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Secrets in Sinnoh

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One never really stops to think about the Earth, not in an unusual way anyway. People going blindly about their lives without a care to what else may be outside their personal bubble - it is understandable of course, one finds comfort in ones own bubble. That special little thing, determining how you view the world, it seems that ones immediate thoughts only ever turn to immediate things - things that fact our bubble personally. And when one does think outside their bubble thoughts usually spiral past where they are intended to go and tend to ponder beyond our worlds limitations, turning down dark alleyways and twisted pathways without so much bother as turning on an indicator. Thoughts are funny like that. If someone was to begin thinking of Earth then one thinks about space, leading to the solar system, bigger and bigger the thoughts climb, into contemplating the large vastness of the universe. An infinite space which we only understand a fraction of - holding incomprehensible possibilities. The solution, as with all things, is to not comprehend it. Many humans agree to this logic, why venture past your comfort zone if you don't have to?
Humans, however, are a peculiar lot. And never quite seem to all follow the same tide, as much as those in that tide - to their credit - try to make it so.
But, with all those people; asking their questions and occasionally getting some answers, there are still some who aren't as convinced with the comforting explanations they are spoon fed, and refuse to accept it. Rather like a baby tossing away the apple juice offered to it because it knows that icky tasting medicine is inside.
Constantly asking "what if?", these people don't mindlessly allow themselves to be herded like sheep with society's solutions and empty promises. Those who think about the ugly truth despite it being inherently as ugly as described.
With as many powerful creatures on this Earth - Pokemon normal and legendary, what if someone were to take advantage of the number of dangerous beings? These people know about the threats the Pokemon world faces, like a minefield there are infinite possibilities ready to trigger the collapse of society.
Think Jenga, but the size of the Earth.
With these constant threats there are contingency plans, or rather:
The Contingency Plan.