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how to exploit freud's garbage research for cash

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i got a surprise for you~ come over plz

Ochako texts him an invite to her dorm, and he has some free time tonight, so Izuku does. She follows-up that text with a close-up selfie of her very-pushed up, very glitter-heavy, very soft looking breasts in a lace-pink bra. A bra he has never had the pleasure of seeing before, and well, Izuku knows more of less what this visit is for. He’s eager for it, too.

With busy college lives, it’s surprisingly difficult to find a spare hour to fuck your significant other.

The last time they had gotten naked together was — god, how long ago has it been? Almost two weeks? A little more? Izuku is due for a little fun.

With exams coming up, he’s been holing himself up in the library for hours to study. By the time he drudges home, he really only has enough energy and willpower to brush his teeth and climb into bed. Even when he wants to jerk off, he doesn’t have it in him to get more than half-hard.

Feeling incredibly horny and tired is a uniquely awful state to exist in. And he’s been living that truth for awhile now. It blows.

Ochako’s text catches him when he’s only slightly exhausted. At this point, he takes what he can get. He’s no idiot, that’s for sure.

“Hey, cutie!” Ochako sings.

When she finally opens her door a crack, Izuku’s lungs crush to dust. She’s in lingerie that’s a little too tight, pinching the chub on her hips and thighs in a way that makes him just want to bite her. And hell, she smells amazing. Something musky and floral immediately assaults his nose when she greets him with a playful wave. Izuku can feel himself start to strain through his sweats.

He can’t decide whether to gawk at her glossy lips or the outline of her stiff nipples through her skimpy bra.

Ochako makes a choice for him. “Are we doing foreplay in the hallway or—?”

Izuku’s in her room and locking the door behind them with awkward speed. She giggles the whole time, clearly amused by how much her presence has him whipped.

“Tsuyu’s not home, yeah?” His voice sounds weathered already. He’d probably feel ashamed if he isn’t so preoccupied with the thought of being inside her already.

“No. Won’t be back for a few hours.” Her smile stretches her whole face as she fluffs her hair. Sticks out her chest a little, too. “We have some alone time.”

Thank goodness.” Izuku encircles her bare hips and pulls her close, kissing her temple, her brow, her nose. “You’re really testing my resolve with this get-up.”

Ochako mouth presses into the hollow of his throat. Right for his weak spot — tonight definitely means business. “What if I told you it’s not just for you?”

Regardless of his confusion over that statement, Izuku squeezes her closer, craning his neck to give her more access. “I’d say you sound like an exhibitionist or something.”

She doesn’t respond to that, only continues her sweet smattering of kisses along his skin. Izuku exhales as heat drains into his gut. Everything is happening a little too fast, but fuck it. He feels almost too forward as he crams his fingers underneath the backside her silken panties, the fabric stretched a bit too tight around her fat ass. It’s just as soft and jiggly as he remembers. Izuku gives both of her cheeks a rough squeeze, pushing her belly flush against his erection.

A small squeak rips from her. “Oh, wow.”

God, maybe that is too forward? “I’m sorry, I just —“

“It’s been awhile, I know.” Ochako lifts up on her tippy-toes and pecks his mouth. It tastes like artificial strawberries — so very Ochako. “I’d like to try something as part of my apology.”

“Sweetie, you don’t have to apologize.” Izuku leaves her butt alone (unfortunately) so he can cup her face. He kisses her again. “Life happens. To the both of us.”

“Izuku.” Her breath fans over his mouth, her eyelashes dusting over her cheeks with each pretty, little blink. “We’re doing too much talking, don’t cha think?”

He swallows. Shit. She’s right. They’re still at the entrance of the room when a perfectly comfortable mattress is a five second walk away.

Izuku’s only a dumbass when he’s horny.

Instead of answering her like a normal person, he scoops her into his arms and carries her straight to her surprisingly-made bed. The sheets even smell freshly laundered as he drops, and yanks his shirt over his head. Ochako’s laughter fills the quiet dorm room, and she slings her arms around his neck and starts leaving sticky, lip gloss kisses all over his freckly cheeks and throat.

