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White is the Color of Purity and Innocence

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Yukhei was gonna kill his brother for ditching him in a convenience store parking lot at 2 in the morning. If he ever even got home, that is. It was freezing cold and the Uber driver was taking forever to get there.

He glanced down at his phone, considering the risk of just waking his friend, Sicheng. The boy barely got any rest lately with all the extra dance lessons he was taking at their university. Yukhei pocketed his phone, deciding against waking Sicheng.

“You look like you need some help.”

Yukhei nearly jumped out of his skin. The street was pretty near deserted save for himself and the young man behind him. The man himself was about average height. He had light silver hair and wore a thick trench coat that he had buttoned all the way up to the top. He had a plastic bag in one hand and what was probably his keys in the other. The sparkle of a pure white bracelet on the man's wrist also caught Yukhei's attention for a moment. Yukhei recognized him as the cashier who had sold him the sausages inside the store. He remembered that same bracelet catching his eye in the store too.

Suddenly, the man said something that Yukhei didn’t catch and like a dumbass, he just said: “Uhhh...what?”

The man let out a cute little chuckle. “I said, do you need a ride? It’s too cold out here.”

“Uhh...thank you, but no. I’m fine. My Uber should be here soon.” Truthfully Yukhei wasn’t even sure his Uber was coming. It was taking him a long time.

“Okay. Suit yourself then. Nice to meet you!” The man spun on his heels and began walking off towards the only car in the parking lot; a white Toyota that looked like an older model but was kept in pristine shape regardless of its age.

Yukhei raked a hand through his blonde locks as he glanced up the empty street before running off towards the white Toyota.

“Hey wait!” The man stopped just before putting his key in the door lock. He turned to see Yukhei catching up to him. “I think I’ll take you up on that offer for a ride home. That is if you still don’t mind.”

“Of course not!” The silver-haired man beamed up at him and gestured towards the car. The two climbed in and the man instantly cranked the heat. Yukhei could almost start to feel his fingers again.

“I’m Jungwoo, by the way,” the man mumbled as he rummaged through his bag, pulling out one of the gooiest cookies Yukhei had ever seen and offered it to him. “My boss gave me cookies to take home. You can have some if you want. I won’t be able to finish them all but they are really good.”

“Thanks.” First a ride from a stranger, now he’s accepting food from him. Sicheng would kick his ass if he were here.

Jungwoo put the car in gear and began driving off towards the address Yukhei had given. “You got a name?”

“Oh!'s Yukhei. Wong Yukhei,” he said with a mouthful of the delicious sweet.

“Interesting. You look more like a Lucas to me,” was Jungwoo’s response as he spun the wheel to the right. Jungwoo glanced over at the blonde sitting next to him. “Hey...are you okay?”

No, he was not okay. Everything began to spin around him faster and faster. His body felt like it was getting heavier. His eyes were drooping and he was falling into a deep, dreamless slumber.

He didn’t know how long he had been asleep. He didn’t know where he was or how he got there. This did not feel like his bed. And for whatever reason, he could not move his arms. Yukhei tried to recall exactly what happened. All he could remember was a white Toyota and a boy with silver hair. Jungwoo.

His eyes shot open as the name came to mind. Slowly he began to take in his surroundings. He was in a dimly lit room with white wallpaper that was peeling off the walls. The cot he was on was stained with god only knows what kinds of fluids. The room itself was decent in size. There were no windows but it did have many odd things placed all around it. For one thing, attached to the wall next to him were two steel ring bonds that were just big enough to keep someone imprisoned against the wall. Sitting rather ominously against the wall to his right was a massive cabinet. Yukhei could see that some of the cabinet doors were closed with locks in place, but many were left open for him to see. Some of the shelves inside were filled with strange objects that looked like they belonged in the pornos his brother would watch when he was in high school and their parents weren't home.

Yukhei gulped as the realization of his situation began to strike him. He struggled against the white satin bonds that tied his wrists to the bedframe, making him unable to move or escape. He screamed at the top of his lungs, hoping that someone would hear and come save him.

He didn't stop until the door opened to reveal the very man who brought him into this mess. Jungwoo stepped in through the doorframe with his silver hair and sporting a loose white silk shirt and black pants with the same sparkling bracelet on his wrist. He set his tray down on the table before closing the door and locking it, slipping the key back into his pocket.

"Good morning, sleepyhead!" Jungwoo said cheerfully as he poured some tea into a cup and then perched himself on the end of Yukhei's bed. "I thought that was you who was screaming. I figured you must be scared. It's only your first day so don't worry, you'll grow to love it here."

When Yukhei did nothing but glare back at him, he continued. "I brought you some tea to calm your nerves. Don't get used to it though. After today, I won't be so nice."

"I don't want your fucking tea," Yukhei could feel the anger begin to surge through him. His hands balled into fists even though it was completely useless being that he was still bound to the bed.

Jungwoo just sighed and calmly set the cup back down on the table. He reached out to gently caress Yukhei's cheek but when the blonde made to bite, he quickly recoiled his hand. "Now now, baby, play nice."

Yukhei found his tone to be mocking. It was as if he were scolding an actual child. "Fuck you!"

"Oh we'll get to that soon," Jungwoo beamed, gleefully. "But first we have to set up some ground rules. And if you don't want to be punished, I suggest you follow each and every rule without question. We'll go through the rules first and then I'll give you time to ask me three questions and three questions only."

Rules? Punishments? Red flags were raising everywhere in Yukhei's mind. Something, a deep-rooted fear, settled in the pit of his stomach. It was telling him to scream, to thrash, to kick, to bite. Anything to free himself. To get him out of here. But it was like his body didn't know how to process what his brain was telling him. He was frozen like a deer caught in headlights. All he could do was hope that his brother had noticed he never came home and decided to call the cops. Or that Sicheng alerted them after he didn't respond to his texts.

While Yukhei's mind was racing, Jungwoo just sat there calmly. He was looking at Yukhei as if he were studying him. Trying to gauge a reaction. When the panic finally began to calm down and Yukhei was left with a dull headache, he slowly began to divert his attention to the silver-haired man.

"This shall be fun," Jungwoo's creepily calm voice continued as if he wasn't just interrupted by the panic attack of the century, "Now we can discuss your rules that you must follow under all circumstances."

Yukhei watched as Jungwoo slid off the bed and walked over to the cabinet. He opened one of the drawers and pulled out a thick book with a white cover and gold print. After Jungwoo had settled back down on the edge of the bed, he produced a pen from his shirt pocket and began to scribble intently on one of the pages. When he was done, he put the pen back in his pocket and turned his attention back to Yukhei.

"The Supreme Master has given me full control over you. Therefore, I still have to follow our ground rules but I am also allowed to add my own in! This will be so much fun! Anyways, let's get started shall we," he looked down at the book balanced on his lap. "Rule number one: I am your Master and you are my slave and you shall refer to me as such. If you must use my name, then it must follow the term Master or precede the word Sir. Failure to do so will result in punishment of the Master's choice. Do you acknowledge this rule?"

The terms 'master' and 'slave' settled heavily in Yukhei's mind. Jungwoo's gaze was locked onto this, as if he was trying to read Yukhei's next move. When Yukhei didn't respond, he just moved on to the next rule.

"Rule number two: You will only speak when spoken to by a Master unless instructed to do otherwise. Should another slave speak to you, both of you will be held accountable and will result in punishment by the Master's choice. Do you acknowledge this rule?"

Yukhei kept his eyes trained on the man. He stared in silence, hoping to intimidate the other male who seem relatively unphased by his behavior.

"Rule number three: You will no longer respond to the name of Wong Yukhei. You are to be known as Lucas. If anyone asks you for your full real name, you must report them to me immediately. Should you give them your full name, your punishment will be severe as this is the most important rule for you to follow. Do you acknowledge this rule?"

"No," he stated firmly. It was a miracle his voice was as calm as it was considering his brain was going a hundred miles an hour.

Jungwoo's smile dropped ever so slightly before he caught himself. After turning the page of his book and scribbling something else in it, he turned the book so that Yukhei could see what was written. At the top of the page, there was a headline that read 'Disobedience Record' in big bold letters.

"I'm afraid I've already had to start your disobedience record, Lucas. Such a shame," the silver-haired man tsked. "But don't worry, I'll have you trained in no time. You'll be the perfect little slave."

"I am not your slave."

"Now, Lucas -"

"I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE AND MY NAME IS NOT LUCAS!" Yukhei's voice echoed loudly in the cold room.

