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Jimin rolled around in bed, kicking his legs. He was only really half awake – they had been up too late the night before, and now he was paying the price for it.

Nevertheless, he couldn't help but appreciate the feel of silk sheets against his bare legs, the soft slide as he moved until his legs hit Yoongi's.

His boyfriend grunted, clearly not quite awake either. The alarm sounded again, and Jimin leaned up and reached over Yoongi to slap at the clock until it shut up. Flopping down onto Yoongi's chest in lieu of returning to his previous position, Jimin wondered sleepily if he could get away with napping for just a little bit longer. After all, if he really rushed he could get ready in 10 minutes at least, which gave him... uuuuh. 45 minutes to sleep some more? He was too sleepy to maths.

He was nearly asleep again as well, until Yoongi began to shift underneath him. Grumbling incoherently, Jimin did his best to prevent Yoongi from getting up... and failed. Being pushed back onto his back, Jimin stayed still in this new position while he listened to Yoongi bumbling around in the ensuite bathroom.

It made it almost impossible to get back to sleep, much as Jimin wanted to. Not that he should have been trying to get back to sleep – the sooner he got up the more time he would have to get ready, after all.

That would be too much effort though. Keeping his eyes closed against the brightness that was beginning to creep into the room around the curtains, Jimin had no idea how much time had passed, and he really didn't care.

Only when Yoongi came out of the bathroom and began to poke him repeatedly did Jimin even attempt to open his eyes – and that was only to tell Yoongi to fuck off. His boyfriend only laughed at him, and continued to do his best to wake Jimin up. It was unbelievably annoying, really.

There was a lull Yoongi disturbing him, during which Jimin began to fall back into his slumber. Whatever Yoongi was doing, it wasn't particularly noisy – there was the swish of fabric, the soft scraping of pulling clothes over skin... he was almost certainly getting dressed.


Jimin knew he should probably do that too.

Blinking his eyes open with great difficulty, Jimin squinted across the room to where Yoongi was pulling on the finishing touches of his suit. As always, Jimin had to take a moment to just appreciate how good looking his boyfriend was, and was caught staring, as per their routine. Yoongi smirked, knowing the effect he had on Jimin, and in response Jimin rolled his eyes. They played this game too often for him to be as affected by it as he once was, but that didn't really stop them.

With Yoongi tugging at one of his hands, Jimin finally pulled himself out of bed. Usually it wasn't this hard, but it was a Friday and he was tired and did he really have to go in to work today?

The near constant yawns made getting dressed difficult, even though he was putting on his most comfortable work clothes (read: the clothes nearest to him). This went so far as to involve him needing Yoongi to help him pull the neck of his sweater over his head, since he deemed it too difficult a task.

Once Jimin was dressed warmly for the bitter chill outside (their home was usually kept toasty warm, making the temperature difference all the more striking and wanting-to-stay-at-home inducing) and had eaten a quick breakfast (they may have spent five minutes they couldn't afford to waste on whether Yoongi should eat breakfast – Jimin, as the one really in control here, won, as he did most mornings) they made their way outside so that they could make their way to work. Wrapping himself in about five scarves, Jimin deemed himself ready to leave the house, and Yoongi followed suit in a thin jacket that Jimin could have sworn he told him not to wear.

The car ride was fairly short – it was still early in the morning, the traffic rush hadn't really started up properly yet, and besides, their penthouse wasn't too far away from the office building. Neither of them talked much in the car in the mornings – Jimin was usually too sleepy, having not had his morning coffee yet, and Yoongi was trying to focus on his driving while being tired as well.

Out of nowhere Yoongi snorted, making Jimin jump. “You know, Jiminie,” he smirked, “you're really the only employee I want to appreciate.”

It took Jimin a second for the joke sink in.

He groaned. “That was so baaad, hyung.” Yoongi sat there giggling to himself for a while as he drove, and Jimin couldn't help but join in a little.

“Are you sure you don't want to come up to my office and have a quick power nap?” Yoongi asked as they got closer to their work building.

To be fair, it was something that Jimin did occasionally on the mornings when he and Yoongi had stayed up too late the night before, but this time he shook his head. “No, I think given what today is I'd be better off going straight to Chiwon's office. Best not make today anything unusual, right?”

Dejectedly, Yoongi nodded. “That makes sense, but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.” They stopped a few streets away from the office building, and Jimin kissed the pout off Yoongi's lips.

“Don't be silly,” he admonished his boyfriend. “I'll see you pretty soon anyway.” He grinned.

Yoongi swatted at Jimin's ass as he stepped out of the car, and Jimin jumped playfully out of the reach of his hand.

Waving as he drove off, Jimin began the short walk over to the building. The cold picked at his bones, wind whistling in through the small gaps in his scarves and slowly making him numb. Speeding up his pace, Jimin marched through the slush on the ground, wishing more than anything that it was possible for him and Yoongi to turn up to work at the same time, in the same car, unashamed.

Just as he turned the corner onto the right street, Jimin caught a glimpse of Yoongi entering the front door, and as much as Jimin wished he could have seen him for longer, knew this was the better way.

At least Jimin didn't have to take an ultra long elevator ride like Yoongi did. Entering the building and swiping his access card, Jimin glanced at the fancy gilded elevators, the ones that could take him straight up to see Yoongi... no, he would be good, he would stick to what he said he was going to do.

Turning to the left to take the stairs, he walked up three flights to get to his own office. Well, technically his boss' office, but for today they wouldn't be assigned to go anywhere like they normally would.

Gasp. Gasp. Pant.

Somehow he always managed to forget just how much he hated having to take the stairs. He was fairly physically fit, sure, having been a dancer in his youth, but stairs were just something else that were somehow more draining than other forms of exercise. Especially the stairs here. Except maybe that was more psychological than physical – who would be eager to get to work? - but it didn't stop him from being exhausted by the time he reached the top.

Pushing the door open, he was extremely glad that he didn't necessarily have to do this every day. He would have been mad if Yoongi had made him need to do all this walking more often.

When he entered the room, smaller than most offices, it was much more full than it usually was. Since it was employee appreciation day, a day which Yoongi felt was important to the company's teamwork (regardless of Jimin's disagreement) everyone was required to be in the building.

Jimin sidled through the crowds, looking for his friend. He wasn't exactly... popular with the rest of the employees, and so he tended to stick with the one person that he actually got on with: professional Little Shit™ and his protégé, Jungkook.

The thick crowd was making it rather difficult to spot him, however, and Jimin began to panic a little at the thought of being stuck here with nobody else here to take the heat off him. Having a heavy weight lean on his back and hands cover his eyes was, then, a bit of a shock, and he jumped, ready to shove his unknown assailant off of him.

Fortunately, a familiar giggle made its way into his ears. “Guess who?” The person hanging off his back was no longer a potential threat, and Jimin forced himself to relax.

“Kookie, I know it's you,” Jimin would have been rolling his eyes if they weren't currently covered.

By the time Jimin's eyes had been relinquished and Jungkook was stood in front of him, he was pouting. “Why do you never play along, hyung?” He asked, sounding much more cute than he probably intended to.

Jimin simply shrugged, any response cut off by their boss clearing his voice to get their attention. “Okay, you all know what today is,” he began. “As part of employee appreciation day, Min-ssi will be making his usual rounds around the building, so I want you all to be on your best behaviour. He might even talk to some of you, so be prepared to talk to him if necessary.”

Jimin watched as Jungkook's eyes went wide. “Does he go this every year?” He whispered to Jimin.

Trying to avoid laughing at Jungkook's amazement (and the idea that Yoongi was scary) Jimin nodded back. “Every year, like clockwork.”

Jungkook's eyes only went wider, and it was one of the things that reminded Jimin that actually Jungkook hadn't been with the company for that long, that he hadn't experienced an employee appreciation day here yet.

Really it only strengthened his resolution that as much as he might miss Jungkook, he really should be promoted. His loyalty to the company was what had got him to this position in such a short amount of time, and frankly Jimin was sure that he was destined for great things – perhaps greater than in the mafia?

As their boss concluded his speech by giving them their assignments for the week – nothing was actually different than it had been for the last month, but it was policy that he had to.

Now that the speech was over, the rest of the room went back to their conversations. Immediately Jungkook asked, “hyung, what is Min-ssi like? You must have seen him like, last year right?”

“Uhhh...” How to describe Yoongi like someone who didn't know him well at all? Jimin had spent too much time around him to be able to see him as anything less than a softie. “Well, he... he's quite reserved?” It wasn't a lie, he was quite stand-offish when they had first met. “And he's kinda intimidating, I guess.”

Jungkook began to look worried. “Intimidating? I dunno if I'm up for being around someone like that...”

Jimin shook his head. “No, no, not intimidating in a bad way, just that he kind... radiates power, if that makes sense?”

Contorting his face to show his confusion, Jungkook shrugged. Before Jimin could attempt to explain himself any more, the men stood next to him, began to talk very loudly. Without even having the choice of whether to listen in, Jimin found himself listening – he hadn't realised that these particular men were so close by him, but if he had he would have stayed far away.

“Okay yeah, but did you hear what happened to Jae?” One of the men, Deoksu, asked loudly. Jimin winced – he didn't mind people having their own conversations, but something about him always just grated on his nerves every time they were in the office together.

The man he was talking to, Youngshin, made a shocked sound. “Right, I'd forgotten that we hadn't seen Jae in a while. What's up with him?”

Deoksu shook his head. “I don't know for sure, but what we do know is that he was found dead in a ditch like, last week or some shit. The police tried to trace what might have happened to him, but they couldn't find any convincing leads... or if they could they got bribed into forgetting about them.”

Youngshin nodded. There wasn't much shock to be had, not in a line of business like theirs. It was commonly held knowledge that really any of them at any time, for any reason, could just 'disappear' like Jae had. It wasn't even all that rare either, toeing one step out of line could mean the end of everything.

Looking at Jungkook, Jimin was reminded that he hadn't actually been with the company for that long. He looked slightly worried, under an exterior of trying to look tough. “Does this sort of thing happen a lot?” He whispered. Jimin nodded, using small motions so as to not get attention from the others.

Looking around a little, and lowering his voice so that only those that were very near could hear them, Youngshin asked, “what did he do?” There was no other clarification needed.

“Talked shit, I think,” Deoksu snorted, not bothering to lower the volume of his voice at all. That was a brave move. “You know that Min-ssi doesn't take any kind of disloyalty.”

Well, he technically wasn't wrong. Jimin tried to prevent himself from being too vocal about his disapproval of any kind of dislike of Yoongi – his boyfriend tried so hard, okay?

Unfortunately, Jimin clearly wasn't quiet enough, as in the next second Deoksu turned around to look at him and Jungkook. “What the fuck do you want?”

That was harsh, as it always was coming from this man. “I.... I didn't say anything,” Jimin did his best to defend himself, just as he always did with this... bully.

Unfortunately, that didn't stop the train wreck that was about to unfold. “Oh yeah? Well it sure sounded like you did. Do you agree with Jae's death?”

Jimin shook his head fervently – regardless of his personal feelings (and he hadn't even know that Yoongi might have had a hand in the death of any of his co-workers) he would do anything he could to get this man off his back.

“Oh? So you're saying that you agree with him then, when he said that Min-ssi was a bad boss and could go suck a dick?”

It took every fibre of Jimin's body to not laugh. Don't laugh, don't laugh.... Not trusting his voice at this point, Jimin simply shook his head. He could feel Jungkook's eyes on him, questioning why he was having so much trouble talking to someone that he often had no problem snarking back to.

Deoksu snorted. “Even if you don't agree with him being a bad boss, I bet you agree that he should suck a dick, fag.”

All the humour in the situation was sucked out immediately. He knew he'd said the thing that would sting the most, and seemed to delight in causing Jimin the most pain.

Oh, how he wished he could have avoided this situation ever becoming a thing.


Moaning, Jimin lifted a leg up and round Yoongi's hip to pull him closer. It resulted in Yoongi pushing him up against the wall harder, allowing for Jimin to jump up a little and be entirely wrapped around Yoongi's body.

Somehow Yoongi was capable of holding up all of Jimin's weight. He was always a little shocked when he was, not knowing where the strength was kept in his skinny body, but he was never complaining when he did.

Yoongi's lips moved off his own and down to his neck. Throwing his head back, Jimin allowed himself to enjoy the feeling of Yoongi's teeth on him, of the suction that he could feel making bruises.

His breathing was loud in the dark night, the darkness pressing in and making the alleyway seem quieter than it was. The sound of traffic from the streets at either end seemed dampened somehow, and yet the rustling of trash being blown out of the bins and into the street seemed to be louder than it would normally be.

