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Everyone Is Laughing

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Katsuki lay in bed, content with the darkness that greeted him the moment he opened his eyes, and stared at the stack of rejected applications by his nightstand. He groans, exhausted, and turns on his side with the thought of calling a close friend for assistance. He had been fired from his previous job at a toy factory for assaulting a coworker and was in desperate need of employment. He didn't want to run back home to his parents and ask for help, he was already twenty-four, and the thought of living with his mother and father all over again was embarrassing. But the rent was expensive and the bills were piling up. His landlord was kind enough to give him more than a month to find another job but it looked like that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Every employer apologized and said they were full but would call him if they ever needed an extra set of hands. Katsuki had merely shook his head at their words and went on his way. He knew they wouldn't call. They never did.

It took him a long time to find the motivation to get out of bed, shower, and prepare himself for another meaningless day. After watching some television and eating what was left in his refrigerator Katsuki decided it was time to swallow his pride and reach out to someone who was willing to cut him some slack. The first person he called was someone he knew he could rely on. Someone who had a hard time turning away from those in need. 


He cleared his throat and forced a smile into his tone, "Hey, Kirishima, what are you up to right now?"


His entire body trembled at the sound of his best friend's voice. They hadn't spoken to each other since graduation and he kicked himself for not keeping in touch with his usual group after all these years. He should have listened to his mother when she told him to be more sociable so he wouldn't end up in situations like this. 

"It's kind of weird hearing from you out of the blue."

Katsuki replied with an awkward chuckle, "Um...yeah, heh. I've been busy up until now and I thought I'd contact you and see if we could hang out sometime." 

He could sense how uncomfortable Kirishima was on the other end. The man took longer than expected to respond and his voice seemed hoarse as if he were sick. 

"Now's not the time..." 

"Oh..." Katsuki said, dejectedly. Quickly, he added, "I'm really sorry to bother you but I need help and you're the first person I thought of." 

There was a moment of silence and Katsuki found himself biting his lip. He couldn't believe this: Kirishima was hesitating! That was unlike the red head. Normally, he was friendly and eager to hear what everyone had to say. He truly felt the teen he once knew back then had finally grown up and decided not to go with the flow anymore.

"Look, I'd like to help you but I'm busy these days with work and family matters. Besides, I haven't seen or heard from you in so long. I invited you to my wedding and wanted you to be the god-father for my kid but you never made an appearance. You want my help when you don't even care about me or anyone else. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry, man."

That hurt more than he wanted to admit. Katsuki sighed in defeat and apologized, "Don't worry about it. I was being inconsiderate."

"Take care, Bakugo."

"Yeah," He ends the call and deletes Kirishima's number from his contacts, "You too."

He spends the rest of the afternoon calling people he'd met through school and mutual friends, choosing his words carefully to explain his current predicament, but no one is willing to give him money or take him in.

"It'll be temporary."

"I'll pay you back."

"I'll do the chores around the house and help you run errands."

In the end, there is only one number left. He rubs at his eyes and contemplates what to do. Should he return home and deal with being a failure or starve on the streets? The latter seemed more appropriate for someone such as himself but he'd rather be dead than have the world know that he wasn't going anywhere in life. He'd bragged to everyone about his goals when he was naive and full of confidence during his pubescent years. He'd wanted to be a police officer by the time he was twenty five and married with children by thirty. But nothing went quite as planned. 

He finally settles his phone on the counter top and shrugs on his favorite black jacket. He'd made up his mind. 



 The brisk air felt nice against his pale skin. Cars drove by in a hurry and the lights from afar shown brightly in the glorious shade of night. Katsuki takes a drag from his cigarette. When he finishes it he throws the remaining bits into the water below and leans forward on the bridge railing. He waits a while for all the noise to vanish until it's just him and the welcoming breeze. 

This was it. Everything he'd done led up to this very moment. 

Suddenly, Katsuki hoists himself up on the railing and stares at the clashing of water below, feeling a hypnotizing pull as he skillfully balances his weight on the cool metal, before turning his attention to the star filled sky. He frowns to himself and closes his eyes taking a moment to accept his final decision. 

Yeah, he thought, This is what I want.

Memories of his younger years suddenly invade his thoughts as if they were flashing before his eyes. He wishes he could have been the solution to many things instead of causing trouble and making everything worse for those around him. Perhaps in another life he'll get the chance to redeem himself. 

He exhales before falling forward bracing himself for the harsh collision of freezing water on his flesh. never comes. 

Instead, he chokes out in pain as he's pulled by the back of his collar and flung onto the sidewalk, his head hitting the cement in the process. He howls in pain and thrashes about on the ground unaware of the small figure running to his side and attempting to calm him down. The feel of soft hands on his temple snaps him back into reality and he forces himself to gain control just in time to see two people staring at him with concerned eyes. 

The first person is a man. Tall and dangerously thin with sunken eyes and baggy clothes. His hair is a darker shade of yellow than Katsuki's and his small blue eyes pierce through him. Something about the man reminds Katsuki of his father so he holds his tongue despite wanting to cuss at the older gentleman for ruining his desire for suicide. Then, Katsuki looks to his left and gapes at the person beside him.

It's a young boy with big green eyes and curly black hair. His skin is pale and freckles decorate his puffy cheeks. Katsuki catches himself hypnotized by the boy. He's both beautiful and cute. Is that even possible? Before Katsuki can say anything the boy shoves his head into his chest and lets out a waterfall of sobs, his fingers gripping the blond's jacket, and trembles vigorously. 

"Katsuki Bakugo," The man says, "We got a call from your friend, Kirishima. He said you're in trouble and need help. Do you remember Inko Midoriya?"

Katsuki nods, "Yes, she's my stepmother."

"She wants you to return home and live with us until you can get back on your feet." He then points at the boy holding Katsuki, "That boy is Izuku. He's been wanting to meet you since he was a child."

"Oh..." Katsuki hides his blushing face and stands. The boy doesn't release him and he doesn't fight him off.

"We'll take you back to your apartment and I'll give you some time to pack your belongings. Then, I'll drive us all to Inko's home."

Katsuki doesn't say anything, too focused on the boy clinging to him, but his legs move automatically, directing his rescuers to a place he's ready to abandon.