Immediately, Izuku drapes himself over her so he can attack her mouth. The fake saccharine makeup taste is still present, but hell, he doesn’t mind. Especially when her tongue keeps stroking his inside his own mouth, and her plush fingers grope him along his obliques.

“God, I missed you.” He gurgles into her.

Ochako’s thighs spread so easily. He’ll never not be amused by how aroused the two of them get from lovey-dovey sap. They’re that couple, and Izuku can’t be more happy.

He digs his thigh into her crotch and moans when he feels just how hot she feels. Ochako exhales into his mouth, and grinds into his leg with blatant need. He knows just how thin these walls are, but he doesn’t care. Not now. Maybe later. But definitely not now.

“I wanna do something new.” She says between kisses. Izuku marvels at how her chest and arms flush with desire, but how immaculate her face remains. But, he’s suddenly struck by how much makeup she’s apparently wearing. Not even a little blush is showing through that coverage.

Did she get this dolled-up for him? God, that makes him feel so wanted.

“Please.” Izuku rumbles into her, palms squeezing her tummy pudge. At this point, she can say just about anything, and Izuku will want it. Will ache for it with every fiber of his being.

“Don’t get mad, okay?” She whines, face screwing up into a pout as she searches the sheets for something.

Mad? She’s humping his leg. There’s no way he can even get vaguely annoyed with her at this point.

Before he can vocalize as much, she locates whatever it is and hands it to him. Rectangular and thin. Her phone. Izuku blinks, looking to her for any form of clarification.

“Open up Snapchat.” She stares at the wall, words gone quiet. “I want you to film this.”


Izuku’s throat dries up as he stares helplessly at her lock screen. The boisterous shiba inu puppy image does shit in dispelling his nerves. “Ochako, I, uh, this is — interesting and hot but… well, I don’t want our friends to see this —“

“Dummy.” She scolds, her neck tinging a shade redder. “It’s not going on my personal Snapchat.”

So many questions bombard his brain, but the only one that makes it past his lips is: “You have more than one?”

Finally, she meets his gaze. She tugs at her bra strap, and Izuku feels her inner thighs knocking into his sides shyly. “Maybe.”

Okay, he’s a little lost. As if several paths present themselves to him going in an infinite number of directions, and he is given zero guidance on which is the correct one to take.

All he really knows are a few facts at this point. One, Ochako wants to have sex with him and film it. Two, she has multiple snapchat accounts. Three, she has a secret that she isn’t telling him.

Four — he’s way more turned-on than angry.

“Y’know I’m broke.” She bites her bottom lip, and squirms beneath his curious stare. “And I’m not exactly ugly — you’re always telling me how beautiful and perfect I am, and how lucky you are to have me. It’s sweet, so, so sweet, Izuku. But it got me thinking…” The way her words trails off is dredged in deviancy. “Is it just luck needed to have me? Or can it be something else?”

“S-something else?”

Her face screws up with an apologetic smile. “Money.”

The truth hits Izuku like a brick. “Wait, you’re a —“

Her palm slaps over his mouth. “Let me finish before you start jumping to conclusions, okay?” He nods silently, certainly not assuaged but resigned to his patience. “I haven’t had sex with anyone. None of that. I just post nudes and little videos on a separate Snapchat account. People pay to access it, amongst other things.”


Alright, definitely not where Izuku’s mind had been headed. Still not exactly innocent, though. He must seem more mellowed-out because she removes her hand from his mouth and strokes his ear, face a nervous wreck. “Do you hate me?”

“I could never hate you!” Izuku blurts. Is that what she’s been thinking? Jeez, he’s an awful boyfriend. “Y-yeah, sure, I’m a little confused and certainly shocked, but — Ochako, I still love you. I wouldn’t stop over something like this.”

Izuku yelps from the strength of the bear hug he’s pulled into. “Izuku!” She cries out, legs curling around his middle. “I love you, too!”

This is a bit much. A little too emotional for post-learning that his girlfriend basically does sex work online, but Izuku kind of gets it. The anxiety, fear and shame that probably was eating at her is gone. He knows not everyone is as accepting as he is. The fact that he’s still in her bed, still holding her close probably means the world. He gets it.

But, still.

