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Saitama was a HERO VILLAIN for fun, living a very lonely boring existence until Sweet Mask came to the picture. The guy says he didn't like villains and monsters. Huh. Doesn't he know Villains and Monsters act just like the fans people he's protecting?


I’m a hero villain for fun.” The white hooded entity gives him an empty smile, holding a monster head like a volleyball. The wind blows the white hood, revealing the villain's yellow jumpsuit, red gloves and boots. The villain turns away, holding onto the hoodie while walking opposite to his direction after dropping the head.

"Where are you going?!" The A-Class Hero doesn't know why but he follows the figure. It's to deliver justice for the properties destroyed! He notes the white cloth covered in blood yet he doesn't find anything disgusting about it. Turning to the left, he finds himself in a dead end, all alone. 



Usually, Saitama protects Z City from unnatural threats like monsters and stuff. Collateral damage isn't the raven's concern, especially when this HERO VILLAIN thing is a hobby. Without all those monsters roaming around, Saitama works part-time jobs just to pay the rent, food, electricity and other miscellaneous fees. Hey! It's Sweet Mask again. His clothes are all disheveled even. And there comes his weird phrase for today, saying that "he(?) is a useless vermin to society and is best left dead on the road." Saitama mulled over that statement. Insults coming from this guy was definitely unique to the HERO VILLAIN.


Villains don’t save lives unless they have a motive.” Amai Mask told the Demon Threat Villain one day.

You.." The villain, named Saitama but persistently claims to be a hero (impossible), looked at him with blank eyes. The gaze softened, almost resigned. "You're never going to believe me being a Hero huh?"

“Of course!” Amai Mask can’t believe the villain face palmed in front of him. 


All because of the abundance of hostile cosplayer claiming to be Heroes, Saitama has to accept the fact everyone sees her as a Villain. Meeting Amai Mask once a week due to the increasing number of monster sightings, Saitama learns her name to be Hooded Darkness (Funny since the hoodie was meant to hide from the sun, the rain and the blood rain) and is labelled by the HERO ASSOCIATION as a Demon Level Threat. When Amai Mask realize his arch-nemesis (Saitama doesn't remember the guy being her arch-nemesis) being a female (Saitama wonders if it's because she's flat) and not bald (Saitama has no idea where that rumor came from), he apologizes and admits the media made a mistake about her after she beat some hard facts onto the guy's thick skull. Yeah. Saving the guy's ass from a random blonde teen and then dragging the guy in her apartment for lunch. Unfortunately, no one will ever believe her story of saving their asses, but who gives a fuck?


Welcome back.

“?” Amai Mask paused, hearing an unfamiliar voice in his apartment. He knows he closed the doors and windows. He also has bodyguards and CCTV cameras everywhere. How did they not realize an intruder entering his house?! Ready for battle, the A-Class Hero stealthily entered his house to see...

“Why are you here?!” Amai Mask hissed, closing the curtains spontaneously. The same villain he found a strange interest in was on his couch, wearing a horrid hoodie and eating takoyaki. For being one of the dangerous threats in the planet, Saitama looks so domesticated on his couch. It was fitting in a sense.

"You know~?" Saitama yawned, stretching and exposing the belly. (Saitama looks masculine with the hair cut short.) The raven smiles at him, sleepy. “Landowner kicked me out. The usual.”


Deep down, Amai Mask is a decent guy. Sure. He's a cold douche bag always buying beauty products and looking through his social media accounts, but the blue head is an okay guy. First off, he admits he is weak but has room for improvement after beating the guy in his secret training room. Second, he admits beauty isn't everything after insulting her average looks and dead eyes since one also has to improve in power and in attitude. Third, he admits watching bad movies are refreshing to a certain extent because he is tired of watching a movie marathon featuring him in every freaking role. And fourth, he admits that Saitama is a great companion even if the raven practically forced herself into his house. Saitama firmly believes she made the A-Class Hero into a hypocrite, a good type of hypocrite for befriending a famous 'Villain.'


