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The Light Behind Your Eyes

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The night was warm, the light of thousand stars leading his path. His walk was slow, he was taking every small detail of the landscape, from the majestic mountains that were crowned with snow, to the brown and purple leaves that were crushed beneath his shoes. The light of the stars made the sprouts of new trees shine with colours from light purple through to yellow. The river by his right made noises that make him remember his childhood, when he was still an innocent boy, when the darkness had not yet touched his soul.
He remembers the days when Qui-Gon would take him to calm missions, where the most important thing to do was go to the dinners of boring politicians and pretend to be interested. For the rest of the trip he and his master would take walks, practice his Soresu, and meditate by the side of a river, happy and content, with the sound of little rocks taking a rounded shape from the passing of the water.
He still remembers the inner peace that those days would bring, now lost forever, reachable only in memories, that every passing day were blocked by more fog, as if it was just a happy dream, and would soon be forgotten.
In nights like this, when memories haunt him, he takes long walks, normally ending when the sun is already shinning, and this night would not be different. The memories are not always the same, he would go crazy if it was the same every time, but the most recurrent is the one in which he let the darkness take him and be a part of him.
Unfortunately, that memory would not fade, but remained the same. The way they move, three perfectly synchronized, like if it was a show, every one of them knowing already what step they would have to take, until the moment they were separated, and everything fell apart from there. It ended when he saw the eyes of his master, his father, and saw fear. He didn’t even realise that the scream was his, and when he tried to reach for something in the force, neither did he realise that it was darkness, he just let it flow. The moments after that were the most terrifying he had ever felt before. It was just the two of them, fighting for their lives. And while they were fighting, he felt time stop, in just one second, he was clinging on for his life, looking at red rimmed yellow eyes of the killer. He saw the glint in his eyes, boasting his imminent victory. In that moment he reached out again, and this time ignored the darkness, and went for the light. He jumped, took Qui-Gon’s lightsaber, and attacked. The assassin only had time to blink, then peered down at the massive wound from hip to hip. He was almost sliced in half. He took a step back, with a confused look, and fell into the reactor shaft.
He looked up at the moons, wondering when he would be able to let go of those moments, that floated in his mind when the sun set. Obi-wan did not know when he’d be able to feel completely at peace again, without darkness lurking in the shadows.


It was early in the morning. Obi Wan was meditating when he got a call from the Council requesting his presence. He pulled on his outer robe and washed his face, observing for a moment the purple bags under his eyes, and then left the quarters.
His quarters were not different from the rest of his section, with a deep brown sofa, a little kitchen, that was normally without any food, because he preferred to eat with the rest in the canteen rather than alone, a bedroom with just the essentials, and a bathroom. The only thing that was not necessary for his needs, but he valued, was the window, with a beautiful view of Coruscant. It gave him the comfort of being in something more like a home than a temple.
The halls were completely white, with blue and brown lines decorating the walls, pillars to one side, that let the light enter the Temple, and created a beautiful view to the gardens. At this hour he didn´t find too many wandering, and when he came across someone, he would nod respectfully. He waits a moment outside the Council chambers, and the guards let him in.
Inside, Masters Mace Windu, Shaak Ti and Yoda were the only ones, and like always, Windu was directly to the point. ” Knight Kenobi, in tree days, a reunion between Jabba the Hutt and members of the Grand Hutt Council Will take place on Tatooine, and your presence is required”.
“We will intervene in a Grand Hutt Council reunion, in Hutt territory, Master?” Obi Wan ask, frowning with incredulity.
“No, Knight, you will go just as an outside observer, make sure that their reunion will bring no more problems than they are already causing, and if this happens, you will inform us immediately and we will send reinforcements, so you can control the situation.” Shaak Ti explained calmly to Obi wan.
“Watch and wait will the mission be, young Kenobi” Master Yoda added, looking at him in a strange way, like always, Yoda knew something that the others had no knowledge of yet.
“When will I leave?” Obi Wan asked, already discouraged with the location that he’d have to go to.
“Immediately.” Windu replied, frowning.


The trip took two standard days, so he had a day to settle down in Mos Eisley. Like always, the city was full of chaos, pirates and smugglers. Personally, for Obi Wan, it was one of the worst places in the Galaxy.
The place where he would stay was one the several dome like houses that were secretly maintained by allies of the Jedi, for occasions like the one he was in right now. The house was not small, but have the enough comforts that were needed because of the overwhelming heat. He went down the stairs, and knocked on the door, noticing immediately the low level of technology in the building.
An old Twi´lek, with blue skin and dark eyes opened the door, greeting him, and letting him in. Inside the heat difference was notorious, and just like outside, the walls were plain white. The Twi´lek, whose name was Kir, showed him to his room. While Kir showed him the rest of the place, he reached out to the force, just for precaution, to know if the Twi’lek was really an ally, and after not finding any darkness, he waited patiently until Kir stopped discussing the several problems that he was having with his neighbour, a weapons trafficker. Obi Wan gave him a recommendation, Kir thanked him, handed him the keys to the house and both gave their goodbyes.
Once in the house alone, Obi Wan inspected the whole place in search of microphones or recording devices. After not finding anything, he reported to the Council that he was already in the safehouse and there were no problems so far. Afterwards, Obi Wan sat in his cot, and meditated to find his centre, overwhelmed already by the darkness of the whole city.
In the middle of the day, he walked the streets full of different beings, trying to not stand out, and covered his force signature, searching for the Mos Eisley Canteen, were he’d probably find information regarding the reunion of the Hutt Council. After passing several posts for all kind of food and distracted by the smells and number of creatures trying to sell him their meals, he found himself lost in a dark and threatening alleyway. Pretending to know the area, Obi wan started to walk through the throngs of intimidating beings. Just like a soft breeze, he felt a familiar, yet unidentified presence, that made the hair of the back of his neck stand up, bringing knots to his stomach. In the next moment, it is gone. Obi Wan stops for a moment, trying to reach for the unknown presence, both with the force and his gaze, but after receiving several unfriendly stares, he decided to keep his march, not wanting any problems.
Almost like a miracle, he found his way to the Canteen, and entered the filthy site, searching for a place on the counter, on the other side of the musicians. He started to look at the creatures in the Canteen, knowing that these were the worst of the worst, and tried to find in the force if there was any immediate threat against his person. Not finding any, he tried to attract the attention of the bar attendant, knowing that she probably knew almost everything regarding the city, including the Hutt reunion. When the humanoid finally payed attention to him, he heard the doors crunch open, and was assaulted with the same strange feeling from the alleyway. Not leaving his seat, the Jedi Knight turned around, and found himself breathless, staring straight to the yellow-red eyes that plagued in his nightmares.