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NSFW Drabbles: Ace Attorney

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When Mia and Lana kiss, it always tends to lead to something more. Like tonight, when they are reading law textbooks in Lana’s college dorm and Mia leans across to press a soft kiss to Lana’s lips. Lana smiles and kisses her back, more deeply. This makes Mia chuckle, and in the next kiss, Mia slips her tongue inside Lana’s mouth.

And then their hands start roaming, running up each other’s backs as they kiss deeply. Lana slips her hand up Mia’s shirt and starts to rub her breasts, loving how large and firm they are. She twists one of Mia’s erect nipples, and Mia lets out a moan.

She breaks the kiss. Looks at Mia. Sees the arousal written all over her face and the want in her eyes.

“Want to go to the bed?” she asks.

Mia nods. “What a good idea.”

As they cross the small room, Lana kicks off her shoes and Mia pulls her shirt off. Staring right into Lana’s eyes, she unfastens her bra and bares her beautiful breasts. Lana whimpers.

They lie on the bed together, kissing as hands roam. And as Lana starts to lick and suck at Mia’s nipples, her girlfriend gasps and trails her hand down Lana’s abdomen.

“May I?”

Lana nods.

And Mia slips her hand down Lana’s pants. She starts to finger her, her fingertips rubbing and tickling her as Lana gasps and moans. And then she slips a finger inside of her, and then another, and Lana starts to grind against her hand as she licks Mia’s breasts.

It doesn’t take her long to come, crying out as she thrusts her hips against Mia’s hand. And when she gets her breath back, she grins and says, “Now it’s your turn,” as her hand trails down Mia’s torso.