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「Ouran High School Host Club x Reader One-Shots」

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    If you had any say in the matter, you would be attending a regular old public school where not every student was fake. But as usual, your opinion was ignored and you were forced to attend Ouran High, home to the country’s snobbiest teenagers.

    You kept to yourself for the first few weeks after realizing that it would be best not to get yourself involved in the petty drama that every high school harbors. After almost a month of isolation, you decided to make a couple of friends to make the rest of the school year a bit more bearable. Even if your friends were nicer than most of the other girls in Ouran, they still had the same obsession as every other female student; the Ouran Host Club.

    You didn’t understand why all the girls in Ouran were obsessed with the Host Club, it’s not like the guys there actually truly cared for them. They were all just a bunch of flirts who tricked foolish girls into believing that they actually cared for them. You didn’t know who you were more angry with; the members of the Host Club or the stupid girls themselves.

    Today was your birthday and even though you didn’t expect much, you had at least hoped that you wouldn’t have to suffer through listening to any more talk about the Host Club. But even though your friends were fully aware of the special day, that didn’t stop them from talking about their favorite topic.

    “Honey-senpai is so cute, he’s definitely my favorite,” one of your two friends squealed as they discussed the topic you hated so much.

    “I like Haruhi more, he’s just so sweet,” your other friend said dreamily.

    “Which host do you like, (F/N)?” your first friend asked, taking your attention away from the book you were reading. Both of your friends looked at you expectantly, excited for your answer so they could continue their conversation. Boy, would they be shocked when they learned the truth.

    “Don’t know. I never met any of them,” you answered honestly, trying to redirect your attention to your story. Your friends stared at you in shock but you tried to ignore them, hoping that they would just drop the topic altogether and move onto a more interesting one.

    “You’ve never gone to the Host Club?!” one of your friends shouted in the middle of the classroom, earning nasty glares from both the teacher and students.

    “Did you really have to say it that loud?” you asked with a deep sigh, burying your head in your hands.

    “Answer the question!” your other friend said, making sure to keep her voice low to avoid gaining even more attention from your peers.

    “Yeah, I’ve never been to the Host Club. I don’t exactly see the point in it.”

    Your friends looked at you horrified as if you’re the only girl who dislikes the Host Club. Oh, wait. You are. You sighed again, annoyed that they were making such a big deal over you not liking the stupid club. It probably would’ve been a better idea to have just lied about which host you liked, but you just had to tell the truth and now you were paying the price.

    “You’re coming with us to the Host Club later,” one friend said, not bothering to ask your opinion on the matter.

    “I’d really rather just do something enjoyable for my birthday,” you replied.

    “Like what? Read? Going to the Host Club is the most enjoyable thing.”

     You were going to argue with her, but you quickly realized that it wasn’t worth it. By how obsessed they were with the club, you knew that arguing would only lead to the loss of the only friends you had.

    You spent the rest of the school day wondering what exactly would happen at the Host Club. You hoped that you wouldn’t have to be there for very long even though you doubted that would be the case. Knowing your friends, they’d probably want you to stay the whole time in hopes that you’d end up liking the club. Fat chance of that happening.

    As your final class came to an end, you had one final fleeting hope left that your friends had forgotten about taking you with them to the Host Club. But as you exited the classroom to find your friends waiting for you, all of your hopes were extinguished. They each grabbed one of your hands and eagerly pulled you towards the music room where the Host Club holds their meetings.

    The three of you were fairly early considering that only a few other girls were present. You had hoped there would be more so you would have better chances of sneaking out undetected.

    “Welcome to the Host Club, ladies,” seven fairly attractive boys said to you and the other girls. The other girls squealed in excitement as you rolled your eyes, not impressed by the Host Club’s theatrics.

    You stood by the door awkwardly as you watched your friends and the other girls run off to see their favorite hosts. Your friends had already forgotten about you so it was the perfect chance to hightail it out of there. Before you could make your way to the door, Tamaki politely broke away from the flock of girls surrounding him and made his way towards you. You stood there frozen in shock that he actually took notice of you, that was the last thing you expected.

    “I’m guessing you’re new to the Host Club, I could never forget a face as beautiful as yours,” Tamaki said. Forgetting all of your hate for the Host Club and for the hosts themselves, you slowly nodded, a blush forming on your cheeks from his kind words.

    “Then it’s my job as the Host Club’s king to give you a proper welcome.” He got down on one knee and carefully grabbed your hand, placing a small kiss on the top of it. Your blush deepened and his kind gesture. He seemed so thoughtful and genuine, how could you have possibly hated the Host Club before?

    “Why didn’t Tamaki ever do that for me?” you heard a few girls mutter jealously. That snapped you back to reality, making you realize that Tamaki, along with the rest of the hosts, were all just a bunch of flirts. He’d forget about you in only a few minutes, just like every other guy did.

    You pulled your hand away from Tamaki and stepped back, trying desperately to hold back tears. Turning away, you ran out of the room forgetting about your friends and everyone else there.

    “Wait!” Tamaki called after you but you ignored him and continued running down the halls of the school. Away from everyone else, you didn’t bother to try to hold your tears back, they flowed down your face as you ran.

