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"I wonder if the first photos of you are up yet?"

"It's only been today," Joe said into his phone, not really looking at the displays that he passed.

"Yes, but it was hours ago. Seriously, Joe, you need to stop thinking so narrowly. This is the new millennium. I can sit here and have breakfast while you're at the other end of the world getting ready to go to bed, and we can still talk to each other."

"I've noticed, and that's the reason why I'm not actually getting ready to go to bed."

There was a pause. "Is Katherine waiting for you?"

Joe took a deep breath. "I told her I was going for a quick walk while she checks up on the kids."



"Oh, there is something. Oh. My. God."

"What? What happened? David?"

"I cannot believe this. What is that?"

"David! What is going on?" Joe tried not to shout, because he really didn't need anyone noticing him.

"That...that thing, I can't even describe it. Flannel from hell might be fitting."

Joe stopped short. He looked down at the plaid shirt he was wearing, then glared at the sidewalk.

"You don't like the shirt," he said dejectedly.

"I don't like it? I don't— That thing is an atrocity. It's a crime against humanity. And the worst thing is..."

"What?" Joe asked with a sigh.

"You still look so fucking hot in it," David said, frustration coming through.

Joe grinned.

"Stop that."

"Stop what?" Joe asked innocently.

"Grinning. I know you're grinning, I can hear it, and it's that damn smug grin at that."

Joe laughed.

"I hate you."

Joe's grin turned into an affectionate smile. Suddenly there was a noise in the background at the other end of the line.

"Oh, Baz is awake, gotta go."

"Yeah, of course. Good night."

"Good morning."

Joe was about to hang up, when David spoke again.



"I don't hate you."

Joe was quiet for a moment. "Yeah. Me too."

Then David was gone.

Joe looked up into the night sky, still holding the phone. It was early morning back in the states, where David was—with his wife and son.

A car passed by. Joe looked down the street, which was still quite busy for this time of night.

Katherine was waiting for him. He put away his phone and started back to the hotel.