“What are you doing?” Amai Mask glared at the raven. Wearing the reoccurring OPPAI shirt, Saitama closed the door behind her and stared at the man with a strange look. Ever since the raven decided to crash in his house because she got kicked out, the duo had a silent agreement of what Saitama can do as a artificial roommate: Sleep in the attic and not to catch anyone's attention (Amai Mask is the exception to that rule since he lives here).

“Just came back from the market.” Saitama walked towards the kitchen, holding the groceries. Amai Mask continued to glare at her, standing in place. “Since there are some great sales today. I never thought I’d see one in A-City but I’m not complaining.”

“You aren’t answering the question.” Amai Mask felt insulted that the villain continues doing whatever she deems fit. How dare this woman break their promise? He can’t even imagine what sort of alibi he has to produce once the media finds about this twisted and retarded villain living in his apartment.

“Oh come on. It's not like anyone knows how I look like~” Saitama turns to face him, giving a dopey smile. “You want steak for tonight? (The blue head couldn’t believe it) My treat.”

"Oh and close your mouth" Saitama puts the meat out, brandishing the knife. "Might attract bugs." 


Saitama found it funny that Amai Mask denies their friendship for the sake of upholding the Hero versus Villain archetype found in the News. Saitama now has to wear her hoodie every time she heads out and kill some monsters. Saving people? Well. It seems there isn't any smart guy connecting the dots. Anyways, back to the strange Class A Hero, it reminds the raven of her friendship with Sonic who denies their friendship for the sake of rivalry. But in the case of Amai Mask, Saitama can find certain points of agreement. They both agree that monsters should be stopped at all cost (the ones doing a lot of harm anyways) and that the current Heroes are no longer following the Hero Standard. They have a different Hero Standard though, but that's okay. With Amai Mask into the picture, Saitama now has four friends: Mumen, Sonic, her cactus at home and Amai. Saitama met Mumen during her part-time as a Pizza delivery girl. Sonic met her during her walk in the park. Saitama got the cactus when she rented the apartment (after getting kicked from her last one) and finally, she met Amai after playing with one of the monster's heads.


“Something happened?” Saitama inquired, watching TV and ignoring the man resting his head on her shoulder. The blue head didn’t respond, pretending he didn’t hear the villain.

“That bad huh?” Saitama should be aware of his tedious career as an actor, singer and hero, silently supporting him through mundane actions such as the chores. Amai Mask doesn’t trust the maids nor servants lest they actually are assassins in disguise. “That’s fine. You’re home now. Let tomorrow’s you handle that.”

'Ten minutes...' He promised himself, too fatigue for this sort of conversation. When the villain finally found an apartment, Amai Mask didn’t know what got into him when he said that the raven was welcome to come back to his abode any time of the day. ‘Was it because the Villain guarded his house better than any hitman and/or security personnel?’

“By the way, I ate your chocolate in the fridge. They were nearing the expiration date.” Saitama hummed, munching on wasabi-flavored chips this time. ‘Or is it because the Villain made his area homey to the point of anticipation?’

“You also have a package on the table. Check that out in the morning.” Saitama’s eyes are still glued to the screen, watching those cheap actors rip-off the original. It was a horrible movie but he could do nothing to stop the villain. It was one of the villain’s favorite past time aside from watching the news. Amai Mask closed his eyes, getting ready for tomorrow’s set of problems. He didn’t think he’d wake up on his bed tucked in.

'Bloody hell. I overslept.' Standing up, Amai Mask begins changing his clothes until he noticed a small get well soon card (with the discount price still attached to it) on the tableside. He didn’t realize he was smiling at the gesture, murmuring in a distasteful voice. “Cheap skate.” 



