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And then there were two

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The seeker lay there in a dirty alleyway, shivering and curled up, trying to keep warm.

When the war had ended, the seeker had found himself helpless and wounded, courtesy of Shockwave's revenge-crazed Predacons; Darksteel, Skylynx and Predaking. He had hobbled aimlessly through the Sea of Rust after escaping them. Perhaps he had been trying to look for help? He hadn't thought anyone would come to his aid; but by some miracle, someone had indeed seen him and taken pity on him. The seeker was nursed back to health by the mech, to which the seeker was surprisingly grateful, given his devious and deceitful nature. The two mechs had grown somewhat attached to each other and as the years went by, as Cybertron's political and social infrastructure set in, they had found a proper place to live in, where they could establish themselves as citizens. Except the seeker. He was believed to be dead, and if he was found alive he would surely be arrested and executed, or be sentenced to life in jail.

But aside from the occasional beating he received from his partner, the seeker led a somewhat happy life. Until one morning, after a night of interfacing with his partner, the seeker found out he was carrying. He was at first ecstatic at the news, and he was excited at the prospect of raising a sparkling with his beloved. The seeker hadn't expected to be slapped and kicked by his lover, to be told that his partner didn't want to be the sire of the sparkling. The seeker was promptly kicked out of the house, and left to fend for himself on the streets, with no one to go to for help.