki in an awkward choke hold. Izuku was much shorter than him and it allowed him to bear his full weight against his throat praying the knock out would happen quickly.

In his shock Todoroki felt the skin contact he got from Izuku finally coming into contact with the quirk he had been trying to avoid. Izuku continued applying pressure while Todoroki attempted to wrench his arm off of him. Then he felt something odd, heat began to radiate on his arm. The ice coating fell of the other boy quickly and steam licked Izuku’s exposed arm exposing him to pain that quickly healed, Izuku still didn’t let go.

Todoroki felt the need for oxygen overriding his already weakening restraint on his quirk and his body reacted out of self-preservation. Flames burst out his bodies left half against his will and he watched the ugly reminder of who he was burn against his skin. Izuku yelped in pain letting Todoroki go and bringing his own burning arm away from the other boy cradling it to his chest. The pain was overwhelming, his arm had been severely burned even at the little exposure he had to the flames. He patted out the flames frantically while tears gathered in his eyes and rolled down his cheeks. It was already healing but the nerves were in over drive leaving the pain lingering on his skin.

Todoroki’s flames went out as soon as Izuku’s quirk left contact with his skin. He bent over panting to regain his breath. Bangs blocked out his expression of self-hatred at having lost control. It was Izuku’s whimper that snapped him out of the pit of despair he had been falling into. He turned back to the smaller boy shocked that Izuku had held onto him even when feeling the rising temperature. Despite the pain the smaller boy was in he stood remaining stand off-ish while his wounds healed against his chest. The determination in the other boy’s eyes made Todoroki’s skin crawl, Izuku was still going to attempt to fight him. A tense stare down ensued and Izuku’s arm finished healing signaling the start of Izuku’s next attack. Izuku stepped forward biting his lip and watching with caution and challenge-

“Hero team wins!” All Might’s call came through the head set surprising Izuku and Todoroki both. That couldn’t be right! They still had plenty of time! Izuku turned towards the bomb and was once again surprised to see Shouji standing next to it. How did he get there?

“Waiting outside isn’t a very heroic thing to do.” Shouji said when one of his arms turned into a mouth. “It’s a good thing I’m a climber huh?”

Izuku’s eyes snapped to a window nearby. Shouji had climbed all the way up to the fourth floor from the outside. Of course with his strength displayed in the quirk assessments it would be trivial, along with the multiple hands that would allow him to have good leverage with scaling the walls. Izuku cursed himself for not being more aware. It was their first time in combat training and he had failed, twice. He winced at the thought of how moody Bakugou would be after this. Tears sprang to his eyes again but this time they came from the thought of disappointing his friend.

“Are you okay?” Todoroki’s voice cut into his consciousness. He was side glancing to his wall of ice not looking directly at Izuku. Izuku quickly wiped the tears away and nodded noting that the atmosphere had become filled with an abnormal tension between him and Todoroki.

“Good.” Todoroki said nodding back but still not looking at the green boy. Izuku saw turmoil in the other’s eyes. The tension was broken when they heard Kaminari slip on the ice again on the other side of the wall. Todoroki reached out and placed a hand on the wall and the room heated up again melting the remainder of the ice in the room. Izuku walked over to Kaminari and finally released his aura back to its original range allowing the blond to recover quickly from his stupefied state. Todoroki kept a good distance from the quirk range and disappeared out of the building with Shouji.

“Whew man that was intense.” Kaminari said as he fully regained his cognitive abilities again. He looked over and noticed Izuku’s sad look as they walked out to rejoin the class. “Hey man don’t look so down. There will be plenty of more chances to kick butt. Besides did you see me in there? I’m a freaking god, call me Zeus! No wait call me Thor!”

“Shut the fuck up Pikachu.” Bakugou growled pushing the other alpha away from Izuku’s side as they entered the observation room.

“P-Pikachu?” Kaminari stuttered in disbelief as his bubble of confidence burst under the nick name.

“Ha! Pikachu that was awesome!” Kirishima said coming over and throwing an arm over the deflated blond cementing the nickname that would now forever haunt him through their school days. Kirishima pulled the alpha away while Bakugou turned to focus on Izuku. Feeling the weight of those crimson eyes made him want to fidget and the sense of shame came crashing onto his chest again.


“You did good Deku.” Bakugou said seriously making Izuku look up at him stunned. Bakugou was secretly raging under the surface at Pikachu for having not been more help to Izuku but he let none of it show.

