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The serene view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance brought Leon a moment of peace as he sat there with a another shot of whiskey in hand. It was only him sitting in the restaurant, attention turning occasionally from the view outside to the staff hustling and bustling around the joint. There was smooth jazz music playing on a nearby radio, the only other sound in the place.

It had been a hell of a life for the man. Running his fingers through dyed brown locks, Leon thought of all the shit he had gone through. After the shit storm in China last year, Leon had a very active life. The DSO had been investigating members of the US for doing deals with Simmons and "The Family". There hadn't been much in terms of dangerous missions, just small investigations...until the one that took place a couple of months ago…the one that had claimed the lives of his entire team. They were sent to get intel until one of their one snitched on them to the enemy. Another shudder went through him as he remembered the memory of having the horrible dishonor of shooting them once they had reanimated.

Since that day, Leon had been put on desk duty until he took his own little vacation. He chose Colorado because of how not crowded the area was. The less people the better. He had moved his vacation out here due to his…other gender: an omega. Yes, Leon S. Kennedy was an omega. Always has been ever since he was younger. He had used scent blockers, pills, and other means of hiding his scent for fear of being ostracized and taken advantage of. He wouldn’t have been able to join RPD without his stuff, same with the DSO. And because he was unmated, he would have been taken to an Umbrella owned facility in order to be forcibly mated or experimented on. As far as anyone except his specialized doctor knew; he was a Beta.

Recently however, his heats had been getting more and more intense. Even with his suppressants, he found himself curled up in his bed writhing in pain and filled with the need to be taken. Judging by his calendar, he was almost due for another three days of hell. Hence, why he was here in this Beta run hotel, drinking and on vacation. Alcohol tended to help dull this needs, and he didn’t detect the scent of an Alpha anywhere so he wouldn’t be throwing himself at them.

Just as he finished his last glass of whiskey, he heard the door of the restaurant open, as well as the sound of very loud footsteps. Leon groaned internally. So much for his alone time. The footfalls approached closer before stopping not too far away from his table. He made a remark about whoever was sneaking up on him and how they would scare the locals with their shit stealth. Judging by the scents, one was a Beta and the other…he felt a tightness in his stomach. His Omega recognized the scent of an Alpha. Blue eyes widened and he gulped, hoping his scent blockers were still emitting a Beta scent.

“It’s a little early to be that deep in the bottle, Leon.” Chris Redfield’s voice said.

Leon took in a shaky breath. He knew he had recognized this particular Alpha Scent. He had been in close contact with it before multiple times. Leon put on a brave face, feeling himself sober up a bit. His hands clenched into fists at the realization that the older man was the source of the Alpha scent. He turned and saw that, sure enough, Chris Redfield, the Alpha, and Rebecca Chambers, the Beta, standing before him. What the hell did they want? How had they found him? Not even Hunnigan knew where he was right now.

“Well, look who it is; the BSAA’s Golden Boy and Dr. High Hopes. What the hell do you want?” Leon practically snarled.

Chris Redfield approached closer, explaining that he had a job for the younger and they needed his help. Leon scoffed and rolled his eyes, dismissing the other by informing them that he was on vacation. Of course, they wouldn’t take that as a sign of his obvious disinterest, hearing and smelling Rebecca’s scent get closer. She laid something down on the table behind them before taking a seat at his own. She had asked him about the Los Illuminados and the types of BOWs they had been using. The brunette rolled his eyes again, telling her that it had been so long ago, he could not remember.

The scent of the approaching Alpha made him cringe as Redfield now stood off to the side. His scent swarmed Leon’s sensitive senses, causing the younger’s stomach to churn once more. The older man asked him if he was just going to sit around here another week and do nothing. Leon forced his cockiest smile, saying that he never made plans that far ahead. Leon needed another glass of alcohol to dull down the effects Chris’s scent had on him. He ordered another bottle of alcohol when he noticed his own was empty.