Gradually all the other noises seemed to fade away completely, leaving only his own panting and the grunting of Yoongi as he rutted up against Jimin. His eyes fluttered closed, the sensations too much for him to be capable of taking in any visual information.

For a while they seemed to be in their own bubble, in their own world, concentrating only on each other and what they could feel. Jimin forgot entirely about the existence of the outside world as Yoongi's teeth scraped along his jawline, and he was completely lost.

Then: the scuffing of feet, and the heavy breathing of a large man.

Pulling together all of his strength, Jimin blinked his eyes open for the first time in goodness knows how long. A man who looked vaguely familiar was stood a little way down the alley, gawking at them. Jimin was sure that he knew who he was, but, being a little distracted meant that he couldn't put a name to the face as of right now.

Another thrust from Yoongi's hips into his own brought him another bust of pleasure and reminded him that a) Yoongi couldn't see the man because of him facing the other way and b) this really wasn't something that other people should be watching.

Really he could only hope that the alleyway was dark enough that his face wouldn't be recognisable – if he knew this man, chances were the man would know him too. And in any case, despite the fact that he was currently making eye contact with the other man surely it was too dark for him to be able to see that, given that he and Yoongi had specifically picked the darkest corner of the alley to make out in...

And right at that moment, the street light above their heads switched on. Yoongi froze in his ministrations, and Jimin gulped as he knew that the stranger had now got a good look at his face.

With a smirk, the possible-stranger turned around and left the way he came.


In the next few minutes, Jimin pushed Yoongi off of him, claiming that he just wasn't in the mood any more. It wasn't technically a lie; exhibitionism wasn't actually a kink of Jimin's, despite them nearly getting off together outside, and any boner he had before had deflated in the wake of what had happened.

But he didn't tell Yoongi about the man who had watched them either.

He didn't know why, but it just felt so...embarrassing, and somehow he couldn't bring himself to tell anyone about it, not even his boyfriend.


The next week, the next time Jimin was in the office, he was in a good mood for once. They had had a good weekend together, and the events of the previous week had mostly been forgotten. By this point Jimin had pretty much convinced himself that he probably hadn't known the strange man from the alleyway, and that it had just been his anxious brain playing tricks on him.

In fact, given that the chances of him ever seeing the mysterious stranger again were so low, Jimin had even begun to think of the night as not so bad. After all, if it wasn't someone you knew, and you were never going to see them again, then surely there were no real consequences, right?

Plus Jimin was fairly certain that his boss was going to give them good news of some kind. He had certainly hinted at it, that was for sure.

Not paying much attention as he opened the door, Jimin made his way to the coffee machine in the corner. Not many people were here yet, and he figured he may as well get a head start on his caffeine intake for the day. He could be here a while simply waiting for everyone to turn up.

After making himself a steaming cup, he picked it up, turned around, and -


A familiar man stood in the doorway.

The smirk he had worn the previous week came over his face again, and now Jimin knew why he had looked so familiar the day before. This was Deoksu, from the organisation and his own office. He'd never really talked to him before, preferring to keep to his own friends while on the job, but he had definitely seen him around before. That did explain why he hadn't recognised him the other day.

Jimin had no idea what to do in the face of this. For a split second he considered running upstairs to Yoongi and getting him to fire this man. Then at least he wouldn't have to deal with him ever again. Sure it would be embarrassing to admit what had happened, but it would be better than nothing.

But his hopes were dashed when the man began to walk over, and Jimin realised just how much taller than himself he was. Towering over him, at least a head taller, Deoksu pushed himself into Jimin's personal space.

So it was you I saw the other day,” he sneered. “I wouldn't have pegged you for a faggot, but I guess I was wrong, huh?”

Jimin gulped. How could he respond to something like that? If he agreed he would be in for more bullying, but if he denied it Deoksu would only know that he was lying.

I.... I think you must have got the wrong person,” Jimin tried, staying as polite as possible and trying to slip away, preferably out of the room and maybe the building. If he got into trouble for missing work Yoongi could always get him out of it.

An arm shot out and stopped him from moving. “I don't think so,” Deoksu grinned.”I definitely saw you making out with another guy the other day. It was disgusting.”

Jimin gulped. “It – I'll tell Mr Choi that you're spreading lies about me,” Jimin went straight for the threats. Surely that would be able to get him to stop?

Deoksu raised his eyebrows. “Really? And you think Mr Choi will believe you over me?”

Jimin hesitated. He had a point, he was technically his superior and would therefore have that advantage.

Apparently it was a bad move to hesitate. Deoksu snorted. “Watch your back,” he warned darkly.

Remaining frozen, Jimin watched the other walk away. His heart thumped unevenly, faster than he might have liked. Despite telling himself that he wasn't scared, that they were probably empty threats... and yet some part of him couldn't help but believe it.


Sighing, Jimin picked up the next box. It was the sixth he'd had to move in the past hour, and he was beginning to get sick of it. The other men sniggered as he passed them, slouched in their seats and clutching their beers in their hands. Was this work-appropriate? Absolutely not, but it wasn't like he could do anything about it.

Get us some more drinks while you're there, fag,” Youngshin yelled after Jimin as he entered the back room. Jimin sighed, and wondered for the nth time why he hadn't told Yoongi about all this yet. The answer was that... he really didn't know.

After thinking that it would all blow over for a few days, the not-so-subtle comments implying various things about his sexuality had morphed into threats, and then that had turned into this, changing his work to be working for them and being blackmailed into doing anything that they wanted them to.

The mini-fridge in the back room hummed gently as Jimin placed the box down and opened it to get the bottles of beer out. They clinked in his hand, almost disguising the sounds of shuffling and hushed talking from the main shop before the sound of the shop door opening shut them up.

Curious, but not surprised – this place might be a front, but that didn't mean that didn't have a business here too – Jimin made the decision to leave the beer here for now, and investigate what was happening. After all, if it was a customer he wouldn't want to scare them away in any way.

Poking his head round the doorway, he listened in on the quiet conversation that was going on in there. “...look after him, okay?” Jimin heard his boss say. What? The boss from the office only ever bothered to turn up here if...

Was there a new employee? That would explain why he was here....

Creeping further along the corridor, Jimin kept his ears open for any signs of what was going on. The speech became easier to hear as he got closer, and he stopped walking to listen in again.

Are you sure that he'll fit in here, sir? He really doesn't seem the type?” A voice asked. It was Namkyu, one of the other men that worked here, technically of the same rank as himself, but since he took part in the bullying of Jimin was treated by the other two as though he was higher than he was.

I have no idea,” the voice of his boss spoke again. “Hiring must have seen something in him, and he's been assigned this location, so you'll just have to deal with it. Maybe you're right, and he won't make it, but for now we just have to deal with it.” The sound of walking, and the door to the shop opened again.

Jimin's curiosity grew, and without realising it he had walked down the corridor, so close to the main shop that he could see in to it. There was the sound of some faint shouting from outside, and then his boss entered the shop again, this time followed by a boy. No, a man.

A young looking man.

His eyes darted around the shop, and Jimin couldn't help but wonder whether he really knew what he was getting himself into. When the boy's eyes landed on him, Jimin ducked out of sight, realising that it wouldn't be good for anyone to spot him hiding here, especially if they didn't know why he might be hiding.

Quickly tip toeing back to the back room, Jimin did his best to look as though he had been there the whole time, beginning to unpack the box that he had brought there earlier. He listened as the voices grew louder again, and wondered exactly what they were doing, bringing someone like that here. this is where you'll be working.” Jimin heard his boss say. He turned around to see all five of them crammed into the doorway, almost watching him.

For the next few minutes, Jimin pretended to be totally engrossed what he was doing, like he wasn't paying any attention to the curious boy across the room. They were only busy telling him what went on here, what his job would be (it sounded like it would be similar to what Jimin was doing now, and he wondered if maybe it would let him get back to his actual job of working properly in the front of the shop).

Soon enough though his boss left, and Jimin knew that with his absence would bring more harassment.

He was surprised, then, when the three older men left the room without saying anything to them. Jimin had his back to the door, so he couldn't watch them actually leave, which only added to his confusion about what was actually going on.

Turning around to have a look, he was surprised to see the new boy stood a little way off, staring at him. He blushed a little when he saw that Jimin had noticed him, and began to walk over.

Hi, I'm Jungkook,” he introduced himself, a polite smile on his face. Jimin couldn't help but wonder if the others had already told the boy lies about him. “I... they told me that you were weird, and that I'd be taking over your job because you were bound to get fired soon. But you... you don't seem weird to me. So what's up?”

Oh...” Jimin didn't quite know what to say to that. “Um, I'm gay, and they don't like that. I guess.” He did his best to explain it as simply as possible.

Jungkook seemed to be taking this in for what felt like a whole minute. Then he simply nodded, and really Jimin didn't know what to think of that, but he decided not to question it. If it meant he wasn't going to get harassed by another person, he was okay with that.

The two of them spent the next few hours unpacking more boxes. In a way it was nice, to be with someone that he didn't know that well that was going to leave him alone. Maybe this would turn into something good? Even when the three older men came back, Jungkook didn't join in with the insinuations about what Jimin got up to in bed, which Jimin greatly appreciated.

Still though. At times like this, Jimin wondered what he was doing.


Keeping his head down, Jimin walked hurriedly through the hoards of people in the office. It wouldn't do to get spotted by those who were determined to use their knowledge that Jimin had a boyfriend against him.

Clutching his bag strap to his chest, Jimin did his best to remind himself that if things got really bad, he could tell Yoongi... who by this point would be irritated that Jimin had kept this from him for so long. But still.

The longer he was in the room, the more Jimin could begin to hear the whispers in the room. He tried to do his best to ignore them, but in addition to the whispers there were also the stares. Being the focus of everyone's attention had never been something Jimin enjoyed (part of the reason that he had never aspired to be part of the higher levels of the organisation) and so this really felt like a strange nightmare.

Did you hear? He was caught having sex in the alley round the back a few weeks ago,” one woman whispered to her companion, not doing anything to hide the fact that she was looking at him.

Really? I heard that he was giving a man a blowjob and when he was caught he offered to let the person that caught them join in,” the man she was talking to sneered, a little louder than she had been and a bit more obnoxious.

Both of them clearly knew that he was listening, and yet they had no shame in spreading this slander about him.

Perhaps if he was a little braver he would try harder to defend himself, but given that the quality of people that joined here often weren't the most moralistic... there was rarely any point in doing anything which would result in conflict.

Jimin jumped as another voice spoke from behind him. “Hey hyung.”

Finally, someone who was actually on his side. Turning around, Jimin grinned at Jungkook. “Hey there Kookie.”

Maybe this would distract him from everyone else. “Have you been here long?” He was grinning widely, and it only occurred to Jimin now that this would be Jungkook's first meeting with the company, having joined the day after the last one had been held.

What, in this room? Only a few minutes.” Jimin shrugged, doing his best to pretend like the whispers weren't happening. To be fair, now that Jungkook was in the room they seemed to have died down with talking about the rumours (although Jimin had no doubt that as soon as he was gone it would start up again. Having a friend with a good amount of muscle was really quite handy).

Jungkook nodded, “Oh, okay. So what goes on in these things?”

Jimin shrugged. “Just general announcements, sometimes our assignments change but it doesn't usually. That only tends to happen if your superiors have complained about you in some way, although since you're new you'd have a higher chance of being moved around. Plus plenty of people use it as a chance to socialise, but...” He made a vague gesture with his hands which he hoped would get across the idea that he didn't really do that (at least, not any more).

Right...” he trailed off and looked around the room a little, seeming to take it all in. “This is so surreal...” he breathed.

Jimin laughed a little. “I know the feeling,” he agreed. “I remember my first day here. I made such a fool of myself – I was so nervous that I tripped over my own shoes about twenty times on the way up here, and then realised that our boss had been behind me the whole time, and then when I got into the room I tried to make friends with people that... well, let's just say they have aspirations to get further in the company, and don't have much in common with me .” Of course, Jimin left out the part of the story where he had met Yoongi just a few days after joining the company and immediately become consumed by the constant worry that he was going to be done for nepotism and hated by everyone. Although to be fair that was mostly now a moot point, since now people hated his guts for an entirely different reason.

Having not noticed Jimin's internal conflict on this untold part of the story, Jungkook laughed at the amusing part of the anecdote. “Okay, I guess this isn't as bad as that,” he chuckled. Despite having to admit to his own humiliation, Jimin was glad that he was able to make his new friend feel better.