Jungwoo stood up once more. He swiftly placed his book on the table next to the teacup before wandering back over to the cabinet. Jungwoo opened one of the cabinet doors and pulled out what looked to be a ball with straps attached to it. Before Yukhei could comprehend what was happening, the ball was shoved into his mouth and the straps were locked securely around his head.

"I really didn't want to have to punish you on your first day, Lucas, but you have to learn to not backtalk to your Master."

Yukhei wanted to spit at Jungwoo. He wanted to curse and bite the fucker but the ball in his mouth prevented him from doing just that.

"That reminds me," Jungwoo continued on, "Rule number four: Your body no longer belongs to you. It is mine to do with as I please. And right now I think I've waited long enough. Let's get you prepped for your first day of training tomorrow, baby boy."

Yukhei let out a muffled yelp when Jungwoo's teeth bit into his neck and began sucking at the sensitive spot. If his legs weren't confined by the weight of the man on top of him, he would've kicked out. But his brain was in a frenzy and his muscles weren't working.

Jungwoo's hands traveled underneath Yukhei's shirt where they latched onto his nipples and twisted. The man began to rotate his hips just over Yukhei's crotch and he was horrified to realize there was heat pooling in his loins despite the fact that he was being violated.

Jungwoo only stopped sucking on Yukhei's neck when he heard Yukhei try to stifle a moan. "It sounds like somebody is enjoying himself."

The friction stopped when Jungwoo slid further down Yukhei's legs and began to undo the buttons on his pants. Within seconds, Yukhei's pants and underwear were pulled down past his knees and his half-hard cock sprung free. Jungwoo looked pleased at the sight.

"Such an eager virgin," he said before his lips re-attached themselves to the sensitive area on Yukhei's neck.

Yukhei closed his eyes, willing himself not to cry. He hoped that maybe this was all just some horrible dream and that he would be waking up from it soon. Slipping into some kind of trauma-induced euphoria, he almost had himself convinced it was. This was until the first two slicked up fingers rubbed against his hole and then slipped right in. Yukhei's eyes shot open at the sudden intrusion. He gasped for breath, struggling to breathe with the gag still in his mouth. The pain of the stretch around Jungwoo's fingers was almost unbearable.

Yukhei let out a pained screech as Jungwoo slipped in a third finger.

"So loud," Jungwoo cooed. He had finally moved away from Yukhei's neck so that he could better observe the younger's reactions. "I've been watching you forever, baby. Watching you with your friends. Your brother. He's the reason you're here, by the way. It seems he only thought you worthy of a few thousand won. But you're worth so much more to me."

Jungwoo crooked his fingers and they ever so slightly brushed up against a bundle of nerves inside him. A loud, uncontrollable moan ripped itself from Yukhei's throat. Frantically, he tried to tug his wrists out of their bonds so that they could find purchase as his prostate was being abused. Yukhei was ashamed of how fast the heat was pooling in his stomach. Hotter...faster. He felt horrified and disgusted as he got more desperate for a release from the painful erection.

Having been on the edge of orgasm, Yukhei nearly screamed when Jungwoo removed his fingers. Just as swiftly, the gag was removed from his mouth and Jungwoo's free hand gripped tightly around the base of Yukhei's cock.

"Say your name and I will let you cum," Jungwoo's hands slowly, torturously slid up and down his shaft. Slowly edging him back towards the edge when he couldn't take it anymore.

"LUCAS!" Yukhei screamed. His back arched off the bed as long white streams of cum shot all over the older man's hands.

Yukhei collapsed back down onto the bed, his body too exhausted to fight the plug that was being slipped into his ass. The last thing that he registered before passing out was a kiss on his lips and Jungwoo's whispered: "Remember that I will always love you, baby."

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"Good morning, sleepyhead!" The voice rang out in Yukhei's head. "It's time to start your training!"

Yukhei groaned.  His entire body was aching from head to toe.  The blonde opened his eyes and blinked a few times before his eyes could adjust to the brightly colored walls.  And in an instant, Jungwoo was there, helping him sit up and untying his restraints.

Yukhei looked at him with a confused expression.  His brain was too befuddled to understand what was happening and why he felt so sluggish.  It must have been a side effect of passing out.

The memory struck him like a train and he jerked his hand away from Jungwoo who seemed to have expected the reaction.  It was strange.  Instead of Jungwoo looking at him with that unsettling grin, he just continued to work on the knotted satin that bound Yukhei's wrists.

After a moment's silence and Jungwoo fiddling with the fabric, the older man spoke up, "Another Master is coming to meet you and evaluate you today, Lucas.  I expect you to be on your best behavior and listen to everything he tells you to do."

"Why?" Yukhei spat out, his throat dry from dehydration. "What is he going to do to me that you haven't already?"

Jungwoo's lips curled upward into the smile that Yukhei was beginning to grow accustomed to.  He reached out a hand and softly caressed Yukhei's cheek, making the younger's skin crawl. "You have such beautiful skin, Lucas.  I want to be the only one who can taint it.  But unfortunately, Master Jaehyun is the Supreme Master's second in command.  I cannot control him.  Behave and you'll make it out relatively unscathed."

The two men looked at the door as three knocks signified the arrival of the other Master.  After Jungwoo had unlocked the door, two men walked in.  Both were fairly tall in height and had attractive faces.  The first male to enter, whom Yukhei had assumed was Jaehyun, stood tall with his brown hair and expensive clothes.  At the end of his wrist shined a bracelet that was identical to Jungwoo's except his was a passionate shade of pink.  

Standing just behind Jaehyun was the second male.  This man had bright pink hair that was messed in all directions.  His eyes were downcast and around his neck, he wore a bright pink collar that was embedded with sparkling hot pink diamonds.  Instantly, Yukhei knew that this man was another slave.  He attempted to make eye contact but the other slave just kept his eyes focused on the ground.

Jaehyun approached the bed where Yukhei was sitting.  He circled around it a few times while his eyes appraised Yukhei.  When his hands finally made to tug Yukhei's pants down, the latter kicked out in self-defense.  His foot connected with Jaehyun's stomach and for a moment he saw his life flash before his eyes as he was forcibly flipped onto his stomach.

"Restrain his hands!" Jaehyun ordered and Jungwoo stepped forward with his sild fabric to re-tie his hands to the bed. "Taeyong, get a gag and the cat-o-nines."

The pink-haired man scurried over to the cabinet and retrieved a gag along with an instrument.  The instrument wasn't very long.  It had a handle bound in leather with several pieces of rope swinging loosely off the end.  Jaehyun took the cat-o-nines from Taeyong and waved it in front of Yukhei's now gagged face.

"I can see Jungwoo has a lot of work to do with you, Lucas.  But I can't pass up the opportunity to punish a slave who needs to learn to respect one of his masters," Jaehyun said as he pulled Yukhei's shirt up to his shoulders, exposing his skin.

The master raised the whip above his head and slashed it down against Yukhei's back.  The blonde cried out in pain.  The lashings felt like he was being sliced by several blades all at once.  Over and over again, Jaehyun continued the onslaught.

Yukhei was deliriously in pain.  At some point, he could have sworn he felt fingers briefly caress his hand as if to comfort him.  But it didn't make sense.  The only person close enough to touch him was Taeyong and Yukhei didn't think he would betray his master.  Jungwoo, on the other hand, had situated himself on a couch across the way.  Maybe it was the pain clouding his mind, but Yukhei thought there may have been concern in Jungwoo's expression as he watched Jaehyun perform the punishment.

Just when he thought he might pass back out, the lashings stopped.  There was some kind of conversation before a door slammed shut and the room went quiet.  Someone was fiddling with the bindings and Yukhei was being dragged into a lap.  Hands rubbed a cool ointment on his destroyed skin and Yukhei curled up into the arms that enveloped him.  He was in too much pain to care who it was that he was crying into the shoulder of.  

", it's okay.  He's gone," Jungwoo said softly. "Lucas, baby, it's okay.  It's all done.  Master is here now."

Yukhei let out a long shaky sob.  He pulled Jungwoo even closer into his arms, not understanding why he was clinging to his captor like a lifeline.  For several minutes, Jungwoo sat there rocking Yukhei and whispering comforting words into the boy's ear.  Before he started to drift off to sleep in Jungwoo's arms, Yukhei heard the soft whisper: "Remember I will always love you, baby."


Two days had passed since Jaehyun's visit and for two days he wouldn't so much as look at Jungwoo.  Over the course of those days, the silver-haired man had made several advances towards Yukhei.  The younger was subject to sex toys of all kinds but he never used his own dick.  Just things like cock rings, dildos, and bonds.  Anything and everything.  There were times when Jungwoo had him cum so much in a day that he didn't think he would ever be able to produce sperm again.