The waitress came over and was about to take his empty bottle, but he heard Chris shift behind him. The older man cancelled his order, causing Leon to rear his head towards him in annoyance. He was about to ask just who the hell Redfield thought he was, but was put in his place when Chris’s fist slammed against the table.

“Enough! Alright?” Chris growled, causing Leon to shrink into himself.

The brunette stared into the older man’s eyes, putting on his best glare. His stomach wouldn’t leave him alone as it coiled tightly. His core began to heat up at the Alpha’s dominating nature, causing him to wince. Something inside him wanted to submit to the Alpha, to get down on his knees and beg. Shit, he thought he had taken enough suppressants and drunk enough alcohol to stop this. He didn’t need this. Just gazing and being so close to the eldest Redfield had his inner Omega screaming to be taken. That he hadn’t been properly fucked by anything other than crude toys and his own fingers in a couple years or so and needed an Alpha to take care of his needs.

Chris had noticed the sudden change in Leon, apologizing before telling him that they really just needed his help. That this was an emergency and they would not be here if it wasn’t important. Leon nearly whimpered at the sight of those soft brown eyes. The way that perfect face gave him the most sincerest of looks, concern evident in the other’s features. If only Leon could caress the other’s face, wondering what it would feel like to be wrapped in those big strong arms…

No. No. NO. Absolutely not. He could let his Omega get the better of his emotions. God, he didn’t need this. He didn’t need to feel something. He didn’t to feel anything, especially not love. Not now. So, why did he want Chris Redfield to bend him over this table and fuck him senseless while Leon confessed his undying love for the older man?

Shit, he needed more suppressants.

He shoved his chair away from the table, bolting towards the direction of the bathrooms. Chris called out to him and Leon’s pace quickened as he heard those heavy boots follow him. Two seconds, that was all Leon needed and then they could talk his ear off to their hearts’ content. Shoving the bathroom door open and pulling his suppressants out of his jacket pocket, the dyed brunette turned on a sink. Before he could pop one of the little pills into his mouth, Chris threw open the door and stormed in demanding to know what the hell his problem was. The older locked the door so it wouldn’t be easy for Leon to dip out of there.

Chris’s eyes widened at the sight of the prescription pill bottle. Shit, was Leon trying to kill himself? Without thinking, Chris ripped the bottle out of Leon’s hand while knocking the pill out of the other. He asked if Leon was out of his damn mind. The brunette went to holler at the other but stopped, curling over and clutching his middle in pain. Sweat beaded up on the younger’s forehead. Chris’s senses were immediately assaulted with the overpowering scent of an Omega in heat. Brown eyes widened in realization.

“Leon…you’re…you’re an Omega?” Chris asked, trying to control his inner Alpha.

Leon didn’t answer, body too hot and sensitive. His senses wouldn’t focus on anything except trying to cool off and the need to be bred. A whimper escaped his lips as he tore off his jacket, exposing the black V-neck underneath. Shit, he needed to get back up to his room and get away from Chris. Pronto. Everything was too hot and his legs were starting to feel like Jell-O. Blue eyes looked up at the elder, begging for help.

Chris on the other hand was having an issue of his own. He fought hard against his instincts, trying to resist the urge to throw Leon up against the wall, rip his pants down, and pound into him until the younger could no longer stand. The raven-haired male gripped at his head, head swimming in that intoxicating scent of the younger’s heat. He watched as the younger ripped off his jacket, trying to cool himself down in the slightest. More sweat beaded that pale skin, practically asking Chris to swipe his tongue all over. Those blue eyes looked up him, begging for help.

“Leon…what do you need?” Chris asked, trying go keep it together.

The brunette needed dozens of things. His suppressants would be a good start. A bed so he wouldn’t have to stand on his wobbly legs and sink into comfort. Air-conditioning to cool him down. Alcohol to dull his sensitivity and senses. Someone to fuck him into submission for the next three days just to stave off some of these sexually deviant thoughts. He felt slick running down his leg, making him whimper again.