Having a friend here was certainly making things easier in this office.


Jungkook's eyes narrowed. He was no longer as timid as he had been when he first joined, having got used to the rough nature of the people working here over the past few months. As a result of that, and of the fact that he and Jimin now hit the gym together at least twice a week, he wasn't afraid to stand up to those that had first picked on Jimin, and then picked on him too once they realised that trying to convince him that Jimin was a sexual deviant wasn't going to work.

Both of them knew that there was no point in trying a subtle or witty comeback – they had tried that before, and every single time it had gone right over their heads. Really sometimes Jimin wondered if he should tell Yoongi to hire smarter people.

“Why don't you just leave him the fuck alone?” Jungkook suggested. Frankly Jimin thought that it was a great idea, but judging by the look on Deoksu's face, he didn't quite agree.

Jimin was certain that something bad was about to happen – a punch to the face, maybe (that had happened before) or at the very least a worse verbal tirade than he had already received.

Fortunately, luck seemed to be on Jimin's side today, as just as he was sure something was going to go down, the door to the office swung open, a man that Jimin vaguely recognised standing there. “Min-ssi is on his way,” he gasped, seeming to have run all the way here from... one of the nearby offices? Jimin wasn't sure.

Either way Jimin braced himself to act as best as he could. This was a definite downside to dating in (mostly) secret – having to pretend like the love of his life wasn't stood in front of him, and watching his smug little face know exactly the struggle that he was having to go through.

The rest of the people in the room seemed to be equally as nervous as him (though for different reasons), so luckily Jimin didn't stand out too much. He could feel Jungkook tapping his feet next to him, and Jimin quickly hissed at him to stop it.

He did stop... for a good minute, and then Yoongi walked in and he started up again. As soon as he did, Jimin could focus on nothing else.

It really was a good thing that everyone in the room had turned to look at Yoongi, otherwise Jimin was sure that he would be noticed for the heart eyes he was currently making at his boyfriend. Much as he sometimes disagreed with Yoongi's line of work, he did have to admit that he looked good in this position of power; suit crisp, smirk on and flanked by bodyguards.

Yoongi lazily looked around the office. Jimin could have sworn his smirk got a little wider when his eye caught Jimin's, although that could have simply been Jimin's wishful thinking.

Two could play at this game.

For a good few minutes Jimin avoided looking at Yoongi at all, just to annoy him. He could feel Jungkook's gaze on him, presumably wondering what the hell he was doing, and Jimin had no idea how he was going to explain this without exposing their relationship. He would probably have to give some form of insanity plea.

All in a tizzy, their boss hurried to pull out a chair for Yoongi to sit on. He would only be here for a short few minutes, but during that time he would have to be given the highest level of respect.

While sometimes when he and Yoongi spent days in bed, in their pyjamas and cuddling the entire time, it was easy for Jimin to forget that Yoongi was the head of the entire organisation, and didn't always appear to be a soft teddy bear. Finally daring to look directly at Yoongi again, Jimin couldn't help but be able to appreciate the sight of Yoongi lounging on the small wooden armchair (they were fairly low down the organisation okay, the funding was minimal). Frankly he was the very image of power, suit still somehow pristine even as he sprawled over the chair, manspreading and placing his arms over the armrests. His bodyguards stood either side of the chair, and Jimin idly wondered if these were ones that knew about him. Some of them did, either being highly trusted by Yoongi or having walked in on them at one time or another.

They didn't look familiar, and they weren't paying any attention to him, and so Jimin could only assume that they didn't know about him. Not that it would make a huge amount of difference to the way that this would go, but he should probably avoid making any weird faces or something at Yoongi just in case (and yes, that may have been something that he had done before in times like these).

Frankly it was amazing to see the people that Jimin held so much hatred and fear for so subdued. Despite their complaining earlier, even those who at time seemed to think themselves better than Yoongi wouldn't dare to make any kind of move against him at a time like this when he was practically radiating power.

After observing them all for a good minute and watching (some of) them squirm, Yoongi finally spoke. “So...” he spoke slowly, looking at them all carefully. “It's been another year. You know how much I value days like these, because here we're a... family. This is an opportunity for me to show you that I appreciate your hard work, as well as a chance to tell me if there's anything you think could be improved. Within reason, of course.” He winked. Wouldn't do for anyone to forget that if they gave a criticism too harsh, they may well go the same way as Jae.

Half expecting for someone to speak up, Jimin waited to see what would happen next. In previous years there had been at least something, even if it had been a joke.

Instead there was deadly silent. Jimin could practically see the tumbleweed, and for the first time he was almost tempted to say something. Without even realising it, he began to stare at Yoongi, wondering whether it would be okay for him to say something – if he could even think of something to say.

A whisper from behind him broke him out of his thoughts. “Quit staring, fag.”

Jimin's back went ramrod straight. His expression flattened to show no emotion.

It wasn't even the worst thing that he had had said to him, but it was the first time that it had happened in the presence of his boyfriend.

Yoongi's expression was unchanging, but Jimin knew that he had been looking at Jimin when it had happened. He had definitely seen it.

Nothing else was said – it clearly wasn't meant to be the start of a full attack, but simply designed to be a quick jab.

Doing his best to put it at the back of his mind, Jimin kept his eyes to the front, where Yoongi was talking again. “Well, if there's nothing you need to tell me, I will move on to the next office. There will be a free lunch arriving here shortly. Goodbye.”

He stood up, and strode to the door, remaining the very image of power. In contrast to previous years, however, this time Yoongi gave him a pointed glance as he swept out of the room.

It almost certainly had to do with what had happened before. And Jimin had a sneaking suspicion that it might change everything.


Chapter Text

Jimin sat tapping his leg nervously. There was no-one talking to him, except from Jungkookie, and yet he couldn't shake the feeling that the others were going to do something to him.

“Hyung, are you okay?” Jungkook asked, concern evident in his voice.

He had to smile through his worries. Just because Jungkook knew about all the shit that was going on with the others didn't mean that he should bring him into it unnecessarily. Although it was an additional reminder that he should recommend to Yoongi that Jungkook should be put up for promotion – he certainly deserved better than this.

As soon as he noticed Deoksu making his way over, he tensed up, ready to (metaphorically) fight.

“I noticed you staring at Min-ssi a lot,” he sneered. “What was all that about?”

Jimin gulped. “I... I wasn't... it just interesting to see...” He stammered out, unable to come up with any other reason he would have been staring at Yoongi while he was in the office (or at least, he seemed to be unable to explain it in a coherent way. Dang mouth, not working properly.).

Deoksu smirked. “Ooooh, that sounds suspiciously gay. You like Min-ssi? Was your boyfriend I caught you with not enough?” Jimin's eyes widened. Well, at least he wasn't being accused of having Yoongi be his pre-existing boyfriend, that was something.

“No – I don't like him, that's not...” Dangit, Jimin's mouth still wasn't cooperating. Besides, it was rather difficult to have to deny that you didn't even like the man you were in love with – although Jimin had technically done it most days in the time he'd been working here, it had been a lie of omission most of the time; he simply didn't tell anyone that he had a boyfriend. It had only really come to a point of actual lies in the past few months as he became closer to Jungkook and it was acceptable for Jungkook to ask Jimin about his life (he obviously knew to ask whether he had a boyfriend; one of the first things he had said to Jungkook was that he was gay).

Judging by the look in Deoksu's eyes, he really didn't believe Jimin's stammering. “Oh come on, I saw that look in your eyes.” He was clearly trying to goad Jimin into admitting something incriminating, but he would stay strong! His hand reached out and gripped Jungkook's for support, and his friend squeezed back.

In hindsight, that was probably a really gay move to make.

Deoksu looked at their joined hands with derision. Jimin was so sure that he was going to say something about it, but instead he continued his previous line of attack. “But do you really think that Min-ssi would go for someone like you?” Well. That was new.

“Uuuuh...” Jimin didn't know how to answer an accusation like that. “” Jimin tried. To be fair, sometimes he wondered why Yoongi had chosen to date him in the first place – would it be believable for him to say that he didn't think Yoongi would date him?

Although to be fair, it was two years to the day that he and Yoongi had got together in the first place.


Jimin picked up the drink from the bar. Sure, there hadn't been enough going on during the day to warrant any kind of celebration, but he had thought that going for a drink with co-workers might be a good way to make friends with them.

Side-eyeing the rest of them, Jimin watched them laughing together. That was what he had hoped to be a part of, and yet as soon as they got to the bar Jimin had been completely abandoned by them, despite having been invited personally. Really Jimin didn't know why it was that he seemed to be unable to make friends with any of them, but there seemed to be little he could do about it.

Ignoring the boisterous laughter from across the room, Jimin took another sip of his drink. He wasn't even really here to drink – he had hoped to spend it talking, but when he had realised that that wouldn't be happening he didn't have the guts to leave – it would make him seem less weak if he didn't seem to be bothered by it, right?

So lost in his thoughts was he that he was truly startled by a cough beside him. Whipping his head around, there was a man stood there smirking at him. He looked vaguely familiar – enough that he was certain that he should have known him, but after a long day at work and his slight tipsiness form the alcohol, he simply couldn't place a name to the face.

Hi,” the man said. From his manner, Jimin was pretty sure that the man was expecting Jimin to know who he was, and yet he simply had no idea.

In an attempt to try to figure it out, Jimin took a quick glance at what the man was wearing. A shirt and suit trousers – pretty much what all the other people at the bar were wearing. Helpful.

Still, Jimin could be reasonably sure that this man was part of the mafia. This place, despite looking fairly respectable (and probably housing a few innocent souls who had taken it at face value) was the place where many of them came at the end of a day after work, Jimin usually being the exception, apart from tonight.

Deciding to stay on the cautious side (there were many at the organisation that he couldn't bring himself to trust fully), Jimin simply nodded in recognition of the man's greeting and turned away, back to the front of the bar.

So what's someone like you doing in a place like this?” The man asked.

Jimin nearly choked on his drink. This wasn't the first time he'd had people question his involvement in the organisation, but at least then they knew that he was a part of it – perhaps he didn't know this man at all after all, if he didn't know that he was... part of all this.

I came here with the others,” Jimin explained shortly. He still wasn't sure about giving away too much to this man, but he wasn't about to have another person think he didn't belong there because he was 'too cute'.

The man raised his eyebrows. Jimin got the feeling that he was concealing surprise (since most people were) but if he was he gave nothing away. “You did? How... how do you know them?”

Had he still not got the message? “I work with some of them,” Jimin shrugged, still unwilling to give away too much. Besides, if he couldn't work it out from that then this was clearly someone that he didn't want to be associating with.

Fully expecting to hear an excuse about how he looked too soft to be part of something like that, Jimin was surprised to hear what the man said next. “Aah. I see. I work there too, I just thought I would have seen someone like you around, that's all.”


What even was this conversation? What was the man trying to get out of it? And more importantly, why was he talking to Jimin when the rest of his co-workers had made it very clear that they wanted as little to do with him as possible?

Riiight...” Jimin kept his aloof aura, still unwilling to engage in a proper conversation – he really wasn't in the mood.

As Jimin took another sip of his drink, the man spoke again. “Yeah, I mean, being the head of the mafia you'd think I would recognise my own employees.”

Jimin did a full on spit take. “You're really...?”

That would certainly explain why he had seemed so familiar – now that he thought about it, the reason this was the case was that he had seen this man earlier, on his rounds for employee appreciation day. How Jimin hadn't recognised him was strange, although to be fair he was dressed slightly differently. Earlier his suit had been very crisp, very smart and now it was... not. But that still didn't explain how he hadn't recognised Jimin at all even after saying he would have done.

The man smirked and nodded. “That's me. You can call me Yoongi though.” Suddenly Jimin realised that his was his boss – he couldn't keep being aloof any more right now.

Ah, no, sir, I don't think that's appropriate.” Jimin was quick to insist, turning fully away from the bar and facing the other face on.

The other shrugged. “I don't really care. For real though, clearly you're not enjoying yourself here?”

How could Jimin explain something that required a salty but honest answer to his boss? What if he was friends with the others that had abandoned him? That would be so awkward, and Jimin didn't want to do something bad in front of someone kinda scary that could literally have him killed.

Uhhh... Well, I wasn't lying when I said that I came here with the others,” Jimin gestured behind him at where his co-workers probably were. He had decided to hedge his bets – it really wasn't a lie to say that, so he couldn't really get into trouble for it, right?

The man – Yoongi – frowned. “But they've just left without you.”

