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Being in a polyamorous relationship with eight, sometimes nine other people meant that there was always someone there for you.  When you were struggling you didn’t have to worry that you were all alone with it. Because even if more than half of the others are two that still leaves at least three other people who can be there to catch you.

I love them. I love them with everything I have.  They are my best friends as well as my lovers and each of them gives me something unique that I couldn’t get from any of the others.

This isn’t a story about that though.  This story is just a filthy brag about the most sex I ever had in one single day.  So brace yourself.  It’s going to get wild.

It started a little dark to be honest.  Steve had sent Bucky, Nat, Wanda, and Sam out on a mission.  It was supposed to be simple but they’d ended up getting bailed up in an apartment while Tony, Vision and my friend Clarke were trying to crack into some facility and Steve and Jax, Clarke’s boyfriend and the head of the tower’s psych department was going through known individuals in the facility and profiling them.

The ones that were away, were fine. We were in contact with them.  I was texting them regularly.  There was just a weird vibe in the air.  They were bored and stressed.  The stress levels in the tower were high.  It wasn’t supposed to go down like this.  Clint, Bruce and I felt helpless.  There was nothing in our skill set that could help in this situation and feeling helpless was getting to us.

Bruce and I had been in the lab, but something about being away from everyone else was making us restless.  We went to the command room, to see Tony and Clarke on the ground going through code, holographic screens surrounding them while Vision worked on a screen off to the side.  Steve and Jax stood at a panel of computers moving around each other fluidly as they went through files.

I looked at the people in the room and then at Bruce feeling completely helpless.  Clint suddenly jumped down from a perch above us.  “That’s why I’ve been up there.  Just in the way.”  He said.

I jumped and punched him.  “What the fuck!  You scared the shit out of me.”

“I’m a spy.  What kind of warning do you need?”  He teased.

I shrugged.  “I don’t know, any kind of advanced warning from my potential murderer would be nice.”

“What a spoilsport.”  He whined.

“Well, I guess I’ll be dead and won’t really know,”  I replied.  “So what should we do then?  What’s happening?”

“Every once in awhile, that one shakes her head. He curses.”  Clint said, pointing to Clarke and then Tony.   “Those two are getting all beautiful mind, and they should just get a room already.”  He added pointing to Jax and Steve.

“Aww… my friends and family are all getting along.  I love it.”  I said, looking at them.  “So I guess we’re not good for much then.”

“I can think of a few things we’re good for,”  Clint said quirking an eyebrow at me.

I looked at him deadpan.  “You’re okay, I guess.”

Clint hissed.  “Oh, you did not just say that.  We’ve got a lesson for you to learn.”

“Is that all it takes.”  I teased.

“We’re men, sweetheart.  All you have to do is,”  He tapped the inside of my thigh and ran his finger up to my hip.  “And then it’s on.”

“Well, I guess being easy is good when you’re also mediocre.”  I taunted even though my whole body was prickling.

“What did you just call me?  I don’t recall you ever having any complaints.”  Clint said, stepping a little closer.

I laughed.  “You know I’m just messing with you.  You’re more than competent, Clint.”  I said mimicking the touch on his inner thigh and dragging my fingers slowly up, skirting past his cock.

“Now, that’s just rude.  Don’t use the button unless you intend to follow through.”  Clint whined.

I shrugged.  “You started it, Clint.  Don’t blame me.”

“Follow through. We gotta work on the follow through. Because I’d pin you down on my perch, and fuck you right there. But I don’t think you’d appreciate that in front of your friends.”  He complained.

I looked him dead in the eye and ran my tongue over my bottom lip.  “Wouldn’t I?”

Clint looked around the room and then at Bruce. “Is this happening?”  

Bruce held his hands up. “Don’t look at me?  This is between you two.”  He said and moved away from us going to sit near Tony and Clarke.

I took another step closer to Clint and wrapped my arms around his neck.  “Steve’s right over there.  He’s not my boss, but he is yours.  How much trouble you willing to get into, Clint?”  I whispered, nibbling at his earlobe.

He looked over his shoulder and back at me.  His hands ran down my back and teased over my ass.  “How quiet do you think you can be, princess?”

“Pretty quiet if you don’t mind being bitten,”  I whispered.

“Well, those bruises can just go with the others.”  He said and slipped his hands into my pants.  His index finger ran in tight circles over my clit.

I gasped.  “Fuck, Clint.  Right here in front of everyone?  Not even going to take me to your perch?”

Clint chuckled and wrapped his arms around my waist.  “Hold on then.”  He said and in a series of jumps, we were both up on the platform looking over the room.  “Now, the fun can begin.”  He whispered as his hands teased down my front and back into my pants.

“I like fun,”  I whispered as I kissed along his jaw.  We lay down on the platform and he pushed his fingers inside of me.  I sucked in air through my teeth and bit down on his shoulder.

“I know you do,”  Clint said, as he slowly dragged his fingers over my walls. When he touched on my g-spot I gasped and arched up under him.