“B-But I…lost. Again.” Izuku said putting his head back down upset at himself. Bakugou scoffed at that.

“Then I guess we’ll have to do more fucking training with your useless ass.” Bakugou growled with little bite to the words. In fact the thought of more training time with Bakugou made Izuku’s lips quirk up a little bit. The weight on his chest lifted a little and he looked back up at the alpha giving him a smile.

“Yeah I guess so.” Izuku said mood brightening already.


The double defeat still bothered Izuku for the rest of the day, disappointment kept at bay by Bakugou’s constant turning around to check on him usually with some complaint about his muttering. Every time he turned to Izuku though, Aizawa would reprimand him for classroom interruptions making the alpha bristle and Izuku chuckle. He was starting to brighten up completely by the time classes were drawing to a close. But there was one feeling that still had the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end. It was a strange sensation, the feeling of being watched. Only once during the last period did Izuku chance to look around to quell the odd paranoia he had.

He looked around the classroom before finding his eyes meeting heterochromatic ones behind him. Izuku was startled at having caught the alpha staring but the bell rang and Aizawa dismissed them. Todoroki broke contact to put his books away into his bag but to Izuku’s surprise the boy turned back to him keeping eye contact as he made his way to Izuku’s desk.

“Did you need something Todoroki?” Izuku said nervously breaking eye contact and scratching his cheek when the alpha stopped next to him.

“The fuck do you want half n’ half?” Bakugou growled standing up from his own seat and leaning into the space between the two other boys. He could still sense the sadness dripping off of Izuku and it rubbed him the wrong way all class. It had been a while since the omega had been this upset and Bakugou wasn’t about to let some scar faced weirdo make it worse.

“I need to talk to you, Midoriya.” Todoroki said simply staring down the other alpha that was clearly trying to push him out of the area. Bakugou was quite annoying and loud.

“Well spit it out. We have to get going soon and don’t have time to waste on extras like you.” Bakugou said showing a bit of pointed alpha teeth in warning.

“I said I needed to talk to Midoriya.” Todoroki said emphasizing Izuku’s name in a bit of a mocking manner at Bakugou making the blond bristle. Todoroki shifted his eyes back to Izuku who was sitting nervously watching the exchange. Bakugou snarled at that, not only had Todoroki just mocked him but now he seemed to be ignoring his presence.

“Whatever you have to say you can say it to us both asshole.” Bakugou said as he rounded the desk and stood almost chest to chest with the other alpha. To his annoyance Todoroki was a little taller than him so the other boy was literally looking down on him. Alpha pheromones pieced the air stuffing up the air around the trio and making a few of the closer students turn to them with concern. If a fight broke out in a room full of future hero’s it wouldn’t last long.

“Kacchan calm down.” Izuku said standing up too and putting a hand on his friend’s shoulder in an attempt to placate him. Bakugou shrugged off his hand and even put a palm against Izuku’s chest and pushed him backwards into his seat again forcefully. An involuntary squeak left Izuku’s lips when he fell back into the chair.

“Bakugou! Todoroki! I don’t know exactly what is going on over here but it is clear that you are both being antagonizing. This is unbecoming of students, especially those of UA!” Iida came marching over placing a hand against both the alpha’s chests and pushing them further apart to break up the atmosphere. The bespectacled alpha noted Izuku’s disheveled state as well. “Are you alright Midoriya?”

“He’s fucking fine. Come on Deku we’re leaving.” Bakugou said breaking the stare down he had been having with Todoroki and reaching down to wrench Izuku back to his feet again. Izuku frowned at the treatment of being pushed and pulled like a doll slowly getting fed up with the treatment from the alpha.

“Wait!” Izuku said pulling back against Bakugou’s hold and making Bakugou turn that glare on him. “Its probably important Kacchan. I want to hear him out.”

Bakugou paused looking him over in disbelief. He even looked like he was about to ignore Izuku’s wishes and simply drag the other boy out of the school except Iida stepped in again grasping Bakugou’s wrist that was holding Izuku.

“If Midoriya doesn’t want to leave yet Bakugou I suggest you let him finish his business.” Iida said bravely and calmly looking pointed back at the scarlet eyes. Bakugou looked ready to punch Four Eyes in his face except the heavy feeling of another ten alpha’s waiting to intervene deterred him. Reluctantly he slowly released Izuku’s wrist and Iida quickly let go of Bakugou’s wrist as well.