Jimin twisted around in his seat to look at the other side of the room. Sure enough, the men were no longer there, having left without saying a single word to him. Not that Jimin was particularly surprised; if they hadn't wanted to speak to him while he was here, it wouldn't have made much sense for them to bother telling him that they were going.

So they have... uuum... well maybe it didn't go as well as I'd hoped, but I did come here wanting to talk to them,” Jimin argued.

And they ignored you?” Yoongi asked incredulously. He scoffed. “Well they're all missing out then, aren't they?”

Jimin had no idea what he meant. “They are?”

Well they're not the ones getting to talk to you – their loss is my gain,” Yoongi explained with a wink.


Wait a minute.

Was Jimin being flirted with?

Why would a man like this be flirting with Jimin? Not that he was complaining, but... didn't men like Yoongi usually have harems of women hanging around them, rather than going looking for other men?

Without even realising it, Jimin's cheeks had flushed. He had no idea how to act in this situation – and his fallback for getting out of here had just left.

Thank you,” he muttered, keeping his eyes down. He really didn't want to risk saying the wrong thing in a situation like this.

Yoongi shifted a little closer. “Why are you thanking me? I should be thanking you for letting me talk to you.”

If Jimin hadn't been sure before, he definitely was now. He really couldn't make up his mind whether he thought the pick up lines were smooth or not – their delivery and the look of the man definitely were, but there was an underlying layer of cheese to it.

Glancing back up at the man beside him, Jimin couldn't help but be distracted by the good looks of the other man. His hair might not have been as perfectly styled as it had been earlier in the day, but it still went some way to framing his good looks, dark and contrasting with his pale skin.

As much as part of Jimin's mind was warning him that this man was dangerous, a larger part (the one that was reminding him that he hadn't been on a date in about a year) was telling him that he should at least try to go for this and hope it didn't end badly.

Just as he was about to try to speak up, to say something to Yoongi of his own volition, the other man slid off his stool. “I'm going to go to the bathroom. Watch my drink for me, will you?” He nodded towards the glass that sat on the bar top.

Dumbly, Jimin nodded. What else could he do?

Taking the opportunity while Yoongi was gone to drink some more of his own drink (perhaps becoming tipsier wasn't the most sensible choice, but it would help him feel less nervous at least), Jimin did his best to relax, his muscles having tensed without him really realising it.

Perhaps he wasn't as relaxed as he wanted to be.

He almost jumped a foot in the air when the stool on the other side of him scraped along the floor, being moved by someone on that side. Whipping around, Jimin saw an unfamiliar man taking a seat on the stool and leering at him a little.

Subconsciously leaning away from the smell of alcohol on his breath, Jimin was still aware that he probably should be careful around this man too.

Hi there,” the stranger spoke finally, leaning into too far Jimin's personal space for comfort. Attempting to lean back further away, Jimin tried to seem unaffected – and yet he somehow felt more confident in trying to get rid of his man than he had been with Yoongi.

Please leave me alone.”

Jimin had done his best to be as polite as possible, yet it didn't seem to have worked. The man managed to lean closer still, and Jimin could move no further away. “Oh, don't be like that,” the man chided.

Grimacing at the waft of bad breath that fanned across his face, Jimin tried again. “No, really, please go away.”

It resulted in the other man backing away a little, but he didn't leave. Instead, reaching out and placing a hand on his arm, Jimin was partially shocked at the boldness of this man. He tried to tug his arm out of the grasp of the man, but the more he pulled, the tighter his grip became.

Talk to me,” the man sneered. “What's someone like you doing in a place like this?”

The comparison with his earlier conversation was crystal clear. The words were the same, and yet the intention behind them couldn't have been more different. Despite the power imbalance of his conversation with Yoongi earlier, at least there had been no immediate danger.

Besides, he had heard those words one time too many from men like this. Honestly when Yoongi said it he hadn't minded it so much – but when it came to men with only one aim in mind, it somehow was just so much worse.

Why I'm here is none of your business,” Jimin answered. He had explained things to Yoongi already, ad he really didn't have the patience to try to explain it again to someone who didn't actually want to know the answer.

Putting on a fake-sad voice, the man did a pretty bad job of acting like he was hurt by Jimin's rebuttal. “Come on baby, don't -”

DON'T touch me,” Jimin said louder, ripping his arm out of reach of the other. “Don't assume that just because I look like this that I'm hopeless.”

The other man blinked, seeming confused. Perhaps he was too drunk to understand what Jimin had said to him, or perhaps he couldn't understand that looks had nothing to do with what someone was actually like.

For a moment Jimin thought that he had won, that the stranger would be confused enough to just leave. Unfortunately, this was not the case. His face twisted into a mask of anger, the red that had already permeated every space of his face deepening with rage.

You think you're so much better than me?” The man bellowed. “Well you're not! You're nothing but a...” He trailed off, staring at a point behind Jimin.

Turning around yet again (honestly Jimin was beginning to feel like a yo-yo) he took in the scene that had been behind him.

Yoongi had chosen a good moment to return. He stood there, bold and proud, glaring at the stranger. Jimin hadn't realised how short he was until this moment – almost as short as Jimin himself – and yet somehow he managed to be slightly terrifying. It was something in the eyes... Jimin couldn't quite put his finger on it, but it was still true.

Surely this would be enough to get the strange man to go away? Jimin really hoped it would. Not that he couldn't have taken care of himself, he was more than capable of it – but extra help was always welcome.

After a stare down, during which neither man said anything, the stranger stood up and walked away, muttering under his breath. It was too quiet to make out what he was saying, but Jimin was sure that he didn't actually want to hear it – it was bound to be insults of some kind.

The two of them watched as he stumbled out of the bar. Suddenly spending time with Yoongi didn't seem so bad.

Now that the stranger was out of sight, Yoongi began to smirk. “You're welcome,” was the first thing that came out of Yoongi's mouth, and despite the fact that Jimin was grateful, he resented the implication that he couldn't have got rid of the man by himself.

What's that supposed to mean?” Jimin asked, making his displeasure known.

Yoongi looked taken aback. “I just... That man was annoying you, and I...” He seemed uncharacteristically flustered, and Jimin began to wonder if perhaps the smooth front was just that, a facade.

He shrugged. “I had it under control.”

Yoongi snorted a little, seeming to have regained some of his confidence. “Of course you did...”

What was he trying to imply? “I did!” Jimin insisted. He was aware of how petty he might sound, but defending his honour was something that was important to him.

Yoongi shrugged again. “I think you should make it up to me.” Confidence had been fully restored, and Jimin was beginning to wonder if he had perhaps imagined seeing him almost vulnerable.

Jimin narrowed his eyes at Yoongi. “In what way?” He asked cautiously. Part of him was expecting to be asked for some kind of sexual favour, something that he would in no way want to do. Or perhaps some mafia-type work to do...

Yoongi's actual response was surprising, then. “Go on a date with me.”

His tone was completely serious, as much as Jimin wished to consider that he might be joking. What should he answer?

Deciding that being completely honest was probably the best way to be, he fixed Yoongi with the harshest stare he could muster. “What will happen if I turn you down? Or if it doesn't work out?” These were the most important questions.

Yoongi actually had the decency to look sort of surprised. “Nothing – I mean, if it doesn't work it's fine. And it's also fine if you don't want to. But I hope you do.” Once again, he seemed sort of vulnerable, less intimidating than he had done a few minutes ago. If it was his intention to get Jimin to like him a bit more... well, it was working.

Pointing a finger at Yoongi to illustrate his point, Jimin spoke as firmly as he could. “Okay. ONE date. That's all I'm agreeing to for now, so don't expect anything more from me.”

Yoongi bowed graciously in agreement.

Jimin had the feeling that this would either be the best decision of his life, or the worst.


Jimin chose to simply keep his head down and hope that Deoksu would ignore him. It was a tactic that allowed him to think of Deoksu like a wild animal – and it was often surprisingly effective.

After a couple more throwaway comments, nothing that Jimin hadn't heard before, the aggressor finally moved away, onto another target probably. Jimin was just so sick of it, he didn't have the energy in him to fight back in the way he had done when all this had started.

“Are you okay hyung?” Jungkook whispered from behind him.

Turning around, partially to face Jungkook and partially for the satisfaction of turning his back on Deoksu, he nodded gently. “Don't worry about me, Kookie,” he said. “I hate to say it, but I'm used to this shit. You know that.”

Jungkook shook his head, looking like he was despairing. “I don't know how you do it, hyung,” he said, his voice much more sombre than it had been earlier. “You know, my offer still stands – if you want me to go after them, I have friends...” He trailed off with a pointed look.

Shaking his head, Jimin chucked. “No, Kookie, don't do that.” Truthfully he didn't know exactly what Jungkook's 'friends' were capable of, but he didn't really want to risk it, to be honest. Despite the knowledge that Jungkook was a grown man, some part of him wanted to protect him – after all, it was only last year that Jungkook had been his smol innocent dongsaeng, and the muscles had come after.

The room began to disperse a little, nobody else seeming to have noticed the weird interaction between himself and Yoongi, and perhaps some of them not being enticed by the prospect of the free food which would inevitably be delivered to the room.

Now that there were less people, Jimin could breathe a little easier. Really that was the end of the important things that were to happen that day, and technically they could leave if they wanted to (Yoongi had considered putting on more 'fun' interactive stuff at the office, but then realised that it would be useless considering the types of people he employed).

“So what now, hyung?” Jungkook asked, seeming to have cheered up again now that Deoksu and his cronies had left the room. “Is there anything fun left to do today? I've heard that some people do really fun stuff on employee appreciation days.”

Jimin shrugged. “We wait for the food to turn up, I guess. We don't really do much else – I heard that one year Min-ssi allowed someone to take on his role for the day as a joke, but it ended up with two people dying and a small fire in a bakery downtown.”

Jungkook blinked. “Wait, so that's what that was? I'd always wondered...”

Laughing a little, Jimin nodded. Not many people had known that the fire was connected to them – but that was the point of the mafia, he supposed.

Jimin was fully prepared to just wait around for the day to end, really. At least this time he had Jungkook to hang around with, rather than trying to entertain himself while everyone around him had someone to talk to.

For at least half an hour, nothing really happened. Usually the food arrived fairly soon after the visit from Yoongi, so he was beginning to wonder what was happening – but he didn't suspect that there was anything wrong, per se.

Perhaps he should have done though.

Just when he was beginning to genuinely wonder where the food was (he was hungry, okay?), Yoongi walked back into the room.

Well that was unexpected.

Had this ever happened before? Jimin could only think of a handful of times that Yoongi had ever come into this office in the past few years, never mind twice in a single day.

It was only when his boyfriend began to walk towards him that he realised that he had miscalculated in his figuring out what was going on. It made sense for the only factor for why Yoongi would choose this particular office to be... himself.

But he had never visited him specifically in this office before – in fact, Jimin couldn't think of a single example of them even talking inside the building, aside from inside Yoongi's own office. So why now? Why today? Yoongi hadn't said anything to him about doing anything together, so he had no idea what was going on.

With every step Yoongi took towards him, Jimin's eyes got wider (or so it seemed. Jimin was well aware that he wasn't about to break biology). There was only one reason he could think of for why Yoongi would have chosen now to potentially ruin their whole secret, and it was the events of earlier, when he had noticed the bullying that he had been suffering at the hands of his co-workers. Honestly Jimin didn't know if he was more worried about having people see them interact, or of Yoongi's reaction when he would later find out exactly what had been going on.

Regardless, Yoongi reached out and grabbed Jimin's hand. It was a familiar action, and yet the unfamiliarity of the setting made it feel different, taboo. Still, muscle memory took over, and Jimin's hand fitted into Yoongi's as well as it always did, his short fingers happily curling around Yoongi's long hand (at least, as far as they were able to).

Jimin was pulled out of the room by Yoongi before anyone else there had time to react, not even Jungkook, whose gaping mouth Jimin had caught a glimpse of as he stumbled away. He barely had time to wonder what would happen after he left the room – and yet he knew that everything would be changed from now on. It had to be.

No words were spoken as the two of them hurried down the corridor and into the lift. Jimin knew that they had to be headed up to Yoongi's office, and some part of him was looking forward to it, to getting away from any prying eyes who didn't understand what was going on.

The lift ride seemed longer than it usually did. Perhaps it was Jimin's nerves, perhaps it was the tension in the air, or perhaps the lift was genuinely malfunctioning, but it really didn't make the atmosphere become any lighter.

He could feel Yoongi's eyes practically boring holes in the side of his head, yet he kept his own eyes facing straight ahead, looking at the doors. Meeting Yoongi's gaze would be too much for him right now.

