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    For #InYourSkin, we’re asking you to put characters into each others’ shoes. Maybe Franklyn is Hannibal’s serial-killing psychiatrist (the cheese is people). Matthew was framed for the crimes of the Chesapeake Ripper, but Will is an orderly ready to exact revenge. Alana whisks Hannibal off to Florence in order to escape her crimes.

    Or perhaps you’d prefer to use characters outside of the Hannibal universe! Gangster Adam and space enthusiast Nigel; prince One Eye and warrior Charmont; Elias loves to run, and Lee… loves chickens.

    From March 23rd-25th, create edits and gifsets, make art, write fic, anything you want! The only limit is your imagination. Use the hashtag #InYourSkin to promote your work on Tumblr and Twitter, or post it in the collection on AO3. Remember that only previously unpublished works will be accepted; our fests are for brand new creations only. More information HERE. Thank you so much to @le-wendigogo for the amazing banner!

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