“Fine. Whatever. Don’t expect me to wait for your ass Deku.” Bakugou snapped shoving his hands in his pockets and storming off out of the room. Immediately Izuku felt a little guilty about this even though he knew he shouldn’t. Bakugou should be the one feeling guilty for being so assumptive. Yet his green eyes followed the blond’s form until he disappeared from sight.

“You okay Deku? That was a little scary.” Uraraka said creeping up beside him. The territorial pheromones still lingered in the air making the beta crawl with nerves.

“I’m fine.” Izuku said pushing aside the guilt he had and turned back to Todoroki. “What did you want to talk about?” he asked hesitantly.

“Follow me.” Todoroki said briefly flicking his eyes at the other two people near them. Clearly the alpha wanted to talk. Alone.

Chapter Text

Izuku fidgeted uncomfortably across from Todoroki feeling regret for agreeing to see the alpha alone. The intensity the other boy was giving off made him nervous, the alpha’s scent sudden feeling oppressive as they stood behind the school building. All the other students were leaving at the front of the school, it was unlikely they would be interrupted.

“What did you want to talk about?” Izuku asked unsure of how to break up the atmosphere. The other boy had been quiet for a few minutes simply staring at him while he gathered his thoughts.

“I don’t want you to ever use your quirk on me.” Todoroki said cutting to the chase quickly and making Izuku blink at the request. He immediately switched into apologetic mode.

“Of course! I mean if it makes you uncomfortable I’ll try to keep it away. Although I can’t really turn it off. Ah, but that’s no excuse I should be more aware of this! Oh but would it be okay if it was for healing in an emergency? You never know when things like that might happen…” Izuku said rambling on and asking about specifics. He wanted clear lines on what Todoroki would be comfortable with yet the other teen stood leaning against the school building with a stony expression. Izuku’s ramble eventually pattered out on its own until he shut his mouth taking in the troubled look the other boy had in his eyes.

“If you don’t mind me asking… Why?” Izuku asked tentatively and immediately received a cold look from the other making him shrink back. Every other student had been eager to be in his aura field. Izuku’s curiosity got the better of him in this moment, perhaps overstepping the invisible boundaries of politeness.

Todoroki noted the way the beta in front of him tried to distance himself and reeled in his temper. It wasn’t Izuku’s fault he had been cursed, and it was really his own responsibility to keep his fire in check and no one else’s. Something about those green inquisitive eyes loosened his tongue.

“I will not use this fire in combat.” Todoroki said lifting his left arm and staring down at it as if he wished it to be gone from existence. “Your quirk makes it… easy to unleash.”

This confused Izuku greatly. Why would Todoroki not want to use such a powerful quirk? With the opposing abilities his combat potential would be nearly unlimited. Looking at Todoroki’s face he took in the scar marring the skin around his blue eye. Did that have something to do with it? Had he been burned as a kid and was traumatized or something? Against his better judgement Izuku opened his mouth again.

“Todoroki, you shouldn’t be scared of using your own quirk.” Izuku said tone quiet and serious. Upon receiving another glare Izuku quickly tried to explain his thought process holding up his hands in a peacemaking gesture and looking to the side to avoid provoking the alpha. “I-I mean, if you are scared you might hurt someone with it you shouldn’t be. I know the only way to keep a quirk under control is to use it. So you shouldn’t avoid it, that will only make it harder to use if you ever do need it.”

Izuku’s words sparked painful memories in Todoroki’s mind of his own family life. Fire had tortured his mother and a little part of him was sickened and frightened to use that part of himself. And a greater part of him pushed it away as thoughts of his father smirking if he ever did start training with it again.

“You don’t understand what your talking about.” Todoroki said eyes narrowing at the beta. His mind was once again thrown to turmoil and his scent reflected that. Izuku had always been the type to want to help people, its why he wanted to become a hero. The pain showing on Todoroki’s face and shining through his scent made him determined to help his classmate.

“Then help me understand.” Izuku said imploringly and stepping forward in a show of confidence. Todoroki found himself being almost hypnotized by the emerald pools enveloping his sight. Why was this freckled beta able to quell his mind with a simple look? It was odd, because he felt the need to tell the other boy about the pain.

“This fire. It’s his quirk.” Todoroki said giving in to Izuku’s insistent and soft presence. Izuku connected the dots pretty quickly, after all quirks were hereditary in general. It was rare to gain completely new quirks like Izuku’s in a bloodline. “I won’t give him the satisfaction of seeing these flames again. Tell me Midoriya, have you heard of quirk marriages?”