Three more days passed just like that.  Yukhei was exhausted.  He was tired of having a plug shoved up his ass.  He was tired of being confined to the one room, and sometimes just the bed.  When he was alone to his thoughts, they all just seemed so scattered.  He couldn't understand things anymore.  Time was being blurred into a mess of pain and torture.  Every day he would wake up.  Jungwoo would feed him some scraps of a breakfast, fuck him silly, and then leave him alone for a few hours.  And not once did he leave without reminding Yukhei of how much he loved him.  Then when Jungwoo would return, it was always with that same creepy smile and gentle hands that rubbed ointment on the marks on his back.  Yukhei hated him.  He hated everything about Kim Jungwoo.  And yet, something felt strange between them.  He couldn't place it.

On the tenth day of his imprisonment, Yukhei woke to find himself bent over a table with his wrists restrained and Jungwoo pumping a vibrator in and out of his ass.  His dick stood rock hard straight and pre-cum leaked from the tip.

The blonde let out a long, drawn-out moan as the vibrator rubbed against his walls.  

"I hope my baby boy is happy today," Yukhei could almost hear the pure lust in Jungwoo's voice. "Master has a surprise for him and if he's good, he will get his reward."

Jungwoo twisted the vibrator in Yukhei's ass and it sent shock waves of pleasure rippling through his body.  The older man abused his prostate until he was on the brink of exploding and then just like that, the vibrator was gone.

Jungwoo leaned into Yukhei's ear, "If you want your reward, prove to me that you will only ever orgasm on Master's cock."

"P-please...s-stop," Yukhei tried to say but the vibrator was being shoved back inside him.  The master had turned up the setting and was slamming it in and out of him at an alarming rate.  

Somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind, Yukhei knew he had to hold it in.  That letting go and spilling his seed without giving his master what he wanted would only mean another punishment.  And so he focused all his energy on himself.  Willing himself not to cum.

The need to cum became almost unbearable.  Throwing all sense of self aside, Yukhei began to beg and plead with what little breath he had. "Please, Master, please.  I need you.  I w-want you.  Please give me your cock."

Yukhei nearly cried once more when the vibrator was removed but he didn't have much time to breathe as Jungwoo's dick was speared right into his hole.  His cock was much larger than all the toys that had been forced to play with. Yukhei was so desperate with need that he didn't even care if something tore.  He just wanted to cum.

Jungwoo's hips pulled back until only the tip of his dick was left inside Yukhei.  Without warning, he thrust himself back into Yukhei.  And Yukhei just let him.  He let him abuse him because the pleasure was just so good.  It was just what he needed.  With every thrust of his hips, Yukhei could feel himself getting closer to orgasm until -

Yukhei's eyes shot open.  There was a mess of cum on the floor in front of him and his wrists were bound above him as he sat there against the wall, like a prisoner, trying to catch his breath from the dream he just had.

He thought back to the day before which lead to him being punished.  Jungwoo was playing with him with a vibrator.  He had commanded Yukhei to only cum on his cock, just like in the dream.  He was doing well too.  That was until Jungwoo kissed his ear and then whispered: "I love you, my baby."

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Yukhei ached. His arms had been locked above his head for what must have been at least two days. The metal was cutting into his wrists and his stomach gurgled. He was starving. He hadn't seen Jungwoo since the man had locked him into the restraints two days ago. Normally, Jungwoo only tended to feed him scraps if he were lucky but they were not enough to last him a few hours, let alone two whole days.

The blonde's eyes shot up at the sound of keys jingling and the door unlocking. Jungwoo entered the room with his usual grin and two big plates of Korean beef that were still steaming hot. Yukhei's mouth watered at the sight. Pretending not to notice the starving boy, Jungwoo sat down on his chair and pulled up the table. He took some chopsticks off the tray he had been carrying the food on and began to eat the beef.

After a few minutes of nothing but listening to Jungwoo chew, Yukhei couldn't take it anymore. His stomach felt like it was eating away at itself. "Please," he said quietly. Almost inaudibly.

Jungwoo looked up from his plate of food. A knowing smile replaced the soul-less grin he always wore. "What was that, baby?"

"Please," Yukhei said again, this time a little louder. "Please...I'm hungry."

"Oh, I see," Jungwoo set his chopsticks down on his plate. He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. "I don't know, Lucas. You were a naughty boy. You didn't follow your Master's orders. All bad slaves must be punished."

Suddenly, Jungwoo stood up and circled the table before grabbing the second plate of beef and some chopsticks. He brought the food closer to Yukhei before crouching so that the food was right in front of the younger man's face. Yukhei could smell the beef as the steam wafted in his face.

"Promise to be a good boy and Master will let you eat all of this beef."

He knew Jungwoo had something planned. Something not good. He kept trying to tell himself to ignore the hunger pains. That whatever was coming was much worse than just being hungry. And yet, against his better judgment, Yukhei agreed.

"I knew you would make the right decision, Lucas," Jungwoo picked up a piece of beef with his chopsticks and offered the meat to Yukhei.

With little hesitation, Yukhei began to eat the food Jungwoo was giving him. He was eating so fast he couldn't even taste the beef. It wasn't until after half the plate was gone that he realized something was off. His skin was rapidly getting hotter. He became hyper-sensitive to the clothes touching his body, especially around his lower regions. Yukhei couldn't eat anymore. His body and mind were filling with uncontrollable need and desire.

Jungwoo, who looked rather pleased, began to caress Yukhei's thighs. It was driving the younger mad because Jungwoo would never get close enough to the area that needed the most attention. This was exactly why Jungwoo wouldn't just give him what he wanted because he knew it drove him crazy.

"I'm surprised it took your body so long to react," Jungwoo mused, mostly to himself. "I guess I'll have to up your dose the next time."

"What did you do to me?" Yukhei asked. He had an idea what was happening but he didn't want it to be true. Or did he? He wasn't really sure anymore.

"I laced your beef with an aphrodisiac. I want to make sure you've learned your lesson about disobeying your Master," Jungwoo stroked Yukhei's face and he found himself slightly leaning into the touch. Maybe it was the lack of human interaction for two days. Or possibly the aphrodisiac messing with his mind. Either way, Jungwoo looked pleased with Yukhei's reaction to the simple touch. "That's why as part of your punishment, I've decided to test your endurance by playing a little game! The rule is simple, Lucas, you cum on my cock and mine alone. You only get one chance to mess up. Win and you get a reward. Mess up twice and...well...just hope you don't lose. Let's play..."

Jungwoo reached up and unlocked the restraints causing Yukhei to fall to the ground. The cool floor was a shock to his heated body and as a result, he let out a little whimper. Before he could comprehend what was happening, Jungwoo was lifting him onto the bed and stripping him of all his clothes before tying his hands and feet with the white satin. Yukhei was left utterly powerless against Jungwoo.

The man wandered over to his cabinet where he pulled out some sex toys, some of which Yukhei was already quite familiar with. One of which was the sleek, white vibrator that Jungwoo seemed to love so much. He had once left it tied to Yukhei's dick for an entire day and turned it on whenever he felt like it.

Jungwoo pulled the plug from Yukhei's ass and shoved the vibrator all the way into the hilt. Yukhei almost screamed at the change in size. He was prepped because of the plug but the plug was not nearly as thick as the vibrator. Before he could contest, a loud moan slipped past his lips. Jungwoo had flipped the switch on his remote and turned the settings on high. Yukhei's insides were being buzzed by the toy and the powerful aphrodisiac. He could already feel the heat in his stomach coiling tighter and tighter.

He let out a scream, be it from frustration or pleasure when Jungwoo gripped Yukhei's cock and pumped it hard and fast. Yukhei focused all his energy on not cumming. He was sure he didn't want the reward but it was certainly better than whatever punishment his captor had in mind.

Jungwoo, on the other hand, was intent on testing his limits. He did something he hadn't done the entire time Yukhei had been captive. Jungwoo climbed on top of the bed and straddled Yukhei's legs. He bent down over Yukhei's cock and wrapped his lips around the tip. The sensation of Jungwoo's warm tongue on his hard shaft was almost enough to send him over the edge. But Yukhei held on with all his might, even when Jungwoo began to bob his head, sucking hard on the cock and making lewd noises.

Despite being painfully hard and desperately needing to cum, Yukhei was doing okay. He almost lost control and came a couple of times but he was able to pull past his drug-filled haze and hold on. It wasn't until he made the mistake of looking down at Jungwoo. The man peered up through his silver hair as he sucked on Yukhei's cock. His eyes connected with Yukhei's and that's when he lost control. Long, white streams cums spurted from his cock and into Jungwoo's mouth. Yukhei's breathing intensified as the vibrator now led him into over-sensitivity.

