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The Legend Of Korra Meets The Fate Of The Furious

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Three years earlier…

I walk with Shon, Korra, and Kuvira toward the Beifong’s cell in Erudite headquarters, I have a deal that I want to make with Christine. I reach the door and open it. Christine and Lin are standing by the door, but they don’t notice me. Christine cheers and towards the door, she’s holding her son Baatar Jr. in her arms. I smirk.

“Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but you guys didn’t open the door. I did.”

Christine’s eyes widen when she sees me and she takes a step back and her eyes go wide. “Cipher!?”    

I smile. “Hello, Christine.”

Everyone follows me into the cell and Christine backs away slowly. She seems almost afraid of me.

I smile at her again. “It looks like you want to ask me something, so just ask me.”

“Um…,” she says, her voice almost quivering. She looks down at the ground. “Can you…,” she stops again and looks up at me. “Can you heal Junior for me? He’s on the verge of death and he has internal bleeding.”

“Now why would I do that?”

Christine breathes in deeply and when she speaks, her answer is almost shocking. Almost.

“‘Cause I’ll quit running from you if you do,” she says, her voice quivers again. “I’ll do anything, okay? Just please heal my son.”

Perfect. I think. Just perfect.

Baatar coughs and looks up at Christine. “Mom, no,” he says. “I’ll be okay.”

Christine doesn’t respond.

I pretend to think over the offer. “Hmm, I suppose that I could do that and considering that you’ve already offered to work for me, I will.”

Christine sighs in relief. “Thank you.”

I walk over to Baatar and he shrinks back against Christine’s chest. I bend the water from my water flask. The glows brightly for a moment and then returns to normal. “There,” I say. “That should have done the job. I used spirit water so he should be fine.”

Christine puts Baatar down and he’s able to stand. “I feel wonderful,” he says and he gives Christine a hug. “I love you, mom.”

“I love you, too, Junior.” she says.

Korra and Kuvira walk towards her, but Christine put’s up her hand. “Don’t,” she says, turning towards them. “I have to uphold my end of the deal.”

“Christine, no.” Korra says.

“I have to.” she says and she gives Korra a hug. When they break apart, Christine pulls Korra in for a kiss. When she pulls away she says. “I love you, Korra.”

“I love you, too.” Korra says.

Christine walks over to me and Sergeant Shon, as well as Christine’s three daughters, join us as well. Together we walk out of the cell.