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Garrison Academy

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Pidge's eyes were glowing. Not only did he love the idea of doing a blog following his time here at the Garrison Academy; but he also currently was already running a blog on his transition. Actually, there was barely a time when Pidge wasn't on technology. Computers, phones, the internet, it was his forte. Easy peasy, he thought, it's what he's good at.

If there was anything that would be difficult with everyone else, it would be working together. They haven't all talked as a group; but Pidge could tell that communication may be hard and that everyone might not get along. Sure Hunk was nice and Lance seemed like a cool guy besides accidentally almost confusing his gender, but just by Keith's face earlier at the hall meeting and at the time when Lance got called up to the stage; he didn't seem willing to work with anyone at all. At least they all lived in the same dorm so meeting would be easy, and at least Shiro was their leader. He seemed like a good one through what Pidge could tell, a friendly down to earth person who would be there for you if anything went wrong. Maybe he could pull the whole team together.

After the whole welcome ceremony ended, the groups were encouraged to group up somewhere. Since it was around dinnertime when the assembly ended, Shiro lead the group to the dining hall where there was a huge welcome buffet going on. Everyone got food and sat down, not saying a word. Hunk got the most, as Pidge would have expected. Keith got the least, which wasn't that surprising.

There was an awkward silence while everyone ate. It was like no one wanted to speak, even avoiding most eye contact with each other. All around them tables were being filled; each with conversation unlike their group. It was kind of uncomfortable to sit through, he wondered if this is what Matt's group was like in his first year. Sure there may have probably been some silence; but not as much as what was happening at their table alone. The silence seemed so loud.

"Nice to know that we're all kind of acquainted already." Shiro eventually brought up, breaking the silence around the table. No one said anything back to the older student, so he glanced over at Pidge. "Pidge Holt right? I thought you seemed like someone I know. Do you have a brother?"

Pidge looked up from his food, nodding at Shiro. He had thought all these people would have heard of him due to who his father was; Shiro asking if he had a brother was a surprise to him. "Yeah, Matt Holt." He brought up, shrugging. "Why?"

The mentor's face lit up, as he responded "I was his roommate before he left. I've heard lots about you. From the way he talked, you're a very important person to him. Matt was a great person, smart too. I wasn't surprised that he got a job so soon, being the children of Sam Holt…"

"Woah! Sam Holt? That guy's like a legend!" Hunk chimed in, slurping on some noodles. "You're one of his children? Pidge why didn't you tell me?"

Lance chuckled, patting Hunk's back. "Buddy, you didn't figure that out before? It's not like you got to know him hours before we all did." Shiro also let out a chuckle.

"It never came up!"
"I'm going to pause you guys right there. As much as we love our father, we are smart in our own ways. Matt and I both." Pidge shifted in his chair, biting his lip. He didn't want people comparing him with his father already, though it was bound to happen eventually. He was with these people for the whole year; it was exhausting in all the other years he didn't want it to happen here too. He had to admit he got a little defensive as he continued to talk. "We're not our father. I am Pidge, he is Matt. We deserve to be treated like our own people." The table once again returned to silence which made him feel guilty, biting his lip. Even Keith, who hadn't said a word was looking at him with wide eyes. Since no one really spoke after, he followed up with, "I'm sorry guys, that's happened a lot."

Eventually, Shiro spoke again with a warm smile on his face. "It's okay Pidge. You have a right to get upset, I'm sure we all would if stuff like that kept happening to us. We overstepped a little bit. I'm very sorry."

"Yeah man, I'm sorry too. We cool?" Hunk followed. Lance nodded in agreement.

A smile returned to Pidge's face. "We cool." He returned, before he finished his meal. He didn't think these people would be that bad if this is how everyone is going to be; the only piece he was unsure about was Keith, the only one that didn't speak at all through the whole dinner. Keith was a mystery to Pidge, then again he seemed like he was a mystery to everyone he came in contact with. Pidge wasn't even sure if Keith could play a part in this blog if he wasn't going to participate with the team. Maybe eventually he would come through.

