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We Put the Fun in Dysfunctional

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A/N: Sorry if some of the characters seem OCC, but otherwise they'd probably end up playing a different part in the story. There is a brief crossover with OUAT, since Emma and Henry are in it, but no one else, at the moment anyway. I have given the twins actual names, but will still refer to them primarily as Junior and Bronze. And I have also given Lefou the first name of Louis, and Gaston and his family the last name of LeGume, since I remember seeing that somewhere else. **If there is a warning before a chapter, please read, since it may be triggering to certain individuals.**

Chapter One: Days Like These

 As the water cascaded over him in rivulets, he closed his eyes, trying to force his thoughts to go elsewhere other than towards the dream he had had last night. It had been troubling him on and off for years, but it was always the same. The blur of colors and people, only himself and his mother in focus. A garbled sound of her talking to him before he turned away, only to find her gone when he looked back. He supposed it was a memory more than a dream, but the fact that it haunted his sleeping mind troubled him. It shouldn't, it had been years since his mother had abandoned the family, so why was his subconscious still so focused on that particular experience? Harry thought that maybe it had to with his father's recent remarriage.

 It wasn't that his new stepmother was a witch or anything, she was fairly decent, but he didn't really want a new mother to begin with. Despite his mother voluntarily leaving the family, he couldn't find it in himself to hate the woman who had birthed him. His sisters, CJ and Harriet, were ecstatic to have another female in the house, and a new mother figure to share all their problems with. Because dads just don't get some girl problems. Harry however, was displeased by the sudden addition of a stepbrother with a very similar name-Henry- and that his own personal bedroom space was cut by half.

A loud banging on the door pulled Harry from his thoughts. Harry groaned internally and shut off the water, running his hand over his soaking hair. Stepping out of the shower, he grabbed the nearest bath towel, hastily wrapped it around his waist before he yanked open the door. The tired, irritated, baby blue eyes of his older sister, Harriet, glared at him.

"Are you finished jacking off in there?" Harriet demanded. I've been waiting fifteen minutes." She gestured to her face and her tangled mess of hair. "You should know by now that I need more time-" Harry pushed past her, ignoring her angry words as he retreated to the quiet of his... now his and Henry s room.

It hadn't even been a week since his father's wedding, and with him and his new wife, Emma, on their honeymoon for the next two weeks, the house was ruled by the offspring. And, sadly, being the eldest, Harriet was left in charge; the recent grant of authority had gone to her head and made her even more of an uptight bitch than usual. After pulling on whatever was clean in his closet, Harry headed towards the kitchen, where he pulled together a quick breakfast of cereal and orange juice. Unfortunately, he'd failed to notice that his newfound stepbrother was in the kitchen as well. Always the eager beaver, Henry was up early, dressed, fed and waiting for Harriet-the only one who knew how to drive- before he went to school.

"Good morning," Henry said, glancing up from his bowl of cereal. He gestured to the chair next to him at the kitchen island. "Did you want to sit? I heard it s not good for you to eat standing up." Harry glared at Henry's stupid baby face over his bowl of Captain Crunch before leaving the kitchen altogether and headed towards the back porch. The morning air was cool and full of moisture from last night's light shower. The backyard lawn was wet with dew, which glistened slightly in the rays of the rising sun. The freshness of the air felt wonderful; the smells were cool and calming, the air was cool, but not cold. It was a great morning, other than the fact that he couldn't find solitude in his house anymore. But he supposed that being outside wasn't that bad, as long as there were mornings like these.

After ditching Harriet in the halls, Harry shoved his way through Auradon High's halls to get to his locker, which happened to be on the far end of the school, closest to the football field. During registration, he, Gil and Uma had made sure they all got lockers next to one another, since they rarely saw one another during the school day.

"I'm so bloody tired of this blended family shit," Harry grumbled, slamming the door to his locker. It was just before second bell and Gil had managed to be at his locker when Harry showed up. His shark of a girlfriend hadn't shown up yet to grab and drag him back into the sea of bodies that were pushing their way through the halls.

"It can t be that bad", Gil said, being his usual optimistic self. "It hasn't been even a week yet. Don t you think that you could-"

"Give it a chance," Harry snapped, "Is that what ye were gonna say?"
Gil nodded sheepishly, turning his gaze away. "Sorry I said anything." Now his friend sounded like a kicked puppy; Harry hated it when he managed to put a damper on Gil s happiness, it made him feel like a bad friend. Before he could reassure his friend that there was no harm done in voicing honest thoughts, Gil was tackle hugged from behind by a slender figure with dark blue hair.

Evie Queene and Gil had started dating in their sophomore year, and Harry still had no idea why or how it had happened. Evie didn't seem like the type of girl that Gil would go for. Without much struggle, he allowed Evie to pull him away from Harry and the safety of the lockers.
"I'll see you at lunch, Harry," Gil said hurriedly before he was dragged away by the navy colored bobble head (cheerleader), and engulfed by the rest of the bobblehead gang. Even though the second bell was bound to ring soon, Harry hung around the lockers waiting to see if Uma would drop by. Normally, she was late on an everyday basis, but according to her, everyone else was just early. When she finally came sauntering down the halls, clad in a turquoise dress with black fish net leggings and a dark gold jacket, the hall was close to empty. Right on time as always. She acknowledged him with a nod of her head and motioned for him to move so she could get to her locker.
"Hey," he said, sliding over one spot. "How is my queen today?" Uma snorted as she tossed in her bike helmet and hung up her jacket on one of the hooks. She glanced at Harry, an eyebrow raised in humor.
"So you're going to stick with that than, huh?"

"I could always use that cute little name that Mal gave you," Harry replied sarcastically, smiling wickedly. "What was it again?" He pursed his lips and furrowed his brow in mock thought. Uma punched him on the shoulder, none too lightly either.

"You better not," she said, her face serious. "Call me anything but that." Their eyes met as Uma looked away from the contents of her locker, dark brown to sky blue. The intensity of her gaze was more powerful than words themselves, she need not say anything. Harry truly believed that the eyes were the window to the soul, and Uma's eyes clearly displayed this. Instead of wearing her heart on her sleeve, or talking his ear off about her feelings, everything was conveyed in her dark, deep, beautiful irises.

As she reached to grab her books from her locker, her bracelets slid down, revealing a bruise on the inner side of Uma s right wrist. It was hard to notice at first glance among the bracelets and her smooth, cocoa colored skin, but it was clearly a fresh bruise, about the size of an avocado pit. Uma smiled slightly, positioning her arms by her sides so the bangles could hide the injury, forgetting the books that she was going to need for class. Harry reached out for her hand, but was stopped as she placed a hand on his chest. Her facial expression and the sadness lurking in her eyes told him all. She didn't want him to worry, even though he was already worried for her.

They'd been friends since grade one, and Harry was aware, to some extent, that Uma didn't have the greatest home life, but she never emphasized on what happened behind closed doors. The blaring of the second bell startled both of them, pulling them back into the world with everyone else. Slowly, Uma drew away from him, shrugging her backpack over one shoulder. The deep sadness he had seen in her eyes was gone now, hidden again in the deepest of places.
"I'll see you later Harry."