The more he thought about what had happened, the more he realised that he should have told Yoongi about this beforehand, before something like this could happen. Of course, it was too late for him to do anything about that, but it didn't stop him from agonising over that fact.


The lift had reached its stop on the top floor.

Letting go of Jimin's hand, Yoongi led the way out of the metal box and out into the wide expanse of the office. Jimin had always enjoyed visiting here – and yet today was the exception.

It only made things worse when he realised that that there were a few people in the room already – Seokjin, and Hoseok, some of the other highest people in this company and their friends. For a second they simply looked happy to see Jimin – and then Yoongi shook his head at them, and went to explain things, Jimin presumed. They quickly left, and Jimin felt a serious tone settle over the room.

Shuffling forward, it dawned on Jimin just how different this situation was from their usual meetings when Yoongi sat down behind his desk. Usually whenever they met up here they could cuddle on the sofa on the other side of the room by the window, for purposes of being closer. The desk was a place for business – and Jimin had never had the experience of talking shop with him.

Gingerly Jimin took the seat on the other side of the desk, facing his boyfriend. The wooden chair was uncomfortable, unsurprisingly, and he squirmed a little (although that could have been the effect of the piercing stare that Yoongi was giving him).

Yoongi leaned forward in his seat. “Are you okay?” He asked, his voice intense.

Jimin blinked. That wasn't what he was expecting – and yet perhaps he should have been, knowing how much his boyfriend cared for him. He nodded.

“Sweetheart... Are you sure?” Yoongi asked again.

Finding his voice finally, Jimin answered. “I'm sure... it's not that bad, really.”

“Not that bad?” Yoongi repeated, his voice getting louder. “How is what I saw not that bad? It looked pretty bad to me!”

Jimin shook his head. “It's really not – it could be so much worse you know, it could be physical violence, at least it's not -” He cut himself off at the glare he was receiving from Yoongi.

“Just because it's not physical doesn't mean it's not bad, baby,” he said, more gently this time. “Now, what exactly was going on?”

“A while ago someone saw us kissing, and... they couldn't see you, but they could definitely see me, and so I was the target of some people that... didn't like that,” Jimin explained slowly. “Then they just kept going after me for that, and I think things just kind of escalated from there.”

Yoongi nodded, looking a little mad but keeping his cool. “And how long has it been going on?”

Jimin squirmed in his chair. This had been the bit he was dreading. “I dunno...” He tried to get away with giving a vague answer, but judging by the look Yoongi just gave him he wasn't buying it. He knew he had to give a proper answer. “...Like, a year or something?”

At first, Yoongi gave no discernible reaction. If Jimin hadn't known Yoongi as well as he did, he might have thought that this was a good sign, that Yoongi wasn't as angry as he had thought he would be. But Yoongi hadn't been able to stay in this position for as long as he had by having outbursts of emotion whenever he felt like it, and Jimin knew that when he went blank like that, it was probably because he was trying to conceal whatever he was actually feeling.

Beginning to fidget with the hem of his jumper, Jimin waited for Yoongi to do something – anything. He actually flinched a little when Yoongi reached forward (he didn't think there would be any violence involved, but after Yoongi had been completely still for several minutes he just wasn't expecting it) and hit the button for the microphone on his desk that Jimin knew would come through his second in command's ear.

“Joon, lock down office 5C for me would you?”

That was the office that Jimin worked in. What?

“Hyung, what are you doing?” Jimin asked, completely confused.

Yoongi said nothing for a while, choosing to continue to stare at Jimin, looking incredulous. Eventually he spoke. “What do you mean, what am I doing? I want to stop the assholes who were bullying you, of course.”

“Oh...” Jimin felt a little silly for not having realised this, and lowered his eyes to the desk.

“Hey,” Yoongi said gently, placing a hand under Jimin's chin, lifting his head up, “I'm doing this for you, baby. These men have done some bad stuff to you, and I can't let them get away with it.”

Jimin nodded. “I know,” he whispered.

“But Jiminie...” Yoongi spoke again. “I have to ask... Why did you not tell me?”

Allowing his head to look up at Yoongi finally, Jimin squirmed again, not wanting to answer. He did eventually give in though, unable to resist his boyfriend. “I...” He did really know what to say. “I guess I thought I could deal with it by myself...”

Yoongi's incredulous look came back. “You.... why? How were you going to deal with it?”

“I don't know...” Jimin shrugged. “I think my plan was just to let them do it until they stopped...” He spoke slowly, choosing his words carefully, wanting to tell the truth but also not having a very convincing answer in mind.

Yoongi sighed, rubbing his face with his hands. Guessing he was rather exasperated, Jimin felt bad for causing all this. As he was working up the courage to say something else, anything, the speaker connected to the microphone went off and it made him jump. “Hyung, it's all locked down. What do you want me to do now?” Namjoon's voice was a little distorted over the connection, but definitely recognisable.

Jimin stayed quiet, watching Yoongi come up with his answer. Smirking, he said, “leave them to stew, Joon, don't say anything. I'll let you know when that changes.” Namjoon gave an affirmative answer, and Yoongi turned his attention back to Jimin.

“Right, what to do...” it was like a visceral change, Jimin thought, watching Yoongi change from a loving boyfriend to Min-ssi, the mafia leader. “Which of the assholes in your office do I need to punish? It's not all of them, is it?”

Jimin was quick to shake his head. “No, it was only a few!” He named those who had done it the most, but went on to add, “but apart from one the rest of them just sort of... didn't do anything? They were a bit mean, and I know they talked about me, but I don't think it was as bad.”

Yoongi shook his head a little – not in disagreement, but more like he couldn't believe what Jimin was saying. He leaned back in his seat and let out a big sigh. “Jiminie...” he whispered, but it didn't sound like there was anything more he wanted to say.

“Are you mad at me?” Jimin asked, his voice small.

Stopping what he was doing entirely, Yoongi focused on him again. “What? No!”

Jimin blinked. “You're not?”

“No – why would I be angry with you? None of this is your fault, my love. Sure, I wish I you had told me earlier, but that doesn't mean that you're to blame for any of it. If anything it's my fault for letting us be caught at all.” Yoongi explained, sounding as guilty as Jimin had ever heard him. It wasn't often that Jimin saw Yoongi be sorry for something, and so in a way he allowed himself to savour the moment.

“I do have a question though,” Yoongi said, his tone a little lighter. “You said that there was someone who wasn't a total dick to you in your office. Who was it?”

It occurred to Jimin then that Jungkook had been waiting in that office for about half an hour now, not knowing what was going on. He felt a little bad for his friend – as annoying as he could be, he genuinely was a good friend, and Jimin didn't want anything bad to happen to him by accident. “Oh shit, yeah. It's my friend Jungkook, I'm sure I've talked about him before.”

Comprehension dawned in Yoongi's eyes. “Aah, right, I know who you mean. The muscular one?”

Jimin pouted. “Yeah, unfortunately.” That elicited the first laugh of the meeting out of Yoongi. It felt good. Then an idea struck him. “Do you think we could bring him up here? I don't really want to leave him in the office with those lot around while all this is going on.”

Yoongi nodded. “That's a good idea actually. Besides, it'll give you someone to talk to while I sort out all this.” He winked at Jimin (if he hadn't known Yoongi so well, he might have thought it sensual or sexy – but as it was it just came off as cheesy).

He pressed the intercom on again, and relayed the names of the culprits that Jimin had given him to Namjoon. He then added, “but keep them down there in a separate room, Joon. I want you to bring up Jeon Jungkook first so that he can talk to Jimin.”

Namjoon agreed, and butterflies began to flutter in Jimin's stomach. As difficult as it had been to explain to Yoongi what had gone on, the prospect of telling Jungkook a secret even larger was daunting.

Nevertheless, it would be good to get the secret off his chest. It had been a little difficult over the past few months, especially when Yoongi did particularly cute things that Jimin would have loved to gush about.

Hold on a second – he hadn't actually checked with Yoongi whether it was okay to tell Jungkook. Not that he needed to ask for permission, but it was definitely a decision to make together.

“Hyungie... is it okay if I tell Kookie about us?” Jimin asked, making such a cute face that it could probably be classed as aegyo.

This was always Jimin's killer move – he knew full well that as much of a hard time Yoongi had of denying him anything he wanted, he really couldn't resist that face at all.

Jimin could actually see the struggle play itself out over Yoongi's face as he tried to not react to Jimin's cuteness (this was pretty common any time Jimin was cute – and often he lost that battle). “Yeah, why not,” he agreed eventually. “Just don't give away too many of my secrets, okay baby?” This was accompanied by a wink, and Jimin giggled a little.

The situation was much more light than it had been at the beginning, and Jimin was beginning to feel hopeful that they would be able to stop the harassment and his life could go back to being peaceful (or at least, as peaceful as it could be while in the mafia).

“You know...” Yoongi said, making Jimin jump as he was pulled out of his thoughts, “I was so annoyed earlier when I just had to continue with the tour of the building. I wanted to sweep you away there and then, sweetheart, you've no idea how much self control that involved.”

Just as Jimin was about to coo over how sweet that was, the lift behind them pinged. Jimin swung around to see Namjoon, and an irate Jungkook charge out of the lift.

“Leave him alone, you bastard!” Jungkook yelled, targeting Yoongi directly.

Jimin gulped. This didn't look like it would turn out well.


Chapter Text

Yoongi stood up, looking startled. Jimin was quick to follow his example, not wanting to have this exchange go badly if he could help it.

Knowing that ideally he needed to try to diffuse the situation before anything happened to Kookie, Jimin began to walk over to him, to intercept him before he could get to Yoongi. “No, Kookie, you don't -”

“Are you okay?” Jungkook asked loudly, cutting Jimin off and sounding much more worried than the situation called for. “Jimin hasn't done anything wrong!” He shouted again, to Yoongi this time. Before Jimin had the chance to say anything more, Jungkook stepped forward again and pushed Jimin to stand behind him, shielding him with his body.

“You need to leave him alone.” Jungkook was nearly vibrating with anger. Aside from the fact that he was in no danger, Jimin found it almost adorable that Jungkook was so willing to protect him.

Nevertheless, Jimin didn't want to leave it until something actually went wrong. He could see that Yoongi was smirking, he clearly wasn't angry with the situation, but everything could still go badly if Jungkook tried to attack.

Placing a comforting hand on Jungkook's shoulder, Jimin began to explain things a little. “Kook... it's okay, really. Please calm down.”

Automatically Jungkook flinched, shaking Jimin’s hand away. His eyes darted around the room, seeming as though they weren’t actually taking anything in. “Wh… What’s going on?” He was practically hyperventilating by this point, and Jimin began to worry that he might be unable to listen.

Trying again, Jimin tried more forcefully to get Jungkook’s attention again. “I’m fine,” he stated, louder this time.

It seemed to work more effectively. Jungkook was still breathing heavily, still wound up, but he turned around a little to look at Jimin. “You are?” He asked, brows furrowed, confusion clear on his face and in his voice. Jimin nodded. “How?” He asked again, not relaxing, staying on edge as though he didn't really believe Jimin.

Jimin sighed – how to explain something like this? “I...” Words escaped him, and he glanced at Yoongi, hoping for help.

He fully realised how dodgy that might have looked, but he really didn't know what else he could do. Yoongi sighed, doing his best impression of exasperation but still walking over to them and putting an arm around Jimin. “Jimin is my boyfriend,” Yoongi stated matter-of-factly.

For a moment, Jungkook didn't react. Then he began to laugh.

“Good one,” he chuckled, “like I'm going to believe a joke like that.” He continued to laugh a little more, but that died down when he realised that Jimin and Yoongi weren't joining in. How could Jimin laugh? It wasn't funny, it was Jimin trying to tell the truth and being almost ridiculed.

Besides, what was so ridiculous about the idea? Had Jungkook secretly agreed with his tormentors and think that Yoongi wouldn't go for him? Was there something about him that would make him undesirable to other men? After all, Jungkook already knew that Jimin was gay, so there was no reason to disbelieve him on that count.

But no. Jungkook was his friend, Jimin knew he wasn't that mean. He did his best to remind himself that there was almost no way that that was why he was laughing. It was probably something else, and he simply had to press to find out what it was.

“It's true, Kookie,” Jimin finally said. “Yoongi hyung is my boyfriend, and... it's the cause of all of this.” Would Jungkook believe it this time? He had no idea. Yoongi had nodded at his side, hopefully backing up the story – after all, even if he thought Jimin had reason to lie, what reason would Yoongi have to say that he was dating Jimin?