Once they were all finished eating, all of them got up, said goodbye, and headed out. Pidge caught up with Lance and Hunk before looking back to see Keith slowly walking by himself. He had to admit, he felt really bad for him. It must really hurt to be alone like that, even if he didn't show it.

'Poor kid' is what ran through Pidge's mind, before turning his head back and joining in conversation with Lance and Hunk.


All of his younger students left ahead of him. Shiro couldn't stop thinking about what an interesting group of students he had to lead this year; not only were they different in what they looked like, their personalities were very different as well. However to say he was worried was an understatement, despite being comfortable with this group of people Shiro was very concerned. Part of that had to do with Keith; working on this project is supposed to be a team effort and he knew that the boy wouldn't cooperate well unless he found some way to open up, but knowing him he wouldn't want to. Shiro exited the dining hall with a sigh.

Once he stepped out, he saw all sorts of people walking around campus chatting nonstop. What memories that gave him, being here with Matt on the first day. He smiled while reminiscing his past years; he felt like he owed the Garrison Academy so much in the time he had been here even though it's been so short. He hoped that all these students, especially the students under his leadership would feel the same that he does now after they get close to graduating. Someone loitering alone by a tree outside the close by academic building caught his eye. he was about to wonder why they were so alone before he realized; that boy was none other than Keith.

"Hey, can I talk to you for a sec?" As Shiro approached the tree, Keith turned around to face him. He had an unsure look on his face, which also looked a bit upset. He knew this conversation might not go well; the other's face told him all.


"Look Keith, I'm just going to dive into this conversation. I know you don't like people, but they seem like a good group of kids." When there was no response, Shiro sighed. "Please try at least, okay?"

"Why." Keith snapped, which was unexpected even coming from his mouth. Though he may have gotten fed up and mad before Shiro never knew him to snap. He just tolerated everything, no matter how much things around the orphanage bothered him. Keith never really showed his feelings to others, even to people he trusted. It was hard for Shiro to even get a smile out of the kid most times. "You didn't tell me that I'd have to do a whole project with other people. For an entire year. Shiro, why didn't you tell me you know how much I can't… How much I just…" Without thinking, Keith scoffed and started walking away.

It pained Shiro to see his friend so betrayed, so he couldn't just leave it alone. Picking up the pace he followed Keith, staying in his field of vision as he spoke up. "This is why I think it would be good for you Keith. We may be around the same age but let's face it. I may not be around in your life forever. You can work with others, you just don't want to. You can learn, that's why I thought you should come here in the first place."

"I don't think so Shiro." Another scoff came out of the other boy's mouth as he shook his head.

"You'll never know if you never try –"

"And what if I don't want to try." He sounded frustrated, defeated even. Shiro had a feeling no matter what, there was no way to be convincing that this was indeed the right idea and it was right for him to come here. As much as he understood, Shiro was a little upset that Keith was not willing to take the leap in order to trust others. Defeated himself, Shiro gave up and the two walked to the dorms in dead silence. The atmosphere was heavy as they walked from the tree; neither of the two said a single word to each other until Keith got to the door. "Shiro, I trusted you but right now; I'm not so sure." He mentioned before closing the door, leaving the other standing there, helpless.

Shiro scratched his head. He had to admit; this is what he thought would happen when Keith found out, but also not how he expected it to be. At the end of it all, he just had to hope that the other would be willing to look past this and forgive him.


Instead of retiring to his miserable room for the night, Lance got an invitation to hang out with Hunk and Pidge for a while. Of course he took the invitation, there was no way he wanted to sit in his room with that antisocial mullet kid around. Besides, these two were more interesting to talk with; at least they responded to conversation. On the way back Hunk and Pidge were sharing all this computer lingo to each other; Lance had to admit he didn't know what they were talking about half the time. Though it was nice to see Hunk talk so passionately to someone else, his best friend was never the type to branch out much back home. But it also left Lance feeling a bit uneasy; what if Hunk gets along with Pidge better than him leaving him as a third wheel?

Shoving those thoughts in the back of his brain, the three of them walked into the room at the end of the corner. Hunk and Lance sat down on the bed to the left and Pidge plopped down on his bed adjacent to them.

