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Fifty shades of Bat

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My name is Anastasia Steele. I'm a student at Metropolis Central University. I'm supposed to be studying for my exam, but my roomate Jamie Sawyer caught the flu and asked me to replace her. She was supposed to interview the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, an enigmatic tycoon and huge benefactor of our university. A once in a lifetime of a baby journalist chance. So here I am, stuck in the traffic between Metropolis and Bludhaven.

I finally arrive at the headquarters of Mr. Wayne’s global enterprise, in downtown Gotham. I enter the lobby, talk to a first receptionist, get a badge reading "VISITOR" in bold letters, take an elevator, talk to a second receptionist that might as well be a clone of the first, and sit in a waiting room in front of Mr. Wayne's office.

Finally I get to go in. I brilliantly start by tripping on my own feet and ends up on my hands and knees. Great first impression. Bruce Wayne is very attractive and the interview starts well, but the hot guy quickly reveals himself to be quite a jerk, a control freak and over all the less humble people I've ever met. He makes me quite uncomfortable, and in my discomfort I end up asking him a totally insensitive question about the death of his parents. It was one of Jamie's question but still I could have read them in advance and rewrite this one. I feel like I'm the one at fault now, when he was the one being a jerk to begin with. Damn it.

Finally the interview's over and he escorts me to the door, "to make sure I make it through" Very funny, asshole. He insists on helping me put on my coat as if we were in the 60's and women weren't able to dress themselves, until finally I step into the elevator and am freed of him. He really is good-looking, but the guy needs to learn personal space boundaries and taking no for an answer.