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Green with envy.

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A small slit of the rising sun peeked from behind the gaps of my curtains, shining perfectly right across my face. Groaning in response and tightening my eyes, I mumbled incoherently under my breath while adjusting away from the stinging sunlight. It felt like the entire world shook me as what felt like muffled vibrations came from under the pillow. Groaning even louder, I placed my hands up to my face and swore loudly. I stuck my hand under the pillow and pulled out my phone while squinting my bleary eyes, attempting to fight the bright light.

7:04. Missed alarms: 8

I sprang upright, panicking and literally jumping out of bed to yank the curtains open. I peeked at the street beside my house-- It was filled with people wearing the familiar uniform, already on their way to a mutual destination. Something else caught my attention from the building opposite mine; a familiar girl waving and jumping with her messy hair bobbing about. She had the same terrified expression as mine and was pointing frantically at her phone just as I felt my own vibrated in my hands.

S: We're so dead, I'll see you outside in 15!

I squinted my eyes at the girl across, she gave me a sheepish smile before running out of view.


"Wait up!" An energetic voice called out from behind me as I walked out the house gate. It was quickly followed by rapid footsteps and I felt arms clamp around my waist. 

"Sayori, we're already late!" I said irritably with a mouth full of hastily made breakfast while trying to pry her arms off.

"You're not supposed to talk with your mouth full," Sayori joked, reaching up and poking at my cheeks. "Plus, you were the one who was supposed to wake me up!" I sighed heavily and glanced down at the girl beaming up at me-- she is my best friend of many years and in typical fashion she was late. Not that I had much to say, I was late just like her but that suddenly meant I was responsible.

She was still wearing a huge smile, a huge contrast to my panicky expression. Her blazer was unbuttoned and her collar crooked, the uniform-issued ribbon hung loosely around it. This achieved displaying her happy-go-lucky attitude even more. Some of her bed hair still showed beneath a familiar cute red bow tied to either hide or complement her unkempt hair, this was quickly becoming a signature for her.

Her toothy grin made me relax a little and I ruffled her messy hair even further.

"Hey!" Sayori pushed my hand away, she then pouted and sighed. "I still can't believe our holidays are over."

"Pfft, all you did was hang out at my house and called it a vacation." I rolled my eyes at her.

"It was a well-spent, end-of-year getaway." She recited longingly, "Hey wait, this is your third year isn't it?" She mentioned suddenly, having a realization.


"That means now you have to join a club!" The corner of her lips curled into a mischievous smile.

New year blues was still settling in and I didn't give my current year any thought. I ran my hand through my hair, "Why do I have the feeling you were waiting for this exact opportunity.." I said exasperatedly. "I still don't have any clubs in mind anyways." I added pointedly.

"That's perfect! I already assumed you were too lazy to even find one." Sayori sneered.

"Hey!" Shooting her an offended look. "Well, I'm not looking for any club you're in either."

"Meanie!" She reached up and tried to smack my head, her height clearly not an advantage. "Okay guess what; you owe me." She gave up and jabbed a finger at my side.


"For starters, it was your fault that I'm late- on the first day." She shrugged with the most smug look on her face. I opened my mouth to retaliate but she cupped her ears with her hands and started humming loudly.

We continued jabbing at each other the entire way to school. Sayori had a point however, clubs are now compulsory for third-years. And while I just avoiding giving her a straight answer, I really was telling the truth; I had no club in mind. I thought over the possible clubs Sayori could think of-- The Anime Club? Student Council? Maybe a club that involved challenging each other on who could sleep the longest?

"Alright, if you can be bothered enough to stay back after school for me" I leaned in and crossed my arms, "I'll see what you have in mind."

"That's unfair!" She gasped, "You finish way later than I do!" Sayori pouted.

"Take it or leave it." I said smugly, basking in my revenge.

"Ugh, Fine." She sulked at my back. At the end of the day, I still had to find a club. And what she said was true, I was too lazy to find one myself. Besides, if even Sayori could survive in this club of hers, what's the worst that could happen?


The last bell rang. I sighed in relief and started shoving my books into the bag haphazardly, eyeing my classmates exiting the room. I stood up and made my way to the door, only thing on my mind was to continue my slumber which was rudely interrupted this morning. The sliding door barely made it all the way to the end when a familiar girl jumped up at me, "You're finally finished!" Sayori hopped to her feet and immediately clung onto my arm. Her excited squeals made a few heads turn.

"I didn't expect you to literally wait outside the classroom!" I hissed at her while attempting to hold her down before she climbed up all over me.

"I got bored." Her fingers began to fidget, "And a little hungry." She softly added under her breath.

I sighed and reached into my bag for the chocolate bun I bought during my break. Sayori's face lit up when I handed it over to her. Not wasting any time she ripped it open and started munching.

"So, what's your plan?" I asked, watching her wolf down the one bun.

"Oh, It's a surprise!" She answered with her mouth still chewing, her eyes glinted at the mention of her plan. "They must be already waiting for us!"

"You already said I was coming?" Raising an eyebrow and giving her a glare.

She shrugged and gave another sheepish smile. I continued my glare at her, this meant that they were going to be expecting me. I had no idea what Sayori told them but I had to be ready. I sighed and pursed my lips. In this case, rejecting whatever her idea was will not be so simple. I sighed and ruffled her hair, I would be letting her down if I said no anyways.