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Uruk's Providence

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Gulnaz the Dreamer had seen this coming, for the most part. She was creeping stealthily through the undergrowth, the rest of her pack following close behind. Their objective lay head of them; a supply cache, guarded by only a handful of Uruk soldiers, none of which looked like they would get out of this unscathed. Gulnaz bit her lip as she stifled an excited laugh, whispering to the others: “See, lads, this is why you put sentries on the perimeter!”

That was when something had happened which her prophetic dreams had not foretold; an ambush. Normally, Gulnaz would have been able to deal with this; it happened more often than not. But it was exactly who had ambushed her that caught her entirely off-guard. “Hey!” Boomed Ar-Benu, a monstrous Olog with blue skin and a multitude of battle scars. “Gulnaz! So good to see you again, my sweet!”

Growling fiercely, Gulnaz concealed her fear and drew her sword, preparing to finish off the living wall of muscle. Finally, she would slash him to ribbons and cut that one remaining rope tying her to her past. Before she could pounce, however, what should catch the Mystic assassin unawares, but a human whose name inspired fear and awe among all in Mordor? The Gravewalker himself, Talion, sprang down from a nearby ledge, right in front of her.

In an instant, Gulnaz’ previous goals were forgotten. Only one clear aim entered her battle-crazed mind: Kill the Gravewalker! Their blades clashed and the Uruk growled furiously at her foe. “Tark! Try as you might, you will never best the Uruk army! Nor will you best me! Your days are numbered!”

The man raised his hand, which began to glow as if engulfed by a blue flame. For the first time, he spoke, uttering three terrifying words: “Suffer me now!” Gulnaz tried to scream, but no sound came from her mouth as she gaped in horror, wide eyed and unable to attack the ghostly figure towering over her. She was completely frozen, the glowing hand of Celebrimbor still pressed hard against the side of her head…

She seemed to black out for a moment. Her mind went completely blank. And then she could see again. A kind, benevolent figure stood before her, glowing with a heavenly blue light. “I add you to my ranks,” he said, his voice radiating honour and respect. Gulnaz was filled with loyalty and determination. Kneeling before her new master, she spoke, somehow already knowing who he was. “I will serve you, Bright Lord,” As the Uruk spoke, the glowing blue imprint of a hand was still visible on her cheek.