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Pregnant with a nephilim

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I don’t own anything and there is a little bit of smut

I’m Amanda, I’m pregnant and oh and I forgot to mention I’m 16.

How you ask well let's start at the beginning
My friend was at my school locker begging me to go to her party
“Please, I’m having a huge party. My parents are out of town for a while so we can do whatever.” She said
“I don’t know,” I say
“Please just lie to your parents and say we are going to study in the library or something” Tess(My friend) said
“Fine but I’m not going to lie” She squealed and hugged me
“Awesome, wear that red dress you got yesterday, this isn’t going to be a kids party you know,” she said with a wink.
I was hoping my sister wasn’t at home. My parents have told me how I’m not as good as her a lot. I didn’t want her there to deny me to not go. I went home and was eating with my parents when I asked.
“My friend is having this party on Friday-”
“No,” My dad said not even looking up as he ate
“But Jeannie(My sister) gets to go to all the parties she was asked too,” I asked
“Because she is the good sister” I sigh, I was going no matter what. On Friday I was ready, I snuck out and drove to my friend's house. It was getting wild. When I entered the tv room I found Tess at the table next to the drinks
“Hey girl,” Tess said
“Nothing just feeling a little nervous,” I say
“Well then take this” She offered me a drink
“It will help you be a little more free,” she said, I shrug and drink a bit but when I did I craved it. I drank that whole thing faster than anyone
“This is great” I scream, I run into the dance floor and start to dance.
(Micheal pov)
My father has commanded me to give my seed to a human girl, he says Lucifer has made a Nephilim. We need one to fight his In case it turns evil. He said mine will be the strongest. I will do anything he says to do. He said whoever attracts me will be the one. I travel to find a teenage party, as I walk I see the gorgeous young woman I have ever seen.
She had the most beautiful curves and long golden blonde hair and had beautiful blue eyes. My vessels member started to throb. It was her. I walk to her and pull her to the side.
“Hey, what’s your name” I scream trying to talk through the loud music
“I’m Amanda” She screamed with a giggle
“Michael” I scream, She started walking a little funny.
“Your hot” She screamed, I blushed a little
“Thanks” I screamed, we started talking a bit until she screamed
“Want to have some fun” She screamed, I didn’t have time to answer before she grabbed my hand and took me to a large bedroom that was obviously her friend's room. She kissed me, I wanted to be polite since she was obviously drunk but her lips were just perfect.
I eagerly kissed back. I started unzipping her tight gorgeous dress. She started kissing my neck. I couldn’t stop
40 minutes later
I thrust into her one last time causing her to moan. I pulled out and looked at the underage girl underneath me. She was lying naked underneath me, her gorgeous blonde hair was everywhere. She smiled and hiccuped
“That..was great” she giggled, I smile and get off the bed and put my underwear and pants on. She hugged me from behind. She kissed my spine and tried to pull me back
“My parents would kill me for this,” she said with a drunk smile. I turn and try to get her to lay down but she kisses me and tries to push me back on the bed. I just nod my head no and I get to fall to sleep.
(Amanda’s POV)
I woke up with a massive headache. I felt so sick, I could swear someone was talking to me
“Amanda you got laid huh” Tess giggled, I opened my eyes, I look down to see myself naked and could smell sex in the air.
“Uh my hips and legs hurt,” I said
“Dang, was he great in bed? Tess asked
“I don’t even remember who I slept with much less the sex,” I said
“Well he was cute but not a model,” Tess said, I then remembered my parents
“Oh my gosh” I jump outta bed and grab my dress but then realize my parents would kill me for wearing that dress.
“I need your clothes,” I say
“Your parents are against club dresses. Even at just a teenage party?” She said
“Well my parents aren’t a doctor and a nurse who let me do whatever so yes they are against club dresses being worn anywhere,” I say, Tess, shrugged and handed me a shirt and sweats that looked able to go outside in and looked sleepable. I changed and ran to my car and drove to my house, I silently climbed up to my room. When I went to the window I saw my parents waiting.
“Hey mom, hey dad,” I say, I am so busted