Izuku nodded. He was intimately aware of the practice. It was commonplace at omega facilities to find alpha’s to bond with omega’s who had complimentary quirks and good public standing. Thinking of Todoroki’s father Endeavor from the times he had seen him on TV, the man would have been a perfect candidate for bonding programs.

“My mother was an omega and in every memory I have of her she always seemed to be crying. Including on the night where she poured boiling water of the left half of my face.” Todoroki said recounting the memories in such a calm tone.

Izuku balked at that. The thought of any family member hurting another tended to go against every instinct in their bodies. Izuku thought of his own mother and shivered to think about the state of mind a mother had to be in to do such a thing. But the Omega Protection Agency had to have noticed such mistreatment, right? As if reading his mind Todoroki’s words came out clipped.

“That bastard used her. I’m fairly sure he paid off any snooping OPA agents. I won’t use this curse he put upon me. I’ll reject him. I’ll surpass All Might without his power. I just need you to promise you won’t get in the way.” Todoroki said a winter storm brewing in his eyes. Izuku was left speechless for once at this reveal. He didn’t know what to say to this, Todoroki had revealed so much in only a few sentences. Izuku should try doing the same. Just say the words that could relieve suffering that his quirk couldn’t. But before he could open his mouth Todoroki leaned off the wall and turned to walk away.

“Just stay away from me. At least until I have the discipline to deal with this curse.” Todoroki called over his shoulder and left Izuku in the shadow of the school building trying to pull his mind together. Izuku bit his lip and cursed himself for the second time that day. How could he call himself a hero when he couldn’t even help the people that needed it the most? Clearly Todoroki needed help, Izuku just didn’t know exactly what to say to a situation so messed up. He would have to ask All Might for advice later for this.

Izuku sulked in on himself and kept his head down as he headed around the building to the school gates. All the other students had left by now and Izuku was happy for that. He probably looked pretty pathetic right now. His gaze wondered up from the ground to catch a figure leaning against the gate. The spiky blond hair told him who it was even if the crimson eyes didn’t. He felt a little flutter in his chest as he realized Bakugou had just waited for him and some of the bad feelings clinging to him fell away.

“Kacchan, you actually waited for me?” Izuku said running up to the other boy giving a weak smile to try and not portray how down in the dumps he actually was. Bakugou narrowed his eyes down at Izuku and said nothing for a moment. Then he grunted pushing off the wall and heading in the direction of home with no other words. Izuku’s mood dampened again as he realized Bakugou was still mad at him.

He gulped and followed along behind the alpha. It wasn’t until they were about half way home that Bakugou slowed his pace and they were walking side by side. Izuku felt immensely happy at that, it was the smallest sign of forgiveness from the other boy. They reached the intersection where Bakugou usually went his own way at this point.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Izuku said giving another smile at Bakugou before stepping forward to continue on his way. But the sound of foot steps behind made him turn his head and see Bakugou following him. He stopped a bit confused by this.

“I’m coming over.” Bakugou stated like it was an inarguable fact. Izuku tilted his head at his friend and then his face lit up. Bakugou really was trying to make up for the awkwardness between them!

“Alright!” Izuku said happily as the alpha fell into step with him again. He even brushed up against his side. Izuku was too distracted by his own thoughts that he didn’t spot the warning signs. The alpha next to him was agitated, not that that was new with Bakugou, he was always mad about something. And if he was a little hotter than usual that went unnoticed too because of the natural warm weather. And if Bakugou’s scent had picked up a really strange tint to it Izuku dismissed it from his mind as just being overloaded with alpha scents all day.

The walk to the apartment was pretty short and when Izuku unlocked the door he found the home empty. It worried him, his mother had picked up a job recently during the day while he was at school claiming she needed something productive to do. He didn’t want her to feel exhausted by something like that. Wasn’t that the reason his father was over seas working right now? Did they not have enough money? He mulled over these thoughts as he entered kicking off his shoes at the entrance.

The door slammed behind him snapping him from those thoughts and making him turn to give Bakugou a frown. The other boy glared at him as if daring him to try to reprimand the behavior, the alpha was in a really sour mood it seemed. Izuku decided to ignore the violation to the rules his mother put forth when Bakugou was over, Inko already was well acquainted with his temper.

