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The Black Wolf

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Cenric and Caoimhe rode with speed. They were anxious to reach Conri but knew they still had to pass over the ocean to find him. He was nestled with Floki in the calmness of his village and Caoimhe wondered if Conri would be happy to see her. Where he was there was no war or turmoil. She was bringing chaos and the news of the death of his father with her, it was no happy visit.


At last, they reached the shoreline, they had opted to take a ship from a different harbor than theirs to reach Floki sooner and Cenric paid for the ship, declaring Caoimhe his slave. As they were hustled on board, Cenric kept an eye on her and Caoimhe kept an eye on the strange sailors. Any could be part of the rebellion that had risen up against Ivar while he lived and she did not wish to involve herself in any type of skirmish.

The journey was filled with much turbulence on the sea, the gods seemed angry and jostled the ship around like a plaything. Caoimhe kept her will strong, praying to both Odin and Freya that they would carry them to safety. After weeks of travel and sick, the land was sighted. Caoimhe secretly whispered a prayer of thanks to Odin as the ship landed on the shore. As the disembarked, she looked around at the familiar black rocks and remembered the last she was here with Ivar, it had all been strange to her. Now she came here seeking her son and hoping he did not hold any resentment towards her. It had not been long but long enough for him to make opinions of his own. Cenric led her into the hills as she directed him and soon the village of Floki came into view. It was a quaint village but it was a fine village at that, Floki's hand clear in all the buildings. She guided Cenric to the house of Floki and he knocked on their door. It opened and Floki stood before them, Caoimhe quickly pushed back her hood. His eyes fell upon her and he stared at her.

"What has happened?" he asked, recognizing there would be no other reason Caoimhe would travel to him unless something had happened to Ivar.