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Pok-Pok Season

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Andy had been seeing Pancho around the Party Kingdom less and less over the past few days.

He would usually just find him milling about with the others in the morning when they all came outside to watch Xixi’s news show or to listen to one of Julien’s ‘Obsession Of The Day’ speeches (Hector had dubbed it that once and it had stuck for some).

Andy had even asked Xixi if she had seen Pancho; all she had to report was that she had seen Pancho a few nights ago. He had gathered a small hill of pok-pok berries and was whacking them with a club while screaming: “I hate you! Hear that?!

It was weird not seeing his partner in crime after he had finished doing commercials; normally, Pancho would come and sit at the side of the set while Xixi covered the main headlines and they would snicker about people getting ripped off or about local gossip that Andy knew about simply from working in such close quarters with Xixi.

Sometimes, Pancho would even talk about his day. He was always getting into ridiculous situations even when the two of them weren’t together. Sappy as it was, he always found himself to have a good day whenever he could make Pancho laugh or smile.

He was never exactly secretive whenever openly flirting with Pancho. He wasn’t even sure when he was joking anymore, seeing as he had actually come to like Pancho quite a lot.

He could never really tell if Pancho was joking either.

Pancho’s criminal urges were formulaic yet somehow he was never quite predictable. He came out with the weirdest things. He was very innovative and clever, despite him not being as typically ‘intelligent’. That didn’t matter.

Ever since he had walked into the prison canteen & witnessed this small and slightly chubby crowned lemur fight off three prison guards with a ladle he had stolen from the kitchen somehow, he knew that Pancho was special. Even if no one else could see his value, Pancho was certainly special to him.


Anyway; Andy assumed that it was because he was avoiding his annual medical checkup at the cave hospital. Dr. S and Nurse Phantom had been going on at him to get Pancho to come to his checkup. Pancho had beaten him up the last time he tried getting him to go, though. 

He was considering doing a quick scout of the village when out came Ted; borderline stumbling out of a nearby bush.

“I’ve got an offer for you.” The golden lemur beamed, albeit a bit nervously. “Okay, — oh, golly. How do I begin this-“

“What you after, Teddy?”

“Right! Well, so, Dorothy and I were preparing for the annual talent show, you know, the one the kids love and I said: Dorothy? Are you sure that metal beam suspended above the crowd is safe? And then Dorothy said-”

As Ted continued talking, Andy rolled his eyes and pushed past him to find out he was just standing in front of a dead lemur.

“And then I said, I feel kinda bad, you know? But Dorthy said that we could kind of use the money and I haven’t really been progressing much as an unsigned stage personality and, well? Dorothy said, why don’t we go to that fella who does the commercials? Seeing as we’ve never valued a corpse ourselves—“

The bat cut him off for worry he might be there all day listening to him. He did assure him that he would make sure that he received a fair cut just for ‘being so handsome.’


That definitely shut Ted up.