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Three faces of an affair

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She hated mornings. Always had and always would. She mused as she burrows herself deeper into the sheet.

Even as a child, she hated mornings. When she attended Hogwarts, sometimes you had to forcibly drag her out of her bed to make her go to class in the morning, so much so that her parents had to send two private elves for her morning wakeup call.

Whether it was the too bright and too shiny morning sun or that unshakable chill in the air as you set your foot from your warm bed to the cold cold floor in the morning. She didn't like any of it. She is pretty much the typical night owl.

But these days she hated mornings for very different reasons.

She turned to her side and saw that he was already getting ready to get up.

She knew his morning routine by heart. He would first remove the cover and stretched his wonderfully toned body. She could see every single muscles on his back bunching up against his pale white skin. It was a gorgeous sight to behold that sometimes she even forgot her resentment of mornings.

Then, he would walk over to his clothes, thrown carelessly over the floor from last night passion. He would then methodically put on his clothes one by one. First his boxer. Today its black. Silk of course. Then his trousers. Smoky grey to match his eyes. Unwrinkled by last night carelessness, so it was probably charmed. So was his dress white dress shirt and matching smoky grey suit, which he put on in the same order after his pants. And lastly his soft lavender tie, which may looked feminine on some men, but it looked wonderful on him. By the time he was done, he looked almost as dapper as he did the night before.

Dissatisfaction rose over her. She didn't like it when his clothes were charmed. With the exception of his mussed hair, his impeccable clothing made it seems like nothing had happened last night.

Every evidence of their time together seemed to be erased by the morning sunlight. Even his hair was quickly straightened out as he ran his fingers through his blond hair few times.

Then, like clockwork he would look at her with that apologetic and slightly guilty look on his face as he was about to leave. He would then walked back towards her and kiss her on her forehead for goodbye. And as always, she would begged him to stay even though she knew he would say no, as he did every single morning.

And then he would leave, but not before giving her that tortured look, that she couldn't help but forgive him.

And she would then stay under the cover for half an hour sometimes more, trying to ignore the sunlight beating down the window of her bedroom. Sometimes she would cry when she feels like she couldn't take it anymore. But sometimes, like today, she would just lay there on her bed and tried very hard not to think.

Eventually she would get up, take a nice long bath and go on with her day.

As a sole heiress to both her parents fortune, her life was an idle one.

There was no company to run, only multiple investments in more than two dozens lucrative companies. And even then it was handled fully by Gringotts' goblins. They were ruthless and smart as they were honest to a fault.

So, she didn't have to work nor did she had the inclination to do so.

She have money enough to last her several lifetimes.

And she is not they type who'll do mundane things unless it's absolutely necessary.

So she spent her time shopping, attending high societies functions - there never seemed to be lack of them around -, doing charities if the mood struck her.

And unlike other pureblood heiresses around, whom are being married off to other upper crust pureblood to strengthen family alliances before they were barely out of school, she is in an enviable position. With both of her parents gone during the second magical war, and the closest male relative is a squib doctor, she had no one telling her what to do and whom to marry.

Yes, free as a bird is what she is. But despite all the choices in the world, she is stuck loving a man that she could never have.

Trying to shake the despondent feeling settling on top of her stomach, she called out for her personal elf.

"Kookie, do I have anything important plan today?" she asked as she made her way to the bathroom.

"Yes, Mistress," squeaked Kookie, handing her mistress her bathroom immediately without being asked, "you have a lunch date planned with Mistress Pansy and later in the evening you have to attend a charity gala held by the Ministry for the end of war efforts."

she perked up for the first time since he left her alone this morning. She immediately pondered her option. A charity gala held by the Ministry of magic is a very important function. There is a huge chance that he would be there. And she could dance with him and spend time with him, without anyone suspecting anything clandestine happening. For a moment she could pretend that they were finally on a proper date without hiding from everyone and that he is hers and hers alone.

she immediately turned to Kookie and instructed, " Cancel my lunch with Pansy, send her my apologies, and owl Blaise and ask him to meet me near Paragon Alley by 10."

Feeling a little lighter on her feet over the positive turn of event, she practically skipped her way to the bathroom, wanting to get ready as soon as possible so she could find the absolute perfect dress with Blaise for tonight.

One dance with him in front of everyone. It would be a dream come true.

She never had the chance to go out with him properly when the first got together during the war. It was far to dangerous for them to announce anything to the world, with his family servitude to the Dark Lord and her family neutrality. It was only stolen kisses and hidden rendezvous.

And then, before she could even processed the death of her parents, both caught in the crossfire between the Order and the Deatheaters, he was married and just as suddenly the war ended and everything went back to relative normalcy.

For the first few months after the end of the war, she found herself in a daze. Heartbroken and all alone. It was as if her body was not her own, living day by day in a constant limbo. It was not until he suddenly appeared in front of her door step did she start living again.

At first, it was just him helping her out, probably out of guilt. But it wasn't long before they both slipped back into their former secret relationship, with the only difference that now he had a wife waiting for him back home.

She felt guilty at first, but time and a whole lot of self-justifications took care of that.

So what if he is married. She loved him first. And he still love her. So that should count for something shouldn't it?

The world owe her this dance at least after what it put her through.

Just one public dance with Draco where she could pretend that she was the one he married instead of her.

Just a moment to pretend that she was the wife not the mistress.