“So should we watch some clips of non-offensive quirk heroes? I think there’s some archive footage of Aizawa in the school records I could pull up on my lap top.” Izuku suggested ignoring the odd look Bakugou was giving him. That’s why the alpha was here right? To give some pointers for fights since he was defeated twice today.

“Sounds good.” Bakugou said shortly and Izuku led the way to his room where they set up their usual hang out. Izuku placed a blanket across the floor ad set up his lap top for the video. He asked Bakugou to skim through and find a fight while he went to grab snacks.

Izuku’s quirk had him constantly expending energy, which meant he had to replenish it regularly. Which also meant he may or may not be a hog when it came to the snacks. He gathered an arm full of chip bags and made sure to grab one of the hot chips for Bakugou. Izuku didn’t favor spicy food but the blonde always seemed to love it. He made his way back into the room to find Bakugou already sprawled out across the blanket and loading a video.

“Did you find one?” Izuku asked as he plopped down next to his friend letting the bags drop in front of the screen. He shifted to lay of his stomach like Bakugou was doing and put his head in his hands. His eyes traced the slowly circling loading screen.

“Mmm.” Bakugou grunted next to him. The lack of communication was only making Izuku feel bad again.

“You know, Todoroki just told me to keep my distance from him.” Izuku said trying to get the blonde out of his moody temperament. Bakugou turned and growled a little at the mere mention of the other alpha. “I-I mean he just isn’t completely comfortable with it!”

Bakugou’s eyes narrowed in disbelief. Like hell anyone would be uncomfortable around the omega. The video finally came on at that point and Izuku awkwardly looked to the screen to avoid Bakugou’s accusatory glare. Instead he let himself get lost in the heroics playing before him. It was easy to lose himself in the analysis of movements and technique.

By the time the fight was coming to an end Izuku was buzzing with excitement. Aizawa was clearly more capable in a fight than Izuku had previously thought. He really needed the man to teach him combat training instead of All Might who could rely on his powerful quirk to get him out of situations. The Aizawa on screen made a move almost too fast to catch and the last villain went down. Izuku couldn’t hold his excitement any longer and pointed to the screen and turned to Bakugou to find out his friend’s opinion on if they could replicate that move.

“Kacchan did you see…” Izuku had started but let his voice die in his throat because suddenly his lips were sealed with Bakugou’s. Pure shock made his mind go blank and his jaw slacken letting his lips part just a little. The alpha took it as an invitation and Izuku felt the press of a tongue trying to invade his mouth. Regaining cognitive function again Izuku pulled back away from him, his entire face beet red as he stuttered his confusion from behind a hand held to his mouth.

“W-what are you doing Kacchan?” Izuku asked completely stupefied by the situation. This must be what it was like for Kaminari after he shot off electricity. Bakugou gave him his usual scowl like nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

“Shut up Deku, if you can’t fucking see what’s happening I’ll make it clearer for you.” Bakugou said invading Izuku’s space agilely, ending up practically on top of the other boy. Izuku had flipped over onto his back and used his hands to crawl backwards in an attempt to keep the space free and clear of the alpha. Bakugou’s scent wafted over to him again and suddenly everything clicked in his head as he connected it to the weird behavior.

“You’re in your first rut.” Izuku said realization sinking in almost as quickly as the alpha was advancing on him. The epiphany seemed to reach Bakugou because a flash of recognition came to his eyes but left in seconds. Seeing reason leaving the usually calculating blonde was the final kick Izuku needed to figure out that he needed to get out of there. Now.

He flipped over onto his knees and pushed off the ground scrambling to run for the door. But Bakugou was faster. Izuku had an arm outstretched for the door handle but yelped when Bakugou hit his back and strong arms locked around his midriff dragging them both back down to the ground. Izuku landed on his knees again and winced a little at the probable scraps he got on them, although they healed as fast as they formed.

Izuku twisted in the tight hold reaching to push at the spiky head currently laid on his back. The omega struggled pushing and trying to crawl forward but the hold tightened and Bakugou sat back on his feet dragging the smaller boy with him. Izuku clawed at the floor along the way desperate to find anything to grab onto to avoid getting closer to Bakugou but his efforts were futile. The arms around him shifted up a bit to accommodate the new position wrapping just under his arms and pressing his back against Bakugou’s chest.