Jungkook just sort of... stood and stared for a while. Jimin began to become more and more nervous as they stood there in silence, since there was no sign of whether Jungkook would be okay with this. What would he do if Jungkook refused to believe him, or was disgusted by it for some reason?

Finally, Jungkook spoke. “Are you really together?” His eyes were wide and trusting, and Jimin could only nod.

Yoongi withdrew his arm from Jimin's side. “Right. You can explain things to Jungkook; I'm going to go with Namjoon to... talk to the others.”

Leaning over, Yoongi gave Jimin a quick kiss. “Bye, baby,” he said – and then seemed to realise he had slipped up by being soft in front of other people, which he usually avoided doing at all costs. Jimin giggled a little at seeing his light blush, but Yoongi pretended like nothing was amiss (and frankly that was even cuter). “You coming?” He directed towards Namjoon.

Namjoon nodded, and he and Yoongi quickly left. Jimin could only imagine what was about to go down with the others, and he was sure that he would find out sooner or later.

Grabbing Jungkook's arm, Jimin pulled him over to sit on the sofa together. Sitting down, Jimin sighed out heavily. This was all a lot.

“Hyung...” Jungkook said hesitantly. “What... what's going on, exactly? I was so worried when you got taken, and then that guy that brought me up here locked us all in the room and they didn't tell us what was going on, and I was so scared when I got told I needed to leave because I thought maybe one of us had done something wrong, and... then when I saw you up here I just couldn't help but get worried that that what was happening since you were with Min-ssi, and...” He trailed off.

Jimin nodded. “I understand, it's okay.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes. Jimin was too nervous to bring up the subject himself, and he suspected that Jungkook probably felt too awkward to want to talk about it of his own accord. The silence itself wasn't too awkward though, and although if the situation had been different perhaps Jimin would have minded it, given that he was in the process of having a huge weight being lifted off his chest really that was all he could focus on.

“So… This office, huh?” Jungkook asked awkwardly.

Jimin nodded in reply. “Yeah, it sure is something.”

“Mhm… I mean, the décor is… inspired. Really.”

“It’s… beige. With a couple of pictures. And a large glass window.”

Jungkook squirmed. “Um. Exactly?” He span around and stared up at the window. “It’s so big...” he murmured.

Jimin was going out on a limb here to guess that Jungkook really liked the window. He couldn’t deny that that had been something he had been distracted by the first time he came here, and so couldn’t begrudge Jungkook his distraction.

However, it wasn’t relevant to the conversation that still needed to be had, and Jimin knew that it had been a distraction technique. Still, he had to allow Jungkook to want to talk about it at his own pace. It would do no good to force him.

This meant waiting. Lots of it. When ten minutes had passed, Jimin was pretty sure that Jungkook was just watching the people on the street below (personally one of Jimin’s favourite pastimes) and while he knew full well how fun it was, it couldn’t be allowed to go on for much longer.

Giving Jungkook a meaningful glance, he finally shuffled on his knees to sit forward on the sofa. He didn’t speak immediately – that was okay, and Jimin waited for him to bring up whatever aspect of it he wanted to.

“Hyung...” Jungkook finally spoke up. “I still don't quite get what's going on though. How did Deoksu and the others know about you and Min-ssi but nobody else did? Did you tell them?” He looked almost hurt, like he thought Jimin had been leaving him out purposely.

Feeling a little bad that he was leaving his friend in the dark, Jimin knew he had to explain things more thoroughly. “I'm sorry Kookie – of course I didn't! No, nothing like that. It's kinda embarrassing, actually.” He chuckled a little, not too enthused about the idea of telling Jungkook about his sex life.

Jungkook laughed too, looking relieved.

“Um... Well, one night me and Yoongi hyung were making out outside -”

“Do I really need to hear this?” Jungkook interrupted. His look of relief had faded, to be replaced with a sense of worry at what he might hear.

Jimin laughed. “I swear I'm getting to the point. We were making out, and Deoksu caught us. That was when it all started. That's why I've had to deal with all this shit for the past year.” He explained.

Jungkook didn't look entirely satisfied though. “But if he saw you kissing the leader of the mafia, why did he dare to be such a dick to you? Surely he wouldn't be able to get away with it for so long?”

“Aah... well, he saw my face, but Yoongi hyung was sort of... propping me up against the wall, so his face was turned away from Deoksu.” Jimin admitted, doing his best to not give too many details of what he and Yoongi had been doing. He and Jungkook were good friends, but that might be a little too much for him to hear.

Jungkook nodded, not digging any deeper for now (Jimin didn't really blame him). Jungkook turned around and stared at the world below them out of the huge glass window, which as Jimin knew, was a very fun pastime.

Simply basking in the relief of having his friend know and be okay with it, Jimin sat quietly, happy to not feel pressured into anything.

Needless to say though, it didn't take Jungkook long to be back with another question. “I get why Deoksu was able to be mean to you to begin with,” he began, “but I don't understand why you didn't tell Min-ssi once it started happening? Deoksu could have been dealt with months ago.”

Dangit, another thing that Jimin felt embarrassed about explaining. Although he could be immature at times, it was times like these when Jimin knew that Jungkook was in the mafia for a reason.

“Uum... well, I guess I thought I could deal with it by myself,” Jimin gave him the same answer he had given Yoongi. Would Jungkook believe it too?

Jungkook wrinkled his nose. “But hyung... you weren't dealing with it.” Shit. He had a point there.

“Well I never said I was succeeding,” Jimin pointed out.

It took a second for that to sink in, and then Jungkook burst out laughing. “That's true,” he admitted. “But if you knew that you were failing, then why did you keep trying?”

Now this was the part that Jimin was more embarrassed to admit, because he knew full well that it was silly. “I... It had gone on too long.” Jimin explained. Jungkook looked curiously at him, and so he continued. “Well, he would have reacted... probably worse than he did today, to be honest. To know that I had been keeping being harrassed a secret for all those months, without telling him? He would have been so mad at me, and it just seemed weird to tell him after so much time had passed when it hadn't really got any better or worse in that time.”

“That makes sense...” Jungkook nodded, and Jimin was just glad that he didn't think Jimin was stupid for not wanting to tell Yoongi. It may have been the reason he didn't mention this to Yoongi – he definitely wouldn't have shied away from telling Jimin how silly he was being. He was so sure that he had got away with explaining anything difficult, but then Jungkook asked the most important question. The one which didn't just involve him, but Yoongi too.

“But why did you keep your relationship secret to begin with?”

This would be the more difficult thing to justify. “Well... we didn't tell anyone to begin with because we couldn't be sure that it would work out,” Jimin began. Jungkook nodded encouragingly. “And then it just became something that made sense to keep doing... I didn't want to get treated differently – and yes, I'm aware of how badly that backfired – and it just seemed weird to announce it if nothing was going to change. It's not like it would make a big difference to the running of the company, after all.”

“But surely it really would have made sense to tell people, to get treated better because of dating Min-ssi, rather than doing the opposite and being treated so badly?” Jungkook argued, eyebrows furrowed, looking genuinely annoyed.

Jimin shrugged. “Probably. But – and honestly this is probably the biggest reason I didn't want to tell anyone – I really didn't want to be accused of nepotism. Even though I was with the company before I started dating Yoongi hyung, I think plenty of people would assume that we were together before and were just lying about it. That really didn't appeal to me, so we made sure that it couldn't happen. At least, until now.”

It was a lot to admit, and Jimin's chest felt actually physically lighter now that he had told someone other than Yoongi and his friends about it. It seemed that Jungkook knew it too, since he seemed to recognise how difficult it had been for Jimin to admit all that, judging by the small smile on his face, and the hug he had pulled Jimin into.

Having some physical affection always made Jimin feel better, no matter who it was coming from. It was just nice to relax and to know that things were calm.

“Wait...” Jimin pulled back, looking at Jungkook in slight alarm – it sounded as though he had thought of something important. “I know you didn't want to be accused of nepotism, but you could literally have used that to your advantage? You could have got Min-ssi to get you a job in the upper ranks and had a much easier time of it?”

Rolling his eyes, Jimin huffed. “Because I didn't want to be in the higher ranks,” he explained. “I might be okay with Yoongi hyung having to make all these big important illegal deals, but that doesn't mean I would want to be personally involved in that shit. Can you imagine me trying to make an arms deal or something? I'd get half the information wrong and probably end up selling myself as part of the deal, knowing my luck.”

Jungkook giggled. “Okay, yeah, that's true, but it still would have solved your problems.”

“Yeah, only to be replaced by other problems,” Jimin pointed out. “It definitely wouldn't have made my life any easier in the long run.”

“I gueeeeeess,” Jungkook conceded reluctantly. “But I still think you should have at least considered it.” He pouted (and if his intention was to try to get Jimin to agree with him... well damnit it was nearly working).

Staying strong against the forces of the pout, Jimin shook his head resolutely. “There was no problem to solve before Deoksu found out, remember? If it hadn't been for him there would have been no motivation for me to want to leave the job I have in the first place.”

Jungkook flopped back into the seat, knowing he had been defeated (or so Jimin was sure). Grinning smugly, Jimin settled himself comfortably, glad to have been in the right. The pout on Jungkook's face continued, and so he nudged him a little.

“Hey... I have a question for you this time.”

Looking up curiously, Jungkook's pout disappeared. “You do?”

Jimin nodded. “I need to ask your advice.”

He looked more surprised than Jimin had expected him to. “What could you possibly ask my advice about?” He asked incredulously.

Jimin sighed. “Well… I want to know if you think it’s a good idea for me and Yoongi hyung to come clean about our relationship, to tell the rest of the company about it.”

Eyes widening, Jungkook shrugged his shoulders. “I… hyung, that’s a big question, shouldn’t you and Min-ssi be the ones to make that decision?”

“Yeah, of course,” Jimin was quick to assure him. “But I’m not sure, and Yoongi hyung isn’t here, so I want to know what you think about it.”

“Oh…” Jungkook looked thoughtful, and Jimin allowed him to think things over for a minute. Not that he didn’t want for him to hurry up – the more he thought it over, the more worried he became about the idea of making the wrong decision.

Jungkook seemed to be having similar thoughts. “Well… I think it would be a good idea to do it… I mean, loads of people saw you being taken away by Min-ssi, so you’ll have to give them some kind of explanation to why it happened – it may as well be the truth rather than trying to pretend like it didn’t happen or something.”

Jimin tapped his thigh anxiously. “That’s true, but then it would invalidate all of the hard work me and Yoongi put into keeping it a secret. Plus, what if what I thought might happen ends up happening, and I do get accused of getting in based on knowing hyung?”

Placing a hand over Jimin’s, Jungkook stopped the tapping. “Hyung,” he said gently, “surely the two of you were planning on telling people at some point though? Did you think you were just going to live your entire life with nobody else knowing about your relationship?”

“I… No?” Jimin hadn’t thought of that, and it completely stumped him.

“Well there you go then! I think that’s the answer you were looking for – you should probably go for it. Besides, you two have been together long enough to know that this relationship is fairly stable.” He laughed.

Jimin knew that Jungkook had a point, much as he didn’t want to admit it.

Now that all of the important stuff had been talked about already, the two of them spent a while longer moving onto more simple topics. Both of them knew that they were really just wasting time until Yoongi returned, but that didn’t stop them from gossiping.

At one point Jungkook asked about the things in the office, and so Jimin took it upon himself to show him around a little. After all, he pretty much had free reign here any time he was here alone, this was practically his office too.

Okay, so they didn’t snoop through anything personal, but Jungkook did get a personal tour of the office and of the spare bedroom adjoining the office (mostly used for midday naps).

It was when they were rooting through some pictures from his and Yoongi’s first dates (Jungkook found many criticisms about how Jimin’s hair used to look, and had to be reminded that it had only been two years prior) that Yoongi returned.

“Whaaat are you doing?” He asked when Jimin and Jungkook looked up with matching guilty expressions.

They exchanged glances, and Jimin gulped. “Nothing?” He tried, hiding the photo frames behind his back.

Yoongi knew better than to question it. Leaving the pictures on the sofa, Jimin stood up and distracted him with a kiss. “How did it go?”

Keeping nonchalant, Yoongi shrugged. “Like normal, I guess.” Glancing over at Jungkook, he finished with the suspicious statement that, “let’s just say, you won’t need to worry about them again.”

Behind them, Jungkook leapt up from his seat. “We don’t? I want to know what you did?” He sounded way too eager for what he was asking for.

Judging by the look on Yoongi’s face, he was surprised but enjoying this. “Oh… well first I let them sweat for a bit – you know, make them worry like they made Jimin worry – and then...”

