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Heroes Can Be Cute

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Inko placed the last plate into the drying rack and turned off the faucet. She sighed, tonight had been odd. Hisashi had come home with a young boy, she didn’t mind the surprise guest but she could just feel it. The alpha boy was related to his ‘job’, grey-blue hair and red eyes similar to young Bakugou’s. But what caused her concern was the many small wounds on his body and face. What made her apprehensive was the way he stood pretty much silently in the living room watching while Izuku pattered about playing with his action figures trying to get the older boy to join him.

“Come on Tomachan! You can even play as a hero if you want!” Izuku said running up to the other boy and offering an All Might figurine to him with a smile. The offer seemed to snap the boy out of his constant bored look. Instead he began to get a twisted smile on his face. Inko’s heart dropped at the sight of it while an oblivious Izuku smiled right back in a genuine fashion.

Tomura reached out and took the colorful plastic from Izuku in a four fingered hold. Izuku practically jumped for joy and went to grab another figure and play the villain for the boy. But when he turned back around Tomura no longer had the All Might figure. Instead dust fell from his hand and landed in a little cloud on the ground.

“Oh no!” Izuku squeaked in concern running back over to see there was nothing left of the figure. While he was pretty sad about it he was more worried about Tomura. “It’s okay Tomachan, accidents happen that’s what mom always says.”

His open forgiveness made the older boy frown. Mean while Inko reached under the sink and grabbed a dust pan and hand brush and rushed over to the mess her guest had made.

“Sorry mom!” Izuku said reaching to try and help her but she shooed him away. Izuku turned to Tomura, “You should say sorry too Tomachan.”

“Why? I wasn’t the one stupid enough to give a guest something important. It’s your fault for trusting a stranger.” Tomura muttered in a childish tone. It surprised Inko that he was less mature than her son but Izuku had always been a little more aware of people.

“That’s mean to call me stupid Tomachan. You almost sound like Kacchan…” Izuku murmured off and then shook his head setting determined eyes on the other boy. “But I trust you Tomachan, you're my friend!”

Tomura snorted at the small boy and walked over to sit on the couch waiting for Hisashi to return and take him back to head quarters. He was really annoyed that Hisashi had taken him here, claiming he needed some good food and not the shit he tended to have. What really riled him up was the fact that these two betas were so clueless. At least Hisashi’s son was. Normally he would have tried to disintegrate such an irritating child but the thought of backlash from Hisashi made him pause at any action against the boy.

Inko finished cleaning up and looked back at Tomura fear in her eyes clearly. It made Tomura tingle a little, to see such an expression on an adult. It made him feel powerful. Except the feeling was quickly ruined as he felt a small dip in the couch next to him. Izuku had climbed up next to him sitting so close Tomura needed to simply move his hand an inch to turn the boy’s knee to dust.

“Do you wanna watch the news? I bet All Might is out there right now saving the day!” Izuku said stars in his eyes as he bounced slightly on the cushions. Tomura rolled his eyes and scratched at his neck in barely held in want to reach over and silence the annoying boy.

“What’s with your obsession with heroes huh? Got a thing for watching strong alphas?” Tomura asked looking at the black screen on the TV. Inko made a sound of indignation from behind him somewhere making him smirk. Izuku was confused about the statement but answered him anyways, too young to read the context of Tomura’s question.

“I do like watching strong people. I want to be like them one day! I’ll be a hero too Tomachan!” Izuku said merrily oblivious to the look Tomura was giving him. Tomura had stopped scratching his neck. He had one hand hovering over the boy’s leg and it was only when he looked back at the TV that he stopped.

In the reflection he could see Hisashi in the entry way to the home watching him with empty eyes. A clear threat should he try anything. It took everything Tomura had to curl his hand into a fist and place it back in his lap. So instead he would try to hurt Izuku verbally.

