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I'm with you no matter what

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Lena has to go, she has to leave. Four attempts on her life in as many days and it’s no longer safe for her (or anyone else) in National City. So she needs to get away from the city and to safety until Lex is caught because clearly after four failed attempts on her life, he’s not giving up.

Witness protection. That’s what Alex had called it and Lena knows Winn is already setting everything up, getting ready for her departure tonight, but it doesn’t feel real.

She’s being sent away, for who knows how long and there’s nothing she can do about it.

She has to leave everything behind. Her job, her friends, everything.


Lena’s eyes find her across the room. She can leave her company, knows it’s in good hands, she can leave her friends, she doesn’t really have many of them anyway. But Kara, her best friend, how is she meant to leave her? The one person who’s stood by her, been with her, since the beginning.

The one person who’s believed in her, trusted her, made her feel welcomed and happy and so so loved.

How can she leave Kara?

Kara’s been oddly silent since they arrived back at the DEO after she’d saved her yet again. She just stood there as Alex had told them the plan and Kara had said nothing, had barely even glanced at her.

But Lena needs her to look at her now, needs to say something to her, to say good bye or see you soon or I love you.

“Kara.” Her voice breaks on her name. She doesn’t mean it to, it was meant to come out strong and sure, a goodbye, but her voice cracks, much closer to a sob than she’d like.

Kara’s eyes flash to hers and the rest of the room vanishes for a moment as everything stills as her eyes lock with Kara’s.

How is she meant to go for who knows how long without seeing those eyes?


Kara’s in her arms, well more she’s in Kara’s arms, before Lena can finish her sentence. The surprise wears off after a moment and then Kara’s in her arms too as Lena wraps her arms around Kara’s back as well.

“Lena,” Kara whispers, the name sounding broken and Lena only holds her closer, her hands fisting in Kara’s cape. Kara’s arms tighten too and Lena buries her face in Kara’s shoulder and wills herself not to cry, she can’t break down here, not in the middle of the DEO.

She feels Kara pulling away not long later and Lena forces herself to let go of Kara’s cape, the material slipping through her fingers. She has to let go now or she might not be able to.

Except Kara doesn’t go far, just enough to look her in the eyes again. Lena’s arms fall to Kara’s forearms and she holds on tight, not ready to let go if Kara isn’t either.

“I’m coming with you.” Lena stills at the words as Kara turns, still close to Lena, to repeat the words louder to Alex. “I’m going with her.”

“Kara, you know you can’t.”

Kara steps back completely from her but then she’s at her side, their shoulders pressed together. “Will she be safer if I go?”

“We’re going to keep Lena safe, Winn should almost have everything in place. We’re not going to let anything happen to her.” Alex turns to her. “We’re not going to let anything happen to you.”

“But will she be safer if I go?”

“Well, technically yes but-“

“Then I’m going.”


“No, Alex, I’m going, end of story.”

Lena can see Kara is set in her decision but she can’t let her do this, can’t interrupt her life like this. “You don’t have to do this. All your friends and family are here. Your job is here. National City needs you, they need Supergirl.”

“Exactly,” Alex butts in.

Kara ignores her. “J’onn and Guardian can look after the city while I’m gone. J’onn can even patrol the city as Supergirl to avoid suspicion.” Kara looks to J’onn who’s been watching Winn work across the room. He nods in agreement and it sends hope through Lena’s chest. Could Kara actually come with her?

“But-“ Alex tries to interject but Kara ignores her as she turns back to Lena.

“My family and friends are here but you’re my family too and I can’t let you move across the country alone. I know what it’s like to be in a new place where you know no one and have to keep to yourself, hide who you are. I promised I’d always be there for you, that I’d always protect you. If you want me to come with you, I will.”

“I-“ Lena’s voice breaks again.

Kara reaches over and gives her hand a squeeze. “All you have to do is say the word and I’ll go with you.”

Lena nods, not sure she can speak around the lump that’s formed in her throat.

There’s a few more arguments tossed out by Alex but they’re half-hearted now, everyone can see Kara’s already made up her mind.

Winn gets informed of the changes and he turns immediately back to his computer, somehow typing even faster than before.

There’s nothing to do but wait after that, wait for Winn to get their new identities sorted and make sure everything is ready for their arrival (wherever they’re going) and wait until it’s late enough so they’re less likely to be spotted leaving the city.

“Done!” Winn exclaims loudly, just after midnight and Lena startles in the chair she’d been sitting, halfway to sleep in her now exhausted state.

“Here you go,” Winn says holding out two cards that are clearly licenses towards her and Kara who has joined her at her side. “Mrs. Kate Phillips,” he says, handing the first card to Kara. “And Mrs. Laura Phillips,” he continues, handing the second one to Lena.

Lena’s eyes flick down to the card now in her hand, double checking the name on the card before looking over at Kara’s card too. Her eyes move up to Kara’s face next to find her looking at her own card, her cheeks red and Lena’s sure hers are too.

Phillips. They share the same last name. Lena looks back up to Winn and the grin on his face lets her know he hasn’t just made them sisters, that they share the same last name for a different reason.

They’re married.


She’s married to Kara.

Kara’s going to be her wife.

“Since you two are married, you’re going to need these.” Winn holds out two sets of rings towards them, one in each hand, that same grin still on his face.

God she is going to kill him.

He throws her a wink and that only intensifies the feeling.

He knows just how Lena feels about Kara, knows that she has a crush (well more than a crush honestly) from when it had just slipped out when they’d been working in the lab together late one night. If Kara finds out thanks to his little joke, she’ll kill him. Although, maybe she should wait to get him back until her own life isn’t in danger.

