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Anonymous Titan Slayer

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A twelve year old woke up as the sunlight shined down on the cove where the forest trees stood tall hiding the home getting off his hammock made bed that tide by two strong small trunks. He yawned and went to the pond and splash his face then his hair scrubbing away a few minutes, he stop and got up walking over to change looking over the clothing "i still don't get why human's wear this top fabric, bottoms yes i know why top strange?" he thought he avoided wearing the shirt fabric and put on a green cloak that has a wing symbol he put the hoodie over his head. He then made his way over to a omnidirectional gear he attached each strap to there attachment and then pick up two swords (katanas) he looked at the blades they were not metal, but a skin like quality "titan skin ore much more stronger and lighter than regular metal!" he sheathed them onto his bach strap.

The next thing he pulled out a giant pair of scissor that are functional as normal a pair. He put them on his back and turned around and face the rocky cliff of the stone he shot out the hooks that embed and pulled him all the way to the top of the cove. Landing on his feet and started to make his way through the forest the gas pushing him through air looking like he's flying letting out happy yells into air. He spent a few minutes traveling through the forest until he made it to a clearing landing on one of the large tree branch, his eye's harden at the sight in front of him titans were in a village wandering around with bloated stomach. He heard groaning and look down he saw a five meter titan looking at him with glazed dead eyes "just like you been practicing take'em out Eren!!!" Eren thought he pulls out both katanas and fell forward the titan open it's mouth eren shot a hook to the trunk and went in a circle and swung the katana into the nape. The titan fell forward as it died Eren went back up to the branch he looked over the rest of the titans glaring fiercely he about to attack until he heard shouting Eren saw a ten meter titan holding a someone other titans started to gather around, Eren reacted he push his gas tanks to its limits Eren cut the napes of the smaller titans and flew straight up to the ten meter arm embedding one sword into the limb. The titan open it's mouth only noticing the delectable human morsol it was about to devour who kept begging to stop, the tian open its mouth and close it Eren however place the second sword on the jaw teeth which stabbed through the flesh and stop its movement. The person stop crying and saw Eren who smiled at his work "i get you out stay not moving" Eren said to the person who had yellow hair and blue eyes. Eren pulled out his giant scissor using it like a sword he cut with precise accuracy the fingers came off and let out no steam he grabbed the person and jump out of the mouth and shot his gears hook to a building he got the person to a safe place "stay hide" Eren instructed he shot off into the air once more with his scissor he flew up to the nape, shooting the hook and zip forward blinding Eren stab the scissor really deep into the nape. The titan fell down to the floor once it did Eren got his sword out of the mouth and limb he went up to the person and see him with a very shock expression and then the person loomed sad he started to shed tears and hug Eren. He was baffled at first but then returns the the hug letting soft cooes and murmurs once the person stop crying he looked up at Eren red puffy eyes wiping his eyes "hi my name Eren" Eren said the other kid smiled "my name's Armin Arlert thank for saving me Eren" Armin said. The sunlight shined right through Armin, Eren had wanted look away, but couldn't it wasn't until he actually saw Armin waving his hands in front of his face "sorry did not pay looking" Eren said "i said where do you learn to use the 3dm gear? How long have you been out here?" Armin asked Eren was about to answer. However titans started to appear out of the forest and making thier way to the village. Eren gave Armin the scissor he cuaght by surprise of how light weight the weapon was "stay safe hide if need to i protect" Eren said jump off the building and soared through the air Eren brought his hand to his jaw and bit down. A lighting came down as smoke started to clear Armin saw a twelve meter titan it was muscular body, long hair, pointy ears, insiccor teeth, and bright green eyes Armin was slack jaw shock.

(Play attack on titan season opening theme if you know it play it)

Eren dash forward and took out the first five meter titan by jumping on top it squishing it killing it. Eren let out a roar and charge he put his hands to together like holding an actual sword. At that moment a sword started to appear not metal but a titan skin like weapon Eren decapitated two ten meters with one slice and then swung his sword in an arc cutting through the nape and shoulder of another ten meter. Eren kick a titan into the air and stab the nape, he turned around decapitated another Eren look around only seeing dead titans bodies that are slowly disintegrate. Eren was about to turn to normal until heard fast stomping Eren saw two five meters and one fourteen meter abnormals. Eren used his left and made a throwing knife he threw into the it made its mark on the first five meter going through the center of the collarbone and throat. Eren made another one and threw it but the fourteen meter was fast as it's arm at the elbow joint was cut off and the skin knife was stuck on tree trunk. The two abnormal kept going Eren stab the fourteen meter down but wasn't able to stop the five meter it made its into the village. Eren quickly pulled out and cut behind the knee joints imbolizing it from walking he step on its back and stab through the nape. Eren look back at the village and saw the five meter slowly chasing something Eren saw Armin running away from the five meter reach down attempting to grab him Armin turned around and open the scissor and closed it cutting the fingers of the five meters with such ease Armin not wasting time ran away Eren ran towards the five meter and stab his madeship sword through the nape.
(End of song)

Eren breath heavily he crouch down and steam came out of the nape he pulled himself out and landed next to his titan body that was now decaying Eren tried to keep his eyes open only seeing Armin next to him with a worry expression, Eren black out. A few minutes later Eren woke up groggy and rub his eyes he notice he was in a bed that was not a hammock looking around there was little sunlight coming through windows that are boarded Eren then notice Armin sleeping behind him he was about to get up until felt arms around his torso. Just then Armin open his eyes and saw Eren smiled "nice morning" Eren greeted "good morning Eren" Armin replied getting up and went to a box and pulled out something he went back to Eren and gave him one Eren look at it. It was rectangular Eren looked Armin confused Armin noticing "it food Eren sorry it's not much but i have to make it last" Armin said tearing open the paper and chew the food Eren copied Armin movements and was greeted to multi color brown food Eren sniffed it and it smelled like oats and grians he took a bite and then shoved it into his mouth. Armin was more than surprise but then again who wouldn't survivng on your own is very tiring and lonely "so Eren would tell what or how did you get here?" Armin asked him. Eren explian as best as he can of what he was doing from living to surviving and isolation even to the point of shifting. Eren finishing explianing and was just fascinate "hey Eren would it be alright if we could be friends?" Armin asked Eren eyes lit up like a child on christmas day Eren grab Armin into a bear hug and spin "yes friends i have friend now" Eren shouted happy Armin was happy as well "lets be best of friends like no other best friends!!" Eren shouted. The two new friends were about celebrate until they heard large footsteps the two kids look through the boarded window and saw two titans: five meter and ten meter. "Want to go hunt them?" Eren asked Armin hesitated but nodes Eren puts on the 3sm gear "must ask how he removed it later when done hunting titans?" Eren thought and grab both swords, he see's Armin grabbing the giant scissor. "Lets go" Eren said going through the front door and Armin following.

