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「Noragami x Reader One-Shots」

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    Little white speckles of snow drifted about covering all surroundings. The cold caused a pink tinge to appear on both you and Yukine’s faces. His hand felt so cold as held it in an attempt to bring some warmth for the two of you. Even after all this time of being a regalia, it still always surprised you when you could feel human things such as cold or warmth.

    You snuggled closer to the boy next to you, wrapping your arms around one of his and burying your face in his chest. His face turned a deeper shade of pink, but he showed a small smile and wrapped his free arm around you. You looked up at this cute boy in front of you with his blond hair, red eyes, and rosy pink cheeks.

    A stray snowflake drifted down and stuck on a strand of his hair. You slowly reached your hand up and brushed the snow from his, quickly closing your eyes when the snow made its way to your face. Copying what you did, Yukine wiped the snow from your cold face. You couldn’t help but shiver as his freezing hands touched you, desperately trying to stop your body from shaking. Despite your attempts, it was still obvious how cold you were.

    “Here, wear this,” Yukine told you as he pulled the giant sweater he wore off of him, leaving him in only a thin, long-sleeved shirt. He handed you the light blue sweater, motioning for you to put it on.

    “No,” you said as you shook your head. “You’re going to freeze.”

    “I-I’ll be fine,” he stuttered as his teeth chattered uncontrollably. Even if it meant freezing, he was still as stubborn as always. “I don’t want you to be cold.”

    Hesitantly, you took the baggy sweater from him and pulled it over your head. Instantly, most of the cold you felt vanished away and you were full of warmth. But now it was obvious how badly he was shaking from the cold. This time, you pulled him closer to you so he could feel your warmth. You wrapped your arms tightly around him and without being as hesitant as he was every other time, he gladly accepted your embrace.

    Now, as the two of you sat so closely together with barely any room between each other, his beautiful red eyes stared into your (E/C) ones. You moved your hands up to his face, the sweater being so big on you that it went past your hands and touched his cheeks, giving him some more warmth that he needed.

    Your lips slowly started moving towards his as he did the same. Two cold lips met turning it into an icy kiss, one that you enjoyed nonetheless. You pulled away, leaving the kiss at only a small peck. But when you saw the smile and deep blush that was shown on Yukine’s face, that gave you the courage needed to turn it into something more.

    The two of you met for another kiss once again, but this time you moved your lips against his, deepening the icy kiss. Both yours and his lips were moving perfectly together in sync. It was only until several moments later that the two of you finally broke apart breathless.

    After that, the two of you only smiled at each other, no words needed to be passed. You wrapped your arms around his body again and pressed your warm body against his freezing one. The cold was no longer an issue, all that mattered to either of you was that you had each other.