Hot breath whispered over the crook of his neck and made Izuku’s whole body stiffen. His heart hammered in his ears and panic overrode his mind. He could feel how close Bakugou was to his scent gland. Flashes of Bakugou’s sharp smirk came to his mind though he didn’t dare turn to see if those teeth were coming to mark him. He licked his lips racking his brain for a way out of this, the licking did nothing since his mouth had run dry but his tongue did pick up the taste of Bakugou still lingering there.

Bakugou’s face shifted upward though, instead burying his nose into Izuku’s soft green hair. Izuku’s rational mind quickly shouted out why the alpha was focusing on that instead of his neck. Izuku still had scent blockers applied. In the instinctual state Bakugou was in he was seeking out the point that had the strongest scent. In this case the only point on his body that might exhibit it would be deeply lingering in his hair. Of course if this continued the alpha might find his way back to his neck.

Realizing this might be his only chance with the alpha distractedly nuzzling into his hair, Izuku reached for the one thing still in range that might be able to do some damage. Very slowly his hand grabbed the laptop closing it and sliding it further into his grasp. His slight shifting caused Bakugou to pause and growl behind him, the primal sound rumbled against Izuku’s back. Izuku held his breath and waited for the alpha to continue his nuzzling. The blond settled back quickly, his nose inching back down towards Izuku’s neck surely searching for the point to bury his teeth in.

Izuku acted quickly. His arm shot out and around awkwardly slamming the computer into the side of Bakugou’s face. Bakugou’s reaction was immediate. A snarl ripped out of the blond and one of the arms left Izuku’s chest to grab the makeshift weapon and wrench it from Izuku’s hand. Bakugou threw it at the wall effectively denting the dry wall and busting up the computer. Izuku didn’t have time to mourn the loss of it. Instead he pushed out of Bakugou’s single armed hold with all his might gaining freedom and hope for a few seconds.

Until a hand came down and a crushing grip on the back of his neck ensued. Automatically Izuku’s body seized up on instinct from the pressure being applied. Shock morphed into something far more painful and tears pricked at Izuku’s eyes. Bakugou had never done this to him since the one incident all those years ago when they were kids. It was a violation of trust and left the omega basically paralyzed in Bakugou’s grip.

“Kacchan don’t.”

Chapter Text

“Kacchan don’t.” Izuku said shakily. Tears slid from his eyes down his cheeks as he turned to his friend-turned-beast. His head seemed to be the only part of his body he had control of at the moment. At least it would be the only thing he could control until Bakugou let go of him. Hungry red eyes bore into his when he met the alpha’s gaze and Izuku blinked letting even more salty tears fall. With the look Bakugou was giving him it was clear he had no intention of letting go anytime soon.

When Izuku made eye contact with Bakugou and the desperation in his voice was heard something broke through the lustful haze that had fallen over Bakugou’s brain. The sight of tears from the omega always made him angry. But these tears were happening because of him. The thought was enough to bring back his rage and over ride whatever instincts were consuming him. Like hell he was going to be controlled, even if it was by his own body.

“Deku.” Bakugou said. It came out almost as a whine and the grip on Izuku’s neck slowly let go. He was currently sitting on top of the smaller boy, when had that happened? Bakugou was also highly aware of the hardness in his pants currently pressed to Izuku’s back. It felt shamefully good to have himself pressed against Izuku and there was no doubt that Izuku could feel him there.

Izuku’s eyes widened a little in pure relief as he felt the hold leave him and the glimmer of recognition return to Bakugou’s face. Bakugou was panting and looked flushed, Izuku could feel him against his lower back and his own cheeks heated up as he realized just what it was. Bakugou’s face showed a battle raging on inside himself as he tried to fight off the urge to continue. Izuku regained the use of his limbs slowly and moved very slightly testing his control. Only the tiniest friction it caused against Bakugou made the alpha whine and an involuntary roll of his hips against Izuku made him feel crazy.

“Fuck Deku I-“ Bakugou said gritting his teeth against the feeling of desperate need and was interrupted as the door to Izuku’s room swung open. Whatever semblance of self-control he had painstakingly reclaimed disappeared the moment someone had invaded his territory, especially with the omega still down and vulnerable. Bakugou let out another snarl and pressed one of his hands down between Izuku’s shoulder blades forcing him to lay flat while Bakugou focused on the intruder. The moment Bakugou looked up with wild eyes and a sparking palm metal slammed into the back of his head knocking him out cold.

“Izuku!” Inko said tears in her eyes as she reached down to help him get out from under the alpha. She dropped the frying pan she had used against Bakugou and instead wrapped her arms around her shaken son.