Amai Mask is a workaholic. He is a singing, acting, crime-fighting celebrity who likes working solo. His mailbox is always loaded with gifts and bombs (wow). He is always going out to greet with his fans, accepting interviews, hosting or representing the Hero Association in some fancy meeting/seminar, doing Hero missions (Saitama often asks if the monsters were hard) and then writing & practicing his songs. The A-Class Hero takes a break for at least two hours before heading out to repeat the damn cycle, eating to-go food and dressing up for the day, only eating small bites when he's invited to restaurants by big companies and other stuff. Saitama hates how the guy never bothered getting maids or servants but hired bodyguards outside his porch. Thus, the raven takes it upon herself to try and lessen his burden, changing Sunday afternoon's major clean-up day to training with Saitama. [He is never going to get stronger in this rate] When the villain says she'll help the dude, Saitama meant she's going to clean and cook for the guy every time she visits. That's it. She has a life such as taking care of her cactus and enacting her hobbies like beating monsters up and participating in the super-sales. Overall, life became more lively with Amai Mask in the picture. Now. If only Saitama knew the reason why Amai Mask gave her a fancy phone and a butt load of clothes. What's wrong with her hage shirt or her seaweed shirt?! It's a classic!


“Heh! You look like you're constipated.” Saitama laughs at him, walking beside him with her hoodie on lest she attracts attention. No one likes her for some strange reason. “Villainy doesn’t pay you know?”

“That’s why you’re an idiot.” Amai Mask rolls his eyes, wearing sunglasses and a hat to hide his identity. Due to the latest sparring practice with the Villain, Amai Mask has no choice but to shop with the Villain for dinner tonight.  “More importantly speaking, why do you insist on shopping on those low-quality product when you could-?”

“Shut it narcissist. I am not poor and I certainly don’t need your money.” Saitama carried a small bag of fresh vegetables and meat, looking for the next rumored wet market hosting a discount online.

‘You don’t get it, do you?’ Amai Mask doesn’t understand why the villain has to insist to being so independent. Is it his fault for wanting to pay for the food the Villain prepares for him? While it is true Saitama was dubbed Villain of the century, the A-Class Hero hasn’t found any evidence of the Vileness of the raven’s actions. In fact, two factors caused Saitama to being called a Villain which is the collateral damage cost during her fights and her appearance during a Demon/Dragon Level Threat. The only thing holding him down is the fact Saitama is a wanted criminal and the amazing perception of the media declaring the raven as his arch-nemesis. Amai Mask won't admit it but he prefers the raven staying as his enemy and not a Hero within HA. “Are we done yet?”

“Not yet.” Saitama’s eyes sharpened when she saw the words 85% Discount sale plastered on one of the shops, dragging him by the hand towards the location. It felt nice acting normal. Amai Mask doesn’t mind these type of excursions, feeling strangely inspired in the months after the Meteor incident in Z-City. Isn't that when Saitama decided to crash into his life?

“I’m paying this time.” Amai Mask slammed the amount in front of the counter, surprising the employee and villain with his assertiveness.

"..." Shock turned to mild understanding, Saitama gives a small teasing smile. “You win this round.”


Sometimes, Amai Mask will visit her apartment to escape from all the noise. He always curses about every single thing in her apartment except for the cactus. He thinks it's dying and decides to have biologists bring it back to life. Saitama lets him wander around the streets of Z City, curious if he will get this so-called inspiration in the dangerous silence of this deserted city. He does and he composes it in her crummy room. He lets her read it, hear it and add a word or two about it. That's what friends do right? [This was nice.] Amai Mask and Sonic also met up one time and Saitama had to beat both their asses for destroying her room, but Saitama liked that meeting better than Amai Mask and Mumen Rider's meeting judging on how stiff and formal those two were around each other. And then... Amai Mask also finds out she likes fighting with the small esper kid the other day, calling Saitama an incredible retard for fighting the Strongest Esper in the world - Tornado of Terror. Cool Hero name but that sounds more like a Villain's name. (No offense) Amai Mask is also starting to invade her personal bubble, not just fixing her appearance but also arranging her room differently.


