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To The Ends Of the Earth

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Sixty long and hard day's had passed since the incident at the warehouse. Sixty days worth of nightmares and countless shed tears for the four boys. Anti and Damien left Nate's place a few weeks after they were discharged from the hospital, turns out the omega was pregnant. At first Damien wasn't ready to accept it, becoming his usual grouchy self. But right before they left he seemed to come around to the idea of becoming a father. Anti was elated, constantly rubbing his belly and talking about the baby. They were happy in the end, but because of Damiens past they were forced to leave, laying low until the heat died down. As for Matt and Jack, the two omegas were obviously traumatized, going though something as horrible as human trafficking will do that. But it seems that Matt was having a hard time letting go, unable to receive physical affection from anyone. He had night terrors, vivid images of Will that would haunt him at all hours of the day. It was like his mind couldn't break away. Jack had the opposite reaction, unable to leave Mark's side for more than a few moments without having a panic attack. The omega was desperatly attached to his mate, terrified of leaving the house or being alone. They were both trapped, but in different ways.
Jack was currently wrapped up in a cozy blanket on Mark's lap, watching cartoons on the tv. He was sucking on his thumb - a habit he'd picked up at the warehouse - as his mate's gentle hand pet his fluffy green hair. Matt was sitting in the armchair, alone, as Nate watched him longingly from the couch next to Mark. It was quiet except for the tv and Jack's occasional giggles. It wasn't like Mark minded being next to Jack twenty four seven, but it had it's inconveniences. Such as he had to make bathroom breaks quick or when Jack was sleeping, he couldn't jerk off because Jack was too traumatized to see anything related to a dick. But Mark didn't mind, he'd do anything for his baby. Even if that meant getting blue balls every so often.
He only dreaded when Jack would be in heat. It could happen any day now, being a few months after his first heat, and was sure the omega just wasn't ready for it. Matt wasn't ready either, keeping Nate at a distance, even when they slept. The alpha hasn't been able to touch his mate for two months, two excruciating months. He missed him, more than anything in the whole world. He craved to touch his lover's skin, feel his lips pressed against his own. He needed his mate, but Matt wasn't ready and he didn't know how much longer it would take for him for be comfortable enough with physical touch.
"Baby?" Nate murmered, the most pitiful look imaginable in his deep brown eyes. It wasn't that Matt didn't want to be physical with Nate, he loved him. But their bond was broken and Nate never got the chance to mate him again. It was too much for Matt at the time, so they suffered. Matt looked over at Nate.
The alpha glanced away, trying not to cry.
"I just wanted to say... I-I love you..." He murmured, and Matt smiled only slightly.
"I love you too." He said, rubbing his arm as he curled into a ball on the chair. Nate stood, leaving to go to the bathroom before he broke down in front of everybody. He couldn't handle this, the longer he was away from his omega the more his heart broke. But he was doing this for Matt, because he loved Matt with all his crumbling heart.
Nate closed the bathroom door, placing his hands on the sink and looking at himself in the mirror. Tears were running down his sickly pale cheeks. And that's just how he felt. Sick. The alpha sank down to the floor, drawing his knees up to his chest as he cried for the third time that evening. It seemed like crying is all he knows how to do anymore, unable to focus on anything for more than a few seconds at a time. On top of that he was constantly exhausted, both physically and mentally. The nights so were long and hard, with Matt sleeping on the far side of the bed or even the couch. The alpha would wake at all hours of the night, listening to his lover scream and beg for Will to stop. It was the most heart wrenching sound he's ever heard. And the worst part is, he couldn't comfort Matt in any way. He couldn't hug him or console him with his words because they always fell flat. He felt useless. A small knock on the door broke Nate out of his destructive thoughts, unwilling to move from the floor to answer it.
"Come in.." The alpha quietly spoke, head hung low as he prayed for a miracle. The door slowly opened, a pair of eyes that Nate has missed for so long peeking in.
"N-Nate?" Matt spoke quietly. The sound only made the alpha cry more, looking away.
"What is it?" He asked, voice cracking. Matt flinched, stepping inside hesitantly. Seeing Nate like this made him want to comfort the alpha, but he didn't know how. Sitting down next to Nate, the alpha looked over at him. This is the closest Matt's been to him since the car ride home from that God forsaken warehouse. The omega was currently working up the courage to hug Nate, but it was difficult. He wanted to, he really did, but he couldn't. Nate knew not to even try, hugging his legs tightly instead of the body he wanted to.
"I-I'm sorry.." Matt whispered, his own tears falling from his eyes as he hesitantly brought up his hand to wipe away Nate's. The touch was only a second or two long and light enough for it to be mistaken for a breeze, but Nate still leaned into it. He's dying a little more each day, and Matt can see it. He knows his mate needs him, but he just can't take that leap yet. Every time he looks into Nate's deep chocolate eyes he sees Will, who had the same shade of chestnut that his mate does. But Nate wasn't the one who hurt him, he saved him. Matt often has to remind himself that not everyone is out to hurt him, especially not his alpha. Was Nate even his mate anymore? They haven't been mated since that night Will broke their bond. Nate was still sobbing quietly, looking at Matt with so much desperation in his eyes. The omega whimpered softly.
"I-it's ok..." He managed to choke out, even though he knew it wasn't. What was the point of even getting out of bed anymore if you're just going to die a little bit more every day?
Nate stood, moving out of the bathroom and into his bedroom, where he closed the door and got into bed, fully clothed. Matt stared at the spot where the alpha had been sitting. Nate needed him, so why couldn't he just man the fuck up and comfort him?
Matt stood suddenly, turning and punching the mirror. He didn't even feel the pain that was brought with the shards embedding into his hand. All he felt was empty, and alone, and he was convinced it was his fault. The omega stumbled back, sobbing as he sat on the toilet seat, hand covered in blood and glass.