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The next few months have been a constant routine for the two best friends they get up, train with the 3dm gear, eat, kill titans, and repeat each day. Eren in titan form was walking back to the cove where he and Armin are now living due to the village being constantly visited by wandering titans. The two spend so much time together Eren vocabulary and speech have improved to a normal speaking person, Armin has improved on the 3DM gear and using the titan skin ore scissor that he’s always using to slay titans. Over the last few months Armin had been experimenting with the material of the titan skin ever since Eren told him what the scissor blades were made out off. Eren remember the discussion that Armin told him “What!! This is made from titan skin?!, how? Titans start to decay once the nape is cut!” Armin said touching the titan skin scissor blade. “I sort of had to use titan bone… And mix it with its blood and wrap its skin around the bone” Eren replied Armin stop touching it with a little look of disgust. “Believe me that will be the last time i ever do that, but just in case i made three spare blades incase those ever break”. Eren made a chuckled somewhat releasing steam in small bursts, Eren then notice the entrance to the cove, he crouch down and steam started to escape from the nape Eren pulled himself out of his titans body as it started to decay. Using the gear he hooked them to the cliff side and jump down mountain climbing style reaching the bottom and unhook from the cliff wall he made his way to the newly made cove house. A house was made with the tree thanks to Armin instructions and Eren titan firm they build the place in two days after getting the necessary items, a small forge was on the right that is next to a river and pond. “Hey I'm back Armin” Eren shouted “hey Eren I'm in the forge!” Armin greeted him with his kind personality he walk out Eren had a very amused grin seeing his best friend state. Armin hair was sticking out at all angles like he was electrocuted, his face has black smoke except for the eyes, and his clothing look like was in some kind of fight. “I know I'm not looking great, Eren! You have to see what made for Shear” Armin said Eren perk up at this wanting to know what his best friend made Armin has been using the titan scissor he gave it a name: Shear which means cut and the name suited the scissor weapon that were twice the boy size. Armin pulled it out Eren notice it was handle that have two slots Armin open and closed them as if testing them, Eren understood what it was “you made a shear a custom made handler?” Eren asked very surprised “not just a handle but the only that allows me to switch out the skin ore if it ever breaks like you said Eren you made three spare, if this was to break I'll be completely defenseless” Armin explain. Eren smiled “well good thing you're using that amazing brain of yours to keep us in one piece” he said to his blond companion, Eren was happy then went into worry Armin seeing him like this made him worry “Eren what wrong?” he asked Eren had to tell him “I'm worried were both twelve and we’ve been living out here in my cove which is starting to get difficult to live here now since winter is approaching, were low on food that will last us in the middle of the week of winter, and-” “you want to find way to keep us alive, but in order to do it we have to…. Eren I know what you to do if we do that we won't be able to go back here” Armin finishing Eren thoughts “hey Eren I trust a lot after you save me from being.. Well you know if think it's best then we should go!” Eren was surprised by his friend's words “we just have to be extremely careful people behind that wall can be dangerous more so than the titans” Eren smiled his blue-green eyes gleaming with joy “but you have to wear a shirt Eren people are going to find it strange” Armin stated Eren deflate he pulled the green cloak around his upper frame “i can't stand wearing a shirt it's more easier to move my arms around and use my swords” Eren justify on his clothing Armin rolled his eyes but didn't say anything anymore on the subject and remember something. “Hey Eren have notice anything off lately?” Armin asked “no not really… Wait! actually i have notice the titans been moving straight when i was doing the check ups our territory.. The air felt i don't know hot describe it but it was like intense pressure, you think something's going to happen?!” Eren said Armin put on his thinking face and pose hand underneath his chin, and eyebrows in a small frown. “To be honest yeah something big, when i was checking the traps to see any animals the whole forest was really quite no birds were chirping and i felt unsettled by it” Armin reply “wait didn't you read and told me about a book that animals can sense something about to happen before people can!” Eren said now alerted “we should go now and check it out while we still can” Armin noded and grab the items he needs he puts on the wings of freedom cloak some parts of it was either torn or had small holes in it. Then a strap for Shear over his right shoulder and under his left shoulder, strapping on the 3DM gear, and finally he wrap a brown fabric like a scarf around his neck. Eren just had to switch the gas canister and used the new ones Armin made using his titan form breath, and then grabbing his red scarf and put it around his neck, they both shot their hooks and left the cove and flew through the trees fast.

The two twelve years have finished taking down a ten meter titan with the swords their 3DM gear provides. That titan was following a small group and the small group continued walking to the walls not noticing the boys. Eren and Armin landed on a near tree branch “well looks like something is definite going on and it's starting with the walls?!” Eren observed “we might have to remove the group of titans since their backs are turned to us leaving themselves wide open, but still take caution i saw one of them ignoring the soldiers and was running fast” Armin said. Both boys were ready to engage and attack. However a lightning bolt came out of nowhere they closed their eyelids and turned around when it died down they saw smoke until it cleared away by the wind. Both eyes widen with shock as they saw skinless, exposed muscle, and it was standing fifty meters tall as the wall itself. Armin was no doubt afraid never seeing a titan of that size, Eren was still shock but shook his head to get himself under control it was until the titan lifted one foot “OH NO!!!! Its going to-” Armin couldn't finish his sentence as the titan kick its foot to the wall leaving a ten gap. Titans started making their way as the biggest one just vanish into air like it was nothing. Eren was ready to go until he saw Armin in a petrified state he shook armin calling his name on the fourth call Armin snap out of the trance, but was visibly shaking “We c-c-can't deal w-w-with that t-t-t-titan.” Armin shutters voice full of fear. Eren shook Armin made him have direct eye contact Armin calmed down seeing determination and protection. “whatever titan that was is gone we need to kill the ones that are getting inside the walls, let's show them what happens when they mess with us!!” Eren said Armin breath in and out getting his confidence and determination shining in his eyes. Eren grin and unsheath his titan skin ore katanas and Armin unsheath Shear from his strap they both check their gas canister only seeing the red bar had hardly left one hundred percent “your experiment with my titan form is amazing Armin my gas tank is practically full even though we travel thirty miles” Eren said with complete pride for his best friend. Armin had a blush on cheeks “thanks Eren” he said with a smile holding shear like teddy bear.