After the emotion dies down, he asks, attempting to sound casual but failing miserably: “How long have you — hmmm, been at this?”

She shrugs sheepishly. “The start of the semester? A few months? It’s because — well, I got the idea after I found out — y’know my Intro to Psychology class? The textbook is almost two hundred dollars! And I had to buy it for the online worksheet access! And I don’t have that type of cash. Two hundred bucks? I need to eat.”

“Oh, it’s absolutely ridiculous.” Izuku nods. School is stupidly expensive. He’s lucky most of his classes don’t require buying books.

“So I thought, why not compensate financially in a Freudian way?” Ochako wiggles her eyebrows as she snatches her phone to pull something up. When she has it, she shines her bright screen in his face. “See?”

It’s open to the profile page for a Snapchat. Unlike her personal account, her cutesy Bitmoji isn’t staring at him. It’s just a close-up of her tits, and beneath it, her screen name reads zerogravtitty.

“That is pretty Freudian.” Izuku flusters something between laughter and terror.

“Yeah, well, his research is basically bullshit. Learned that in lecture.” She beams up at him tapping her head with pride, before she walks her fingers down his bare chest. “Doesn’t mean I can’t exploit his shitty ideas for cash.”

“You sound like a business student.”

Ochako pouts. “That’s not a very sexy thing to say.”

Izuku’s suddenly reminded that he’s hard. And that he’s here. For sex. “Can you give me an example of something I should say, instead?”

Ochako touches a curved path from his pecs to his biceps, eyes averting again. “How about — hey, baby, you know what’d be super hot? If I film myself fingering you so you can post it to your premium Snapchat.

His pulse thunders through him. “Oh.”

Her grip tights around his upper arms. “Only your fingers and my pussy would be in the shot. Is that okay?”

Izuku always saw himself as a rather straight-edge guy. He gets good grades, has a strong work ethic and has a ton of empathy at his disposal. All he wants from life is to be happy, maybe help some people along the way, too. He’s done a lot in his life to achieve that goal.

And now he’s about to agree to be in his first porno.


Why the hell not?

Ochako worms her way off the bed and runs over to her desk. Izuku watches, a little hazy, a little nervously as she applies a new coat of baby pink gloss to her lips. She smacks them, blots off the excess, and smiles at him. Smolders and snaps the waistband of her panties. He nods his approval.

With a shhh gesture, she lifts her phone up to face-level. Ochako spends a moment adjusting the angle, and eventually begins to speak in a voice much more performatively feminine than usual. “Heyyyyy, cuties. My boyfriend’s gonna be sweet to my chubby, lil’ cunt tonight. Gonna fuck me real wide open and good with his thick-ass, strong fingers. Get ready~”

Izuku almost yelps at the filthy words dripping from his girlfriend’s lips. Ochako can say all of that with a straight face? She flushes when they kiss in public! And now suddenly she can purr like that to who knows how many strangers? Izuku’s head spins as she sits back down and shows him the video.

And some point, she must have edited it. There’s a filter that makes her skin warmer. And it’s not her entire face in the shot — it’s only from the mid-point of her nose and down. No eyes. She also captioned it with text that reads, stayed tuned for my bf finger fucking me and several heart and star stickers scattered around the screen. Izuku watches it with a lump in his throat, and she squeezes his hand.

“People pay decent money for this.”

Izuku swallows thickly. “Mhmm.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” She grabs his face so they can really look at one another. No chance to hide any doubt. “I won’t post until I know you’re absolutely okay with this.”

He leans into her palm, and her face screws up in a supportive smile. God, he loves her so much.

Izuku connects their mouths in a tame kiss, and it lags on until he breaks it moments later. She still looks skeptical, and Izuku nods, feeling some determination fill his bones. “I think I’ll be okay. It’s just — how can you say all that stuff so confidently?”

Ochako shrugs her shoulders. Oh, so now she’s coy. “The anonymity. I’m talking to strangers. They’re not going to ever see me or meet me. It just feels safer, I guess.”

Izuku pecks the corner of her mouth, and brushes his fingers through her bobbed hair. “Do you like that all these people can see you like this?”