“Like a quirkless beta has a chance to be a hero.” Tomura said still watching the reflection to see if Hisashi had any objections to verbal assaults. Hisashi broke eye contact with him and moved to go whisper with Inko, this gave him silent permission. “Heroes are useless anyway Midoriya.”

He used the formal last name to signal that he didn’t share Izuku’s friendly attitude. When he looked down at the boy next to him Izuku’s eyes were watery and his lip was quivering. To his surprise he actually felt the smallest pang in his chest. What was that feeling? He scrunched his nose confused at the sensation.

“Heroes do what they can for people. I am going to help people the best that I can Tomachan. Even people who hurt me.” Izuku said through tears. He seemed to choke on the words and he slowly got off the couch disappearing into the kitchen. Tomura watched as he left, he felt relieved to finally be rid of the boy.

Izuku walked into the kitchen in tears, Inko immediately came to him hushing him and comforting him. But he shrugged her off and headed to a cabinet that he could reach. Hisashi leaned against the wall watching his son silently. Izuku apparently found what he was looking for and slowly staggered back to the living room. Upon hearing the small footsteps approaching again Tomura let off a growl.

He leaned his head against his hand, arm bent on the arm of the chair supporting his head. He looked down as Izuku rounded the corner to face him. In his small hands was a red and white box, Tomura continued to glare at him while Izuku worked on opening it. Izuku pulled out a band aid and stripped it of its back covering. Despite the warning growl and the glare Izuku came forward pushing between Tomura’s legs and climbed up startling Tomura. He quickly placed the band aid onto his neck before retreating off the couch out of Tomura’s range.

Tomura was baffled and reached up to feel the new bandage. He pulled his hand away to see a bit of crimson on it. Apparently in his agitation he had dug too deep into his own neck. Tomura didn’t really feel the pain anymore he hadn’t even noticed the wound. He looked back up to Izuku who was standing there still crying. How annoying.


Inko watched the display as her son cared for the brat on her couch. She turned an angry gaze onto Hisashi, mad that the man didn’t speak up and tell the boy to be nicer to their son. He met her gaze uncaring at her obvious anger.

“With the way you treat this family you're lucky I don’t tell the cops every time you walk through this door.” Inko said letting it slip because of her motherly fury at seeing her sweet son upset in their own home. She immediately bit her tongue realizing just what she had said. Hisashi’s eyes turned darker and he stepped forward leaning in to whisper to her. His breath smelled like smoke, whether it was his cigarettes or quirk Inko didn’t know.

“Say a word to the cops or heroes about me and I’ll spill it about Izuku. Do you want to be separated from him? Hmm?” Hisashi said cutting to the core of her fears quicker than anyone ever could. She shook biting her bottom lip and feeling tears prick the corner of her eyes while the alpha pheromones made her want to submit.

“You would never do that.” Inko said despite the cold look in Hisashi’s eyes that said he would.

“How fast do you think they’d seize him? A quirkless omega. Oh how the Omega Protection Agency would jump at the chance. They’d put him in the omegan housing facility for the rest of his life until some alpha claimed him. And you? For hiding it from the registries? We would basically be cell mates my love.” Hisashi said watching as the tears finally broke from her eyes sliding down her cheeks. Why did she look beautiful even when upset? He gave her a quick peck on the lips before standing up straight again and looking to the living room.

“Tomura, lets go. Kurogiri should be here by now.” Hisashi said turning around and walking to the door leaving a shaking Inko in the kitchen. Tomura immediately jumped to his feet happy to be leaving this mess of a place. He glanced back a final time to see Izuku looking at him through tears. That stupid pang hit him again and travelled to his tongue before he could control it.

“Cya later Izu-chan.” Tomura said nonchalantly and walked out of the apartment with Hisashi, quickly being enveloped by a waiting purple mist. Izuku’s crying paused at that and he watched Tomura retreat dumbfounded. Then a small shaky smile came back to his face. Maybe they really were friends.