    In your distraught state, you didn’t even notice the loud echoing footsteps coming from behind you until you felt two gentle arms wrap around you. You immediately stopped running and turned around to see Tamaki looking worried. He was worried for you…. Well, of course he was. He can’t afford to have unhappy customers, it would be bad for the Host Club.

    “Leave me alone,” you told him, quickly brushing your tears away. He had already seen them, though.

    “Why are you crying?” he asked worriedly. He looked so sincere and it almost fooled you, but you knew better than to trust him.

    “Just leave me alone. The last thing I need is some flirt pretending to actually care about me,” you replied bitterly.

    Tamaki looked hurt, obviously not accustomed to receiving such hateful words, but he didn’t back down. “You don’t even know me so how can you possibly hate me already?”

    “I’m sorry,” you sighed, knowing that you were taking out all of your pent up anger on the wrong person. “Guys like you and the rest of the hosts have hurt me in the past, I assumed you would be the same since all you guys do is flirt with every girl that walks through the doors….”

    “I created the Host Club with the intentions of making every girl feel loved and special. It seemed to have worked for the other girls, you’re the first one who’s gotten upset over it.”

    “Because my idea of being loved is not watching guys flirt with everyone including myself,” you snapped, once again struggling to hold back tears. Tamaki pursed his lips together and didn’t answer, probably not knowing how to answer.

    “Just…. Never mind,” you said as you turned around, the only thing you wanted was to go home and forget about everything that happened today. Before you could walk away, Tamaki stopped you again.

    “Wait! What’s your name?” he asked quickly.

    You turned around and sighed. “(Y/N).”

    “A beautiful name for a beautiful young lady,” he said quietly with a smile. “(Y/N), can I bring you somewhere? I promise it’s not the Host Club, just you and I.”

    “That’s really nice and all, but it’s my birthday so I really just want to-”

    “Please,” he begged, cutting you off. “I want to make this day special for you to make up for you getting upset earlier.”

    “Why?” you asked curiously. “You don’t even know me, why do you care so much?”

    “That’s exactly it. I want to get to know you better and in the process, I hope you’ll get to know the true me. So will you come with me?”

    You hesitated for a moment. He looked so sincere and for the first time, you didn’t think it was an act. He truly did care for you, he wasn’t trying to use you. Slowly, you nodded your head. “I’ll go.”

    His smile grew wide at your answer and he held out his hand to you. You hesitated again, but not as long as before. You held his hand as he led you down the long halls of Ouran High, curious as to where he was taking you. He stopped outside one of the school’s many music rooms and opened the door for you. You stepped inside and stared in awe by the size of just a music room. Tamaki made his way over to the grand piano which sat in the middle of the room and he pulled out the bench, allowing you to sit down before taking a seat himself.

    “You know how to play the piano?” you asked surprised.

    “Of course. It’s a must for a proper gentleman like myself to know these things,” he said, his smile never fading.

    Before you could reply, he began to play the piano, instantly putting you in a trance-like state. The music was so calming and he played so beautifully, it made you forget about everything that had happened that day. You looked up at Tamaki and noticed how absorbed he was in the music. He seemed so calm and peaceful, much different than the host you used to dislike so much. So this was the real Tamaki, the guy behind the act he hid behind when a host. It was almost as if you could feel his emotions and learn about his true personality just by the music he played. You were glad that you took the time to get to know him better, it allowed you to grow deeper feelings for him.

    Subconsciously, you leaned towards him and rested your head on his shoulder. It was only when he stopped playing in surprise did you realize what you had done. “Sorry,” you mumbled quickly as you leaned away from him, your cheeks tinted with pink.

    “No, it’s alright. I liked that,” he said with a bright smile. You slowly smiled back and leaned towards him again, comfortably placing your head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around you to bring you closer to him and began to play the piano again.

    Nearly an hour had passed by, but it only seemed like a few minutes to the two of you from being so absorbed in the music. You never would’ve imagined this would be what Tamaki wanted to show you but it was definitely effective. Breaking your attention away from the lovely sound of the piano, you looked up at Tamaki and wondered how you could’ve thought that he’d be bad for you, that he could break your heart. You no longer distrusted him and didn’t mind opening up to him yourself; his plan had worked. For some reason, you weren’t angered by that.

    “I know my handsomely charms can be distracting, but there’s no reason to stare,” Tamaki teased as he noticed you looking up at him. You blushed slightly, not knowing how long exactly you had been staring for.

    “I’m sorry,” you mumbled shyly.

    “Don’t be. I was only joking, beautiful.”

    “No, not that. I’m sorry for not giving you a chance at first. I took out all my frustration and sadness on you when-”

    “You don’t need to say anymore,” he replied sweetly. “Now you know the real me. My only question is if you like me more now or-”

    “Yes,” you answered quickly, your time to cut him off. His smile grew wider from hearing your answer.

    “Well, if that’s the case, would you give me the pleasure of going on a date with me?” he asked, his beautiful blue eyes looking hopeful.

    “I’d love to,” you replied before wrapping your arms around him and closing your eyes, allowing the feeling of euphoria to wash over you. Tamaki leaned his head down and you felt his lips connect with yours. It was a small but loving kiss.

    “Happy Birthday, (Y/N).”