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Garrison Academy

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Once students stepped onto campus, staff met them with their keys and ID before rushing them in every which direction. There was a lot of conversation; people around Keith talking about where they had come from and why they chose to come; but he didn't care at all. All this noise was making him overwhelmed and at this point he just wanted to get to his room, or find Shiro. Or both. So after receiving his things he headed in the direction the staff pointed him to with his head down. A part of him regretted this decision. There were so many people that could possibly try to get buddy buddy with him. Keith wanted none of that.

Approaching the dorm, Keith kept looking to the floor. He swiped his ID to get in with a grimace on his face. He didn't even notice there was a person exiting; accidentally running into them. With a sigh he glanced up, preparing to apologize or get chewed out by the person he just ran into; but none of the above happened. Instead of getting mad; all he heard from the person's mouth was "Keith!"

"Shiro?" Keith asked, looking up. He'd know that voice from anywhere, even if it had been a while since they saw each other face to face. "Oh my god, Shiro. You don't know how glad I am to see you." he exclaimed, throwing his arms around the other boy.

"It must have been rough for you, I know. But hey, you're here now, it'll be a breath of fresh air."

"And you're here." Keith stressed, stepping away from Shiro. "That's the best thing that can happen in this place. Finally out of that damn orphanage; nothing could get better. Do you room here too?"

Shiro scratched the back of his head, unsurely glancing at Keith. "I... Yeah Keith I do. But I couldn't get a room with you, I tried but it's the rules that I need to watch over my residents." He watched as Keith's face changed, aware that the boy wasn't going to like having to room with a total stranger. To Keith it was like being in the orphanage again, rooming with someone for a period of time before they left. "Hey, you'll be okay. I'll be just around the corner. I know you don't like people you don't know but try alright?"

That got a small chuckle out of Keith. "Okay Shiro. I'll try."

"'Atta boy." The older boy clapped Keith's shoulder, before linking his arm around Keith's neck and starting to walk in the opposite direction than he was heading. "Come on, let's get you settled in. I see you didn't bring much."

"Not like I had a lot" the other returned, a small smile still on his face. The both of them headed to Keith's assigned room, catching up on the way. Once inside so he would have company, Shiro agreed to stick around. He had nothing really to do, after all; he was just heading out in order to observe all the commotion.

Keith was pretty torn. This place was like a game of cards; there's the good hands and the bad. Good – he's with someone like family with him, bad – there's so many people that could be nosy here. Good – he's out of the orphanage, bad – he has to room with someone who's a total stranger. He kept going back and forth between the pros and cons, what he liked and didn't like, but he couldn't make up his mind whether it was good or bad. It is what it is, he figured. It could only go downhill from here.


The sun was high when Hunk got outside of the train station. His eyes were slightly puffy and tired; the only thing he really wanted to do was just sleep. To him, that sounded like a wonderful idea. Keeping an eye out for Lance as he was pretty sure his friend took the same transportation, he headed out towards the campus. It's not like the Cuban was hard to find, it was just that there were so many different people it was difficult to see through all the heads. All the people around made Hunk a bit anxious, since he was only used to the small town. It was never anything close to this.

If anything, Lance would be easy to find; or so Hunk thought. How many tall, thin, Cuban boys could possibly be in this one place? He was placing his bet on not many, especially ones that looked exactly like his friend. Also, he knew the boy for his entire life which made him pretty sure he could find that brunette anywhere. Still scanning the crowd, he received his keys and ID while still slightly frantically continuing to look for Lance; heading in the direction of the dorm. Thankfully he didn't have to search any longer, he was lucky and Lance managed to find him first.

"Hunk!" He heard his name being called from the back of him, and sure enough when he turned around it was exactly who he thought it was, running up to him. "Hey, big guy." Lance said slightly out of breath, grinning ear to ear. That grin made this place feel warm and welcoming like home. "I'm glad I found you, there's so many people here. It's nuts."

"Yeah, tell me about it." Hunk fidgeted, looking down. "Nothing you know, like school back home. Nice and small and... Quiet."

Lance took a deep breath, taking a few steps forward. Hunk was quick to follow, falling in step the same pace as his friend as they walked in silence to the living space. It took a while before Lance eventually exhaled, speaking up. "You know Hunk, you seem really nervous. But you'll be okay. It was a lot of courage for you to leave home and your mom; and you're here now. You'll make new friends and... and... I don't know. It'll be okay."

He smiled at Lance's reassurance, looking up at his friend aware that he probably needed to hear the same words. He left just as much, if not more, than Hunk did. "Thanks, Lance. I'm sure it'll be okay for you too."

With that, the two entered the dorm in silence, prepared to hunt down their rooms and meet their roommates. Once they walked up the stairs, conversations from other rooms were happening all around. Hunk's room was across the hallway; so to the other he said goodbye and left; entering the double room. It was quiet again, and he took the time to breathe. Lance's words kept repeating in his head; it'll be okay, it'll be okay. Maybe it will be okay, Hunk decided, unpacking his bags and settling into the empty room.

Once he settled in, he called home. After that, Shay. Through his conversations he kept silently telling himself one thing trying to get himself to solidly believe it; It'll be okay.


Lance slowly walked up to his room. Despite just telling Hunk he was brave for leaving everything behind, he felt like it was the opposite for himself; just running away from his home problems and all that. But that doesn't matter now, he'll do good in this school. Make many friends, share many smiles and laughs and maybe all the stresses back home would be forgotten, just for a little while; until it was time to pack up and go back home.

Approaching his door, he heard a conversation going on. 'That's odd', he thought, lifting up his hand to knock on the door. Maybe he got the wrong room; or maybe he ended up in a triple.