“Mom!” Izuku said returning her hug hurriedly and burying his face into her shirt like he was a child again. Inko provided a comforting support for him as she took Izuku out of the room. She knew his quirk would very well heal the alpha and make things more complicated, so she had to get him out of range. She also didn’t think he was in the state of mind to control it at this moment.

She took him to the living room and sat down on the couch. He still hadn’t let go of her, hiding his face in her shirt but Inko could feel the wetness of obvious tears seeping into the fabric. She ran a calming hand through Izuku’s hair and down his back trying to sooth the rattled omega. It took quite a few more minutes before he calmed down. Once he was breathing evenly and no longer clutching at her so much she allowed herself to get up and grab her phone. She made the call to Mitsuki explaining what had happened and that she needed to come pick up the unconscious alpha. When she hung up the phone Izuku finally spoke.

“Mom, he-he wasn’t himself.” Izuku said through sniffles. She gave her son a sympathetic look. As a beta she didn’t have to worry about cycling. She had dealt with Hisashi when he had been present at the home, she knew just how animalistic alphas could get.

“I know honey.” Inko said sitting back on the couch and letting him lean against her. Inko kept her eyes trained on the hallway and her ears strained for the slightest hint that Bakugou was getting up. In truth she was little worried about how hard she had hit the boy but she definitely didn’t want him to wake up anytime soon. Coming home to a crashing sound in her son’s room had put her on edge and for once she was glad about her worried nature that had convinced her to grab the frying pan.

She looked back to her soon to see that he was desperately trying to wipe away the tears that kept coming. Her heart broke to see him like this. She and Mitsuki should have discussed this more. They should have been prepared for this. Now Izuku had been exposed to Bakugou at the boy’s lowest point, something she had wished to spare him from until the day Izuku might become the explosive boy’s mate. It had always been her and Mitsuki’s presumption that the boys would eventually develop into that kind of relationship.

“I’m so sorry Izuku.” Inko said tilting her head to rest on top of her sons. Izuku put his face in his hands and let out a shaky breath. This day was the worst day ever.


Izuku rubbed his eyes as he walked to school. He felt incredibly tired because he hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep. Yesterday had been so stressful and yet his body had refused to let him rest. Or more specifically his mind. When he watched Bakugou get dragged out of the house by his parents he realized just how close of a call it had been. If his mother hadn’t shown up he feared what would have happened.

Izuku liked Bakugou. Ever since they were kids Bakugou had looked out for him and cared for him. It was almost a natural inclination that they would become a hero duo. And maybe even mates in the future. It wasn’t like they hadn’t thought about it, since Izuku had to keep his dynamic hidden Bakugou was the only one Izuku could even think of delving into that kind of thing with.

But yesterday had been eye opening. Izuku knew the alpha had been under his first rut, completely out of it from the doses of hormones flowing through his body but… He couldn’t rid himself of the feeling of helplessness that came over him when Bakugou had gripped his neck. It made him feel sick. Long ago Bakugou had promised to never do it again and now that oath was broken. Izuku desperately wanted to talk to Bakugou about this but at the same time didn’t know if he even wanted to see the other boy. He just needed time to think about this and thinking was the one thing his brain had been doing non-stop.

As it turns out he would have plenty of time to himself, Bakugou would be out for at least a week to deal with his rut. And Izuku was definitely not allowed anywhere near the blonds room, or maybe in the vicinity of the house during it. Mitsuki had been so apologetic yesterday, it was the first time Izuku had seen her with wet eyes since he was four.

He continued to replay the events over and over in his head as he made his way to the infirmary to meet with Recovery Girl. It was about an hour before school actually started and this was the time where he had sessions with All Might. Maybe the alpha and beta would be able to give him some advice on how to deal with this broken trust. He slid the door open and walked in to find the skeletal figure of the hero already sitting and waiting. This form still disturbed him greatly but with his help All Might would be able to take back the form that brought peace to the people.

“Good morning All Might.” Izuku said bowing and walking over to sit next to the man. He gave him a tentative smile as he shrugged off his bag and opened to grab some study materials to read while the hero soaked in his aura.

“Good morning young Midoriya.” All Might said as his form slowly grew under the quirks influence. All Might rubbed the back of his head and cleared his throat drawing Izuku’s attention from the papers he had in front of him. “I don’t mean to be nosy, but you look a bit worse for wear today Midoriya, and your quirk is a bit weaker too.”