"So Pidge, besides being compared to your father what's it like being related to like, a celebrity?" Lance questioned, leaning forward and resting his arms on his legs.

"Lance…" Hunk started a bit cautious, before Pidge interrupted him.

"No no, it's okay Hunk really." Pidge shrugged. He really didn't mind talking about living with his father to others; he had no reason to. Besides being compared to him, there really wasn't any reason to dislike being the child of Sam Holt. "It's fine I guess, lots of traveling, I've been almost everywhere. Before you say anything about that, it's cool but exhausting. I don't know how many planes I've been on in my life but that's a big number. And the press sometimes. Talk about some nosey assholes."

"Wow, sounds like quite a life." Lance shifted a bit as he said this, letting out a slight sigh. Even though he knew Pidge wasn't mentioning these things to make the other two feel like their lives were inferior; he couldn't help but to feel a hint of jealousy. Pidge Holt had tons of opportunity, something that Lance and Hunk could only dream of. "I wish that I could go places with my family. I would love to treat my mother to a vacation especially; but there's way too many of us. Gets expensive."

"Big family?"

Hunk chuckled, patting Lance on his back. "I've been to Lance here's house so many times I can't even count. His family is huge Pidge, you wouldn't believe how many people can fit under that roof."

"Ten siblings and also my mother and father. You know the saying two's a crowd, three's a party? Well my house, it's way more than a party. Forever busy, which sometimes can be fun."

"I can't even imagine, wow." Pidge shook his head. "I only had Matt and though it's nice to have siblings sometimes even he's hard to handle. Ten siblings; that's insane."

"I wish I had siblings." Hunk chimed in, getting a look from the other two. "What? Lance why are you looking at me like that? You know it was only me and mom at home and… it just got a little lonely sometimes… you know?"

A silence fell upon the three boys; not an uncomfortable one like earlier in the dining hall, but more because neither Pidge or Lance knew what to say to Hunk. Lance knew his family was a bit of a touchy subject for the other boy, and he didn't expect him to mention anything about it in the conversation. Lance cleared his throat before changing the subject, directing his next question towards Pidge. "Hey, so why did you come here, if you don't mind me asking?"

"I wanted a new life." Pidge responded, glancing out the side window. Lance noted a sad look in his eyes, but couldn't pinpoint what exactly Pidge had to be sad about. He let the boy say more as it seemed like he was going to continue. "You know, dad's so famous everyone knows who he is and where he's from; I figured here at least, no one would really know me. I also really look up to Matt. I figured this school did him good, why not give it a shot?" He lightly chuckled, changing his focus back to the other two. "What about you two? Did you apply knowing the other was going to be here too?"

The both of them shook their heads. "I did it to get out of the house." Lance mentioned. It wasn't exactly the truth but he wasn't quite lying either; there was no way he was telling Pidge he left due to wanting to make it easier on mom and dad. "I didn't know Hunk was going to be here either. Pure coincidence."

"Yeah, I just found out from a website. Thought I needed to get away from home and be more independent." Hunk said. "I didn't know Lance was coming until I brought it up in a conversation. Funny things worked out like that."

The trio kept talking, all of them bonding in their own unique way. Lance knew making friends would be easy to him; but not really this easy. He really enjoyed Pidge's company an looked forward to working with him for the group project. Once it hit ten however, Lance decided that it was unfortunately the time to face going to his room. He said his goodbyes, then headed down the hall.

Walking into his room, it was a surprise to him to see Keith still awake. He was very fixated on his phone, and Lance doubted he even noticed him enter the room. Quickly changing into his night clothes, Lance plopped down on his bed. What a first day; what a first experience. Turning over to his side, Lance was exhausted. He was definitely going to get a good night's sleep tonight.

"Goodnight." Slipped out of his mouth, even though he was sure he wasn't going to get a response as he closed his eyes. He didn't know why he said it in the first place; or why he even tried to say something to Keith, even if it was just goodnight.

To his surprise though in an annoyed tone, he heard Keith mumble back, "Goodnight." He wasn't sure if this was Keith making an effort or just because it was an easy word for him to say; but it made Lance smile before he drifted off to sleep.