Lips pulled off of Yukhei's cock with a pop. Jungwoo's expression turned very stern and Yukhei knew things were about to get much worse for him. He only had one chance to mess up and he just did.

"Lucas, baby, you're gonna have to do so much better than that if you want your reward. It looks like I'll have to test you further."

"Please stop - " Yukhei thrashed about on the bed, his cock growing steadily larger again due to the vibrator and the aphrodisiacs.

"Baby, I can't stop. You have to learn. I had a feeling you would fail. That's why I asked to borrow a slave. He should be here any minute."

Without warning, the door swung open and there stood two more men that Yukhei had never seen before. The first was tall and scary-looking with his slicked brown hair and a red ring on his hand. If he wasn't getting so desperate for friction on his cock, Yukhei would've felt embarrassed to be naked in front of him. The other man was tall and rather scrawny. He had jet black hair and a red collar around his neck. Besides the collar, the man wore no other clothes and Yukhei could see his cock was fully erect. He too looked like he was getting desperate for release.

After a short exchange, the scary man left, leaving behind the naked man. Jungwoo walked back over to Yukhei with the other in tow. "Lucas, this is Doyoung. He's a slave like you but his Master occasionally likes to let him fuck him so he is practiced. He has to be since he belongs to the Supreme Master. Doyoung, you have permission to fuck him however you want. He's on an aphrodisiac and I want you to bring him beyond his limits. Try your hardest to make him cum."

And with that, Yukhei was left to the will of the newcomer while Jungwoo sat on the chair to watch. Doyoung, on the other hand, started to circle the bed and assess his victim. After a moment he walked over to the table of toys and selected one of the toys that Yukhei was unfamiliar with. The device was long and cylindrical. It was silver in color and came with a remote control.

Doyoung strapped the toy to Yukhei's cock and without any warning, flipped the switch on his remote. Yukhei let out a surprised shock as volts of electricity ran from the device and right into his cock. His head thrashed about and he struggled against the restraints. It was already all too much and he could feel the tightness building inside him again.

"N-n-no!! Please stop!! I can't hold it!" He cried out, hoping he would be shown some mercy.

"Tsk tsk. You have to learn, Lucas baby," Jungwoo tutted. "Doyoungie, why don't you turn the e-stim up."

Yukhei let out another loud scream as the electricity was increased. Sweat was pouring down his skin as he focused his remaining strength on not giving into the intense pleasure. After what seemed like forever, Doyoung grabbed hold of the vibrator and began pumping it in and out of Yukhei's ass. Harder and faster. The electricity combined with the stimulation on his prostate was making it harder for him to breathe. He was losing himself in the euphoria.

Then before he knew it, everything stopped. The electricity was turned off and the vibrator was removed. Yukhei's arms and legs were being untied and he was flipped onto his stomach with his legs hanging off the side of the bed. Doyoung grabbed hold of his cheeks and spread them apart. He pressed his erect cock against Yukhei's hole and rocketed himself in all the way.

Doyoung's cock slammed in and out of him at an alarming rate leaving Yukhei to scramble for purchase to keep him from sliding up the bed. A never-ending stream of moans slipped past his lips as he was being pounded back into his state of blissful euphoria. He was nearing another orgasm.

"Lucas, baby, please open your eyes," Jungwoo's sweet voice registered in his mind somewhere in his current state of mind.

Slowly, Yukhei opened his eyes. He had not realized he had closed them but now he wished he had kept them closed. Because there was Jungwoo sitting a foot away, watching Doyoung obliterate Yukhei's hole. He couldn't help but imagine it was his Master's cock slipping in and out of him and that was enough to do him in. The orgasm hit him hard like a train. The white bliss blocking his vision as he let out more cum then he knew his body could produce.

"Doyoungie, you did well. You have permission to cum, dear," Jungwoo said as he stood and walked closer to the bed where Yukhei lay completely worn out. "But please pull out first."

Hot cum was being sprayed over Yukhei's back as Doyoung let out his load. Once the latter was gone, Jungwoo knelt down to Yukhei's eye level.

"You were doing so well, my love. I am so disappointed."

Yukhei wasn't sure if it was the exhaustion messing with him or maybe this place was finally getting to him, but his heart panged a little inside his chest. He had let his Master down.

Jungwoo's expression changed from somber to excited in an instant. "Don't worry though, baby. Now it's my turn to play! If you can't learn to only cum on my cock, then you won't get the privilege to cum while taking my cock."

Chapter Text

Yukhei was on his back with his arms and legs outstretched like a starfish.  His arms were restrained to the bed frame above him.  He tried to turn his head to see what Jungwoo was doing, but the man was just out of eyesight.  All he could do was sit there and listen to the shuffling of objects in the drawer that Jungwoo was searching.

After only a few short moments, the drawer slid shut and Yukhei nervously swallowed the saliva that had collected in his mouth.  Jungwoo neared the bed and tutted at the sight of Yukhei's hard cock.  The aphrodisiac was still coursing through his veins despite having already cum twice.

The white bracelet on Jungwoo's wrist glistened as the latter wrapped his fingers around Yukhei's cock.  He dragged his hand up and down at a torturously slow pace that was driving Yukhei absolutely mad and yet it felt so good.  The coil in him was steadily growing tighter and tighter.  

"Would you like me to go faster?" Jungwoo asked, his voice portraying a soft yet dominant tone.

"Yes...P-please -"

"As you wish." 

And just like that, Jungwoo's hand began to slide up and down Yukhei's cock at an unrelenting pace.  Yukhei wailed in ecstasy as the pleasure inside him began to mount.  He was almost there.  Just a little bit more and the cord would snap.  He would be orgasming for the third time.  Except it didn't happen.  Just before the pleasure reached its peak, Jungwoo stopped the handjob to slip a silver ring around his cock.

Realizing what happened Yukhei began to beg, all dignity was thrown aside. "No, please!! Master, please let me cum!! I have to cum!!"

"I'm sorry, Lucas, but you have to be taught a lesson.  I can't just let you go around breaking all the rules.  You cum on my cock or you don't cum at all." Jungwoo said as he released his hard cock from his pants and gave it a few tugs before lining it up with Yukhei's hole. "Since you don't understand that concept, Lucas, you don't get to have the pleasure of cumming while taking my cock."

In one swift motion, Jungwoo inserted himself all the way up to the hilt.  Immediately his hip began to work as he thrust himself long and hard.  Yukhei's head flew back against the pillow and his back arched up from the bed.  Jungwoo's dick was nothing like Doyoung's.  Doyoung's was short and thin while Jungwoo's was long and thick.  The pain from the additional stretch was almost instantly forgotten as Yukhei listened to the loud sounds of skin slapping skin.

Once again that tight cord in his gut was bending, getting ready to snap.  With a small shift of position, Jungwoo's dick slammed against Yukhei's prostate sending him into a dry orgasm that left him completely unsatisfied.  Having noticed this, Jungwoo continued to aim right at the tender spot with the sole purpose of making Yukhei dry orgasm.  

Over and over again, Yukhei was left unsatisfied.  His cock was swollen and red from all the denials.  It hurt.  He needed to cum badly but no matter how much he begged and pleaded with Jungwoo, the man just kept at it.  He kept thrusting Yukhei into another painful dry orgasm until the boy was about ready to pass out from pain.  Only then did Jungwoo spray his load deep inside of Yukhei and then pull out.  

Jungwoo stuffed a vibrator up Yukhei's ass.  Then he cleaned himself up, tucked his dick back into his pants, turned the light out and left.  He left behind a crying and still painfully hard Yukhei.

An hour or so passed before the vibrations finally stopped.  Yukhei was a mess of sweat, blood, and the little bit of cum that had managed to make it's way out after multiple dry orgasms.  His mind was left in a foggy haze and he couldn't quite comprehend the brightness of the light that suddenly flooded the room.

A cool hand removed the ring from around his cock and stroked him until every last drop of cum was out of his body.  He didn't realize his hands were untied until he was being lifted into a lap and coddled like a baby.  Vaguely he remembers his former self having rejected the skinship his friends and family offered, but right here and now it felt so right.  It felt good to be here in his Master's arms being told that he was loved and that he took his punishment well.


The following morning, Yukhei woke to find himself still cuddled in Jungwoo's arms.  The older man was awake and watching him with such an intensity that made his heart swoop.  Jungwoo's hand slowly crawled up Yukhei's body and caressed his face before placing itself at the nape of his neck and pulling him so close that Jungwoo's lips were a breath away from his own.  Yukhei's heart beat impossibly faster as Jungwoo closed the distance and pressed his lips against Yukhei's.  