“Boring.” Saitama whispered, wearing a monochrome hoodie and sunglasses as the villain walked alongside the A-Class Hero. Amai Mask has no choice, having no one else to accompany him during this grand opening. Females were screaming his name, clawing and picturing his form.

It appears the A-Class Hero has brought a mysterious guest into the grand opening of his movie [...]

‘As expected.’ Amai Mask gives the camera the smile the audience craved for, feeling the wrist of his awkward companion twist and turn for freedom. The media was also there, hoping to get a chance to interview the unknown figure beside him.

“It’s like they’re in steroids.” Saitama’s comment nearly caused the actor to trip, looking behind him to see Saitama observing the crowd. Amai Mask shook his head and walked forward, meeting up with his co-workers.

“Who’s that?” The female co-worker asked, pointing at the oblivious Villain. Amai Mask scoffed, tightening his grip and stating in a dull voice. “My partner for tonight. (The screaming heightened, Saitama raised an eyebrow at the outrage) She’s awfully shy so do refrain with the interviews.”

“I can’t eat. I can’t go to the toilet. I can’t even leave. I’m regretting my life decisions each passing minute.” Saitama joked, being dragged by the hero as they meet each executive and well-known person in the room. Amai Mask can't help tear his gaze away from the overwhelmed villain, muttering in a low voice. “Bear with it then.”

“Was that a pun?” Saitama’s smile was contagious and so was her laugh. Amai Mask can’t seem to stop hating the villain.


"You tired already?" Saitama asked when they head back to the limousine, eyeing him as he rested his head onto the cushion. Doing a shooing motion, Amai Mask just knows the Villain was enjoying his suffering.


Staying with Amai Mask also led her to befriending King who apparently is the guy who took all her Hero Credits. Ok. Saitama doesn't care about that, but suggests the guy train to become a real Hero. So now, Saitama has five friends: Mumen, Sonic, Amai, her cactus, and King. Tatsumaki isn't opening up to a conversation because she's busy watching over her lil' sister (Wait a second. Why is she smaller than her younger sister? Is it a trade for power or just plain genes? Saitama thinks it's genes.) and how the Hero Association keeps twirling her in circles (like a dog). Well. Once the Esper gets over one to two of those matters, Saitama will finally get six friends. Maybe Saitama should visit Tatsumaki's sister and see if she can help. Nope. She beat all of them up, including the lady herself. Saitama knew she shouldn't have worn her Hero... Villain Suit on that day. Saitama will have to do it the hard way then... Playing as the unfortunate bystander getting targeted by Monsters. It isn't hard getting targeted by monsters, especially when they want your title as Strongest Mysterious Villain of Z City which by itself is a pretty funny name. It's also Amai Mask and King's fault that they gave her cool stuff to tinker with (Video games, manga, online games and social media platform). 




Because of Saitama's inactivity, monster sightings have increased tenfold but at least there isn't so much collateral damage right? This was also the time new Heroes came into the scene, hoping to prove to the masses that they are the new HOPE to these depressing times. Maybe Saitama shouldn't have stopped. If she hadn't stopped, maybe Amai Mask wouldn't have found the teen... Amai Mask acts so different when he's smitten by love. It was weird. It caused the man to make so much love songs that are unrequited and deprived. Saitama steered clear from the man's apartment given the songs' themes. Saitama doesn't understand what's the hype with love. Friendship was loads better. Saitama just wished this was a phase, hoping the guy get out of the gutter.


Genos.” Amai Mask breathed out, reading the profile for the twentieth time. After the latest Hero Try-outs, a young cyborg enters the ranking with perfect scores and a raging fan base behind his tail. The blonde was mesmerizing. Amai Mask had to admit, willing to search up on the cyborg’s activities as a Hero.

“Aw~ Amai has a crush.” Saitama teased. He turned to stare at the raven, forcing the lady to grown her hair in shoulder's length. Tying her bangs back (making her look bald if she placed the hoodie on) before heading to the kitchen to cook Hotpot, Amai Mask focuses his attention back to his screen.