“Shh now, Princess.  You’re gonna get me in trouble.”  He whispered.  I started kissing him furiously, using his mouth to smother my sounds.  I scrambled to get his pants down.  When I’d pushed them to his knees I wrapped my hand around his cock and started pumping it.  Clint made a strangled moan sound and quickly pushed my pants down.  I spread my legs more and he moved between them.  With a quick snap of his hips, he sunk his cock deep into my pussy.  I moaned biting at his neck.  He thrust into me hard and fast and I let my head drop back mouth parted in silent pleasure.

I watched them below us, continuing to work like we weren’t just fucking a couple eight feet above them.  “You think they know, Clint?”  I whispered.

“Steve knows.  Look at him.”  Clint answered.  I looked over at Steve and watched as he hesitated for a moment tilting his head.  He moved again, and it wasn’t with that fluidity he had early.  Like he was distracted.

I made a hybrid whine/moan sound, and Clint covered my mouth with his hand.  “I know you wanna get caught, princess.  You think Steve’s gonna pull you over his lap and spank you in front of everyone, don’t ya?”

I whimpered against him and he picked up his speed, thrusting hard into me.  His fingers came to my clit and I lost all semblance of control I had.  I pulled him tight against me and bucked up under him as I came hard.  My cunt pulsed around his cock.  Clint bit down into my shoulder and with a grunt, he spilled inside of me.

He slipped out and we hastily redressed.  “Oh my god, that was the hottest fucking thing.”  

Clint chuckled as he fastened his pants.  “You can say that again.”

“Hey, troublemakers.  Get down here.”  Steve said.  We looked over the edge and he was looking up at us arms folded.

“He called us troublemakers,”  I smirked as I climbed down from the perch.

Clint jumped down after me trying to keep his face neutral.  “I know you’re feeling a little useless right now.  Maybe you could keep a line open with the others?”

“Yeah, okay.  We can do that.”  Clint said with a nod.

Steve looked at us seriously.  “If you have anything extracurricular you’d like to get up to, take it elsewhere.”

“Fine.  Spoilsport.”  I teased.

Steve leaned in, bring his lips to my ear.  “Don’t worry.  We’ll be discussing things later.”  The way he emphasized discussing made a shiver run up my spine.

Clint and I scrambled back into his perch and I settled back against him.  “So we’re bugging Nat and getting in trouble later.”  He said.

“I’m gonna tell her,”  I said getting out my phone.

I tapped my phone leaning back against Clint.  “What do you think she means by that?”

“She thinks I’ve been reading your texts over your shoulder,”  Clint answered.

I chuckled softly.  “And have you?”

Clint grabbed my hips and pulled me back so I was flush against his groin and I could feel the press of his cock hard against my ass.  “What do you think?”

I leaned back and ran my hand down his neck and nibbled on his earlobe.  “We are definitely going to have to do something about that,” I whispered.

“Steve said no,”  Clint whined.

I shook my head.  “No.  Steve said not here.”

Clint got up suddenly and pulled me to my feet.  “Come on then.”

I quickly texted Nat as we left the room.

We got into the elevator and I put my phone into my pocket.  Clint pushed me against the wall and started kissing my neck in this sloppy, ravenous way as he rolled his hips against me.   “Nat wants me to fuck your ass with a vibrator.”

He whined again.  “That’s just because she only got me to agree to it one time.”

“You didn’t like it?”  I asked.  He lifted me off my feet and slammed the elevator stop button.

“No.  It felt weird.  But I’ll do it for you.”  He said.  “Now, isn’t this one of your kinks right now?”  His fingers ran up and down my pussy through my yoga pants.

I nodded.  “Yes.  Fuck, Clint.  What’s gotten into you.”

He shook his head and roll his hips against me.  “I feel useless.  But I can do this. I can be a distraction for you.  Make you not worry.”

“You don’t need to…”  I started saying and he looked at me, brow furrowed.

“Please.  Please let me be this for you?”  He said, sounding so helpless.  His fingers teased along the waistband of my pants.

“Tear them off,”  I growled.

His eyes darkened and he grabbed hold of my pants and tore them.  I started kissing him frantically.  I was practically dripping with need.  He lowered his pants just enough to get his cock free and slammed it into me.  I gasped, and my cunt clenched around him.  He fucked me hard against the wall.  One hand bunched into my hair pulling my head back as the other held my hip.  His thumb rubbing tight circles on my clit.

I had no control.  All I could do was brace my feet against the wall and dig my fingers into his back.  “Oh god.  Clint.  This is going to be quick.”  I groaned as he bit my throat.  

“Don’t hold back, princess.”  He growled, rutting into me faster.

My legs started trembling and my whole body tensed up.  “That’s it.  Come for me.  You know you want to.”  He said.

I bucked up against him suddenly as my orgasm crashed through me.  I cried out as my body shuddered with it.  Clint pulled out of me.  “We can continue, FRIDAY.”  He said and the elevator continued its trip to Natasha’s room.