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Pole dancing and parades

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It was Donna’s idea at first.
While only recently becoming acquainted with each other, Donna and Kory grew as friends. With Donna, Kory felt welcomed, safe even. After her experience with the warlords, a friend was what she needed. And who could argue that Donna, with her experience as an Amazonian warrior and confidant, was the greatest friend for Kory.

“It would be fun, just us girls, a pole and some funky music to get us in the groove.” Donna gushed, wanting to try new things with her Tamaranean friend. While her other friends might disapprove of this new hobby she wanted to try, Kory seemed free spirited and open like herself, willing to try anything.

Luckily for Donna, that was the only sentence needed to be said for Kory to immediately agree and rush to the nearest pole dancing studio with her.




Surprising could be used to describe the first time they went.

The dingy exterior looked reputable enough for a crime scene, not a dance studio. It was on the other side of the city, so none of the other titans - especially Dick - would expect them to be there. Roy would have gotten a kick out of the girls in a place so dusty. The little studio was adorned with square mirror tiles on two of the walls, across from each other, unlike the long glass mirrors usually used in studios. The poles were rusty and detachable from the place, which made sense since the studio only ran the pole dancing class twice a week for an hour.

Despite the classless nature of the studio, fun was still to be had. The instructor was also unexpected yet joyful. A short woman in her early 30’s, quite unlike the models seen parading the poles in venues. Her tanned skin pinned her to be from the Mediterranean area, and her voice quite clear when talking to the budding dancers in the studio.

“And now Kory was it? You have to trust your arms for this. Hold your hands and start to slowly swing your legs up and the pole will start spinning.”


Using their flight, both Donna and Kory could easily adhere to the instructions and do much much more. Both of them agreed however, the unfair advantage it would give both of them. They wanted to learn and grow after all.

Kory lifted herself up slowly, gauging how steady her hands were on lift while holding on to the pole. After 10 minutes of practising to hold herself without the use of flight, Kory slowly started to swing.

By the end of the session, both girls were swinging around to there delight, and started even hooking their legs higher on the pole to get better sense of positioning.




“That was so fun, maybe I should tell Robin of our new activity, and he could also join us. He loves his acrobatics no?”

Donna choked on the gulp she took from her water bottle. While she did want to see what the boy wonder would say about that, especially since he was harbouring a budding crush on Kory.
Donna raised her eyebrows and responded “Perhaps”

Kory was quite open and expressive about her desire to try exotic dancing with donna, and would attempt to tell everybody in the tower about their endeavour to Donna’s dismay. While she suggested the idea, she was apprehensive about the rest of the Titans knowing, especially when she didn’t try to invite her other teammates. It didn’t seem like Raven or Lilith would get a kick out of trying the pole studio.
“We should be joyful that we can express ourselves through dance.”
“Of course and I am, I just wouldn’t like to make the others feel uncomfortable when its a thing us two do together.”

Kory mulled on that for a moment, and agreed. Why couldn’t they have they’re own share of fun? It was rare that you could find a friend so open to new things, and after her experience with the Psions and her sister, a friend and some fun was needed.

“I can see where you are coming from, Donna. I just love the feeling I get when we do it. I felt so free.”

“So do I, its quite fun to do when you can try new things. But next time I’ll find a better place for us to go to, the instructor was amazing, but the was a bit on the creepy side.”
“Sounds glorious.”