The kiss was slow and sweet.  Tantalizing melodic.  It left Yukhei burning with a need for oxygen but feeling disappointed when it stopped.  

"You have to wake up, baby," Jungwoo whispered softly. "We have to go somewhere today."

"Go?" Yukhei questioned.  On most occasions, he wasn't allowed in the bathroom, let alone to leave the entire room.  He studied Jungwoo's face, uncertain of his intentions.

"Not far.  But today you have to be assessed." Jungwoo said as he stood up from the bed and fixed his clothes.  He was not wearing the same outfit as the day before so he must have left at some point in the night only to return later in an outfit suitable for formal wear.  

The silver-haired man searched a cabinet and pulled out a sleek, white collar similar to the ones Taeyong and Doyoung had been wearing.  The collar was slipped around Yukhei's neck and pulled just tight enough so that he could breathe.  

"It looks so pretty on you," Jungwoo said as he readjusted the position of the collar and Yukhei's heart soared at the compliment.  Jungwoo fiddled with the collar a bit more before resting his hands on his thighs and clasping them together.  

After a moment, Jungwoo broke the silence. "Listen, Lucas.  This assessment is very important, so I need you to be on your best behavior and do everything the Supreme Master tells you to do.  I'm not sure what he will have you do but I do know that his punishments are not like mine or Master Jaehyun's.  If you don't follow his every rule, he will not hesitate to punish you in the most unimaginable ways.  He doesn't see death as a possible, yet likely, outcome of his training.  It's why he only has Doyoung as a personal slave.  All the rest have died.  And Doyoung...he's a special kind.  He likes the threat of death.  Lucas, you have to behave."

If Yukhei didn't know any better, it seemed that Jungwoo was actually concerned.  Terrified even at the thought of possibly losing his slave.  Yukhei opened his mouth to say something but before he could respond, he was being ushered out the door.

He had never been outside of his room.  They walked down a long corridor and into an elevator.  Jungwoo punched the second highest number and they ascended until the elevator stopped on the fifth floor and the doors opened to reveal a lavish lounge covered in intricately detailed red wallpaper.  The room was decorated with expensive furniture but what was more alarming were the pictures on the wall.  The pictures depicted men and women of varying races all experiencing some kind of sexual torture....or pleasure.  Yukhei's stomach rolled at the thought.

A door on their right opened softly as Doyoung, thankfully in clothes this time, entered the room.  He stopped dead in his tracks and bowed deeply when he saw that Jungwoo had arrived.

"Good morning, Doyoungie.  You may rise and bring us to your Master," Jungwoo said, reassuming his dominant nature.

"Yes, Sir," Doyoung gave a little nod and lead them down the hall and through a door on the left.  They descended a flight of stairs before passing through another door and into a large room.

The room itself consisted of many different kinds of tables, restraints, and sex toys of varying sizes.  There were people in it as well.  The first was a man that Yukhei remembered from the day before.  He was the same man with slick brown hair that had dropped Doyoung off.  This man gave off such a powerful aura that he was no doubt the Supreme Master.

A soft groan then grabbed Yukhei's attention and his eyes drifted to the other man.  He was also one that Yukhei had recognized.  Taeyong was dangling inches from the ground by his arms.  He had been stripped of all his clothes and his body was littered with ugly purple bruises and cuts, some of which were still bleeding.  Taeyong's pink collar lie in pieces just below his feet and around his neck was a bright red collar.  It was strapped so tightly that Yukhei didn't know how Taeyong was still breathing.

"Welcome," the deep voice of the Supreme Master registered in Yukhei's mind.  The man stood and approached the two, Doyoung had already assumed a position in the corner of the room.  

Jungwoo grabbed the Master's hand and kissed the ring on his finger. "Thank you for having us, Supreme Master Youngho."

"Always a pleasure to see you, Master Jungwoo.  And this," Youngho turned his attention to Yukhei, his lips curling into a smile more unpleasant than Jungwoo's, "must be Lucas.  It's a shame your slave doesn't know how to bow when being introduced to his superior.  I'm afraid I can't let that slide in today's assessment."

A cold hand traced Yukhei's jawline.  Youngho's eyes scanned him up and down. "He is pretty, though.  And he certainly has a submissive nature to him, there's no doubt about that.  You did a good job in selecting him."

"Thank you, Supreme Master." Jungwoo bowed.

"Doyoung, escort Master Jungwoo back to his room.  Take care of all his needs.  I have a feeling this one will be spending the night," Youngho ordered the scrawnier slave.  

The two bowed again before exiting the room, Jungwoo leaving a lingering look that reminded him to behave.  Soon it was just Youngho, Yukhei, and Taeyong left behind.  Youngho circled Yukhei like a predator sizing up his prey.  His eyes continued to rake up Yukhei's body.

"Not bad for an innocent," Youngho commented, taking notice of the fact that Yukhei didn't quite comprehend the observation. "I see Master Jungwoo has failed to describe our color system to you.  You see, Lucas, we all have our specialties and our colors represent those specialties.  Red, for example, can mean many things.  It is the color of energy, determination, anger, and sexual passion.  While white, on the other hand, is representative of innocence and purity.  Do you understand what that means?"

Yukhei shook his head making Youngho laugh. 

"Of course not.  A dumb slave like you would never understand anything beyond sex.  It means that Master Jungwoo specializes in the innocent," Youngho continued. "It means that he enjoys finding the sweet virgins and stealing their innocence.  Molding them into a slave before the Gods of sexual pleasure."

Yukhei's mind was racing.  Things were beginning to make more sense after that first night when he was offered to ask three questions but was never given the chance to ask them.  There were many things he wanted to understand but his Master never gave him an opportunity to.  And maybe it was just an empty, hopeless wish, but a part of him had hoped that Jungwoo was trying to protect him from the truth.  

Another soft groan came from the corner of the room where Taeyong was strapped to the wall.  Yukhei looked at the poor boy and wondered what he did to get himself in that situation.  

Youngho followed the direction of his gaze, his expression turning dark. "Pink is the color of sweetness, tenderness, and playfulness.  But pink is also a very dangerous color because it could also symbolize unconditional love.  A slave should never betray the love of his Master.  Ain't that right, Taeyong-ah?"

Taeyong did not answer.  He only let out another loud pained groan which Youngho seemed to take as a yes.  

The Supreme Master gave Taeyong one last look before turning his eyes back to his prey. "I think I've had enough chit-chat.  What do you say we start the real fun? for me but it'll probably hurt for you.  But who knows? Maybe a little pain will excite you."

Chapter Text

Yukhei was spread across a cold metal table with his hands and arms bound to the table.  His body shivered with nerves as he listened to the clicking of Youngho's shoes on the floor as it was all he could do.  The Supreme Master had tied a blindfold around his head rendering him completely sightless.  And to be frank, it scared him more than anything.  Jungwoo was cruel and harsh, but not once had he taken away Yukhei's sight.

A loud crackling noise next to his ear, making him jump and start thrashing against the bonds.  Yukhei wasn't sure what was making the sound but he certainly didn't want to stick around long enough to find out.  

Yukhei could almost hear the soft cackle that left Youngho's lips as the device grazed the younger's thigh, making him shout as an electric shock stung his skin.  It was then that Yukhei realized what the Master was holding.  It was an E-Stim but this one seemed different.  This one had just barely touched his skin and left him in pain.  

The Supreme Master pressed the device against Yukhei's inner thigh and held it there.  The pain was beyond any he had experienced in the past.  He couldn't help the loud scream that echoed around the room.  Yukhei thrashed about but he couldn't get away.  He wanted out.  He wanted to be saved.  He wanted to be softly cradled in Jungwoo's arms.  He wanted Jungwoo to hug him, to rub ointment on his irritated skin, to remind him how much he loved him.  

Youngho had other plans.  The torture went on.  Minutes...hours...days.  Yukhei wasn't sure how long he had laid strapped to that bed, being subjected to all kinds of devices that did nothing but make him pray that he would pass out.  

The 'fun', as Youngho put it, hadn't stopped until the Master had left his seed deep inside of Yukhei.  By that point, he was too exhausted and delirious to care.  The blindfold and bonds were removed before his body was being flung over a shoulder like a ragdoll as he was carried over to the wall where Taeyong was still strung.  Yukhei's arms were bound above his and he too was left there to hang by his arms just inches above the ground.  The door slamming behind Youngho as he left the room was the last thing that Yukhei saw before exhaustion won over and he passed out.