They both took the air the 3DM fear hooks pulling them, they use the titans to get closer Eren and Armin cut the napes of each one when the grapples hook pierce through the skin and reeled themselves. Armin was getting close to the walls entrance he shot the hook to another titan and reel himself in to the nape stabbing it causing the titan to die and fall face forward. He went back into the air Eren following quickly, as they enter the walls and into the town they landed on a close building “wow the place feels alive but i feel like a cage animal” Eren said looking at the town. “we should focus on killing the titans and saving whoever we can and fast! I'll deal with ones that are getting in, Armin deal with ones that are already inside” Armin noded “oh Eren don't forget put up your hoodie and scarf they probably aren't expecting two twelve year olds to save them” Armin said pulling them to hide his identity Eren did same “lets meet up on that wall over there good luck” Armin took the air the gas canister pushing him. Eren saw a large shadow looming over him he turned around swiftly cutting off four finger with his right arm katana and went onto the next building seeing the titan that was about to grab him. “Well this is going to be tricky remember:stay alert, kill titans, and save other's” Eren repeated he shot the hook to the skin and shot straight towards the titan. It open its gaping mouth Eren went to the side of the mouth cutting the jaw muscle on the left and using his momentum Eren shot himself to the nape at a blinding speed the titan instantly fell down. Eren jump on the near building looking back at the entrance more titans started making their way in. “Well this going to be tuff, but surviving to live another day is needed, ALL YOU TITANS ARE GOING TO DIEE!!!”.

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Armin flew through town taking out any titans that are wandering around looking for people. Shooting the wires and gas to stay up in the air Armin saw three titans against a building he prepared shear and soared to the three walking glutinous and swung shear to their napes as they fell down. Armin went up into the air and notice a ten meter approaching a rubble house and he saw black hair girl that was trying to push a broken roof that's on top of a brown hair woman that trapped beneath the broken house rubble. Armin went full speed and heard the crying of the two, he landed on building to see and saw a adult blonde hair man running towards the titan swords ready to engage.

However he stop Armin then remember the fear and he knew what it felt like to engage a titan when your seeing it for the first time. The blonde hair man ran back to the where the girl and women were, grabbing the black hair “Hannes let go!! We could still save her!!” she shouted The man Hannes just kept running, but Armin saw tears in the man eyes. The ten meter grab the brown hair women who was begging to be let go Armin shot the wires to the titan pulling him to the beast that open its mouth, Armin swung shear through the wrist effectively cutting the hand off with the woman falling down in its grasp.

Armin shot the wires to the forehead, and released a strong force of gas that the titan couldn't react Armin stab the right eye the titan let out a painful roar. Then Armin went above and over the head to the nape stabbing it and shot the wires to a building and scaled down to the ground. Armin saw the woman in the now decaying hand she was surprised seeing her savory “thank you so much!..aren't you a little to young?” she asked Armin then realises what she meant his cloaks hood feel down exposing his hair, forehead, and eyes.

He pulled it back on then heard wires and footsteps land next to the building “sir were here for order soldiers of the 102 cadets” “captain?.. Who is that?” “it's obvious a scout soldier” “he took out ten meter titan, but really short” “is that uh giant scissors?” Armin look at the adult soldier they all saluted. Armin used shear and cut the fingers of the dead hand dropping shear to ground and catch the woman with some struggle. Armin look at the soldiers “time to be captain” “i need of one you to the the miss here to where people are retreating asked for a soldier name Hannes, the rest of are with me” Armin said trying to sound like he's in command, a soldier with black hair came up and took the woman and left. The rest look uncertain Armin grab shear and flew to the top if the building.

Armin surveillance the area their are titans still wandering “at this rate their won't be anything to defend!... Too many titans are still inside.. Maybe if Eren went into titan form to reduce the them.. But there isn't anything to barrier cade that hole?!!..” Armin then remember Eren’s skin harding “if seals the hole with it he can reduce the amount but then he has to leave the body and we have exit the wall. Before anyone can get to us” Armin thought

“LLLOOOKKK OOOUUUTTTT!!!!” Armin turned and saw a titan diving towards him Armin raised shear like sword and slice the jaw and and fell backward onto the roof avoiding getting hit by the large shoulder. The titan collided against the building Armin saw the expressions of the soldier's all but utter shock Armin swung shear to the side getting rid of the large amount of Titan blood that evaporate before it touch the the ground.

More soldier started to land all looking at Armin he was about to make a order until they all saw a fifteen meter titan, but this one had a armor appearance. Soldiers started to freak out as the titan started to charge at the wall “it's going to destroy the walls!!” Armin was about to engage if another fifteen meter titan didn't tackle it making it side step. Armin recognize the titan anywhere all the soldiers started talk about the arrival, Eren (titan form) went for a right hook making a direct hit, his opponent wasn't fazed by the hit. The titan punch Eren sending him crashing through five houses. Armin shot himself into the air with a burst of speed and appeared by the nape he swung shear, but the impact made the ore shatter shocking Armin. A soldier grab Armin moving him from a fist that would have kill him.

The fifteen meter charge at the wall at full speed canon balls were fired but were ineffective against it. Everyone was panicking “retreat!!” a command was given Armin took the opportunity to slip away and made his way to Eren.

Eren was still laying on the rubble house he got impacted to Armin flew up to nape and just in time as he saw Eren pulling himself out. Armin help him out, Eren was a bit groggy and open his eyes to Armin and a broken shear “i couldn't stop it, it's really strong” Eren apologized “it not your not fault i couldn't either it has some kind of armor like skin, it's strong it broke shear into pieces. “We need to go there isn't much we could now except later” Armin said Eren nodded and stood up slowly stood up and stood still for a minute “titan shifting must take up a lot of stamina” Armin thought Eren now recovered the two twelve year olds flew back into the hole leading into the forest, titans, and their home.

Both boys didn't notice a old man Garrison soldier seeing them leave “well this is no doubt a mystery” he said to himself “commander Pixis we are ready to evacuate” a white hair soldier with glasses said to her superior. “Thank you Rico well let's take our leave” Pixis said taking out his flask and taking a quick sip.

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Eren and Armin are back in their cove home it's been a been two years and a month since that day. The two now fourteen year old boys have been training ever since that day happen Eren with Armin have been training more in hand to hand combat techniques and swordsmanship from a book he found in a building. When not training Armin is busy designing new weapons that can kill or at least slow down the fifteen meter Armor titan and possibly the fifty meter Colossal. After those years have pass Armin and Eren had both grown and filled out, both now fifteen year olds having a lean Athletic build. They both have also been going to abandon villages and getting different kinds of clothing and fabrics. Courtesy to Eren’s creative mind and Armin skilled in creating it, their clothing style is completely different.

Eren wears a light gray brown sleeveless tunic shirt, trousers, and brown combat boots, on both of his biceps are brown leather straps that hold gray brown loose fabrics that covers his arms and have holes for his fingers. He wears his red scarf underneath the scout regiment cloak.

