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From Manchester To London

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The rain started to pour, thunder started to clash the sky, and lighting started flashing before your eyes, the forest that surrounded a small train station was getting beat up by the sudden rainfall. The sun started to set, but yet there were dark clouds roaming, making it dark.

Allen sighed on the wooden bench, his white hair waved in his face, dancing with the harsh winds. Next to him was his boss, Cross Marian. Cross Marian and Allen were supposed to take a trip to London from Manchester together to visit family. But since the train is late, it’s obvious it’s going to be delayed.

So your probably wondering, why is Allen and cross, along with several other people waiting in the rain instead of going inside? Well let’s just say the employees didn’t want mud inside so they locked everyone out.

“Could have let us go in, but noooo we can’t because of some fucking mud!” Said Allen with a angry tone, he was obviously not pleased with the employees choice. He along with around a dozen people are forced to wait in the rain, the only shelter they got was the extended roof.

“Yeah, this is stupid. Where’s the fucking train?!” Cross had yelled out loud, not caring that everyone heard and is currently staring at him.

“The employees said it would be here in a few minutes, but that was a hour ago!” Said one of the people waiting, leaning against the wall right next to Allen. The man was around 6’4, had long brown hair tied in a braid. He wore a long brown trench coat with lether shoes. He had dark brown eyes, and was next to a small girl with a bright pink flurry dress.

She had spikey purple hair that was decorated with a bow. Her eyes were a chocolate brown, and had pink tights with pink shoes with purple ribbons that went up her legs.

Next to her was a tall man, his hair was short, yet put up. He had a lether coat, black pants and black dress shoes. He had a cigarette in his mouth and a beauty mark under his left eye.

“Ugh this is so boring~!!” Yelled the small girl in the dress.

“Can we just go home? Forget this stupid trip! We’re stuck in a thunderstorm, stranded and soaked!! Let’s just go!”

“Honestly can we go cross?”

“Let’s wait a little bit more- you know what fuck it, let’s go.”

Everyone started to get ready to leave, but right when everyone was fixing to go, more people had showed up at the train station.

“Whats up with all of this rain?!” Yelled the man with the red hair.

“I don’t know but this is strange, it was suppose to be a hot and humid day, not rainy!” Complained the small girl again.

One of the people had sat down next to cross, he threw his soaked hat on the ground, and grumbled under his oversized coat. The man was around Allen’s hight. He had bright summer blond hair, thick eyebrows and grey eyes.

“Uhh excuse me? Do you know when the trains coming?” Allen said to the blond, the blond jumped, and stared at Allen.

“Wow, I’m not suprised, guess I really didn’t miss it. It was suppose to be here a while back I’m assuming?”

“Yeah, but we have been waiting for hours now, we may leave.”

“Best to do so, it’s probably canceled due to this harsh weather, I’m Bak Chang by the way.”

“I’m Allen Walker, and this is my boss Cross Marian.”

“Yo.” Was all cross had said, with a light wave to bak, which bak had replied with a handshake.

“So, why you going to London?”

“Me and my boss are going to visit family, we haven’t seen them since last summer, you?”

“Visiting my girlfriend.” Bak had replied quietly, with a light blush on his cheeks.


“Shhhh!!” Bak said with the blush growing much larger, his face being red with embarrassment, only to cause Allen and cross laughing.

The laughter had ended with the sound of a train horn in the distance, the chugging sound started to grow louder. Besides that, everyone started to chear and smile when they had went inside on the train.

But that laughter will end soon.