Also, how has Winn gotten hold of rings like this so fast??

Before Lena can react to take her new rings from Winn’s outstretched hand, Kara reaches out and almost snatches both sets off of Winn.

Lena stills, she hadn’t considered that.

What if Kara objects to the idea of them getting married, what if she makes Winn change their identities so they’re sisters or just friends?

Lena’s not sure she could handle the reality of that. There’s always been hope in the back of Lena’s mind, however small, that Kara may return her feelings, that one day they could be together. If Kara says something now, all that hope will be gone and Lena’s not sure she can deal with that on top of everything else right now.

Lena startles when she feels Kara take her hand. She looks over at Kara who’s smiling softly at her and it’s the smiles like this that cause hope to flare in her chest, just as it does now.

Kara has her left hand held gently in hers, her thumb stroking softly over her ring finger, right where the engagement and wedding rings would sit.

Lena’s sure her heart is going to beat out of her chest.

“Is this okay?”

Lena’s not sure exactly what Kara is referring to, the fake marriage, Kara coming with her, or the fact that Lena has to go away in the first place thanks to her brother’s assassination attempts. But Lena nods anyway because it doesn’t matter, none of it matters in this very moment, with Kara gently holding her hand and smiling at her, Lena knows that everything is going to be okay when she has Kara by her side.

Kara carefully slides the engagement ring and wedding band onto her finger. “There you go, Mrs. Phillips,” Kara says with a wink, a teasing light in her eyes.

Kara’s mood is infectious as Lena laughs too and now she feels like she should thank Winn instead. She doesn’t though as she holds out her hand, curling her fingers, gesturing for Kara to hand over her own rings. If Kara put her rings on then Lena should get to put Kara’s on her too.

Kara hands over the rings and now she’s grinning, they both are, as Lena slips the rings onto Kara’s own hand.

“Okay, lovebirds,” Winn says, clapping his hands to gain their attention. She’s forgotten they weren’t alone. And now she’s back to wanting to kill Winn again. “Here’s what you need to know.”

He goes through everything, J’onn and Alex listening in. Everything is set for them to leave now and a car is waiting for them whenever they’re ready. The car will take them out of the city and Lena knows they’ll be making no stops at either of their apartments for any of their belongings on the way, they’ll be leaving with nothing of their own. Once they’re out of the city, Kara will fly them east, across the country to a small town near the east coast where they’ll remain and lay low until it’s safe for them to return.

The house there is all set up too, furniture, belongings (or Laura and Kate’s belongings anyway), everything. The movers were there earlier and to the neighbours, it’ll look like the new home owners paid someone to move their stuff in and then arrived late at night.

Winn seems to have thought of everything.

So now all that’s left is to say goodbye.

“Take these with you too,” Winn says, handing them a phone each. “You can use them to contact each other and Alex, if you ever need us for anything. We’ll use that to contact you if we need to. There’s a bunch of fake names and numbers on the phone but Alex’s number is under the contact ‘Mom’.” Winn hands Alex a third, identical phone. “The less contact we have with you, the better, so only contact us if you have to.”

Lena nods as she tucks the phone in her blazer pocket, where her new driver’s license is currently sitting. If they’re meant to be undercover, she’s sure she’s not going to be able to wear this again anytime soon.

She hugs Winn first, pulls him in tight while Kara says goodbye to her sister. Guilt pools in her stomach as she sees Kara wipe a few tears from her cheeks as she pulls away.

“Take care of her,” Alex says next as she pulls her in for a hug too. The surprise at the hug comes in second to her surprise at Alex’s words. Isn’t Kara the one who’s meant to be looking after her?

That doesn’t mean she won’t do it though.

“Of course.”

James hugs her next and then even J’onn gives her a hug too, promising they’ll do everything to find Lex and keep her safe.

The drive seems short and in no time at all they’re leaving the city lights behind them.

“Are you sure about this?” Lena asks. Because despite how much she wants Kara by her side, not just because she’s a literal superhero who can keep her safe, but because Kara’s her best friend and anything is better when they’re together, everything feels better when she’s with Kara. But she can’t take Kara away from her life, her home, if she’s not sure about this.

They have no idea how long they may have to stay away.

Kara reaches across the space between them and takes Lena’s hand. “I’m sure. I told you, you’re not alone anymore.”

Lena’s heart stutters in her chest as Kara gives her hand a squeeze.

“Thank you.”


The car pulls up at a seemingly random stretch of road and they get out. The driver gives them a wave and then they’re alone.

Kara tilts her head and Lena can tells she’s listening. “We’re alone, we weren’t followed. Are you ready?”

Lena nods before she steps into her friend’s open arms.

The next bit is the flying and Lena’s not so fond of that, especially considering  how recently all of the times she’s been flying have resulted in or have been the result of her almost dying. Not only that, this flight is going to be considerably longer than her previous ones. She takes a few deep breaths to try and slow her heart down but of course Kara can hear it.

“You okay?”

Lena nods as she buries her face in Kara’s neck and loops her arms even tighter around Kara’s shoulders.

“I’ve got you,” Kara whispers as she tightens her own arms around Lena’s back. “I’m not going to let anything bad happen to you.”

“I know,” Lena says and she does, she knows Kara has her no matter what.

 Kara takes off gently and they head east. Lena is unsure of what the future may bring them as the leave the city and the life they know behind but she’ll be forever thankful that Kara is still by her side.