Armin wears a long sleeve plain collar button up shirt, trousers, and combat boots. He wears small chest plate armor that is connected by the shoulder guards. On the side of the chest plate are straps that connect to the back armor and sheath swords. On his forearms are strap armor, and he wears the scout regiment cloak when leaving the cove.

Right now both boys are moving through the trees as they chase a abnormal fifteen meter titan Armin put on a burst of speed and swung a newly made Shear into the knee joint, making the titan fall Eren stab his katana in the nape finishing it. “The titans are moving more than usual right now?” Eren said removing the sword Armin went next to him he was about to reply until there were more footsteps.

The two teens went on top of the tree branches, they saw a group of titans making their way through the forest and into the clearing. “Looks like we should go and find out” Eren said “yeah” Armin reply, they shot their wires and hook them to the closest titan. They let themselves glide in the air from a distance, it wasn't until they saw more titans from the west and more coming in from the south, and saw green smoke in the air. Eren then notice a small herd of horse with riders wearing the green cloaks. “Armin do you see them?” Eren asked “yeah looks like the scout regiment is doing another mission, alright Eren deal with the titans that are coming in south i’ll help out the scouts with these then let's meet up with titans on the west” Armin said “right be careful!!…” Eren voice vanishing as he release his wire and went to the south.

Armin smiled and reeled himself and stab the nape, and continue doing the same on the last sixth titan once it was next a forest. Armin shot into the woods and continue moving until he made where a group of scouts were trying to kill the titan “better get in and help out.. Oh almost forgot” Armin put on the fabric scarf and hood. He then lifted up shear and took off, Armin zip to the the first the titan that was close and spined cutting the nape very deep, straightening forward Armin put on another burst of speed cutting a arm, wrist, and jaw swiftly turning, Armin cut the napes.

Landing on the ground with the gas canister reducing the speed on the impact Armin let out a grunt of pain, still getting up Armin heard footsteps around “hey that was amazing!!!” “you were going so fast it was hard seeing you!! How did you do it?” “hey! Is that a giant scissor!!”. “Alright man who are you?!!! You're definitely not in our regiment, so who are you?” three soldiers tried to look underneath Armin’s hood, “go back into a full group your going to end up further in titan packs if you keep heading this way” Armin informs them and shot himself back into the air and into the forest fast “i wonder how Eren is doing?”.

Eren is flying through the trees and reach the clearing he saw the scouts group which was little a bit bigger. Eren then saw three titans make their way to the group, Eren was about to engage until those titan were killed instantly. Eren landed on the nearest tree branch shock was written all over his face, he saw a short black hair male on the closest tree branch he could see. Eren remain hidden “Good jooobb!!! Levi!!!” a high feminine voice shouted “can it shitty-glasses we don't need any more coming after us because your so loud” Levi replied “so he's name Levi, wait the Levi!!, Humanity's strongest!!! Crap!! If I'm not careful I'll be done still i be a challenge they never met a intelligent titan” Eren thought. Eren left the tree once Levi left “the titans are on their way well better give them a fifteen meter hand” Eren bit down on his hand lightning flash as Eren ran leaving giant footprints behind.

Eren kept his distance between the group and him by the trees, five meter, his hand over his nap in case they try to kill him. Eren kept hearing the woman voice Hange since Levi practically told her to be quiet but didn't listen as she kept talking well more like shouting about him. “Oh this titan we have to catch!!!! Please its showing signs of intelligence!! Mobilt make a sketch while it's still close.. Yes Now!!!!”. If Eren didn't think he could impress her enough apparently him using his free hand to cover his left ear to reduce the noise only made it worse. “Now we have to catch him!!!!! Please!!!!” Eren sweatdrop “wow this lady is titan crazy”.

“titans in coming up front!!!!” a soldier shouted Eren heard and looked ahead seeing a group. Letting out a roar, Eren dash forward removing his hand from his ear he use his titan skin harding forming a sword and cut or decapitated each titan that was in his eyesight.

All the scouts were looking shock, unbelievable, and amazement never seeing a titan attack its own. Hange looks like she’s hyperventilating and about to pass out, Mobilt was sketching the titan. Levi kept his usual face like not impressive, seeing the titan kill the last one, taking a breaking and look at them it turns and fleds from the scene.

“Keep moving!!” Levi shouted everyone started moving after witnessing what happen, Hange was riding close “ask eyebrows?” he told Hange who let out a maniac laugh and talk to a blonde then started talking about the experiments she should do after the mission. They travel a few more miles not running into anymore titans which Hange found strange but some the scouts were relieved “don't go jinxing us shitty four-eyes” Levi told her. Hange ignore the comment “you're awfully quiet more than usual Levi, it wouldn't happen to be our Rouge now would it?” She said Levi glance her way “Rouge? You gave it a name? And I'm usually quiet not more than usual” he replied. “Yes Rouge is a fitting name for titan that shows intelligence and kills its own kind, and you don't have to hide what you know is real” Hange answers. “I won't deny I'm curious about it” Levi thought, but will not say it out loud he'll never hear the end of it from her.

“Sir! Left wing is coming back fully pack, no signs of causality.. And the right wing as well!” a soldier called out, on cue all the soldiers came together and rode forward “Commander Erwin we have a report” a captain soldier said “we’ll get the explanation once we set up camp” Erwin said. That night the reports were said from the right wing reported: a someone wearing a scout regiment cloak, but couldn't see their face but he was two inches shorter than corporal Levi and had a giant scissor. (Levi restrain himself from kicking the soldier when he brought the height fact). The report from the right wing said that a fifteen meter titan killed other titan and disappear after it was done killing. After about traveling thirty minutes they ran into more titans, but were killed by a unknown person who was wearing a red scarf and the scout regiment cloak.

“Well it sounds like those brats have been helping us for the meantime?” Levi stated Hange brought out the sketch Mobilt drew and show it to the others which they all nodes. “Well just like the orders we have to recruit the boys as well as the titan if given the chance” Erwin said. “Well if the brats aren't persuaded we might take them by force, unless that titan comes and gets them” Levi said “I'm sure they'll listen to what we have to say, hopefully maybe they can even tell us how to make those weapons as well!!” Hange informs the group. Levi thought back into the meeting after shingana breach.