"You will never understand this elegance." Amai Mask mutters unconsciously, staring at the new S-Class Hero named Genos. Cold. Calculating. Justice-seeking. It was everything he vouched for. 'This teen was so young, filled with so much potential.'

I want him.” Amai Mask didn’t realize he said that aloud, hearing the sound of laughter on the other side of the room. Saitama was chopping the ingredients, finding it funny that the A-Class swung that way. It caused the blue head to stand up from his computer, marching to the villain with an ominous gaze. Amai Mask growled, glaring at the villain. “Is there something you’d like to tell me?”

“D-Dude...” Saitama turns at his direction, wiping a tear or two before smiling at him. She grew more lively because of him. "You sound like one of your fans. Don't act that way when you two meet okay? That'd be plain creepy.”

“I-I would never!” Amai Mask stuttered at the raven’s advise, hearing the raven chuckle once more when he sported a soft red hue on his face. Amai Mask cursed internally. 'Saitama simply misunderstood. I am simply astounded by his excellence. That is all there is to it!'

“If you want..” Saitama continues cooking, humming while wearing a pink apron. Placing the ingredients into the pot, Saitama offered her hand. “I can help you with the meet up. I’m your friend, after all.”

“You are...” Amai Mask averts his gaze, refusing the handshake and heading back to the PC. “intolerable.”

“You’re welcome.” Saitama responded back. Amai Mask decides to head to his room for some 'personal browsing time'.  


Here's the thing. Ever since Saitama accepted her role as a Villain, she's commissioned her awesome tailor guy in making another version of her Hero Suit that only changed the jumpsuit theme color from yellow to black. The tailor guy agreed (thinking Saitama was experiencing a midlife crisis like he is), the Villain look is also going to be all cloak with the hoodie on while the Hero version is an awesome cape since everyone thinks the hoodie means mysterious 'evil'. Why is the raven talking about this? Well. It starts with a guy robot cyborg named Genos who Amai Mask falls in love with obsesses frequently. Because Saitama, being the great friend she is, wants to help her friend, she has to make him look good in the eyes of that brat reckless suicide bomber new S-Class Hero. To do this, she has to come out of inactivity (This does not mean Video games defeated her. This is just a short intermission) and start doing 'evil' stuff. Aside from using King's manga & game reference and some description from Mumen, Saitama had to personally ask Sonic for advice on these type of stuff. Saitama had to threaten to punch the guy on the crotch (for the fifth time) if he leaves without saying anything. Killing people (or even a particular set of people), hoisting a bank heist, destroying buildings, hoarding a legion of monsters, etc. Most of the stuff the ninja talks about circles around the topic of fear, despair (Saitama thinks the term loss sounds better) and death. Saitama hates all of those. It gives a bad taste in the mouth except for the legion of monsters under her call. That would be awesome! Thus, without anyone knowing, Saitama heads over the red district of her neighborhood and starts recruiting monsters who want to get stronger. Saitama also had to make herself look smart so she and her new rowdy team (growing in number for some unknown reason) started plotting the areas of attack. This new hobby of hers (making monsters stronger and smarter apparently) made her find out about the existence of the MONSTER ASSOCIATION. Her new friend Fubuki (she's a tsundere like her older sister) also knows about it and is already investigating its hideout. [If there's any strong monster there, you know what happens next]


"S-Sai?!" Amai turns to the direction, staring at the source of the sound: Blizzard of Hell. Why was she blushing?

“You know her?” Amai Mask asked Saitama, watching the raven sipping a glass of ice tea.

“Yup. First meeting was when I beat her and her weak lackeys...Accidentally.” Hoodie off, Saitama watched the female separating from her older sister to meet with them. Beside her was a familiar local C-Class Hero. He doesn’t look notable just like Saitama, waving at them with friendly intentions. Mumen smiles at Saitama, acknowledging Amai Mask subtly. “I hope you haven't been causing any trouble.”