Jimin tuned out. When Yoongi had said ‘the usual’ he knew exactly what was going on – they would have been tortured and left for dead, blah blah blah. It was nothing he hadn’t heard before, and hearing a story which had been regaled to him many times before held little interest for him.

In contrast, Jungkook was listening, enraptured with bated breath. He looked as though he couldn’t hear enough of all this, and honestly it was a little adorable.

Despite his disinterest in the story itself, it occurred to Jimin that this really did mean that he wouldn’t have to worry about any more workplace harassment. Why it had sunk in so far after the fact he didn’t know, but relief spread throughout his body, making his joints feel soft and jelly-like. Stepping backwards, he sat back down, unwilling to risk standing up for much longer for fear that he would be unable to keep doing so.

The other two seemed to not really notice – which was fine, they were engrossed in conversation, and Jimin didn’t blame them.

Besides, sitting down for a bit allowed him to luxuriate in that feeling of relief. It was almost enough to make him wish that he had done this months ago, regardless of his reasoning.

Spending a while on his phone, Jimin just chilled and waited for the conversation to turn more interesting. He maaay have got a little too invested in scrolling down twitter, since it took Yoongi a few attempts at calling his name before Jimin realised that he was meant to be paying attention to them now.

Looking up slowly, Jimin saw that the other two were looking at him expectantly. “Uuuuh...” he didn’t even try to hide the fact that he had no idea what was going on.

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Jungkookie here just told me that you two discussed the possibility of us coming out with our relationship,” he explained. “Do you really think it’s a good idea?”

Jimin couldn’t quite tell his tone – it sounded as though he was simply asking whether they should do it, but with a simple change in inflection he could be implying that Jimin was an idiot for thinking that they should.

Playing it safe, Jimin shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah, I guess… It would make our lives easier in quite a few ways, don’t you think?”

Yoongi laughed humourlessly. “Yeah, maybe for you, but it would make a lot of my job a lot harder!”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “Like what?”

“Did… did you fail to notice how people in this line of work see gay people? They’re not exactly the most accepting of people, Jimin, how do you expect me to be respected by them if they know I’m fucking you every night?” Yoongi seemed much more agitated than Jimin had anticipated – and he really didn’t want for them to fight over this. He had seen Jungkook eyeing them nervously, as though he was worried about getting caught in the crossfire, and he didn’t want that for his young friend.

Standing up, Jimin placed a placating hand on Yoongi’s waist. “Hyung… You’re not respected because they think you’re straight, you’re respected because you’re hella rich and because you’re a cold blooded killer. That won’t change if we come out.”

Yoongi blinked. “It won’t?”

Frankly Jimin could understand why he was nervous, but he was certain that it would be the right decision in the long run. Pushing it more, he argued, “it won’t, I guarantee it. Everyone’s too scared of you for that, and the ones that aren’t scared of you will still want to do business with you. “He shrugged. “And if they have a problem with it, you can just kill them.” Yoongi nodded thoughtfully.

“You’re right, I momentarily forgot that I had all that power… We should do it!” Yoongi was suddenly enthusiastic, and it made Jimin pretty happy. Stepping forward, Yoongi kissed him. Jimin could practically feel his elation, and it only made him kiss back harder.

“Right…. I’m happy for you guys and all, but you do realise you should actually tell people and then celebrate?” Jungkook piped up, sounding slightly uncomfortable. He had a point.


“...And in conclusion, yes, Jimin and I are in a relationship, and no, you can’t do anything about it. If you have a problem with this you should bring it directly to me – if I catch anyone else harassing my boyfriend again, there will be hell to pay. Please pass that message along to the everyone else. Meeting dismissed.”

Jimin didn’t know what it was about Yoongi holding meetings that made him so attractive – maybe it was the show of power, or just a weird kink, but either way Jimin was a little turned on. As the heads of departments left the room, each giving Jimin a (poorly concealed) strange look, he giggled to himself, remembering how confused they had all been when the meeting was announced. Meetings with all of them were rare and risky, and usually announced well ahead of time, so it had been understandable for them all to be a bit worried as they came in. Still, nearly all of them had done a double take to see him sitting quietly in the corner – someone they didn’t recognise, who could potentially have been a threat. Particularly since Yoongi had been out of the room at the time, and in their minds that could only have meant that Jimin had done something to him.

He had probably been on the verge of being attacked by one of them by the time Yoongi walked back into the room. The meeting itself had been quite short and sweet – it was less for discussion and more for Yoongi to pass along the message of their relationship to everyone that needed to know. He had specifically left there to be no room for anyone to give their opinion on it – it wasn’t like they were asking for permission to be together.

Frankly Jimin had half been expecting for one of them to say something – Yoongi hadn’t been wrong when he had argued that these people were hardly the most accepting, and yet it hadn’t happened. There had been a few faces pulled, and they didn’t look happy about it, per se, but that wasn’t half as bad as what could have happened.

Once the room had emptied, Yoongi visibly sagged in his seat. “Well I’m glad that’s over. Come give me cuddles, I need sympathy.” He held his arms out and pouted, in direct contrast to the order his words had been – and yet Jimin couldn’t resist him.

Standing up from his crouch on the chair (ow, his knees cracked loudly as he did) he hobbled across the room to Yoongi’s desk. Doing what they nearly always did, Jimin sat down directly on Yoongi’s lap, sideways on so that he could rest his head comfortably on Yoongi’s chest. In return, Yoongi wrapped his arms tightly around Jimin, making it impossible for him to move even if he had wanted to.

The two of them stayed like that for a while, breathing synchronised and completely relaxed. A few times Yoongi pressed soft kisses onto Jimin’s hair, and the 180 difference in his boyfriend from how he had been ten minutes ago in the meeting was abundantly clear to Jimin. These were his favourite moments really. Just him, and Yoongi, and… Yoongi’s snoring.

Yoongi was asleep.

Well, that was nothing unusual. His boyfriend was so busy all the time that he was used to getting a nap in whenever it could be done – Jimin couldn’t even count the times he had walked into his office here or into their bedroom to find the man in deep sleep in the middle of the day. (There had even been the time Jimin had been unable to find him for a few hours, and had begun to panic before finding Yoongi curled up napping under his desk. To this day Jimin was still unsure how he had managed to fit under there.)

Jimin was nearly asleep himself when there was a knock on the door. It took a few tries, but eventually he managed to detach himself from Yoongi’s grip and go see who it was.

It was a surprise, then, when it turned out to be Jungkook.

“Kookie! What are you doing here?” Jimin said quietly, trying not to disturb Yoongi. Closing the door behind himself, he ushered Jungkook into the main part of the office again, well away from the meeting room.

Jungkook seemed… not quite excited, simply energetic. “You should have seen their faces hyung!” Was the first thing he said, and for a few solid seconds Jimin had no idea what he was going on about.

Then he realised that in the time he and Yoongi were napping, his boss must have got back downstairs and told everyone, which Jungkook would have been there for after being sent back down before the meeting.

“Was it good?” Jimin grinned.

“So good,” Jungkook confirmed. “Even though Deoksu and his cronies weren’t there, everyone in there knew about the rumours about you, so they were like, totally shocked when they found out that the person they had been mocking for sleeping with you was their boss… well, let’s just say I think they’re worried for their lives now.”

Jimin couldn’t hold in the snort that bubbled its way out of him. “Oh man, I wish I could have seen that.”

For some reason it made Jungkook’s face fall. “Ah… well, maybe only after half an hour or so. Like you said earlier, the people there aren’t the smartest, and for a while they were more focused on the gay thing rather than the ‘he’s dating a man that could have us killed with one word’ thing. They said some pretty bad stuff about you… You can probably imagine what it was like, but I doubt you would have wanted to hear it.”

That was a fair assumption. “Come on, tell me about the fun stuff,” Jimin whined. “I’ve dealt with a year of them being assholes, tell me more about them being scared!”

Jungkook giggled. “Okay, um, well one of the things that made me laugh the most was the way their faces changed once they realised that they were done for. Like, they were so smarmy about it before one of them realised that if you were dating their boss, bad things could happen. It was such a sudden change – I think one of them fell over in shock, actually.”

Jimin took all this in. “That sounds pretty good… wait, do you think that’s going to affect how they interact with me? I mean, if I they’re worried about me now, do you think they’ll be… weird about it?”

Jungkook shrugged. “Who cares? It can’t get any worse, and them being scared of you is undoubtedly better than what went on before. What could go wrong?”

“You have an excellent point there,” Jimin nodded. “I guess the only thing that will tell us is time.”

There was no more to say – which was fortunate, since at that moment Yoongi walked into the room. “What’s going on?” He asked through a yawn, eyes half closed. Then he froze in that position as he noticed that Jungkook was in the room. Usually the only person who saw Yoongi so vulnerable was Jimin – not even his closest friends were privy to that.

“Why…?” He spoke again. It was adorable.

“I’ll leave,” Jungkook murmured, and Jimin nodded appreciatively.

It was cuddle time once again.


Jimin walked into work with a spring in his step today. He gave Yoongi a quick kiss goodbye, and then walked confidently towards the office. He ignored the looks he received from the others that were standing around watching them, unfazed and no longer ashamed.

It had been two months since that day. The day where all was revealed, where it was decided that no longer should he and Yoongi fear for the discovery of their relationship. It had been the best two months of his and Yoongi’s lives.

They had been able to freely go on dates. To avoid the careful planning that would hide their movements from others, and instead do whatever their hearts desired. To kiss in public, with no fear of blackmail.

It had been fucking awesome.

Not that he and Yoongi were planning on becoming exhibitionists or anything, but to be able to do something so simple as holding hands with no fear of being caught was… liberating.

Perhaps Jimin’s walk had, in some ways, taken on the quality of a swagger… well, he was happy, he was allowed to if he so wished. Everyone knew that he and Yoongi were together now, it wasn’t like he had to pretend like he had no reason to be happy.

Out of the corner of his eye he was pretty sure he could see Yoongi watching him as he left, and if he made his ass shake that little bit more as he walked, well… it could be passed off as accidental. Anything to annoy his boyfriend by turning him on at work.

Unfortunately, he soon was at the stairs again, and was no longer being watched by Yoongi. He took the stairs two at a time, eager to get to work. Ever since Deoksu and the others had… disappeared, the harassment had ceased and he was no longer afraid of going into his own place of work.

Now he and Jungkook actually had a good time at work, ever since Jungkook had been promoted to take Deoksu’s place. Yoongi had actually completely agreed with Jimin that Jungkook deserved a promotion for being a good friend, and it had helped to make Jimin’s life so much easier.

Not that it had actually changed anything about the way that he and Jungkook interacted – they were still as good friends as ever. Plus Jungkook knew that Yoongi would kick his ass if he did anything bad to Jimin.

When Jimin walked into the room he couldn’t see Jungkook immediately. This didn’t worry him in the way that it would have done a few months ago – there was no reason to be scared any more. He would be bored, sure, but that was no way near as bad.

Sipping on the coffee he had brought with him, he leaned against the wall, the picture of casualness.

Closing his eyes, he allowed the sounds of the office to wash over him, to simply… well, listen in on others’ conversations really.

He heard one of the office gossips tell someone, “he’s the boss’ boyfriend.”

They had to be talking about him. His eyes sprang open, and he zeroed in on two people standing a little way away, within listening distance but far away enough that they might have thought they were getting away with it. He was right, he did recognise the person who had spoken first, but the other was a stranger to him.

“Choi-ssi has a boyfriend that young….?” He sounded confused, and Jimin didn’t blame him. He actually looked pretty nice – he had a narrow face, long-ish hair, and flawless skin – what was someone like that doing here? Honestly. Jimin would never understand this place.

The woman shook her head and tutted impatiently. “No, no, not Choi-ssi, Min-ssi.

“Ooooh...” The boy nodded in understanding, accidentally making eye contact with Jimin and blushing. It was probably because Jimin was smirking at him – he knew that he had been caught.

Still, Jimin had no cause to be overly mean to him, he had done nothing wrong – and even though it was very likely that Mina would be filling his head with half-truths about him and his past. Who knows what he would think of Jimin by the end of it?

Oh well. He would deal with that as it came.

So focused on the stranger was he that he was genuinely startled by Jungkook popping into his line of vision unexpectedly. He automatically wanted to take a step back – but couldn’t, he was already up against the wall, so he just sort of ended up bashing his head against it.

Rubbing the back of his head where it had been hit, he asked Jungkook ruefully, “what do you want?”

Jungkook shrugged. “I dunno. How are you today hyung?”

Jimin rolled his eyes – it was just like Jungkook to annoy him with no real reason. “I’m okay, I’m feeling good today.”