(Flashback) all the regiment are in the courtroom as Zackly sat on the judge chair. He heard of the rumor of two scouts rogues and how they manage to slow down and killed the titans for people to escape and save a few garrison soldiers. “Nile Dolk what is your case on these scout rogues?” Zackly asked the general of the military police “these two rogues are obviously a threat even though they help kill the titans they are most likely doing this for their own reason to make us drop our guard, therefore they must be put to death” Nile stated there were plenty of protest from the scout and some from the Garrison until Zackly smack his hammer. “Well how about you Pixis, what is your state on the matter?” Pixis cleared his throat “i say they should be recruited to the scouts, sir they have techniques and weapons that are able to cut titans down with such ease they manage to stop a high death toll on the population.” Pixis took a breath and continue “the Garrison’s have an eyewitness on one of the rogues that happen to save one of the citizens before being devour and i believe you would want to hear this”. There were murmurs, “very well”.

Pixis waved his hand a soldier nodded his head and went to the door, a brown hair woman using crutches was led into the room and sat on a desk. “Mrs. Carla Yeager is it?” Zackly asked “yes sir” Carla reply “from what general Pixix just said, you were saved by one of the rogues? Can tell us what he/she look like?”. “Well he had blonde hair and blue eyes, he age looked to be like eleven to twelve years old” Carla explained that caused a commotion, Zackly smack his hammer once more “what more could you tell us that seem off about your savory?” “well he used this scissor that was twice the size of my..crunches”. Zackly was confused “this boy used scissors?” he asked “it's true sir my men saw the lad use them even they will tell you” Pixis added to the truth. Zackly seem to be thought and at Pixis “very well is their anything else you will like add? Before moving forward” Pixis took a breather “i saw both of them leave through the gate of shingana into titan territory!”.

A cultist leader spoke out they are from outside walls and they are danger and walls whatever. (I nearly vomited just by figuring out what the cult says). Zackly look at the regiment “my decision is made these two rogues are to be recruited, go through the training, and go to the scout regiment”.
(Flashback ends)

“Well i do hope they accept the offer cause we really need help and they live in titan so they us what to do when you don't have 3DM gear” Hange said. Levi suddenly stood up and flew off into the trees the others follow.

Unknown to the rest of the scout regiment Eren and Armin were within earshot and heard their conversation. They both heard someone fly off until said someone landed on the tree branch they were on. They both saw Levi “Well brats i hope you two know why we're here?” he asked, the rest of the crew lands as well Hange who was happy, Erwin calm, Levi impassive, and the rest were shock.

“Well we know a little, but not much if you care tell us?” Eren said “very well my name is Erwin Smith I'm the general of the survey corps and the offer is that we need your skills to help save humanity's-” “okay we'll join” Eren stated blunty “you knew what-” “we'll actually sir we kind of do all the titan killing already, but we could definitely be more help within the walls” Armin said with a look of apology for interrupting.

“Yeah killing titans is what we're at and meeting new faces that want free humanity from the walls and titans will definitely be better count us in” Eren said the whole crew grew silent “very well we return to back first thing in morning and I'll explain some more details that lads might need, sounds good?” Erwin ask both boys noded. They all went back to camp and needless to say the whole camp were surprised.

Chapter Text

The sun rose up into the sky as the sunlight signal morning has begun, Eren and Armin woke up as the sunlight hit their skin yawning. They both look at the camp site were they spent the night with the scouts sleeping in the tree and ropes made into hammocks away from the ground. Everyone was still asleep Eren strap on his ODM gear, made a eating motion to Armin, and left the camp. “Where's the brat going?” Levi asked Armin jump turning around to see the man with his usual look “Eren left to get breakfast he'll be back” Armin notice the bags that are underneath Levi eyes “uh corporal Levi did you at all sleep, i know titans are asleep at night so you shouldn't have to worry” Armin asked “i have insomnia so i only need five hours of sleep” Levi reply. “Good Morning you two” Hange greeted “good morning Hange”Armin reply “morning shitty glasses” Levi replied.

They spent an entire day going back to the walls the trip was easy as they had Armin and Eren the scouts had all members in one pile with no casualty. They had to set up camp once the sun went down in the biggest tree's.

The way back to the walls was apparently a two day journey since Armin and Eren had stay in the wall Maria landscape to clear out any titans that are still lingering. After the attack on shingana and breach of the wall rose. Setting up their new home in another cove was hard to find bit they settle down at one.

Once morning came every scout started to get up and prepare for the day strapping on their ODM gear Armin doing the same once finished he grabbed shear and took out a sharp rock from his pocket and started rubbing it against the skin ore. The contact was a low sound with small steam coming from it, everyone was staring at how the weapon was repairing itself when the rock cut off some pieces.

Armin lifted his head seeing everybody and then got up as soon as he did a fifteen meter titan appear everyone recognize Eren so they didn't feel threatened since he is a valuable asset to the survey corps.

“So what did you manage to catch Eren?” Armin asked everyone one of the scouts including Levi was quite, Eren lifted his hand, Armin saw four deer carcass enough for everyone to eat Armin smiled with happy laugh “alright it's feast for breakfast, your hunting skill are improving Eren” Armin went on Eren titan shoulder and motion everyone to follow. The scouts were hesitant until Hange landed on Eren left shoulder. They made their way two a small river that was fresh and clear with the forest tree's one foot away. Armin and Hange went to the ground as Eren sat down and place the carcasses on the ground.

Before Armin knew it Hange was up to Armin asking so many questions he was having a hard time to keep up. It was until she was pulled away by Levi “give the brat some space” Eren titan started to steam from the nape and then he landed by Armin, with smug look for catching four deer “well let's get cooking” Eren said grabbing the deer and one of his swords skinning the deer while Armin place shear on the ground while gathering wood for the fire. Before anyone knew it they were eating meat for breakfast which relieved many and were thankful, Armin, Eren, and Hange made conversation while Mobilt jot down the notes need. Levi was staring at Eren who eyes shine full of life, Erwin took notice and hid a smile. “Why trying hiding the smile eyebrow” Levi said Erwin turned to Levi who was eating his piece of deer meat. “Oh i just never thought you would go for the titan shifting lad?” Levi gave him a glare that could kill, Erwin chuckle and went back to eating, they all heard Hange laugh and but continue talking Levi heard something of tests on Eren's titan. They know their gonna need to inform Zackly about Eren titan shifting.

The way back to the walls was going smoothly as they were getting near in about thirty miles until ten titans appears Erwin was about send out a command. He stop when all the titans fell down as their napes released steam and bodies decaying, on the last two titans Eren and Armin are seen as titan blood started to evaporate from their clothing. The scout legion continue moving as Armin and Eren went back on the carriage when it came close to jump on. The scouts were talking about them and how they moved so fast they weren't notice, Armin was about to explain until a soldier shouted a group of titans approaching.