Just when he went to knock, he heard "Well Keith, I got to get going. Good luck to you." The door opened; and if Lance hadn't stepped back it would have smacked him right in the face. "Oh, sorry about that!" the boy who just stepped out mentioned with an apologetic grin. He looked older by a few years with grey eyes and his black hair with a white forelock hanging down. Lance was trying to figure out why he was there, maybe a sibling or just a friend helping move in? While he was closely examining the boy, he heard him say while sticking out his hand; "You must be Lance, right? I really didn't mean to almost whack you with the door."

Lance looked at the hand slightly confused before taking it with his own. "Yeah, Lance, that's me. I don't want to seem rude but... how exactly do you know my name?"

"I guess I should introduce myself huh? I'm Shiro, your resident advisor. I'm in charge of this dorm. I was going to introduce myself later, but since I'm already right here," Shiro flashed another smile as he let go of the younger boy's hand. "If you have any questions or concerns about anything or even need advice, please do not hesitate to reach out to me."

"Sounds good. No problem Shiro." He said, before the other walked away. His first encounter with a person that wasn't Hunk – Check. That didn't go terribly; actually it went pretty well. This making friends thing should be a piece of cake. Beaming with confidence, Lance walked into his room. He got this; he can do the same thing with his roommate too. He wasn't called "Charming Lance" at his old school for nothing.

All that confidence was spoiled as soon as he walked into the room. Not because he lost it; oh no, it was because nothing he said got his roommate to talk to him. It took a while to get his name even. Keith seemed like the total opposite of Lance and that kind of frustrated him. How was this going to be a positive experience if this boy and his stupid mullet doesn't make any attempts to talk? Before Lance stepped in the room; the boy sounded so lively talking to Shiro. It just didn't seem possible that was the boy he was now facing. Unfortunately it was, and the only other thing he got out of Keith was a "Leave me alone. Please?"

It may have sounded snappy to Lance, but at least it seemed like he knew some manners; he did say please after all. But despite that; the brunette kept one eye on the other, a bit curious about him. He wondered why the raven-haired mullet kid was so locked away inside himself, and why he was open to only Shiro. Questions kept running through Lance's head; questions he knew probably went into private business so he couldn't even ask. For some reason, he still was itching to be friends with Keith.

He decided that he would try his hardest to get Keith to open up to him; because if his roommate was going to be closed off to him for the whole year living here would be absolutely unbearable. Despite the tension, at least people would be there to actually talk to him at his home. That thought about home left an empty pit in Lance's stomach; one that he just couldn't shake for the rest of the afternoon. With a sigh he laid down on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Picking up his phone, Lance scrolled through Facebook as he heard soft music coming from Keith's headphones on the opposite side of the room.


Stepping off the plane was like a new adventure for Pidge. It's not his first time traveling; his family went everywhere for vacations due to his father being practically famous. He really had been to all sorts of places; but this was his first trip that he was completely by himself. It was exciting; but pretty scary. Even though Pidge knows exactly who he is, a bunch of people might not; he still holds onto the terror that he didn't pass to others that well. He understood if people accidentally misgendered him due to not knowing him at all, but there still was that heightened concern that others would purposely do it to hurt him once they had been already corrected. With those fears in mind, he stepped up to the academy to finally get to the dorms.

Compared to most the other people, Pidge was very short. Even the girl that gave him his keys and ID was taller than him; that just made him feel intimidated. He didn't know exactly to what dorm he was going to so he had to get directions from practically every staff member he came across. At least people were referring to him with the right pronouns, so that made him at ease a bit.

Once he got to the dorm, Pidge hesitated a bit before swiping his ID. What if his roommate isn't accepting? What if they don't understand him? Even though you never know until you meet a person face to face; Pidge didn't really want to find out. But he had to get unpacked sometime and settled in, besides it's not his roommate's business if he's trans or not. That's his personal thing to know and his alone. Walking in he decided he was going to keep it a secret from all the people he meets. Why make it known when it could stay away? That way nothing could go wrong.

A person about Matt's age greeted him when he walked through the common room; pointing him in the direction where his bedroom was located. Somehow the older boy in the common room looked familiar, even though Pidge had sworn he had never seen him before. The sudden thought about Matt made Pidge miss seeing him; after attending Garrison Academy he got accepted into some job where they worked on rockets, so he rarely got to visit home anymore. Pidge wished silently that Matt could come help him move in, but his brother was told he was needed for something important. He said something about maybe visiting sometime though; so his little brother still had some hope.

Pidge hopped up the stairs, going quickly to the end of the hall where the room was located. Approaching the door, he heard a voice quietly talking on the other side. It seemed like he was on the phone; maybe his family, or a girlfriend? After knocking lightly, he opened the door and headed in, pulling his luggage behind him. Just when he entered, the other boy said his goodbye and hung up. He was bigger than Pidge which made him a bit fearful; he could probably beat him up if he disapproved of him. "You didn't have to um... hang up because of me." He said softly, shrugging.

"I was done anyways." The other said back. "I guess you're my roommate then, huh? My name's Hunk!"

"Pidge." He let out a light sigh of relief. It hadn't even been long, but Hunk already didn't seem like a bad person, just from the warm smile he gave Pidge; that smile made him lower his guard, at least a little bit of it. "Pleasure to meet you, Hunk."

"Pleasure's all mine, Pidge."

The two ended up chatting for the rest of the time as the short boy unpacked his stuff, making his side of the room feel like home. With a roommate like Hunk, it made the room lively and exciting. He told Pidge how he loved baking, about his girlfriend Shay, about all sorts of things. He made Pidge feel welcome here, something he hadn't felt like in a long time. Even though everyone here wasn't going to be like Hunk, it put him in a positive mindset. But if everyone would be like Hunk; what a place this would be.