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"Mana, Mana~" Regina seemed to simply enjoy saying her name, relishing every letter. "Mana~"

Mana usually wouldn't protest things like that. But seeing as Regina had pinned her down on her own bed - their bed, now - she was feeling a little apprehensive.

Regina leaned down, her face all Mana could see in the moonlit room. Her lips were inches away from Mana's own.

"Mana," she whispered, barely a breath against Mana's mouth. Mana didn't move. She was frozen, not from fear or discomfort, but from her own heart pounding.

Regina moved her head, and Mana could barely stifle her sigh of disappointment. Regina didn't seem to mind, however.

"I'll get to that," Mana heard. Her heart started its steady pound once more.

Regina's lips ghosted over Mana's neck, leading her to push up into some sort of kiss. Despite her attempts, Regina moved each and every time.

"Mana," Regina breathed, lips against Mana's collarbone. " My Mana."

Mana's heart almost skipped a beat in its rhythm.

A light kiss against her collarbone, against her throat, up her neck. Mana didn't exactly know where Regina was going with all of this, but she wasn't going to turn anything down. Not when it felt like this.

Hot breath against her ear made Mana shudder with a memory, with the indescribable feeling of Mana, I love you.

Regina's thumbs rubbed small circles into her shoulders. Mana attempted to push herself up, to kiss Regina, to do anything, but Regina only laughed softly and pushed her back down against the sheets.

"You're so cute like this," came the voice against her ear. "So cute."

Mana closed her eyes shut, willing her heart's frantic beat to slow, if only a little bit. She was going to explode.

Regina made some sort of pleased hum, one of her hands gently stroking Mana's cheek.

"My Mana, all anxious and cute..." Mana's cheeks were burning red, but Regina took no notice. "You don't have to be anxious, Mana."

She wasn't anxious, not exactly. The thought of Regina stroking her face, of Regina's wide, beautiful blue eyes - the thought of Regina herself made Mana shake with a feeling she couldn't quite pin down.

"I'm not," she said, opening her eyes, in an attempt to reassure Regina.

Regina didn't seem worried. Both of her hands were holding Mana's face, now, her head moved back to simply look at her.

"Shhh," Regina said, placing a finger against Mana's lips. "You don't have to talk."

Mana was okay with that. She didn't really want to talk, not with the warmth flooding her body, not with how her voice had shook even with those two simple words.
But something in her resisted - not resisting Regina's words, or Mana's heartbeat, or anything Mana was expecting. No, something in her wanted to talk.

"Regina," she said, lips strangely heavy. "Regina, I-"

Regina kissed her.

Her hands moved to pull Mana closer, but Mana had disconnected from reality the moment Regina's lips touched hers.

It was over far too soon, their lips parting with a quiet pop, and Regina's little smirk made Mana have a sort of fear in her chest.

"I told you, you don't have to talk."

Didn't have to, but could, right? She could at least tell Regina she loved her.

"But Regina-"

The words died in her mouth as Regina slipped her fingers past Mana's lips.

"Listen to me, my Mana."

Mana shivered as Regina's fingers brushed against her tongue. No talking. Okay.

"Cute, cute, cute~" Regina hummed, evidently happy with Mana's response. "You're so cute, my Mana."

Mana actually whimpered. She shouldn't be complimented like this. She should be kissing Regina back, making her happy. Instead she had boiling heat in her chest and was being so, so, selfish, and she never wanted this moment to end.

Regina seemed to notice her distress, and took her fingers out of Mana's mouth. Mana didn't say a word.

"You can talk," Regina affirmed.

"I'm being selfish," Mana said, her voice quiet. "I should be making you happy. I should be-"

Another kiss, this one stronger, more forceful. Regina bit her bottom lip gently, and Mana's words disappeared from her head.

Once again, it ended all too soon. Mana badly wanted more, and it hurt to realize that. Selfish, selfish Mana.

"You're not being selfish," Regina breathed, still so close to Mana's lips. She could taste Regina if she tried hard enough, if she moved. Yet she didn't.

"I'm the selfish one here." Regina smiled, eyes heavy-lidded. "I'm being selfish, and I want you to feel good. I want you to know that I love you. I want you , my cute little Mana."

Mana tried to protest, but Regina kissed her and her tongue went past Mana's lips and she could feel anything and everything like this, she could feel the world with Regina kissing her and everything that wasn't Regina meant nothing.

Mana whined as Regina pulled back. She didn't talk - though the darker part of her wanted to, if only just to see what Regina would do.

"You're mine, Mana. Mine." Regina's gaze was forceful, powerful as befitting a princess. "No one else's."

"You-" Regina slipped her hands under Mana's nightshirt, cool against her feverishly hot skin.

"-belong-" Her fingers ran over Mana's chest, her stomach, her thighs.

"-to-" Regina's arms stretched out to match Mana's, their hands intertwining.

"- me ." The last word came out a bit harsher than the rest, and Mana couldn't stop her body from quivering. Regina took her sweet time, looking Mana over from top to bottom.

"Beautiful," she whispered. "You're beautiful, Mana."

Regina had always called her cute.

She had never called her beautiful.

Mana blinked in surprise.

Maybe she could be selfish, just once. Be a little selfish and be Regina’s, just for a little while.

Yeah. Yeah, that’d be nice.

Then Regina kissed her again, and she was done with thinking for the night.