Eren got up and jump off the carriage rolling behind the scout they were one of the soldiers was about turn around until a lightning flash and giant footsteps were heard as Eren appeared in titan form. He ran ahead and like before, he form his skin harden sword and cut through the titans with ease leaving a trail massacre of dead titan bodies, Hange was beginning laugh at the possibility of testing the skin. Armin saw the fifty meter wall they'll be approaching soon in twenty miles, Eren was slicing away at every titan making sure every scout came out alive, seeing the walls close he kept attacking until the scouts were ahead of him.

Once they did a five meter abnormal ran after them despite its fat body, Eren ran after it and grabbed it by the head, looking back and threw it to a twelve meter face which ended up killing both as their heads crack on impact. Eren ran and manage to keep up with corps the hords of titans twenty miles back. Somehow Eren got out of his titan body fast and manage to land in carriage next to Armin.

Once they reach the walls entrance Eren and Armin pulled up their hoods to hide their faces. The gates were open quickly as everyone went inside and then closed to keep out the titans. Armin and Eren look around people were looking at the corps with shock eyes when there no signs of less soldiers. The people had happy,relieved, and astonished expression Eren heard something that caught him off guard “do you think they found the scout rogues?” “they must have if their numbers are still intact before they left?” “hey is that them there not wearing the scout uniforms?” “you're right maybe now they'll be able to reclaim wall rose”. “Two kids aren't gonna make a difference even with the help of the survey corps” “from what the newspapers say their both outside of the walls how that gonna be useful?”. Eren gave a glare at the two men who said that, they both notice and went still fear grip them, Armin place his hand on his his shoulder “ignore them they just don't have any hope left in them” Eren relax and look up at the sky until they went past another gate.

After the entrance and people the survey corps soldiers were sent to do some chores and have tomorrow off. Eren,Armin,Levi,Hange, and Erwin went to an office that apparently was Erwin office. Eren and Armin sat down on the only two chairs that were not occupied as Levi and Hange stood up. “I was given this before the expedition were sent to look for two and possibly reclaime some land” Erwin said unfolded a paper “I'll explain to you boys the conditions that we were told to give you from the superior of all three regiments”.

“One: you are both are to join the 104 cadets that will soon start in two weeks. Two: once you both graduate you will be on the Levi squad and if possible an elite squad. Three: any kind of information on titan will be needed”. Erwin place the paper down and look at the boys Eren who had smirk and Armin who had a look of understanding “well do you two accept?”. “You bet! but wont you have to inform your boss about my ability?” Eren asked Erwin looked thoughtful and nodded his head “we don't want to lose any of you to the other regimemts so I'll have to inform him about it” Erwin replied “i do expect the both of you to work and show him your team skills with and without the titan form”. Eren just smiled “that wont be a problem… commander” Hange and Armin smiled at Eren who was already getting into a soldier comments. “I'll escort you brats to your rooms that you'll be staying in” Levi said both boys stood up and followed Levi closing the door. Hange giggled Erwin raised an eyebrow “oh just how Levi volunteered to show them their rooms, i think-” “sorry for interrupting commander! I was told to get this to you asap!” a soldier said with the salute Erwin gesture for him to move and gave him the paper. Erwin unfold it and read it, his face was impassive “Hange please have those sketches of Eren's titan form ready?” Hange looks at him “i get the feeling that words travels fast and Zackly wants to meet the boys soon and inform the boys and Levi” she nodes and leaves the office.

(Five hours later)

The gate to the survey corps opens as horses ran through carrying their riders a few soldiers, the two commanders of the Garassion and Military Police regiments Pixis and Nile. The one in lead was Zackly the leader of all three regiment's. Everyone of the survey corps were already in place, Eren and Armin had practiced the salute as quickly as they can when Hange inform them about the visit. They had their ODM gear and weapons with them in their sheaths. Once the leaders made to the castle everyone was still as a statue “at ease soldiers” Zackly said and everyone did as told. “Erwin I'm sorry for the visit to be early after you just back, word had traveled fast” “it's not that much trouble i was going to sent a message to you about a second unexpected event that happen when we to look for the rogues” he replied.

Nile had his accusing voice “what can be more unexpected when looking for two feral brats” he said “ah that must be them right there” every soldier was looking at Eren and Armin who stood very still with some comments from the other regiments soldiers. Zackly seem to be evaluated them “well boys have certainly grown up the reports we had that were from two years ago, my name is Zackly commander of the three regiments”. Eren put on his usual smile “my name Eren sir rogue titan killer” introduced himself with a chipper attitude
Armin took a breathe “Armin Arlert sir second rouge titan killer” with a bit of a shyness. Some of the soldiers were looking like they're seeing something new which wasn't too off since Eren and Armin are both from the outside walls.

“I have heard some of the rumors and the reports that you two have weapons that are able to cut titans with ease?” Zackly asked “yes sir that's true” Eren answers “may i see them?” Eren pulled out his katana's Armin was a bit hesitant but he showed them Shear. The skin ore was surprisingly well kept and sharpen this caught the attention of every soldier fascinated by the weapons. Zackly rubbed his beard looking at it closely.

Nile was just disgusted “these weapons are said to cut down titans ridiculous their blunt cant even cut through paper” Armin pulled out one of the ODM gear swords Eren swung his sword through it, the blade fell down the soldiers were shock, but that made Nile more ignorant “with weapons like these they could easily kill us what's your motive feral boy's?” Eren got a irritate look and Armin just sigh. That Nile more mad and ignorance Zackly had an amuses smile, “now boys if you don't mind i would like see a demonstration of you could do with those ODM gears and weapons?” Zackly asked. “Of course sir, commander Smith is there anything we can use for practice?” Eren said “i sent some soldiers to set up titans practice dummies there at the closes forest” Erwin answer.

Eren and Armin cut the dummies titans limbs and napes so fast they look like a blur that could keep with Levi. Eren cut the stuffing nape on one titan dummies using the speed momentum on the ground to slide and then hook himself on a five meter dummi decapitating it and flew to a ten meter. Armin flew through the air decapitation on all the dummies with some agility movements that soldiers couldn't even do in the fields. The last meter was fifteen meter Eren and Armin both shot their wires at it, Eren cut the knee joints while Armin cut the nape. “Time! Two minutes and fifty seconds to cut all fifteen titan dummies” Hange said Eren and Armin landed next to Levi.