Ochako sucks in a breath. “It definitely makes me hot, yeah.”

“Good to know.” He pulls her hair a bit and her eyes widen. “That you are a nasty exhibitionist.”

She gasps when he kisses her. It’s not tame this time, not even close. Izuku plucks her phone out of her grip before he pushes her onto her back and gets comfortable between her legs. She spreads them wide as he attempts to get a good, tight frame of just Ochako’s spread legs. He puts his finger in the shot, and adjusts it until he finds something he likes. He takes a picture and shows it to Ochako.

When she gives his uncertainty a thumbs up, he deletes it and quickly returns to that same set-up.

“What should I do?” Izuku asks, his nerves showing. “Do I just film the whole thing, or —?”

“Uh-uh.” She sing-songs. “This may be porn but it’s art! It’s a tease!” Izuku just looks at her like she has two heads. “First snap is only a few seconds long. Just trace me through my panties. You don’t have to talk or anything. I can do all the vocal stuff.”

“Oh, uh. Sure.” He swallows, and steels himself. “Should I give a signal or —“

“Just start doing it before you film. I’ll catch on. And if we mess up, we can just delete it and retry.”

“Got it.”

Another deep breath, and then he starts to trace the outline of her slit. The fabric’s moist and humid, and he already knows damn well how she feels underneath the silk. He knows how easy dipping inside her will be.

He starts filming.

Ochako’s thighs twitch a little in the video, and a breathy giggle leaves her. He stops the shot, and the two of them watch the snap together.

Ochako beams at him when it’s over. “You’re hands are barely shaking! This looks good! Now, everything we send will be on loop, okay? And try to use a filter or something. I like looking softer or more mysterious. The lighting in here sucks.”

He does what he’s told and Ochako finalizes it, adding a gasping emoji before posting it to her story. “Perfect, now rub a little harder.”

He holds the phone up again and starts to record. This time, he has a little more fun. His knuckles drag up from her butt up to her clit, and uses his hand to squeeze her vulva. It’s more difficult to keep his hand steady. Ochako moans in that fake voice from earlier. Before ten seconds lapses, he stops.

They watch it through and Ochako snorts. “This makes you look possessive.” She punches his shoulder a little harder than she should, and he does his best not to wince.

“I mean —“

“You don’t have to explain anything you don’t want to.” She winks at him, and he feels his face ignite. Acting like she can see right through him makes him feel so many types of ways. Not any of them bad.

He applies a filter — the same warm one from her intro snap, and they get back into position.

When Izuku starts filming, he feels a little braver. He presses his fingers a little roughly into where her clit is, and rubs circles into it. And then, voice husky, he growls, “Baby girl, you feel so fucking wet. Such a slut.”

Ochako gasps, and locks eyes with him, incredulous. Her legs spill wider apart, and she doesn’t say anything. Just open mouthed, gaping at him like he’s a stranger as she starts grinding into his friction.

And then it’s over. In a blink. He stops filming and turns the screen around for her to see. She’s not watching it though — she’s gaping at what she’s more interested in. Him.

“Izuku Midoriya.” She whistles. “Who exactly are you?”

It’s his turn to look away.

Ochako is right. Not having to confront any of the people she seduces is definitely a courage booster, a drug. Not meeting their eyes ever is an inhibition squasher. However, now that he’s face to face with his girlfriend whom he never speaks to like that, it’s definitely nerve-wracking. It’s not fair — she gets the perks of anonymity and he gets squat.

“It’s, uh, my persona.” He replies lamely after way too much time has passed. “I’m the possessive, dirty-talking boyfriend. Who thrives off the thought of the world watching him play with his girlfriend on camera like that.” He smiles awkwardly. “Maybe. It’s still a work in progress.”

“Maybe my booty.” She snips, batting his arm playfully. “I shoulda had you in on this from the get-go. You’re a natural.”

Izuku’s face drops. “Wait, really?”

“That was so hot.” She croons, waving him on to post it. “Talk to me like that when we aren’t being filmed, jeez.”

“…You’re into that?”

She just laughs. “I’m into you looking like you’re having a good time.” She reaches forward to palm his dick, giving it a much needed squeeze through his sweatpants. “You’re very hard, all of a sudden. You gotta be enjoying this somewhat, right?”