Grinning, Jungkook nodded. “Me too. A bunch of new recruits came in today, I’m so going to love messing with them. Do you think I could get away with telling them to call Choi-ssi ‘dude’?”

Jimin snorted. “I’ll love you forever if you do.”

“Don’t let Yoongi hear you saying that,” Jungkook winked.

Sometimes it still felt a little weird to hear Jungkook call Yoongi by his name, but it was a good thing nonetheless. As a response Jimin winked back – it was so fun to play with the people around them like this (they didn’t quite get that they were joking, and Jimin could see the worried glances they were giving one another).

Jungkook moved away, having other duties to attend to, and Jimin focused on making himself a cup of coffee. It was an essential for starting his day, and yet he somehow never found time to make it at home before they left for work.

He sipped it slowly, trying not to let it burn his tongue. Not that it mattered – nobody was talking to him right now. It didn’t bother him as much as it once had, since now they avoided him for a completely different reason. It was so much better to be left out due to their fear and ignorance than for their unwillingness to interact with a gay man.

Besides, they all knew that if they put one toe out of line that Yoongi would come after them. And they all remembered what had happened to Deoksu.

Really, all in all Jimin didn’t pay much attention to the crowds around him. It didn’t matter to him whether he was friends with them; he came here to do his job, and that didn’t require friendships. His friends were all of upper ranks, and he didn’t see them as often as he would have liked, but since they were all Yoongi’s friends too and that meant they weren’t scared of getting to know him.

Of course, he had Jungkook too. He had been a good friend in the past few months, able to interfere in times when Yoongi hadn’t. Actually that was probably a big reason for the people in this room avoiding him, they knew full well that Jungkook and Yoongi’s combined intimidation was more than they wanted to deal with.

People here left him alone. At this point he really didn’t want to know any of them, not after what had gone down last year. Jungkook knew that.

So then why was he bringing that new recruit Jimin had seen earlier over?

The slight smirk on Jungkook’s face told Jimin more than he wanted to know. This was likely to be one of Jungkook’s pranks, and Jimin already wasn’t looking forward to it. He already knew that this guy had been warned off him – what good could come from this?

“Heeey hyung,” Jungkook started, doing his best to look innocent. “This is Taehyung, he’s new. Taehyung, this is Jimin.”

Well at least it confirmed his suspicion at this guy was, in fact, new. He gave Taehyung a small smile. “Nice to meet you.” He didn’t bother with anything more – he already knew that Taehyung was well aware of who he was, and he was fully prepared for it to not go well.

Jungkook pointed finger guns at them. “This is going well! I’m going to leave you to get to know one another.” He sauntered off, and Jimin couldn’t have hated him more at that moment.

Taehyung still looked a little intimidated, but that didn’t stop him from smiling back and saying, “it’s nice to meet you too, Jimin. I… I heard that you’re our big boss’… boyfriend?”

Jimin narrowed his eyes. “Yes? What of it?” He wasn’t prepared to allow the harassment to start back up again.

Eyes widening, Taehyung shook his hands and head. “No, I didn’t mean it like that! I mean… I’m gay too, I don’t… I just want things to go well here.” He looked nervous.

Well, that changed a lot. He looked at Taehyung with fresh eyes. He still seemed nervous, but that was understandable. Perhaps once he got settled he would become more comfortable – and if it meant Jimin could make another friend here he wouldn’t actually complain.

He relaxed, his posture becoming more open, and Taehyung’s seemed to mirror that. He gave Taehyung an approving nod – he would have said more, but the meeting was starting.

As Taehyung turned to look at Choi-ssi with wide eyes, Jimin realised that this might not be so bad after all. If Taehyung was willing to not listen to what the other assholes here had to say – well then, he might just make Jimin’s life even easier.

Chapter Text

Taehyung ran a nervous hand through his hair. Starting a new job was always slightly nerve-wracking, and while this wasn't quite the same, the knowledge that he would need to talk to people was just as bad.

Some of the people seemed alright... it was so hard to tell when people were doing their best to pretend to be nice. The woman talking to him... he couldn't tell.

"And here's our office...of course, you won't be here much, but you don't need to worry about that. Things will soon get into a rhythm, you'll see." She smiled at him, sickly sweet. She just seemed... too fake.

Still, he felt he should be nice anyway. He smiled back awkwardly, nodding a little. They walked further into the room, and Taehyung would be lying if it didn't make him feel a little claustrophobic. There were just so many... people, and there seemed to be such little space.

The woman pointed out a man that he could see on the other side of the room. "He's our boss, Choi-ssi. You probably recognise him from when you were hired?" Taehyung nodded. He didn't, but frankly he didn't have the energy to explain why not. Still though, he looked like he would be an okay boss. Not that appearances could really tell you anything.

Pointing out another, younger man, the woman said, "and that's your new supervisor." She sneered. "Personally I never approved of his appointment, but that's the management for you. His predecessor was so much better, but he was got rid of not long ago, for stupid reasons, in my opinion."

Taehyung didn't know what to think. There was no context given here... it was too mysterious to tell. Despite this, he couldn't help but remember a rumour he had heard about someone being killed not too long ago, and wondered if they were connected.

Ignoring her commentary and looking around, he spotted another man entering the room. Well, at least he hadn't been the last to enter, or worse, late.

It was clear that this 'new' man was not new around here. He headed immediately to the side of the room, leaning against the wall and drinking from the take-away coffee cup he already had with him. There was something different about him, something in his air which spoke of being a lot less tense than everyone else. Taehyung had to wonder what the reason for that was... he was pretty sure that a big reason for the tension in the mafia would be the worry of the unstable nature of the organisation. Could it be that this man was not worried about that, for whatever reason?

The woman seemed to be nosey; she looked to see where Taehyung was looking. As soon as she turned her head and saw what Taehyung was staring at, she grimaced.

"Don't bother with him," she said, only making Taehyung want to 'bother with' him all the more, "he's the boss' boyfriend."

Taehyung glanced to his boss and back to the stranger again. “Choi-ssi has a boyfriend that young….?” Taehyung asked incredulously. The stranger couldn't be much older than him, and Choi-ssi was easily pushing fifty. He had to remind himself that things were different here; maybe age gaps that big were normal? Or was the stranger just a gold digger?

The answer would be what shaped his view of this stranger, no matter how high his status was. It didn't help that the stranger was looking at them now, presumably having figured out that they were talking about him.

“No, no, not Choi-ssi, Min-ssi.” His guide shook her head and tutted, and Taehyung felt oddly relieved.

Then Taehyung realised what that actually meant. Min-ssi was the big boss, that he'd only heard vague rumours about until now. That made the status of the man in question very high indeed, and Taehyung couldn't help but wonder someone like that was doing here? Honestly, Taehyung didn't think he would never understand this place.

“Ooooh...” Taehyung got what his guide had meant now. It made the man so much more intimidating, and when he accidentally caught his eye he couldn't help but blush. It didn't help that he was smirking at them – there was now no question of whether he knew what was going on.

Fortunately his embarrassment was cut off by someone else going up to the man and distracting him. He could only see his back, but his posture spoke of confidence and self-assurance. Taehyung was almost glad – but it left him with his guide and her vapid laugh. Wondering what had made her laugh, he turned, only to realise that she was several feet away talking to someone else.

For a second he considered going over and attempting to join the conversation, but then he decided against it. To be honest he didn't think she'd even been doing a very good job at what she'd been supposed to do, and there was a good chance that going near her again would just annoy him.

Having nothing better to do, Taehyung simply contented himself with looking around the room. It would be a good idea to familiarise himself with it, after all, since he would presumably be coming here quite a lot.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see the two men talking, and he couldn't help but wonder what they were talking about. Important things, probably. He already knew that one of them was fairly high up in the ranks, and judging by the looks of the other one he was probably fairly high up too.

Taehyung did his best to keep his eyes off them, but he just couldn't help it. They looked so cool... Once he knew what he was doing round here, would he look like that? Hopefully he would.

Being self-controlled, he finally managed to get his gaze away from those two and towards the front of the room. He couldn't quite see what was going on, but it was definitely something important. His boss was doing... something up there, and Taehyung stood up on his tiptoes, trying to look through the crowd and see who it was.

He was distracted by a hand tapping on his shoulder.

"Taehyung?" Who here would know his name? He spun around.

After a second, he recognised who it was. "Jeon-ssi?" This was the man who had hired him after a very short interview process and telling him almost nothing about what the new job would be. Taehyung had been desperate enough for money that he had taken it, and so he'd ended up here anyway.

"I didn't realise today was your first day? How's it going? Has your guide been helpful?" Jeon-ssi was being weirdly friendly for someone that was meant to sort-of be his boss, and Taehyung didn't really know what to think.

Taehyung shrugged in response. "It's gone okay so far, Jeon-ssi, I've not really done much." He didn't want to verbally insult another employee this soon into the job in case it got him into trouble.

Making a dismissive noise, Jeon-ssi said, "call me Jungkook, it's fine. And you know..." he turned around and glanced at something behind him (Taehyung had a feeling it was the man he had been staring at earlier), "I think there's someone you should meet."

When Jungkook began to drag him over to where the mysterious man was standing, Taehyung began to get more and more anxious. He had no idea what any of these people were actually like; what if they were terrible and he had to awkwardly be around them forever? He really couldn't imagine anything worse.

It was when Jungkook spoke to the mystery man that Taehyung realised that the two of them must actually be quite close. “Heeey hyung." That was one way to begin a conversation. "This is Taehyung, he’s new. Taehyung, this is Jimin.”

Well at least now Taehyung knew his name.

Waiting to see what Jimin would do next, Taehyung shifted his weight onto his other foot. In the next moment, Jimin gave him a small smile – Taehyung wasn't convinced it was entirely genuine, but at least he wasn't being openly hostile.

“Nice to meet you.” Honestly that didn't make Taehyung feel any better.

Jungkook's next words had Taehyung panicking even more. “This is going well! I’m going to leave you to get to know one another." He pointed finger guns at them and slid away.

Judging by the look on Jimin's face, he wasn't too happy about this turn of events either.

Before Jimin had the chance to try to chase him away or something, Taehyung figured it would be best if he pre-emptively tried to get him on his side. Therefore, he said the first thing that came into his head based on what he already knew about Jimin. “It’s nice to meet you too, Jimin. I… I heard that you’re our big boss’… boyfriend?”

Internally cringing at the awkward wording, Taehyung was made to feel even worse about it by Jimin's response. His eyes were narrowed, and when he spoke his voice sounded cautiously hostile. “Yes? What of it?”

Shit. That hadn't gone as well as he would have liked. The panic began to rise in him again, and he shook his head and hands to try to show that he really hadn't meant it as a bad thing. It really wouldn't do to have someone like this on his bad side.

Before things had the chance to go wrong again. Taehyung tried to explain himself. “No, I didn’t mean it like that! I mean… I’m gay too, I don’t… I just want things to go well here.” The fact that he was also gay was probably the most important bit of information there. Maybe he should have led with that.

Jimin seemed to relax at that, and in response Taehyung also relaxed. Thank fuck. That could have gone so much worse.

Maybe they actually would be able to be friends of some sort.

Still, it wasn't difficult for Taehyung to realise that Jimin was busy glaring at a point over Taehyung's shoulder. Turning around slightly, Taehyung tried to subtly figure out what he was looking at.

Actually, it wasn't that difficult. Jungkook was stood there, talking to other people, looking important. Whether that deserved glaring at Taehyung wasn't sure, but it was happening anyway. Had Jungkook done anything terrible? Taehyung had no idea.

It was slightly surreal when the hubbub died down and the meeting started for real.

Just the idea that if things had gone slightly different today he would still be stood over by his original guide was strange, despite the fact that just fifteen minutes ago he had been stood with her.

Out of curiosity, Taehyung glanced over to where he had seen her last. She was still there – but the look on her face was still a surprise. It was genuinely nasty, actually hostile, and Taehyung initially wanted to believe that this hatred was perhaps only being directed at Jimin. However, when it continued Taehyung realised that it was being directed at him, and it only made him more determined to stay where he was.

Sure, being next to the boss' boyfriend was still slightly nerve-wracking. Glancing at him sideways, Taehyung eyed Jimin, feeling slightly apprehensive about things - it was possible that if he did something wrong that Min-ssi would actually kill him. He'd heard the rumours.

Glancing back at his previous guide, still glaring, Taehyung found himself becoming strangely protective of his new friend, despite not necessarily needing to be. It was an odd feeling, and yet a nice one all the same.

Taehyung was sure he'd like it here.