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Insomniatic (Are You This Restless Too?)

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T 13; S 14

“Goodnight Tony” Maria smiled, her finger poised on the light switch.

“Night Mom” Steve yawned and closed his eyes as she flicked the bedroom light off and closed the door behind her.

His ears followed the woman's footsteps downstairs as she joined a man in the hall who was calling her name.

“I'm here, Howard. Hush or you'll wake Tony” She scolded quietly.

“Maria, you've only just put the boy to bed” Howard murmured as he pulled his gloves on, “Now, let's go”.

He heard the front door open and the two step out, closing the door behind them. Steve wanted to get out of bed and follow them, but the dream had shifted and he was sat in a dining chair in a kitchen.

“I'm sorry Tony, sometimes these things happen. Your parents be missed but they'll always be with you, yes?” A bald man in a suit sympathized, and Steve nodded before he continued, “Don't worry, ol' Obadiah will watch over you”.

Steve felt his mouth open as he croaked out some words, “I'm tired, I think I'll go have a quick nap”.

“Yeah, good idea. Growing boy of 13 needs his rest after all. I'll be here when you wake up” Obadiah nodded, as Steve stood up and dragged himself upstairs to his room.

He lay down and curled up, his emotions frozen and heavy. He closed his eyes, desperate to feel some comfort but even as he awoke out the dream and opened his eyes, a sadness washed over him and he felt a tear rolling down his face.

Steve sat up in his own bed and wiped it away, looking at the glowing moonlight shining in his curtains. He drew the bed covers away and jumped out, heading to the bathroom quietly. Turning on the tap, Steve looked at himself in the cabinet mirror above the sink and saw two dark circles beginning to form under his eyes. He scooped up some warm water and washed his face, feeling the heavy sadness from the dream finally melt away. He gave a deep sigh and heard a noise from outside the open door.

“Steve?” His Aunt called gently.

“Yeah?” He responded, scolding himself mentally for waking her up.

“Are you okay?” She asked, the haze of sleep clear in her voice.

“Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry I'm going back to bed” He answered before drying his face and turning the light off.

“Alright, well try and get some sleep” She spoke quieter.

“I will, goodnight” He whispered, walking back to his room.

“Goodnight, dear” She wished and Steve closed his door behind him.

He climbed back into bed and lay down, but didn't feel sleep approach him. In defeat, he sat back up and took his sketchbook and pencil from the table next to him, turning his bedside lamp on. He began sketching out the shape of the bald man, Obadiah, from his dream. He drew the outlines and began to shade in his suit, before a yawn emerged and he felt his energy dropping again. He put the sketchbook back where it was and lay back down to sleep, turning his lamp back off and pulling the covers over his shoulders.


“Thanks for coming, Ms Rogers” Steve's principal shook his Aunt's hand as they took their seats.

“Has something happened?” She asked, concern on her face but her voice remaining calm as always.

“Nothing serious, Mr Rogers isn't in trouble” His teacher assured, sitting between Steve and the principal, “I just thought it best to bring something to your attention”.

“Steven has been...distracted in class lately and today, one of his teachers caught him drawing in lesson. As much as we are aware he enjoys his art, never has he been seen drawing in other classes. The teacher was also concerned by the fact he seems so...tired” The principal explained.

“I see. He has had a bit of trouble sleeping lately, haven't you dear?” His Aunt, patted his back and Steve nodded.

“Well, we thought it best to speak to you since the distractions led to what they did. Steven's a smart boy and we wouldn't want him to fall back” The principal nodded.

“Thank you, I'm glad I was told. If that's all, we best be heading off” His Aunt stood and the principal stood too.

“Of course, thank you Ms Rogers” He shook her hand again and she shepherded Steve out the room.

As they got outside the building, she turned to Steve and stopped him. “Steve, can I see what you drew in class?” She asked and the blond pulled his sketchbook out his backpack. He flipped to the page she wanted and handed it over. “Who's this?” She questioned gently.

“His name is Obadiah” Steve answered honestly.

“Do you know him?” His Aunt asked.

“No, I've never met him” Steve shrugged.

“Did you make him up?” She raised an eyebrow.

“No. He was in my dream” Steve admitted.

She gave a quiet sigh, “Is it Tony? Is he back?”.

Steve paused, but then nodded and she hugged him, “Oh Steve. What was the dream about?”.

“It started with Tony's mom wishing me goodnight and his parents going out. Next minute, Obadiah said they were gone and he was going to look after me. I went to have a nap and woke up” Steve explained, “I think...they died, when they went out”.

“Steve” His Aunt sighed, “Do you miss your parents? Is that why Tony's are gone?”.

“No, I felt fine before the dream. When I woke up, I thought about them for a moment. Like I sympathized with him and felt sad about my own parents, but it wore off and I'm okay again” Steve confessed.

His Aunt patted his shoulder, “You poor thing, come on let's get you home. I can't imagine you want to stay outside your high-school and discuss this, hm?”.