My parents grounded me for 4 months, can you believe it, I mean yeah it was obvious I drank but seriously...ok yeah I would ground my kid to if she did the same. I have only two months left in this prison of my house.
My parents have even told me I can’t talk to Tess anymore at school. I can’t believe them. It was my choice not hers but whatever.
Lately, I have been throwing up, having constant headaches, mood swings, and I have been super tired. I don’t know what it is, maybe a bug. No, not a bug but it is something. I remembered my teacher saying all these symptoms of something but what?.
Throwing up
Mood swings
Throwing up
Mood swings
Throw- oh my gosh No
I immediately run and call the one girl I know won’t be embarrassed to do what I’m about to ask her to do.
“Hey Tess um how has it been,” I say through the phone
“Oh hey, girl what’s up. I thought your parents said not to talk to me” She said
“At school, this isn’t school,” I say
“Aw, I’m so proud of you. You noticed the loophole. So what do you need” She says
“I need you to go get me the best pregnancy test you have because if you get one that is wrong I will kill you. I need you to bring the test at my house” I say, She laughs for a moment until she noticed the silence
“Oh you're serious,” She says
“Ok, be there soon” She then hangs up
I waited an hour. An hour of worry. An hour of panic. I was sitting on my bed when someone knocked on my window. I jolt up and look to see Tess, I open the window and let her in. She crawls in and gives me the box
“You're going to be an adult right. I mean like you are going to take care of the other life right?” She asked
“If I am pregnant you know I’ll be the example for strong women,” I say, I open the box and take the test out and take a deep breathe
After I take the test I sit on my bed with Tess rubbing my back. I hear the beeping on my phone and slowly walk to the test on my desktop. It was positive. I’m pregnant.
“I’m..I’m pregnant” I stutter
“I’m so sorry,” Tess says, I know what modern women would say
“You can choose pregnancy” That's what they would say. I’m done. I’m not a moron. I know there isn’t a difference between murder and abortion.
Tess left after an hour later, I need to tell my parents but I’m sure they will be the hardest to tell. I waited a few days to tell them outta fear.
It was a Friday night, I made them a cake, I heard my parents walk in to see me finish
“What are you making?” Dad asked
“Oh just a cake, want some?” I asked
“Sure,” They said, They sat down at the table and I take a breathe
“You will always love me right?” I ask
“Of course,” My mom said, I nod and show them the chocolate cake with pink frosting and worded with blue frosting to say ‘I’m pregnant’. They froze, after a few minutes of silence my mom speaks
“You are joking,” she says
“I wish I was,” I say
“Let's go” My dad gets his wallet
“What?” I ask
“Well you don’t want to be pregnant so you can just get an abortion”
“No Dad you aren’t getting it. I’m going to be an adult. I’m taking care of others. This baby is another” I say, My dad, fisted his hand
“You little slut. You are just wanting to kill the family name, aren’t you? You can kill our name but you can’t kill a fetus. Your sister never got pregnant”
“Dad stop, I’m not going to kill my child”
“Your child is just a fetus. I’m sorry but I will not let a pregnant teenager stay in my house” My dad yelled
“This pregnant teenager is your daughter” My dad took a deep breath
“No you aren’t, my daughter wouldn’t get pregnant. Whores don’t live in this house, so if you are pregnant then leave” My dad said, I gasped. I looked at my mom for an answer but she looked away in shame. I just walk into my room and pack my bags
Which will be a struggle but I’ll just have to make it
“What do you think you're doing?” My dad asked I turn with my bag full of clothes
“Leaving. I’m not going to kill” I say, I walk through the door and pass my mom who is sitting on the couch crying.
“I’m so sorry” My mom cries out, I just nod my head in disappointment.
I have nowhere to go. I walked for an hour until I found a really shady hotel, I didn’t care but I would have to find a better place if I want to raise a kid.
I was actually able to find a restaurant that hired me after a few days of searching but they said I can’t bring the baby to work when it’s born which I can handle. I’ll just have Tess watch him or her when it’s born.
I was 5 months pregnant and living in an apartment and I was in my apartment watching tv. I felt the baby kick like it was trying to tell me something, it’s not really but it’s fun to imagine.
“I can feel it, it’s in that room” I heard a young voice say, I turn my head
“Not so loud,” A gruff voice said, I then heard a knock so I got up and opened the door to see three men. There was a tall man and another man around his age and a young man next to them.
“Hello I’m Sam, that’s Dean, and that’s Jack,” the tall man said with a smile