Jungwoo was calling his name.  No...not Jungwoo.  That wasn't his Master's voice.  Yukhei would know Jungwoo's voice better than anyone.  There were times when it was the only voice he heard besides his own for days at a time.  And this voice? This was most certainly not Jungwoo's voice whispering for him to wake up.

A soft kick to his side finally caused Yukhei to wake from his deliria.  When he opened his eyes, he couldn't see a thing.  Panic began to rise as he remembered the blindfold.  He couldn't let that happen again.

"Shhh!!" came the soft voice that roused him. "Lucas, be quiet! You're okay! You're not blindfolded.  It's just dark."

It was Taeyong.  Taeyong, who was in the same predicament, who had woken him from his slumber.  Yukhei began to calm down a little, but if he was honest, the ability to not see was still making him anxious.

"Lucas, can you speak? Are you okay?" Taeyong asked, his voice laced with concern.

A memory came to Yukhei's mind.  One of Jungwoo setting the rules.  He wasn't supposed to talk to another slave and he was sure the punishment would be severe if anyone found out.  Especially Youngho.  But they were alone, locked in a basement torture chamber.  They had both already experienced tortures.  What more could they do to them?

"I'm not supposed to talk to you," Yukhei said, finally making up his mind.

"Youngho left hours ago.  He won't be back until dawn.  He's probably passed out after fucking Doyoung." Yukhei could hear the rustle of chains as Taeyong probably adjusted his grip on the chains.  Hanging from your arms for so long was quite painful. "I'm glad you're okay though, Lucas.  The things he did to you - "

Taeyong's voice trailed off.  He didn't really need to say it anyway.  The memories of being shocked, whipped, beaten, and fucked senseless were still fresh in the younger man's mind.  

"We have to get out of here," Taeyong continued. "We are going to get out of here.  I need your help though.  Youngho will never let me free again.  Not after what I did.  But might have a chance.  Are you fast?"

"I ran track in high school -"

"That's perfect!" Taeyong exclaimed. "You can get us out."

"Taeyong, I don't know how to get out of here.  I'm not even sure I want to leave anymore.  It sucks.  It's painful and so many more horrible things.  But I think my Master loves me.  And I don't think I can leave him." Yukhei wasn't sure exactly what he was saying.  He only knew his heart was beating rapidly.  Was it fear? Or love? He was confused and exhausted.  And scared.

There was a long space of silence.  Yukhei was almost convinced that Taeyong had fallen asleep before the man spoke again. "He doesn't love you, Lucas."

"And how would you kn-"

"Because I thought Master Jaehyun loved me.  And I love him." There was a sense of emotion in Taeyong's voice.  One that the younger couldn't quite name but he too could feel the dread creep up in his heart.  An unspoken thought that had always been there but he didn't want to confront.

"How did you get here? How did you end up in Youngho's grasp?" Yukhei felt like he could guess what Taeyong was going to say but he had to hear it.  He had to listen to Taeyong say it out loud.

Taeyong took in a deep breath and then let it out slowly. "My father was an aggressive man.  He never liked me and always took his anger out on me.  He was the one who sold me to Master Jaehyun.  When I first got here, Master Jaehyun was kind.  He was gentle and sweet.  He never hit me or hurt me.  The sex wasn't just sex.  He made love to me."

"So what happened then?" Yukhei asked.  The ice in his heart was growing.  His mind was racing with images of his own Master cradling him and telling him he loved him.  

"One day, Jungwoo came in while we were making love.  He said we were breaking a rule and told Youngho.  After that, Jaehyun disappeared for days.  And when he finally returned, he wasn't Jaehyun anymore," Taeyong let out a long shuddering sigh as he recalled some difficult memories. "He became rough and harsh.  He never stopped.  Not even when the pain was unbearable and I pleaded for him to stop.  He became just like my father."

Soft sobs filled the quiet of the room.  Yukhei listened to Taeyong cry for a moment.  After composing himself enough to go on, Taeyong continued. "Whenever Master Jaehyun raised his hand on me, I could only see my father.  I don't know what happened in the time he was gone, but my Jaehyun was gone.  This man in front of me wasn't him.  And it was all because Jungwoo manipulated a situation that wasn't his to control.  I spent so much time thinking about how if he had never seen us making love, I would still have the Jaehyun I loved. I was driving myself mad.  I had to get out.  And one day, I almost did.  That's how I got here.  I found the way out and was almost free.  But then Master Jaehyun found me before I could pick the lock.  I had never seen him so angry.  He turned me into Youngho and told him what happened.  I've been here ever since."

"I can't believe it.  Taeyong, I want to help you but  -"

"Lucas, Jungwoo is a bad person.  He doesn't love you.  He never has.

"You don't know anything about me and Master Jungwoo," Yukhei said with slight anger despite the fact that there were growing fears and doubts blossoming inside him.  

"You're right, Lucas," Yukhei could almost feel Taeyong's eyes boring holes in him. "I don't know anything about your relationship with him.  But that day when Master Jaehyun was whipping you, I could sense it in the way he looked at you.  I could feel the energy between you two.  And I knew I couldn't let what happened to me happen to another person.  I have to get out of here, Lucas, and so do you.  Don't let them manipulate you like they did me."

Yukhei wanted to run a hand through his hair.  He wanted to scream out in frustration.  He wanted his heart to stop thudding loudly, pumping the ice through his veins.  He wished he could punch someone or something.  A part of him wanted Jungwoo to pound into so hard that he was left brainless and too tired to function.  But all he could do was cry.  Cry because he knew the emotions he was feeling were some kind of fucked up version of love, but he also knew that Taeyong was right.  Yukhei knew he couldn't stay here.  They both had to get out.

"What do I have to do?"


Yukhei couldn't sleep a wink.  The pain from the restraints combined with the nerves kept him awake most of the night.  So he wasn't shocked when a light flooded the room as someone flipped the switch.  The thing that did shock him was that it was the Supreme Master himself who had come.  

Taeyong, whom Yukhei learned was very observant, had said that Youngho always stuck to a strict schedule.  That of which consisted of sending Doyoung to make sure there weren't any dead bodies in the room.  The blonde chanced a glance to his right where he noticed that Taeyong seemed just as surprised but also a hint of conviction.  Maybe this was their moment.

Youngho approached the slaves, a nasty grin gracing his face. " glad to see you both made it another night.  That means another day of fun for all of us!"

The blonde watched as the Master pulled a keyring out of his shirt pocket.  He inserted the key into the lock and turned it.  Yukhei crumpled to the floor.  His legs were asleep but he didn't have time.  Ignoring the prickling pain, he shoved Youngho to the floor and pulled the key from where it was still in the lock.  He sprinted to the door, up the stairs, and down the hall.

He made it to the elevator in record time.  His lungs felt like they were on fire after spending so much time restrained to a bed.  But Yukhei had to complete his task.  He had to follow through with their plan.  

The elevator doors opened and Yukhei clambered inside.  He jabbed the top button with his thumb and then hit the close door button.  The elevator began to climb upwards and Yukhei nervously fiddled with the keys in his hand.  He was almost there.  Almost free.  

The bell dinged, the doors opened, and Yukhei bolted out the door, colliding with another human body.

"Lucas, what have you done?"

That voice.  That oh-so-familiar voice clouded Yukhei's mind and heart with simultaneous joy and fear.  Yukhei had run right into the arms of Kim Jungwoo.

Chapter Text

The elevator doors opened and Yukhei bolted through the opening.  Before he could get far, he crashed into another body.  The person spoke and he instantly knew who it was. Yukhei had run straight into the arms of his Master and in the distance, they could hear footsteps approaching.

Before he knew what was happening, Yukhei was being pulled by his wrist down the hall and was shoved into a broom closet.  Jungwoo pressed a finger to his lips to signal silence before closing the door, leaving Yukhei drowning in darkness.  

"Doyoung, what brings you here? I trust you're not trying to run away," came the muffled voice Jungwoo.

"No, Sir," Doyoung sounded out of breath. "Never.  Forgive me, Master, but have you seen your slave?"

"Lucas? You mean to tell me he isn't with the Supreme Master?" Jungwoo's voice grew colder.  If Yukhei hadn't known Jungwoo knew where he was, he would be trembling in fear.

Yukhei could imagine that Doyoung's facial expression was his answer because within seconds he could hear a loud shout as Jungwoo raged.  

"You better find him!" The silver-haired man bellowed, his voice loud enough to cause an echo.

Yukhei could not hear a response from Doyoung but he assumed the man had scurried off.  Jungwoo ripped the door open and yanked Yukhei out of the shadows.  He raised his hand and struck the blonde across the face with enough force to leave a mark.