“Pft. Me? Nah.” Saitama jokes, having her friends drag her away from him. Amai Mask knows those two very well, one of the major obstacles for each rank. He’s thankful how impervious the B-Class Hero tends to be towards Newbies but he refuses to accept this so-called teamwork in defeating enemies. Mumen. He already knows he's too weak innocent for the real world. Saitama returns to him like a lost child to a parent, muttering in an interested tone. “Strange how Tatsumaki wanted to strip Fubuki's powers.”

‘Serves her right.’ Amai Mask smirked, but Saitama continues. “Good thing I stopped her or I’d lose a potential opponent.”

“...” Amai Mask stared at the raven slurping ice tea, “Are you that retarded?”

“Hell no. I’m just bored.” Saitama grinned and decided to sit beside him once more, watching the people passing by them. It was strange how no one recognized the strongest villain in their presence, preferring to see the raven at face value. It made him feel special. He felt a bump on the shoulder, turning to see Saitama pointing at the door.

“There he is. You owe me ten bucks!” Saitama cheered, poking the ribs of the blue head. Amai Mask didn't respond, staring at the emerging guests. It was Genos walking alongside the Class S Hero Silver Fang. The only thing disturbing the young Adonis' image is the suit. Where did the sleeves go?! Amai Mask was so deep in thought that he didn't realize Saitama dragging him closer to his love interest. Amai is secretly plotting ways of getting revenge. Saitama even sounds excited, “Come on tough guy who’s clearly straight (the grin turned evil), let’s face your fear.”

“Hey! You there!” Saitama’s voice caused several faces to turn to their direction, garnering more unwarranted attention. His face burned in embarrassment, realizing how rude that sounded as a first impression. Wingman his ass. Saitama was the worst female companion in his entire career.

"?" Genos tilts his head, curious as they head closer to their destination. Strange enough, Genos doesn't see anything wrong with the action Saitama is able to repair the damage and persuade the cyborg in meeting up with them for a spar session next week. Genos must find the raven obnoxious, accepting the invitation just to be polite. Amai Mask doesn’t know how to feel: touched or embarrassed? Bang wanted to even invite them to his dojo as well, probably wondering why Amai Mask kept staring at Genos intensely. Unfortunately, Saitama has to retire after a few hours, exhausted for no reason.


So... Saitama didn't think her legion of monsters would reach ten thousand today. It felt wrong. Appreciated by the things she killed for the last three years, Saitama really has her Villain role cut out for her. To end the game, she placed several monsters in command and left the group. Those guys were crying like babies. Saitama can't wait to see Genos kill them all- Did she say Genos? Hahaha... Yeah. Saitama isn't going to lie. Genos has the potential to getting stronger than Amai Mask. Don't tell him that. Genos just needs proper guidance and... Saitama can't be that guy. As much as Saitama would love to have a stronger opponent, she ain't going to ruin her friendship with Amai Mask. Saitama also doesn't have any teaching experience compared to Bang. Unfortunately, Genos is stalking 'Hooded Darkness' because of some reasons she can't comprehend. You know since she's a HERO and not a VILLAIN?! And since she's an unlicensed Hero, Genos might find out about her sad reality very soon. The only option she has left (much to Amai Mask's dismay) is to join the Hero Association. The test was easy (seriously), but Saitama got the lowest rank. Amai Mask was deeply disappointed at her rank (C) but Mumen immediately comes to her aid saying he will support her anyway he can (Nice guy Mumen). Fubuki tells her to hurry up and join her group (Hell no!) King silently congratulates her with a new Video game console they played together while her cactus finally grew a flower on its head. (Saitama pictured it and used it as her profile picture) Genos was the funniest. He raged and nearly demanded the Hero Association to reconsider (Saitama and Mumen had to hold him down). Saitama had no idea the guy stalked her and observed the entire thing in the fitness test. Why? If Amai Mask and Genos were to ever be a couple, Saitama would approve of it coz Genos is slowly becoming her ninth friend. Bang became her eight friend after Amai Mask's tenth visit with the man (just to see Genos), dragging her along because of the free food offered by the old man.