Somewhat is an understatement.

Izuku adds the same warm filter and then a few ‘!!!!’ in text. He shows her and she claps, whooping enthusiastically. He’ll take that as approval any day.

The next video has him shoving her panties to the side, rolling two fingers around in all her gooey slick. It’s not even close to how he usually touches her — he builds his movements off all the porn he’s ever watched. All the porn that really spoke to him. Ochako purrs, and begs him to show everyone just how horny she is. Izuku scoops a little slick out and spreads his fingers wide, showing the world just how wet she is.

The clip after that has her panties off, and Izuku presses his middle finger deep inside her, palm facing the ceiling. He twists it around, wriggles it, and shallowly thrusts a few times into her. He didn’t know he moans out a fuck until he hears his gravelly voice groan it out on camera.

“It’s so… loud.” Izuku wrinkles his nose. “Me fingering you. It’s so sticky-sounding.”

“Right?” She giggles, his finger still in her between scenes, stroking her insides sweetly. More like he usually treats her in bed. She nestles in more comfortably into her pillows, and hums as he works. “It sounds gross.”

“Yeah, but.” Izuku swipes his thumb over her clit. “When you’re beyond horny, it’s —“

“Really hot?” She supplies.

“Yeah.” He nods, voice thick. “It is.”

“Wetter is better.” She grins.

“Wetter is better.”

The next clip is Izuku slipping out of her, and he traces along her flushing labia, her mouth, dipping down almost to her asshole. Just tracing her, teasing her like butterfly kisses. Out of frame, Ochako looks impatient. She moans out a grumpy, antagonistic, “Baby, I need your fat fucking fingers in me. Please.” And Izuku laughs, unsure if that’s sexy or not but at the moment he can care less, and before cutting the snapchat off, he presses a second finger into her and starts to scissor.

Ochako’s weak cry of uh! sadly doesn’t happen soon enough before the snapchat ends.

He still v’s out his fingers as he edits the video. The pace of her breath is already significantly slower, like she’s trying to ground herself as he toys with her. She’s not even that tight. She’s soaking wet and pliant, and her pussy accepts every thrust into her, fluttering around him. He posts it as he starts to brush over where he hopes her g-spot is.

She doesn’t cry out or twitch. Instead, he watches her mouth open wider and her smile stretch, open mouthed breathing as he starts really playing with her. Really loosening her up. Not just her insides, but her muscles, her focus losing tension. Hmm. He found it, after all, didn’t he?

Izuku watches her toes flex as he massages that spongey tissue, and her fingers swoop down and start smoothing over her lower belly. Rubbing it, humming all hot and happy.

“You’re so pretty.” He says, and she shoots him a scolding look. But she immediately sees he isn’t recording, and she snorts.

“God, I missed your hands doing this. You do it so much better.” She arches her body and shoves her pelvis against his hand. “I already feel very, very good. You always make me melt, Izuku.”

“I hope so. Don’t fake it, please.”

She wrinkles her nose playfully. “I’ll ham it up, sure, but I won’t fake a thing.” She grabs her pillow, and strokes the case, lost in thought as Izuku goes back to his shallow thrusting and exploration. “I don’t need to fake anything with you. Not anymore. You’re very attentive, and a great learner.”

“Hey!” Not anymore? He frowns as his pride gets slashed. “That’s not very nice.”

“You figured it all out, eventually. It’s okay.”

Even though he’s a little discouraged, he doesn’t let that kill his mood. He’ll definitely pick her brain about that ‘faking’ nonsense later. But now, they have people to entertain. They paid good money for this, after all.

Izuku takes a break from filming to scan through her story to see how many people have viewed it. His heart almost stops.

“There’s over one-hundred views already!”

She grins. “This is a lucrative side job, after all.”

“You’re damn right it is.” He stares, scrolling through the list of burner account names, of people’s personal account names. God, he hopes he doesn’t see anyone he recognizes. “I should get into this stuff once I have to pay for my loans. How much do you charge?”