Zackly was doubt impress that only these two boys have managed to kill that many in only two minutes. Nile was seething even though he didn't show it. “These boys are no doubt going to be fine scout soldiers” pixis comments, Erwin clears his throat “as you can see these two boys are very skilled. However we found out humanity now has an extra chance at thriving thanks to Eren” Zackly gestured to continue “what's one feral brat got to do?” Nile asked “Eren if please, i will recommend that all stay at ease” Erwin said. Eren went five feet away and face the regiments, he bit down on his hand lightning erupted as steam was seen. Every soldier waited as the steam went away the Garrison's and Military Police panicked as they saw Eren's titan form Zackly stood calm, but Nile was now raging with fear “kill it!! This thing won't help Erwin what kind of joke is this” “we found out when we were looking for them, thanks to Eren ability to shift every scout came back alive” Erwin replied calmly. Eren didn’t move a muscles, Zackly spoke “Mr. Arlert how long have you seen your friends form and can garuateen he's no threat” every soldier look at Armin “ever since he saved me before i got nearly eaten by a titan when i twelve, Eren is fully aware he has complete control over his titan body” Armin explian Nile was seething with more anger and fear he open his mouth for any another accusation “i approve” Zackly stated. Those two words got everyone to quiet down Eren sat down as steam came from the nape.

Eren pulled himself out and landed on the ground a bit wobbly Armin help him get his balance right. Eren is seen smiling and rested his head on top of Armin he was asleep, “sorry whenever Eren uses his titan form to many times he falls asleep to get his strength back” Armin said. “Understandable, but has he actually lost control at some point?” Armin shook his head “not that I've ever seen him” Armin expression turned serious which made everyone in the corps surprise never seeing the shy blonde be serious “Eren did tell me if someday that were to happen to get him out quickly, even if it means cutting his arms and legs off”. Zackly seem to take that information in “understanding, but if he does lose control just in case Corprol Levi will do his job, this is a percuation we cannot have an endangerment to the people” Zackly said Armin hesitant “yes sir” “like I'm gonna let them kill Eren Levi will have to go through me first” he thought. “Erwin if thier are any more reports have them sent to my office and i wish you luck with the titans Slayer's with the conditions made for them, and i assume squad leader Hange will perform some test to find more about the titans, that will be all” “yes commander” Erwin replied.

That night everyone celebrated due to the acceptance of Zackly for the two titan killers, Eren woke up and brought to speed about the situation needless to say he was happy and joined the party, the he accidentally got some alchoal in his system Levi was pissed as hell when found out Hange did it in her defense she wanted to know how much a titan shifter can hold in thier alchoal. The results were a drunk touchy Eren trying to grope Armin who was keeping Eren's arms away from, Armin said he was going to take Eren to their room to sleep off the alchoal. Eren somhow got rope off the wall and said some perverted thing which armin turned completely red everyone can Hange squealing.

After the party event and Eren hangover in the morning, remebering what said, and teased by the soldiers, Eren and Armin spent time with everyone giving them hints on what to do with titans survival. They spent so much time the days went by as the two weeks ended both boys wrre about to leave when Hange gave them a loaf of bread to help with military trianing.

Chapter Text

The military training was tough as they train during day, night, and weather climates, but that never stop Eren and Armin who were doing great on a few subjects of their training. They both were in hand to hand combat training, Eren flip over his sparring partner Reiner who let a grunt “man that's fast” he said Eren offered a hand which he took “well you did let down your guard which gave me some time to strike” Eren replied.

They all heard someone else fall to the ground to see Bertolt down and Armin holding his plastic knife. Armin help Bertolt get up “impressive” Eren and Reiner jump and look to see Mikasa standing next to Eren seeing the fight between Armin and Bertolt “he took down someone that's three times his own height, it's like you and Armin have more experience than any of us” Mikasa said “well we grew up together and he was basically bullied so we train each other to fight and it's been paying off” Eren replied not that the training part was a lie Eren remember the conversation with Levi. Mikasa had gotten very close with Eren and Armin in five days they were practical being called siblings by the other cadets and they don't mind.

“We need to hide some facts about you two so these are your credentials that are serving as your way in memorize them” Levi said giving them two folders. They both read through them “i see your using shiganshina as our birthplace to cover up the outside of walls story” Eren said reading through the rest. “Yeah just follow the story and you'll be safe” Levi replied. “Until you two graduate Hange will be looking after weapons for the meantime letting you guys know she’s interested on how their made” Eren nodded in understanding “that's okay, but what if the armor and colossal show up were going to need them if those two decide to appear?” Armin asked “we have a scout ready to move if they do show up” Levi answers.
(End of Flashback)

“Hey Eren why don't you and Armin spar” Reiner suggested the other cadets who were in earshot turned their heads. Eren was baffled “well uh-” “you don't have to if don't want to” Mikasa interrupted “i think we should Eren” Armin said Eren face was in shock and then smirking “don’t expect me to go easy” this time it was Armin turn to smirk which sent shivers down Eren spine. They got into position all the cadets were looking at them “epic match alert!!!”. “Who do think will win?” “obviously Eren” “Armin took down Bertolt who's three times his own height” “their both the second and third strongest this fight might be even?”

(Play Narcissistic Cannibal by Korn (read when the words are being sang))

Eren went for a right hook, Armin ducked quickly spinning attacking backhanded Eren block it and threw punches which Armin parry them on the fourth one Armin punch Eren in his face. He quickly appeared on Eren left side and punch him.

Eren straggle but kept his balance he went for spinning kick Armin lean back avoiding it Eren then sent a punch, Armin caught it between his hands and spin making Eren arm going behind his back Armin then kick Eren knee joint making him fall on one leg. Armin let him go, Eren got up and back to his combat stance he went for a left hook Armin ducked and appeared by his right side Eren threw a kick hitting Armin. Armin threw a punch Eren effectively caught it but Armin twirl Eren arm and knee jab him three times in the stomach, right hook to his face, and a spinning kick to his jaw. Eren quickly recovered from the assault and threw three fast punches which Armin wasn't able to avoid he then kick Armin knee joint making him fall to the ground. Eren was about to finish him until Armin reacted kicking Eren at his stomach making him step and have a chance to get up.

Armin and Eren were both breathing heavily Eren lacking bruises due to being more durable Armin wasn't looking to good but thanks to Eren training he has better endurance. Armin did a spinning movement and backhanded punch Eren block it, but Armin use his right leg to kick Eren jaw, knee jab to the abdomen, and then punch Eren stomach landing all hits. Eren pull out his plastic knife and went for three slashes Armin ducked, leaned to the side, and parry the attacks.

Eren went for a arc slash Armin avoid it by spinning into Eren he elbow jab and threw a punch above and behind him hitting Eren forehead. Eren quickly grabs Armin and throws to the ground making him roll, Eren tried to fakely stab him the head to win the fight.