Once Chris’s nose had gotten the scent of slick leaking from the younger’s entrance, he lost control of his own senses. Within minutes, Chris had slammed the suppressants on to the sink before pinning Leon up against the restroom wall. Mouths collided as tongues fought for dominance. Leon wrapped his arms around the elder’s throat. Chris’s hands traveled from the younger’s waist, past the curve of Leon’s ass before hoisting the other up via his thighs. Leon took that silent cue as a sign to wrap his legs around the elder’s hips. Fingers fumbled with the clasps of Chris’s tactical vest, eventually getting it off of the elder and allowing Leon to press closer.

They could feel each other’s arousals through their pants as Chris ground his hips against the other. Leon threw his head back against the wall, giving Chris perfectly clear access to the younger’s throat. Lips and teeth found their way to the pale column, alternating between kissing and biting the flawless skin. Chris nuzzled into the younger’s mating gland, wanting to sink his teeth into it so badly so that everyone would know who this Omega belonged to.

Leon moaned as teeth grazed his mating gland. He tilted his head in a way that he hoped Chris would find submissive and appealing. He wanted the older man to bite down, to feel the teeth sink into his flesh and bite that gland and mate him.

After pinning the younger to the wall with his own body, Chris moved his hands down to the brunette’s pants. Removing the belt and undoing his fly, his hand slipped underneath of the other’s boxers. Leon made a noise that sounded like a choked off moan as gloved fingers found their way to his entrance, rubbing little circles around the outside before dipping inside. It started off as two fingers, roughly stretching him out and lubricated with his slick. Another finger was added for good measure, causing the brunette to arch his back away from the wall.

“C-Chris…” Leon whimpered, fingers digging into the Alpha’s shoulders as he ground himself against those fingers.

His entire body was trembling, begging to be taken. Once Chris felt as though the younger had been stretched enough, he moved them so that Leon was pinned to the cool floor. Both men moved impatiently to get Chris’s pants down as well as Leon’s own pants. Without another word, Chris thrust into Leon’s tight heat. The brunette clenched around the other’s length, head burying itself into Chris’s shoulder. There were butterflies in Leon’s stomach as Chris began a rhythmic pace. The raven-haired male kept one hand one Leon’s lower back and the other on the floor next to the other’s head to steady himself.

Leon bit his lip, moaning and crying out at that beautiful feeling of the other thrusting into him. Sweat beaded on his skin, loving the feeling of Chris’s Kevlar gloves on his fevered skin. It wasn’t long until the brunette was flipped on to his stomach, allowing the elder to go deeper. He pressed up against the chest resting on his back, feeling safe between the large forearms next to his head. He could feel Chris’s breath tickling his neck and ear, the elder’s teeth hovering over his gland. A hand wrapped his length, stroking him in time with their thrusts. He pressed his forehead into the floor, panting heavily.

He was close and he knew Chris was too. Chris’s knot swelled within him, and he knew he should have told him to pull out before it locked, but he had been so lost in his own bliss he didn’t bother. Without warning, teeth bit down hard on his mating gland as the knot inside him locked. Leon whimpered as he realized that Chris had claimed him as his. A curse left the younger’s lips as he realized what was happening.

“Chris? Chris! You need to pull out.” Leon said.

Chris cursed as well, realizing that he was stuck. Shit! Shit! Shit! Both of them panicked as Chris’s knot finally deflated, but only after coming deep within Leon’s core. The brunette could feel the other’s release paint his insides, face burying itself into the crook of his arms. He had been careful for all these years, but one stupid mistake just sealed his fate. Redfield apologized repeatedly, saying that he hadn’t been paying attention. Leon went to tell him that it was okay, but was cut off by another wave of need washing over him. He groaned, feeling his body heat up again and emit more mating pheromones into the air.

The BSAA Captain must have picked up on the scent as well, his length becoming hard once more. Chris apologized, but didn’t get the chance to finish as he was shoved off of Leon and tackled to the floor. Leon’s hand grabbed the front of Chris’s uniform shirt, bringing the other man’s face closer to his.

“Just shut up and fuck me, Redfield.” Leon said before smashing their lips together once more.