“A girl never reveals her rates~” She teases, licking her lips when he slips out of her to pinch her lips, her clit. It’s rough, but she’s definitely not shying away from it.

“Haha.” He says, using his fingertips to rub her slick fast back and forth across her clit. Her knees bend, heels digging into the bed as she lifts up into the pleasure.

Izuku starts filming then. “Look at you. I barely did shit and you’re so soaked.” A very high, extremely delicate whimper whistles out of her throat. “I bet I could shove my whole hand into you already.”

“Daddy, please.” Izuku’s cock jolts at that. Whoa. Where the hell did that come from? And why is he suddenly so into it? And wants her to keep saying it? “I need your fingers. Fill me up~”

“When you ask so nicely —“ he stops swiping over her clit and shoves three into her, the wet squelching noise of her taking them in making him moan. “Fuck.

The video ends, but Izuku just drops the phone on the bed, and instead focuses on her. He squeezes her hip, and takes it slow. Thrusting in and out. Rhythmic and firm. The hand on her hip travels down, feather-light on her clit before ghosting around her labia, her inner thighs. Her belly button, her sides. Ochako has her fingers in her hair and she groans, low and base in the back of her throat. Something private and embarrassing and definitely not typical for mainstream porn. Izuku smirks as he works her, her chest rising and falling rapidly with her accelerating heartbeat.

“Izuku.” She breathes, legs shaking. “I, we need —“

“‘Chako, what do you want?” He asks, almost a whisper.

“—The video.” She keens, her neck arching back into the pillows. “Before I come —“

“You want everyone to see you, huh?” He says, stroking the backside of her knee. “See you fall apart?”

“Yes, I —“

She gulps when Izuku picks the phone up and starts recording, closer, so near to his fingers working sloppily, consistently into her. “What you want, baby?” He demands. “How you wanna come?”

“With everyone watching me.” She whimpers, hips rocking into the finger-fucking. Quivering. Desperate. “Fuck, c’mon, touch my clit, I need —“

“No.” Izuku replies easily, keeping pace. “Have you been a good enough girl for that, princess?”

Izuku’s about to end the video but suddenly he can’t because Ochako shouts. Her cunt tightens around his fingers and her back bends back so far he’s momentarily worried she’ll snap her spine. Her mouth stutters around euphoric sounds, body twitchy as she oozes, hot and wet, against him, liquifying into nothing on her mattress. He barely moves his fingers as she comes down, just stroking the front wall of her vagina to prolong the pleasure for as long as he can.

The video is almost forty seconds long by this point, and to end it, he extracts his fingers and showcases the glop of viscous cum shining up his skin.

He’ll watch and edit it in a moment.

Right now, he knows what Ochako wants. He crawls atop her and joins their lips in a slow, searing kiss. As he expects, her fingernails root into his back and claw into his skin. She still shudders beneath him, humming with aftershocks. With heat. With so many feel-good chemicals she’s drowning in them. Probably.

They make out for awhile. It’s hard to remember they haven’t been together like this for weeks, especially with how the last half hour went. It’s so — Izuku doesn’t really know how to describe it. But that it’s good.

That he’s going to be thinking about this for a long, long time. Especially later when he’ll have his hand down his pants.

“Mmph!” Ochako breaks the kiss with a flourish. “I love you so much. I feel so good right now.”

“I’m glad.” He grins, nuzzling her sweaty, perfume-musky neck. “We needed that.”

“We?” She jokes, rubbing his back. “You didn’t finish.”

“No, I didn’t.” He agrees sheepishly. “But that was so new and exciting! I got a lot out of it.”

Ochako pushes him off him and plops herself atop him, eyes narrowed. “Stop being nice. I’m gonna sit on your cock once I’m a little less sensitive.”

He does his best not to moan in relief. “O-oh, cool.”

She winks at him, pressing her gooey, hot pussy flush into his stomach. “We don’t have to film that, though.”

Izuku exhales. “Oh, thank God. I don’t want the world seeing my dick.”

Ochako tries to conceal her giggle. “Aww, but I love lil’ Izuku.”

“Ochako, please. My heart can only handle so much in one sitting.”

“Alright, alright,” she croons, patting his nose. “I’ll show some mercy.”