"You stupid bitch.  You good for nothing slave," Jungwoo seethed, pacing up and down the hall. "Do you have any idea what you have done? Do you have any comprehension of the danger you have put yourself in? Why can't you just follow your orders like a good slave? I told you to behave.  God, I could just shove my dick down your throat and choke you until you suffocate."

"Master -" Yukhei let his voice trail off.  He stared down at the tiled floor, a knot of anxiety settling hard in his stomach.

Jungwoo turned his cold gaze on the boy.  He took in a breath and stepped closer, gripping Yukhei's wrist a bit too hard.  A tear began to fall down Yukhei's cheek.  Jungwoo reached to wipe it before stopping himself, huffing as he turned and began to pull Yukhei further down the hall.  They descended some stairs, made two rights and a left before Jungwoo was pushing him into a room that was slightly bigger than the room he had been living in as Jungwoo's slave.  

"Stay here until I can clear up this mess," his Master commanded. "Stay quiet.  No one comes in here but if you hear footsteps, hide.  There's nothing I can do if you get caught.  If they find you, they will kill you."

Jungwoo turned to leave but stopped just inside the doorframe. "Oh and Lucas, I am trusting you to never try to leave again.  You belong to me."

And with that, Yukhei was left alone in the cold, damp room.  He moved over to a corner of the room that seemed the driest and laid down on the ground, curling into a ball to maintain body heat.  Finally having a chance to breathe, he let out the tears he had been holding back and cried until he fell asleep.


It had been almost three days since Yukhei had last seen his Master.  He rubbed his arms to heat them up.  It was really cold in the deserted kitchen he had been living in and scavenging food in.  Food and cold really weren't his biggest problems though.  After three days with no human contact, Yukhei's skin was crawling with a desire to be touched.  He didn't want to be touched by Jungwoo, he needed to be.  

Yukhei closed his eyes and ran his hands up under his shirt.  He let his fingers run over the nubs of his nipples, imagining that it was his Master's hands.  He let out a little gasp as one of his fingers twisted a nipple causing pleasure to slowly pool in his groin.  His back arched up slightly off the tiled floor as he continued to play with his nipples.  He only stopped when he heard the sound of feet clapping on the concrete floor of the hallway.  Instantly his heart rate increased and he swiftly dashed to hide in a nearby cubby.  He had just barely made it inside when the door swung open with a soft thump.

"Lucas? Come out.  It's your Master," Jungwoo whispered into the dead silence of the room.

Yukhei peeked through the crack of the cubby door.  It was difficult to see due to the lack of light, but Yukhei could just barely make out a man with an unmistakable head of silver hair.  Something seemed off about Jungwoo.  He was tense and there was a sadness in his eyes that Yukhei had not seen before.  He crawled out from his hiding place and approached his Master, throwing himself into the arms of the man whose touch he so desperately craved.

"Lucas, what - oh!" Jungwoo exclaimed as Yukhei, too needy and deprived to care, began to grind his erection against his Master's leg. "I see you missed me."

"Master, please hold me.  Please touch me," the blonde found himself begging.  

Jungwoo tilted his head down and began to kiss Yukhei's neck, causing the younger to shudder and lean into the kiss.  A hand snaked under Yukhei's shirt and rubbed up against the younger's already sensitive nipples.  Yukhei let out a loud moan at the sensations that were flooding his veins.

It wasn't long before Jungwoo had rid them both of all their clothes.  A spit soaked finger circled Yukhei's hole before breaching.  He was used to the pain now, so he wasn't surprised at the pain of the stretch.  What did surprise him was how gentle his Master was being.  Jungwoo moved his finger slowly in and out.  He leaned in closer to Yukhei, pressing kisses against his lips and neck.  It was as if he were savoring the moment.

"Master -"

"Shhh," Jungwoo shooshed him as he pressed another slick finger into Yukhei's entrance.  He crooked his fingers and they brushed up against Yukhei's walls.  The blonde was in pure bliss as his Master gradually worked his way up to adding a third finger.

It wasn't long before Yukhei was dripping with sweat, saliva, and a need that could only be cured by Jungwoo's glorious dick.  Noticing how Yukhei was squirming more, the older withdrew his fingers.  He spat into his hand and covered his dick with a layer of saliva before lining himself up.

Yukhei braced himself for the pain of the stretch but once again he was left in surprise as Jungwoo entered him slowly and gently.  He only had a brief moment to wonder what had happened to Jungwoo in the three days they were apart before the Master slowly began to rock his hips.

Jungwoo's lips moved languidly against Yukhei's.  His tongue explored every inch of the blonde's mouth.  The feeling was unlike anything Yukhei had felt before.  Jungwoo wasn't having sex with him.  He was making love to him.  Or so his blissed-out mind thought as Jungwoo kissed down his neck.

He was being loud and he knew it was dangerous.  At the moment, Yukhei didn't care about the loud, uncontrollable moans that escaped his mouth as Jungwoo fucked into him.  Over and over, Jungwoo's dick slid in and out of him.  The pleasure was so intense that he orgasmed harder than he ever had.  Hot streams of cum painted his stomach as he felt Jungwoo paint his insides.

Just as quickly as it started, it had ended.  Jungwoo pulled out of his slave, dressed back into his clothes, and left without so much of a goodbye.  Yukhei pulled his knees in and curled up into a ball.  He was left alone once again and with no answers as to what had happened to his Master.

It went on like that for weeks.  Jungwoo would come every few days, make love to him, and then leave.  And each time he left, Yukhei was left with a stronger desire to be touched by his Master.  The need was starting to become a part of him.  Each day that passed without a visit from Jungwoo was becoming more and more unbearable.  Yukhei felt like he was losing part of himself bit by bit.  Without Jungwoo, he was nothing.

This is why Yukhei awoke in the middle of the night and was surprised to Jungwoo hadn't left after he fucked him until he passed out.  The blonde looked into the older boy's eyes, trying to understand why he was like this.  Kim Jungwoo was a very confusing person.  One moment he would be dominant to the point of insanity, and the next he was sweet and caring.  It was giving him whiplash.  

Jungwoo pulled the younger boy in closer.  There was a deep-rooted sadness written into the Master's eyes and Yukhei couldn't help but snuggle into his arms.  Jungwoo tipped his head down and kissed Yukhei on the lips.  It was soft.  Just a soft kiss without the need to go any further.  A simple kiss that left Yukhei feeling light-headed, dizzy, and even more confused than ever.

When Jungwoo pulled away he left another faint kiss on Yukhei's forehead before looking him in the eye. "Lucas, you know I love you right?"

"You're the only one who loves me.  Nobody loves me but you, Master." Yukhei smiled contently and nestled back into his Master's warmth.  Sure he had family and friends in his old life, but this was his new life.  And he was so much happier here with Jungwoo.  Jungwoo was all he needed.  All those nights spent alone in the kitchen left him with a lot of time to think.  He should have never tried to escape.  Taeyong was wrong.  He was meant to stay here.  He was meant to be with Jungwoo even if Jungwoo never truly loved him in return.

Jungwoo sighed.  He some strands of hair out of Yukhei's face before speaking. "Baby, I'm afraid I can't keep you anymore."

"What? What do you mean, Master? Have I been bad? I can be better," Yukhei rambled.  The fear of being deserted, of having to live a life without Jungwoo began to wash over him.

"You are perfect, baby," Jungwoo reassured him but it wasn't enough.

"Then why? I don't understand," Yukhei felt like he was being choked by the sobs he was holding in.  His throat was closing up and his chest felt heavy with a sudden sense of grief. "If this is about Master Youngho, I can handle him.  I can take care of myself.  Just please, Master.  Please don't send me away.  Please don't leave me.  Come with me."

"I can't," Jungwoo said softly. "Lucas, we could spend years running but they will always find us.  And when they do, we won't survive.  I have to stay to make sure you stay alive."

"Why do suddenly care if I live or die? You raped me, beat me, threatened my life.  And now all of a sudden you want to save me? If you're going to make me leave then at least help me understand." 

There was a few moments pause before the older had collected his thoughts and spoke again. "I never hated Master Youngho more than I did the moment he decided to take you away from me.  You may be a slave, but you are my slave and not his to defile.  I wanted....want you all to myself but I can't have you.  Because as much as I want to dominate you, I also want to kiss you and care for you.  When he took you away from me, it was hell.  I was scared that you might never come back.  When I left you behind, I realized that when I say I love you I mean it in every sense of the word.  I don't mean it like how a Master is supposed to love his slave."

Jungwoo rolled over so that he was on top of Yukhei.  He leaned down and kissed the top of his head.

" I love your hair.  I love your eyes.  I love your nose and lips." He kissed every part of Yukhei's body from top to bottom and when he looked back into Yukhei's eyes he said, "And I love your name, Wong Yukhei."

