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Us against the world

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Alec has never felt like he belongs making the Nephilim or the downworld, in fact, he always felt like he belonged apart of both groups.
Over the course of his life, Alec researched this sort of behavior in the institute's records and library. So he was surprised when he found out, that one of his ancestors was an omega like himself, and were both Nephilim and Warlock.
Alec found his address, and went to his house alone, but was armed to the teeth. He couldn't trust Alphas because he was still unclaimed, but he knew his mate. A warlock named Magnus Bane. Not just any warlock, but the high warlock and a prince of hell.
Alec's parents weren't thrilled when they found out this information and banned him from contacting Magnus and allowing Magnus to court him.

Which was bullshit to everyone around them. No one has the right to ban fated mates to court one another it was against the law to keep mates separated.
But Maryse and Robert Lightwood didn't care about what the law says. They took away his phone and locked him in his room so he couldn't escape, and placed guards at his door.
If it wasn't for his friends and brother and sister, (Izzy, Jace, Clary, and Simon) Alec would never see the light of day or better yet be able to see his mate.
When Magnus found out how Alec was being treated, it took every once of Alec's strength to hold his mate back from destroying his parents.

"In due time Magnus," Alec said to his mate. That was the night Alec told Magnus about his plan to meet his hybrid ancestor and ask how it was done.
Magnus agreed to go along with him when Alec met him, but Alec said he needed to do this alone. Magnus wanted to protest, but he trusted his mate and even placed a protection charm on him to ward off alphas and betas.
They couldn't touch him. If anyone touched an unclaimed omega, things would be bad for them. Omegas are very territorial and would lash out at anyone that touches them and when that happens no one could calm a red-hazed Omega.
That alone is an alpha's job to calm his/her omega down.
Not to mention, their Alpha would tear you to shreds in two seconds.

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Alec steps out of the portal (provided by Magnus of course) and lands right in front of the house of his ancestor. The house is the only one around. No mundanes, no sounds other than the wind and animals. Just peace and quiet.
Alec sighs, closing his eyes soaking in the relaxation of it all. "I wouldn't mind living in a place like this, away from the world, free of all prejudices and racism. Pain and hatred." He thinks to himself.
A place where Alec and Magnus could raise their children one day, and live a  carefree life away from the clave and his parents. Yes, that sounds wonderful.
The house was located in the country, just outside of London and it was beautiful. It was a Victorian house, with a small farm attached to it. With a couple of horses, chickens, goats, pigs... you get the jist. In all, I was perfect. 

Alec walks up the three steps ready to open the door when it swings open on its own, and a man is sitting in a rocking chair watching him intensely.
"Hello, I apologize for just showing up here unannounced, but I couldn't find your number to call and set up a meeting, please forgive me. My name is Alec Lightwood, and I have a question about becoming a warlock/shadowhunter hybrid."

The man smiles and gestures for Alec to come closer, but when he catches Alec's scent he tells Alec to stop where he is. This, of course, makes Alec curious, but he doesn't say anything, instead, he just waits.
"Hmm, I can sense that you are unclaimed, but you are being courted by a powerful warlock. Oh yes quite powerful indeed. A prince of Hell. You are truly lucky to have found your soulmate. I would shake your hand, but that would be unwise of me to do so. Wouldn't want to be killed before I give you the spell that was used to turn me into a hybrid now would it?" He chuckles.


"But where are my manners? I am Gideon Lightwood. It's a pleasure to meet you Alexander. I've been waiting to meet you for a century. I've watched you grow up from a distance and kept an eye on you. I even pointed you in the direction of your mate."

Alec gasped. Not be living what he was hearing.

"How...? What....? Huh...?"

Gideon chuckled fondly.

"Oh, you are precious as ever. Yes, I may or may not have steered you in the direction of your mate. I couldn't stand watching your parents throw you at any and everyone so they could get rid of you. But enough of that, we must hurry because I feel that we're almost out of time.
I can sense that you're being tracked by the clave. But not to worry, they can't enter without my permission."

Alec let's out a shaky breath, then nods.
"Okay, how does the spell work?"

Gideon gets up from his rocking chair and walks to his bookshelf. He pulled out a giant brown full leather book, with a hint of gold enriched in the stitching. It looked old and the pages looked worn down, but Alec could sense it held a lot of power.
Gideon chanted in Latin (Alec understood some of it, but not all) and the book shrunk to a pocket-sized book. Gideon the tossed the book to Alec telling him to place it in his left pants pocket. Magnus would know what to do.

"Okay, first things first. When you're transitioning, it's going to hurt like hell. I know you're going to say that 'oh I'm a shadowhunter' Bah! I was a shadowhunter as well, but the pain was the most excruciating thing I went through. But I fear your fate is much worse."

Alec looked confused. "What do you mean?"

Gideon sighs, "You're going to be betrayed and it's going to by the person you thought was a close friend of yours. But do not frit. Revenge is best served cold. Now back to the spell, the powerful your mate is, you will be the same. You and Magnus will be the most fear couple for centuries to come. Oh, and it's a beautiful sight to have seen.
Before Magnus starts the spell he must bite you and claim you as his or the spell wouldn't work. Now two things.... The transition would go smoothly if you weren't a full shadowhunter meaning as being deruned which is most likely your fate."

Alec touched his side where his parabatai rune was and grimaced. Gideon sensed his inner turmoil and smiled. "Not to worry young one, if everything goes right your parabatai rune would snap back in place, unlike your other runes. You will still be able to use them, but you will be a full-blooded downworlder but you will bear runes. I know its complicated, and we don't have a lot of time for me to explain all of this, but just know when the time is right I will aid you in your training along with Magnus. I am intrigued to meet my future in-law. "

Alec thought he was going to pass out with all the information paling into his head. He just hoped that he would be able to remember all of this information. He was so lost in his mind he didn't hear what Gideon said about the second way for him to become a hybrid. He just came to when he heard Gideon say something about a mating bite.

"-he has to make sure it's deep enough to draw blood, and once he's bitten you, another warlock needs to start the chanting the spell biding your two souls together making you one. But it must be done before your life essence is completely gone. Now-"

There was a knock, well banging at the door and Alec jumped. Gideon cursed under his breath and quickly summoned a notebook and a pen and magically wrote everything down and sent it away. Alec was confused as to why he would get deruned in the first place, but he didn't have time to dwell on that because Gideon was rushing him to leave.  "I'll hold them off, but you must hurry. I've sent the notebook to Magnus explaining everything. I pray that things go smoothly from here on out. Goodluck nephew, I will be watching."
With that, a portal swallows him up and he is back in front of the institute with weapons aimed at his face.

"By order of the Clave, Alec Lightwood your under arrest."