However Armin grabs Eren arms stopping him he moved his hands to the side of his head avoiding the plastic blade as it sank to the ground. Armin rolled away and got up as he took out his and Bertolt plastic blades Eren and Armin swung and clash their plastic knives until Armin had effectively swung his blades to disarm Eren and went for three spinning kicks hitting him. On the fourth kick Eren caught Armin leg, kick the supporting knee joint making him fall on his stomach loosing the blades Eren then place his foot on Armin chest. He pulled out another plastic knife Armin then remember Reiner never got his back. Eren place the plastic blade on Armin throat “give up?” Eren asked Armin breathe in and nodes.
(End of song)

Eren remove the blade and help Armin up smiling in innocent they heard clapping to see the cadets and general Keith!!!. “YOU TWO MAGGOTS WILL NO DOUBT BE HARD TO TAKE DOWN MAYBE YOU TWO WON'T BE TITAN FOOD THE LOT OF YOU KEEP PRACTICING!!!!!” Keith shouted and then left. Mikasa went up to them a small smile on her face they all heard praises from the other cadets about the loss of Armin but he did last longer than anyone else who went up against Eren. The day ended as everyone turned in for dinner Jean and Eren were bickering Marco was trying to defuse the fight that was going to happen if he didn't try. Armin was reviewing a test from the ODM gear making some notes on improvements, Armin look at Mikasa who was next to Eren ready to interfere if things got out hand. Commander Keith told them in his usual yelling tone for lights out, the year for graduation was in a week.

The two have passed their training and Graduation will be in a day then next they will decide which regiments to join Eren and Armin have already been decided since being discovered. Jean and Marco and few other in top ten were planning to join the military police, working for the king and Nile well Eren calls him Nile Douche. Eren had asked Mikasa which she plans to join he can still remember how confident she was in her decision.

(Flashback) “hey Mikasa which regiment do you plan to join?” Eren asked “the Scout regiment” she replied Jean overhearing this was plain baffled he was about say something until Mikasa said the next words “a rogue scout saved my foster mother with a giant pair of scissor from being eaten i would have been alone if it hadn’t happen, who ever that scout was i want to repay them and i think one way is to join the scouts and kill as many titans as possible so no one else will have to lose someone they care” Eren look at her with understanding Armin hid behind Eren his face completely in shock he kept his voice in curious manner “who was your foster mother Mikasa?” Armin asked “Carla Yeager”.
(End of Flashback)

Eren had asked Armin the next day and called him a hero, Armin was relieved that Carla Yeager was still recovering from the leg injuries. The cadets are in Trost district on top of the walls placing the canons ready for the next possible attack. All the cadets were talking about the meat Sasha took, Armin wanted no part it until Eren convince him with a few words. A lightning flash as everyone saw the colossal titan in front of them only being separated by the walls, everyone was in panic expect for the two titan Slayer's, they all heard a large rumble and crash as the Trost gate was ten meter open people started to run as the first titan walked in dead glaze eyes and smile that only promised torment.

Eren and Armin shared a glance and nodded, Armin went down the wall to kill the one that came through the gate Eren ran over the edge of the wall and shot the wires and prepare his blades. Eren closing in on the colossal eyes stabbing it, it didn't react to it Eren jump off the eye and made his way to the nape the colossal release a larger amount of steam that was proven useless against Eren as he got closer ready to stab the nape. On the last second it disappeared Eren shot his wire to the wall and onto the top “did you kill it Eren?” Connie asked “no it disappeared and i this close to stabbing the nape too” Eren replied three cadet superior show up every one saluted as their order were to prepare for the titans.

Eren and the other cadets went to the location to see everyone of the cadets with some Garrisons soldiers some were shaken while others were keeping a compost demeanor. They were all separated into groups Eren and Armin were put together along with Thomas a blonde hair male of average height one feet taller than Eren, Mina a black hair girl same height as Armin. They are to kill as many titans possible for the citizens to escape, keep titans at bay, until they can find a way to close the wall. Mikasa was hesitant about leaving Eren and Armin but was convinced by Eren about it.

Eren saw Jean panicking and mumbling about the interior “Jean now's not the time for panicking” Jean looked at him “easy for you to say I'm not the one with a suicide wish!” “Jean listen if remember your training you'll get through this if you panic you'll die, this is what the training was meant for” Eren said then left joining up with his team. Eren, Armin,Thomas, and Mina got to work killing the titans that were wandering around each one was killed as they work together.

Eren slit the throat of a ten meter titan and went in a circle to the nape killing it, the titan fell down turning into a corpse steam leaving the body. Armin cut both knee joints and cut the nape of a seven meter. Thomas and Mina finish killing two titans and met up with Eren and Armin on a building “man these things just keep coming!” Thomas exclaimed “there are to many people around if the evacuation isn't complete then we'll lose Trost like Shiganshi-” “No! We're not gonna lose anymore territory or people, well continue to fight to the bitter end” Eren protested and shot his wires to the next building where titan had a soldier in it's hand Eren cut the nape far deep.

Armin was looking around “their are too many even with so many soldiers were having a hard time just trying to keep titans from entering Trost, if Eren transforms we could definitely put a huge gap and yet i bet none of the leaders have been inform about Eren ability” he thought. “Armin behind you!!!” Mina shouted Armin saw a titan that somewhat resembles a old man it tired to pick him up, Armin cut the fingers off and jump off the building, launch his wires, and cut the nape. Armin then went back to the building seeing that more titans were starting to move into Trost he saw Eren cut down five more titans as he regroup with him and the other two. They cut down a few more titans until a Garrison commander told head for the front lines, they all saluted and left. They all saw the rest of the cadets Eren heard some worried stuff as gas and how the titans are blocking the supply room.

Mikasa show up with the rest and made her way to Eren and Armin checking for any injuries but they reassured her. The other cadets were trying to calm others until Jean spoke up, Eren who was irritated by him was about to say something until Mikasa intervene “taking out the titans that are blocking the supply is our top priority right now we don't have time to get scared and hope someone else will do it. If i have to I'll kill those titans by myself, because all i see are a bunch of spineless cowards, I'm strong stronger than any of you can be put together” Eren and Armin stood by her side by side Eren spoke up in a cold tone “if any of you cowards want to live then fight today and you'll live tomorrow” Armin voiced his statement “Death is surrounding us you'll feel your heartbeat slowing down this world is cruel but I won't take this world's abuse and I won't give up or refuse to die”. All three of them shot their wires as they left to the supply base Jean tch “i was hoping for something with more inspiration alright i don't know about you but i was never taught to let my comrades fight alone!!” and went after the trio Marco following behind him soon all the cadets left all ready to join the fight.

A scout soldier was riding straight to Trost after hearing the Colossal titan had made a hole in the wall he was carrying the new modify weapons of the Titan Slayers “i hope i won't be to late”.