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NSFW Drabbles: Doctor Who

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He lies beside Jamie, both of them naked except for their socks. They kiss, hands rubbing up each other’s backs, warm bodies pressed close together. The Doctor isn’t the only one with an erection, his groin throbbing with every kiss from Jamie and the feeling of his partner pressed up against him.

“Jamie…” he whispers breathlessly, running a hand down Jamie’s chest. They have never gone further than kissing; this is the first time he has seen Jamie naked. And he can’t be the only one who wants this. “Would you like to…?”

Jamie looks at him, his face sweaty. He smiles. “Aye, I would. We should shag.”

“Jamie!” the Doctor says, laughing. “How uncouth!”

“You love it, though,” Jamie says, kissing the Doctor’s nose. “But, seriously, do you?”

The Doctor nods. “I would love to.”

And then everything starts to happen so quickly. Jamie shuffles until he is laying on the Doctor, and leans down to kiss him as he grinds against him, his erection moving against his own in such a way that the Doctor gasps, his head falling back against the pillows.

“Like that?” Jamie asks, grunting slightly as he grinds against the Doctor, their bodies so close the Doctor can feel Jamie’s heartbeat.

“I… I love it,” the Doctor moans.

Reflexively, he bucks his hips, thrusting up against Jamie’s groin. Jamie moans and moves faster, the friction so amazing that the Doctor’s hearts are pounding, barely able to breathe.

Jamie comes first, letting out a strangled noise that he fails to suppress. It turns out that it takes Time Lords far longer to ejaculate than most humans, but that doesn’t matter. Jamie continues to grind their hips together, slowly this time, until the Doctor climaxes too.

And he leans up and kisses him. “Thank you, Jamie.”