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「Various Anime Boys Seven Minutes in Heaven」

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    The room was overcrowded, the only thing heard was chatter and arguing going on among the crowd. The group of males was too busy talking to each other which caused them to fail to notice the group of nervous and shy females sitting in the back. They were all brought together by some mysterious force, a force that was soon to be revealed.

    "Alright!" a pink haired guy jumped up and shouted. "Does anyone know why the hell we're here? No? Really? If I don't start getting answers soon, I'm going to make this place extra crispy."

    "Shut up, Natsu," a dark haired boy commented from farther away. "You're such an idiot."

    "You wanna fight, Gray?" Natsu challenged.

    On the other side of the room, another guy spoke up. He was sitting in an odd position with his legs pulled up to his chest.

    "I think I may have to agree with the annoying one under these circumstances," he said, his voice slow and careful. "This is a rather odd situation that we've found ourselves in so I believe it is in our best interests to find out just who brought us here in the first place."

    "How do you propose we do that, L?" a brown haired guy said to him. The brown haired guy seemed to have a kind face, but his eyes held a certain gleam to them- an almost murderous look. He looked at everyone else almost as if he was picking out his next victim.

    "Interview the others. Do you agree, Light?"

    "Hold up a second!" another guy shouted. He definitely looked different from the rest with his long, blonde hair tied into a braid and a mechanical arm and leg that replaced his lack of real limbs. "We don't have any idea why we're here either, don't try to take over and interview us!"

    "Ed's right!" a suit of armor called out. For his size, you'd think he'd be more menacing but his voice was a child's.

    "So you propose we just let our confusion continue until this breaks into utter chaos?" L asked.

    "This is already pretty chaotic if you haven't noticed," Gray said.

    More argument broke out among the guys, it was only a miracle that no one got too physical. Finally bored with their arguing, the mysterious force decided to unveil herself.

    "You guys have been here for less than twenty minutes and all you've done was argue," a girl said. She had appeared in the middle of the room out of nowhere, shocking all of the fighting guys into silence. She looked even odder than most of the people there with her short, purple hair.

    "Who are you now?" one guy asked a little rudely.

    "Oh, come on Maou," the purple haired girl said. "You may be Satan but I know you still have a nice side."

    His look of confusion was soon replaced by one of astonishment.

    "How do you know that?"

    "Because I'm the one who brought you all here in the first place," the girl replied like it was obvious.

    A thousand questions started being launched at her at once by everyone in the room. Ignoring them, she waited until the noise started to die down.

    "I'll start from the beginning. My name is Fate, and I brought you all here so we can all play a little game."

    "I don't want to play another game against my will. Find someone else," a guy standing in the corner told her.

    "Sorry, Kirito," Fate replied. "But this for the best. The seventeen of you were destined to meet at some point like this. The one that was most bound to happen was that all of you would be killed. I didn't want to see all of my favorite guys die like that so I changed your fates so that you'll meet like this."

    "Is that even possible?" another guy asked.

    "Of course it is, Rin. I am Fate after all."

    "So what do we have to do?" a guy with black hair with three white stripes in it asked.

    "Ah, thank you, Kid, for asking! You just need to play a little game with those girls sitting in the back. According to my sources, they're all your biggest fans. Don't you want to give them the honor of playing a game with you?"

    Fate motioned to the girls sitting in the back. When everyone else looked back there, the first thing they saw was a blonde haired boy flirting and trying to seduce them, leaving many of them looking nervous.

    "Tamaki, stop being creepy!" Fate told him.

    "I'm creepy?!" he exclaimed before sniveling to himself as he sat in a corner.

    "Hahaha! He's so defensive," Edward chuckled.

    "Look who's talking, shorty," Fate said.

    "I'M NOT SHORT!" he exploded before sitting in the corner next to Tamaki.

    "Now that that's out of the way, I'll continue on," Fate said. "Anyway, the game you'll be playing with the girls is Seven Minutes in Heaven. Keep it PG-13 though, almost none of you are legal yet. But as long as it's PG-13, anything goes."

    "This is so not cool," a white-haired guy muttered.

    "Oh really, Soul? I think it's cool, and what I say goes. You don't have to do it if you don't think you're cool enough," she challenged.

    "Heh, I'm the coolest one in this room. I'll prove it."

    "Any questions?" Fate asked.

    Silence immersed the room for a while, no one daring to speak up. At last, someone finally did. The suit of armor, Al, was the only one who dared to ask.

    "S-so we'll be stuck in a room with a girl?" he asked, blushing.

    "Yup," Fate answered. "For seven minutes."

    "This sounds like fun," another dark haired guy said in a creepy way.

    "You're just as creepy as Tamaki, Yato," Fate told him.

    The blond-haired boy standing next to Yato smiled after Fate said that to him, making it the first smile that had appeared on the boy's face all night.

    "I think I'm starting to like her," he said quietly.

    "And Yukine, you're just so adorable!" Fate cooed as she pinched his cheeks.

    Pulling away from the purple haired girl, Yukine muttered a quick, "Never mind."

    Fate turned her head and noticed another person with purple hair like herself. He was too busy staring at his laptop screen to notice that she was looking at him.

    "Urushihara- or should I call you Lucifer? Anyway, I may like your hair but that doesn't mean you can ignore me," she told him. Several moments of silence went by until he looked up, completely unaware that he was being spoken to.

    "Huh?" he asked.

    "Okay, no more laptop for you," Fate said as she closed his laptop despite his complaints. "To everyone else, you guys understand what will be done after I leave, right?"

    Everyone nodded their head except for one boy who dared to speak out.

    "I don't particularly care for this 'game'. Sebastian, take me home. I'm awfully tired from conversing with these people," the boy said to his butler.

    "I'm sorry, young master," Sebastian said. "I'm afraid that this isn't something that we can so easily escape. We must play the game as said, only then will we be allowed to go home."

    "Exactly!" Fate chirped. "Now that you all understand, I'll be going now."

    She crossed over to the center of the room and looked at everyone one last time. Before she left, she had one last thing to say.

    "Oh, and Gray? Your clothes are missing."

    "Dammit!" Gray screamed after he looked down to see himself in only his underwear.

    Let the games begin.