"About Genos..." Saitama comments, vacant as she stretched her bandaged hands. From the tip of her fingers all the way to her wrist, the only way to cover it up was to wear long sleeves and a pair of gloves. This was something Saitama did for so long. Amai didn't care. Saitama doesn't even flinch, too used to such a rough treatment. Saitama wanted to can't feel anything. Saitama asked a truly worrying scenario that boggled his thoughts. "Are you two already a... couple?"

"...In due time." Amai Mask doesn't like how Saitama didn't trust his style. He will get Genos. They are already friends starting last week. It was only a matter of time the blonde teen would open up his feelings and thoughts to the A-Class Hero. Amai Mask is perfect. Everyone wants him except for Saitama and those envious heroes who can't understand true power. Why would Saitama doubt him? Maybe because Saitama is as dense as a rock. He will get Genos. It was meant to be. They are fated to be!

"Huh... Okay." Saitama drops her leg, looking at her bandaged form. Majority of her limbs are covered in bandages and yet Saitama pretends everything is okay. It isn't. Even if they're what people call as friends, Amai Mask won't let the raven go to the doctor or the psychiatrist since he's sure the villain will ruin his reputation. Saitama agrees. To break the silence, Amai Mask asked. "How's his training?"

"Getting loads better." Saitama nodded, standing up to get some food on the fridge. Amai Mask picks up the forgotten clipboard Saitama held onto during the training session. Though the villain wasn't much of a teacher, the raven sure does know how to encourage growth on other heroes. Genos was one of them, amazed with the tremendous strength of his arch-nemesis. Since then, the cyborg insists to become Saitama's disciple (even when they're ranks apart!) Amai hated it and Saitama knew. Refusing, Saitama told the teen that he can join her sparring session with Amai Mask. Those were one of the reasons why Genos calls him from time to time. "He was even able to rip my cape off... But he burned the entire forest down. What a pain." 

"As expected from the Demon Cyborg." Amai Mask smiled at the image of the blonde in his head, reading the records scribbled by the villain during her free time. Saitama popped out, sucking on a Popsicle stick. She held the phone ringing, tossing it to the hero. "Someone's calling."


"Hello?" Amai Mask answers it, smiling as he wait for the blonde cyborg's voice. Maybe today will be the day Genos will ask him out? The singer wasn't a fool. He's noticed Genos staring at him during their times in the restaurant. Saitama is usually the one who calls everyone (Even able to call out King and Bang of all people) but makes everything awkward, eating food and getting lost to defeat a monster at the middle of the double date their hang out. Thankfully, Genos wasn't offended with her presence.

"Amai mask. (Amai Mask is going to save this later.) I've been meaning to reach Saitama-sensei. Is she there by any chance?"

"Saitama?! Did she do something wrong?" Amai Mask eyed the clueless villain slurping on her ice cream. What did she do? Why is he asking for her and not me? He can hear the cyborg's concern and anxiety, stating an obvious lie in his opinion. "I was hoping to ask if she is available tomorrow for lunch to discuss my recent progress."

"She isn't here." Before Genos could speak further, Amai Mask hung up. Fist clenched tightly around the vibrating phone, the Class A Hero refuses to accept the possibility. Saitama popped her head out from the kitchen once more, already done with the cold sweet. "Who is it?"

"The Hero Association, asking for your report in the last mission." Amai Mask lied smoothly but couldn't hide the venom dripping from his words. Saitama will believe him. Saitama frowns, wondering what mission was it. This lonely Villain will believe in whatever he'll say since he is her friend. As if a light bulb flashed on top of her head, Saitama dashed to the stairs, remembering what she has to submit. That is the truth.


Saitama doesn't know what happened, but her friendship with Amai Mask changed...

Saitama will just pretend everything's fine


[It doesn't.]