Chapter Text

When Yukhei awoke, he was disappointed to find he was completely alone.  Jungwoo must have left sometime in the night while he slept.  He pulled his arms in over his chest and curled up to preserve some body heat.  He closed his eyes and tried to go back to sleep but woke with a start at the sound of feet and voices clambering loudly down the hallway.  

Yukhei was just barely able to scramble into his hiding spot before the door burst open and in walked Doyoung and Youngho.  And there, badly bruised and barely conscious, was Jungwoo.  The young Master was being supported between Youngho and Doyoung.  They must have done something terrible to him.

Youngho scanned the room before his eyes froze on the cubby that Yukhei was hidden in.  A nasty grin appeared on his face as he lifted a finger to point. "Doyoung, check the cubby.  He must be hidden in there."

His stomach dropped to the floor as Doyoung approached his hiding place.  The door flung open and Yukhei was suddenly ripped from the cubby, barely having time to stagger on his feet.  Doyoung pushed him forward and forced him to kneel before the Supreme Master who was looking at him with Hellish delight.

"What an epic game of hide-n-seek, Lucas.  You must think you're quite the hider," Youngho leaned in closer, nearly dropping Jungwoo to the floor, as he whispered in Yukhei's ear. "But you lost the game, slave.  And now it's my turn to choose what we play."


Yukhei was being restained against the wall of Youngho's sex chamber by Doyoung.  He watched in dread as Jungwoo was naked and being strapped to the table.  The man was trembling with a fear that Yukhei had never seen in him before.  

When Youngho was pleased with the security of Jungwoo's restraints, he tilted his head to look towards Yukhei. "Lucas, did you know that in order to make the perfect Master, they must first learn to understand the life of a slave?  It takes months of training and brain conditioning to get them to perfection.  I always pride myself on my ability to make perfect slaves and Masters.  And this one," his hand crawled up Jungwoo's bare leg, "was my most prized piece of work.  He was the most perfect Master I had ever trained.  That is until he met you."

The Supreme Master's hand continued further up Jungwoo's leg until it neared his pelvis.  And Jungwoo was visibly shaking.  Yukhei could see in his Master's eyes the amount of terror building up.  It was as if he were re-living years of past trauma.

"Something about you triggered something in him," Youngho continued with coldness in him. "I watched him from afar.  I knew you were trouble from the moment you got here.  You were doing something to him.  You were making him soft....somehow returning him to how he was when I found him.  You were taking the years I had spent in crafting him and washing them all down the drain.  And for that, you will pay."

Youngho's expression turned impossibly darker as he stepped closer to his table of toys. "I had to watch all my hard work disappear, and now you will do the same.  You are going to watch me make Jungwoo into an even more ruthless Master than he had been."

Yukhei could only watch as Youngho ran the tassels of the flogger down Jungwoo's chest before raising it above his head.  The blonde gasped as the man started to the swing the flogger down, stopping mid-air.

"Lucas, I want you to count," he said with a wild, amused grin gracing his features.

"W-what?" Yukhei stumbled as he started to comprehend what was being asked of him.

"I want you to count how many lashings he receives."

"I...can't," Yukhei said.  His eyes drifted towards Jungwoo's face.  Their eyes locked briefly, Jungwoo giving him just enough affirmation to do as he's told. "Yes, sir."

"Good slave." And without waiting any longer, Youngho swung the flogger down hard.  Jungwoo's scream echoed as the walls as the tassels met his sensitive skin.

Over and over, Youngho struck him.  Twenty, thirty, nearly forty times.  Yukhei didn't know how Jungwoo was still conscious after all that.  His Master must be in so much pain and there was nothing Yukhei could do about it.  All he could do was watch in horror as Youngho selected another toy.  

The Master slipped a leather stallion guard around Jungwoo's cock.  One with a base so thick that it pulled at the younger's balls, stretching them uncomfortably.  Youngho then took a long, thick vibrator and shoved it up Jungwoo's unprepared hole causing the younger to cry out at the painful stretch.  

Showing no mercy, Youngho cranked the vibrator all the way and pumped it in and out at the Devil's place.  Jungwoo moaned and groaned, squirming all about.  Tears fell freely from his eyes as the Supreme Master abused his body.  He begged and pleaded.  The sex was just painful for him, there was no pleasure whatsoever and Yukhei was helpless to stop the torment.

So this is what happened to Master.  This is what made him who he was.  Yukhei could imagine the horrors Jungwoo must have had to endure for all those years of conditioning to become a Master.  He now understood why his Master was as unstable as he was.  A part of the real Jungwoo still lived somewhere in the mess of this tormented soul that he saw before him.  

No longer satisfied with how Jungwoo wasn't getting hard, Youngho wrapped his fingers around what he could of Jungwoo's cock.  He ran his hands up the shaft, rubbing Jungwoo into full hardness until the boy was crying harder and begging for release.

In one swift movement, Youngho ripped the vibrator from Jungwoo's ass and freed his own cock, shoving it in all the way up to the hilt.  Yukhei had to listen to the cries of need and sex as Youngho jackhammered into Jungwoo's hole.   

"Please..." Jungwoo sobbed, tears staining his cheeks.  

"Awww...does the little baby need to cum?" Youngho said, thrusting into him harder. "Should've thought about that before you betrayed me."

Jungwoo's back arched off the bed as he wailed, his body reaching an unsatisfactory climax due to the guard around his cock.  Yukhei struggled against his own restraints and called out to the boy.  He wanted to help his Master but he wasn't strong enough to break free from the binds.

Youngho slipped his cock out of Jungwoo's hole.  He pumped into twice until streams of white cum squirted all over Jungwoo's body.  The look on the Supreme Master's face was unlike anything Yukhei had seen on the other Masters.  Sure they all got their kicks out of abusing some innocent slave.  But this? This was a new level of pleasure on Youngho's expression.  He didn't just enjoy breaking someone....he loved it.

Without a moment to rest, Jungwoo was being released from his restraints and hung against the wall opposite of Yukhei.  The Supreme Master gripped a whip and raised it above his head.

"You will repeat what I say, Jungwoo, and take each lashing." Youngho's voice was thick with malice and power.  Jungwoo nodded weakly. "You are mine to control!"

"I am yours to control." CRACK! Jungwoo hissed as the whip slashed his skin.

"You deserve to be punished!"

"I deserve to be punished." CRACK

"Now answer my questions, Jungwoo," Youngho raised the whip again. "You are a Master that I trained.  Are you not?"

"I am." CRACK

"What is the #1 rule all Masters must follow?" 

"Never betray the Supreme Master."

"And did you betray me?"


"Jungwoo," Youngho practically spit the name, "how did you betray me?"

Jungwoo's eyes met Yukhei's.  They stayed locked on his for a moment before he opened to speak "I woke up from your control and fell in love in the process."

Rage flared behind Youngho's eyes.  Dropping his whip, he lunged at Jungwoo's neck but the door banging open stopped him dead in his tracks.

Jaehyun sprinted across the room and tackled Youngho to the ground while Taeyong, who still looked badly injured, managed to tie Doyoung to the bed with the restraints and ran to assist Jaehyun.  Within seconds,  the two had him knocked out and hanging from his own wall restraints.  Taeyong then released Yukhei from his binds and he caught the blonde before he could fall to the floor.  Across the way, Jaehyun was releasing Jungwoo from his restraints.

"Are you okay, Yukhei?" Taeyong's eyes briefly scanned his body for casualties.  Yukhei could only nod mutely in response.  Satisfied, Taeyong called out, "He's fine!"

"Yong, I need help! I'm calling for backup." Jaehyun laid Jungwoo's limp body across the floor.  He must've passed out at some point during the fight.  But if the puddle beneath him had anything to say, Jungwoo was losing blood rapidly.

Yukhei wanted to run to his Master.  To pull his body into his lap and cuddle him until he woke up.  The sobs that wracked his body were harsh and ugly.  He tried to move towards Jungwoo but Taeyong held him back.

"Yukhei, I know you want to be with him but I promise you it's better to let Jaehyun tend to his wounds," Taeyong gently said softly as he brushed a hand across the blonde's cheek to help calm him down. "And I'm sure you have a lot of questions.  Answers will come in due time.  But first, please allow me to tend to your wounds."

Yukhei looked back and forth between Taeyong and Jungwoo, whose body was being wrapped in bandages that Jaehyun had produced from somewhere.  When he finally locked back onto Taeyong, Yukhei agreed to allow the man to help him.  As he had hoped Jaehyun would be able to save Jungwoo.