Izuku nodded sighing, this was the perfect way to start the conversation he wanted to have and All Might seemed willing to listen right now. He bit his lip trying to figure out exactly how to word out the situation without revealing too much.

“I just didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. I was caught up in my head about something a friend did. If you don’t mind can I ask you… What would you do if a friend broke a promise and it ended up hurting you a lot?” Izuku asked hesitantly. There was much more context to the question than that but it was best to keep it simply at the roots. All Might paused to think for a second before nodding to himself.

“Hmm well, you say they hurt you? And that they are your friend?” All Might asked looking to see Izuku nod. “Then if they were truly your friend they probably were hurt as well when they hurt you. I’m sure they have their reasons for doing what ever it is they did and they didn’t honestly want to hurt you. As a hero you must consider what pressures a person faces when making decisions, it’s a valuable skill when facing villains but much more important when facing those you trust.”

“I-I see.” Izuku said tearing at the corner of the paper in his hand looking down at it.

“Of course, just because you understand why they did it doesn’t mean you should automatically forgive this person! Trust is something earned and when it is broken it takes time to repair. You should let them know how you feel but start over with the level of trust you place in them.” All Might added, Izuku seemed pretty upset so whatever it was that had made him that way was likely something important. Izuku paused in his nervous crumpling of paper to ponder the advice.

Could that really work? The thought of starting out fresh with Bakugou gave him a little comfort and yet hurt to think they would be forced to keep a personal distance until it was closed again. Izuku enjoyed the platonic cuddling he sometimes roped Bakugou into when they had sleep overs. Although Bakugou would never admit to doing something so cute. That Bakugou was different from the one that had been in his bedroom yesterday. They might stay a little aloof when Bakugou came out of his rut but this could be repaired. All Might was right, Bakugou probably regretted what happened as much as Izuku wished it didn’t happen.

The thought of Bakugou sharing in the hurt made Izuku feel better about the situation, as weird as that sounded in his head. Izuku slowly felt a weight lifting a bit from him, All Might had certainly helped him with this talk.


“Midoriya please quiet down.” Aizawa said from the front of the room without turning away from writing on the chalk board. Izuku immediately shut his mouth and blushed putting his head down. Usually Bakugou would warn him if his habit was acting up before it bothered anyone else. But the seat in front of him was empty.

Instead he went back to focusing on the class. They were going over historic trends in crime. Aizawa had written general facts on the board that Izuku quickly copied down.

Dynamic Stats

-45% Alpha population, 80% of crime committed

-45% Beta population, 20% of crime committed

-10% Omega population

“As you all know it is a hero’s job to fight crime. But a dynamic should not be the only thing to worry about when facing a villain. You should be on guard even if they are a beta.” Aizawa muttered unenthusiastically. Izuku paused at that and thought for a moment. There were numerous laws about omegas and dealing with a villain one might get tricky. He raised his hand timidly.

“What is it Midoriya?” Aizawa asked when he turned and spotted the hand.

“Um, what do we do if we find a villain omega?” Izuku asked and some students turned to give him surprised looks. In their mind they probably never thought an omega would do such a thing. Aizawa however nodded like it was a good question.

“Its good that you are asking about this. We should be reviewing Omega protection laws next week. If any of you encounter an omega in the field that shows hostility you are not allowed to engage them unless they are harming themselves or others. And even then you should avoid contact with them as much as possible. They are the OPA’s job not ours.” Aizawa said turning back to the board. “There are courses for heroes to learn how to handle omegas and you have to have a certification to engage them. Otherwise you can face serious charges.”

Izuku nodded figuring this was the case. Really if you weren’t a mate, family member, or certified handler it was illegal to even touch an omega. Long ago in omegas were once simply used in slavery, very much discriminated against. But history marched on and things flipped to the point were society had become over protective of the minority. Going from one extreme to the other.

The lesson continued until they were dismissed for lunch. Izuku felt a little lost without Bakugou there offering companionship. Although his heroic classmates helped fill the void all too readily. Uraraka and Iida flanked him where ever he went, happily taking advantage of the fact that they wouldn’t be driven away by the aggressive alpha.

No one questioned why Bakugou was absent. His mother had surely called to let the school know and with basically the entire class being alpha all of them understood too. And so Izuku strengthened his bonds with the friends around him and the days passed until the weeks end.